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Lyric & Michael

By DMSimpson All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 1

She flopped down on the couch with a loud huff, turning the television on flipping thru the channels idly wondering how much her life had changed in just a few short weeks. She felt as though she had just graduated college, when in actuality it had been 2 months since graduation.

She just started a new job as a director of operations for an up and coming law firm. She was working hard getting the books and personnel files all in order and learning everyone's names. The two attorneys Ethan and Michael Mainwaring were very nice and of course very good looking.

When she had gone for the interview at the law firm she interviewed with Ethan, she was originally to interview with Michael, but he had been called away unexpectedly. While she sat quietly in his office Ethan looked over her resume asking her questions to which she was able to answer with ease. Ethan told her that he was pretty sure she was a perfect fit for the position but he would have to speak with Michael and get back to her.

Before she left, he’d apologized for the change in who was interviewing her explaining that Michael had to go home to see their parents. He thanked her for coming in and said that he was very sure they would be offering her the job and that he would have offered on the spot if Michael had been here.

Ethan called her later that afternoon and asked her to start two weeks from then, that way Michael would be back in the office.

She had known the interview had gone well and of course she thought Ethan was amazingly good looking with his piercing dark blue eyes, wavy light brown hair, perfectly tanned and muscles that go on and on. She had wondered if Michael was just as good looking as his brother Ethan. She truly did not think it was possible for anyone to be as devastatingly handsome as him. She laughed at herself for even wondering that in the first place.

When she arrived on her first day, sitting on the sofa in the waiting area was a man that when she saw his face, her breath caught in her throat and a warming sensation that made her, without thought, clamp her thighs causing all her muscles to tighten.

She wondered if he tasted as good as he looked. She wondered silently who he might be, as she moved to the receptionist desk to let Ethan know that she was there so he could show her to her office. She could feel his eyes watching her as she moved across the open space to the desk.

She introduced herself to the woman, "Good morning, I'm Lyric Garr the new director of operations, could you please let Ethan know that I am here."

Before the receptionist could speak she heard a low rumble behind her that sounded strangely like a growl. She thought for sure she had imagined it.

From behind the desk the woman jumped up quickly with a squeak of joy moving around the desk to offer her hand and introducing herself as Sara, smiling warmly, "Good morning and welcome, I'm Sara." extending her hand to Lyric, "I will show you to your office Ms. Garr."

Lyric shook Sara's hand returning the infectious smile. “Please call me Lyric, I can’t get used to people calling me Ms. Garr.”

Sara agreed and they talked quietly as Sara led her through the office pointing out different desks and who they belonged to, not that she would remember all the names without faces to go with them, but she had plenty of time to learn them all.

Sara led her to her office, and there on the door, staring back at her, was her own name in bold type with her title below it, LYRIC M. GARR Director of Operations, she smiled inwardly to herself. Sara regarded her and smiled excusing herself to return to her desk.

As she left, Sara said over her shoulder that she looked forward to getting to know her. Lyric smiled at her then turned to her door and opened it. She scanned the office as she moved across to the desk. She moved around behind the desk and began to settle in to start her new job and life.

The first two weeks flew by. She saw Ethan a lot however she still had not met Michael, whom she knew was Ethan's brother. Apparently there had been an issue with someone out of state; she really hadn't paid a whole lot of attention as to who the issue was with or about. She wasn't one for listening to the office gossip, but she did hear that all the women thought that both Ethan and Michael were just the best looking men that any of them had ever seen and all of them lusted after both, even though Ethan was married to Sara who was the receptionist.

Lyric hadn't noticed the first day that Sara was pregnant but over the next few days she had learned and then noticed the small baby bump the woman seemed to be so proud of displaying.

As she sat in her office on the end of her second week, Lyric who was a she wolf knew that finding your true mate was one of the most important things in their lives and not everyone always found theirs in their home packs or even in their own species. She knew the full moon was coming up, her body reminded her vigorously. She was fighting the lusting urges because she had grown tired of the noncommittal trysts she’d had in the past and longed for her true mate. She thought about going back to her home pack to enjoy the full moon gathering and hunt and since she had not gone rogue yet she could go home.

She was staring out the window of her office, off in her own thoughts, when she felt a sudden warming and the scent of deep woods hit her nose. She let out a low warning growl not realizing she was growling when she heard from behind her a low deep rumbled laugh. Turning quickly, there stood the man from the waiting area.

Her mind went numb and all she wanted to do was run to him. Quickly gathering her thoughts and hoping that her warming body would not betray her she spoke. She asked, "May I help you?" Smiling at him in the hope of concealing her lusting body and soaking wet panties; she saw his nostrils flare to smell the air and knew she had failed.

He returned the smile as he moved towards her speaking as he moved from the door jamb he’d been leaning against watching her, "I just came in to introduce myself, Hi, I'm Michael. I heard my brother had hired a fantastic new director of operations so I had to come see for myself.”

He smiled at her with the most perfect white teeth she had ever seen. She tried with all her might to get her brain to engage, to make her mouth move and speak, but failed. He asked as he stood there watching and waiting for her to speak, "Are you busy?"

Finally, as she mentally kicked and pinched herself and her wolf whined, she forced herself to speak. Standing she extended her hand, "No, I'm not busy and I'm Lyric. I was just taking a moment to take in the view from my wonderful office window. I guess I should say welcome back, hope your trip was successful."

He chose to ignore her comment about his trip being successful. Unable to control a low growl that came out sounding almost like a purr, he said, "Nice to meet you Lyric, so glad that you like your office and its view. I have to agree with you it is a wonderful view".

Lyric tensed at the sound, she could feel that pull again and she wanted nothing more than to go to him and wrap her arms and legs around him.


The thought startled her, where the hell had that come from?? She had to get a hold of herself. She could feel the warm pooling in her panties.

He flashed a knowing smile at her causing all her insides to melt further if that was even possible. As he moved closer towards her she held her breath which made him smile wider. He got so close that she could feel the heat from his body, taking in a deep breath in an attempt to clear her head, only to cause it to cloud even more with lust from the scent of timber and all man.

Finally getting a hold of her-self, moving back around her desk away from him, she asked again, "What can I help you with Mr. Mainwaring?"

His brow furrowed and he said to her, "Call me Michael, my father is Mr. Mainwaring. I came to tell you that we are having an impromptu staff meeting to introduce you formally to the entire staff in 15 minutes in the large conference room."

As he turned to leave he said over his shoulder, "I love the smell of your office and the view is spectacular."

She let out a loud sigh as she slouched into her chair. Sasha, her assistant, poked her head into the doorway asking if she needed anything.

Lyric looked at her shaking her head, "Do you have anything that will help keep my libido in check?"

Sasha laughed saying, "Sure, if I had that do you think I would still be working for someone else?"

Lyric regarded her calmly; she had gotten to know both her and Sara over the last couple weeks and really like both women. She knew that they were both she wolves also. The only thing she hadn't had the nerve to ask was if they were all from the same pack. She was guessing they were but no one had brought up joining as of yet. She knew that it would come because that was how things worked in a pack. However, she was from a small town and was in a large city and wasn't so sure that it worked the same.

Sasha smiled and reminded her that they had a mandatory meeting to attend in 5 minutes and should get moving upstairs. As they walked to the elevator Sara joined them.

She appeared to be showing more or it was just because she now knew that she was pregnant. Sara just glowed and seemed to be so happy. Lyric was happy to see her new friend so happy.

She hadn't had many girl friends when she lived back home. Most of the girls were only friends with her because of her brothers and their rank in the pack. All the boys wanted her because of her rank in the pack as the alpha’s daughter. Here, she was just Lyric and she liked it that way.

They entered the conference room chatting but she stopped short when something blocked her entry, looking up she saw Michael blocking her path.

He said quickly, "I would like to speak to you privately for a moment if you don't mind Lyric?"

She looked to Sara then to Sasha, both smiling sheepishly at her. They stepped aside and moved past him leaving her on her own.

She leaned around him saying to their backs, "Thanks for bailing on me guys."

They both on queue turned and giggled with large smiles.

Looking back to Michael, "Sure Michael, what can I do for you?"

Taking her arm at the elbow, he led her to a separate office down the hall. As he closed the door he turned to her saying, "I know you feel it, I wanted to speak to you without anyone else around to get things out rather than play back and forth until you give into me."

All she could do was look at him; the shock that was running through her mind at how forward he was being just blew her away.

She had heard all the stories of her packs elders that had found their true mates and the way things went due to situations at the times when they had found each other.

Clearing his throat bringing her out of her reverie, still trying to avoid this whole issue she said, "Don't we have a meeting to get to?" She headed for the door; he moved quick blocking her path to the door.

Looking down at her speaking low and dangerously, "You are mine and we will have this talk one way or another. I will not allow you to avoid me for long so don't even think this is close to over."

Moving away from the door and opening it she walked through with him right on her heels.

Back in the conference room Ethan had already started the meeting without them. As they entered, Ethan stopped and looked to his brother who just stared back blank faced, as far as she could tell, but she knew that something was being said between them. She moved over by Sasha and sat down.

Ethan turned back to the group and continued what he was saying, Within about 10 minutes he asked her to stand and join him. As she did she could feel Michael’s eyes follow her as though he was memorizing every move and curve of her body!

She reached Ethan’s side and he introduced her to everyone as a group, telling them they could stop by her office to do a more personal introduction or if there was an issue that needed to be brought to the firm’s attention.

Lyric waited as he finished speaking; as he did he turned to her asking, "Do you have anything you would like to say to the group?"

She smiled at him and turned to the group, "I am looking forward to working with everyone, if you have any issues or questions I will be more than happy to assist you in any way that I can. My door is always open." She turned back to Ethan smiling and moved back to her seat.

The meeting lasted another 30 minutes not that she heard anything that was being said because it was all she could do to keep herself from jumping into Michael’s lap.

He watched her the entire time, never taking his eyes off her for even a second. When the meeting ended she tried to get out quickly to avoid being snatched by Michael again, however as she started to exit, Ethan called out to her to stay behind for a minute.

She turned to see Michael smiling at her; he had known what she was up to. She frowned at him knowing he had something to do with Ethan stopping her. She looked to Ethan and smiled "Sure, what can I do for you?"

Sara had remained as well; as she looked from Ethan to Sara she noticed that Sara had a smirk on her face. Lyric sent her a questioning look only to have Sara smile even wider at her. She just knew the three of them were up to something.

She started to move away from the door and Michael asked that she close it behind her. She moved back to the table and sat down, "Is there a problem Ethan?"

Ethan said, "No, no there is no problem Lyric, just need to speak with you just the three of us and you."

Lyric agreed, "Okay, what would the three of you like to talk to me about?"

She looked from him to Sara only, trying with all her might to avoid looking at Michael. She could feel every move he made and could smell his arousal which was making her wolf go nuts, as well as her human side.

Ethan cleared his throat to get her attention. She looked back to him waiting for him to speak again. He sighed and looked to Sara; at this point she was starting to get annoyed by the whole situation. What did they want and what was going on.

She looked back to Sara who looked straight at her and with all the authority she could muster, "Lyric, you know that we are all alike, and with this knowledge we want everything to be out in the open. We are a pack here in the office." Sara looked to Michael who looked back and nodded to her. She continued, "We know that you have not left your pack back home and know that you are the pack alpha's daughter. Even though it may appear that Ethan and I are the alphas of this pack, we are not, Michael is the alpha." She stopped as she waited for this information to sink in with Lyric.

Lyric was completely shocked by the information, because she had actually assumed that Ethan was the Alpha. She looked from Sara to Ethan then to Michael and back to Sara. She started to speak but nothing came out so she closed her mouth, not knowing what to say. Michael took this opportunity to move from his seat to the seat next to her.

She jumped up as soon as he touched her hand, needing to put some distance between them. She backed towards the door saying as she moved, "This is just too much to take in and I need some time to wrap my brain around this before we can finish this conversation." With that she turned and left the room heading straight to her office, closing the door behind her.

Pressing her back against the door, she closed her eyes to calm herself for just a moment. Pulling herself back to the here and now, she moved to sit down at her desk. Turning to look out her large window to the sky, she went over in her head not only the conversation with the three of them but also the one in Michael’s office. Why was this happening, she hasn't even had a chance to find herself? The worst part is every time she is around Michael she can't think of anything but being with him and not wanting anyone else near him.


Thinking to herself, “Damn it, why can't I control this”, she already knew there is no controlling the feelings when it comes to finding your true mate. She wouldn't be able to deny this feeling for him much longer, but she would for as long as she could. She turned to her desk putting her head in her hands; god she had a headache the size of Texas. Sighing, she decided that she needed to do some work, that would get her mind working in the right direction or at least to distract her until she could leave for the day.

Sasha knocked on the door and waited for her to offer entry.

Lyric looked up as she entered the office, "Please close the door behind you."

Sasha did as she was asked and moved toward the chair opposite Lyric. "Are you okay?" Sasha asked.

Lyric responded, "I'm not really sure what I am at this point. Is it possible that I am losing my mind here?" Asking but not really wanting an answer, she just looked at Sasha with a sad smile.

Sasha smiled back at her, "You know what is going on between you and Michael, right?"

Lyric was shocked by the statement as well as the question at the end. All she could do was nod her head. Finding her voice she said, "I know, but Sasha as much as I want him and know that he is who I am supposed to be with, I am not an Alpha like my mother. I don't have that drive. I can't be what he will need for me to be to be his mate." She lowered her head and started to cry.

Sasha moved around the desk to her side and hugged her, "If you weren't all those things you say you aren't, then there is no way the wolf spirits would have picked you to be his true mate. Come on, you know how all this works. You two are perfect for each other, you know it in your heart. Just give it some time to sink in. Your heart is already his and his is yours. Michael is a great man and a powerful wolf, and an awesome Alpha. I know in my heart that even though you and I have not known each other very long, that you are a great woman and a powerful wolf as well. One who would and will stand by those that she loves and protect them with all there is in her, and keep them safe because they are hers to protect."

Lyric looked up at Sasha and couldn't help but throw her arms around her, "Thank you I am blessed to have you as a friend."

Sasha responded, "Lyric, you just have to believe in yourself. You can do anything, look at you, you have graduated college and started a new job, a pretty powerful one at that. Just take some time and think about it and see what and who you really are inside. You are right where you are supposed to be, just remember that." Sasha moved back around the desk and headed for the door to go back to her desk, leaving Lyric to think about what she had said and what she knew to be true.

Lyric watched as she left and closed the door behind her. She sat there for a while, not really knowing how long she stared at the door but not really looking at it. Lost in thought trying to make some sort of sense to it all, she left the office not seeing Ethan, Sara or Michael. But as she left through the front of the building, she could feel that she was being watched. Turning up the street to head to her apartment, she left the office behind for the night, or so she had thought.

A knock on her door brought her out of her thoughts about the past two weeks as well as the current day’s event. She reluctantly moved from the couch in front of her television. She called out, "Coming! Who is it?"

As she peaked through the peep hole she squeaked with joy. Swinging the door open, there stood Sara and Sasha. She smiled as she asked, "What are you two doing here?"

"We came to spend some time with you, is that all right?" Sara asked.

Shaking her head, "Of course it is alright, you are more than welcome, please, please come in. Have a seat I will get some drinks. What would you guys like to drink?"

They both answered “Anything is fine.”

"Can I help?" Sasha asked.

Lyric replied, "Nah, you are the first visitors that I have had since I moved in to my apartment, please just sit and make yourselves comfy." She was so excited that the two of them came over, after the day she’d had the company was greatly needed. She fixed three glass of tea and moved back to the couch, setting the drinks on the coffee table and sitting down opposite the couch on the floor so she could face them.

"So, what's up girls?" she asked.

"Well, we’re here to hang out with you." Sara said.

Lyric realized they had a purpose for coming to see her, "All right you two, what is up with you? You two seem to be up to something, so spill it and tell me what you are here for."

Sara continued, "We know you got hit with a lot of information today so we decided that we should come see you at home and give you a chance to talk to just us girls without the boys listening. Sasha told me what you said in your office this afternoon and I want you to know I agree with her. You are one amazing woman, you have accomplished so much so quickly. Trust me, I know for a fact that Ethan would have hired you without Michael if he had been able to. He knew the moment he saw you, that you were the right one. Like I told you earlier, Michael is the alpha of our pack as well as the head of the law firm. Ethan is second to him."

Taking a breath Sara continued, "I know you are not from a completely traditional pack, but ours is even more modern then yours. We don't do the ranking thing so there is no fighting among the females. There are a total of 40 of us in the pack. We are pretty small for such a large city but there seems to be more than just our pack, but being in the city we are able to all live here without crossing each other on the full moon hunts."

Lyric perked up at the mention of the full moon, "You mean you are able to still do the hunts? Where? How? Do you have to go to the out skirts of town? Tell me, tell me....."

Sasha laughed and Sara giggled, as Sara explained, "Yes, we are able to do the hunts. We do go to the out skirts of town to the east, we have a clearing that is owned by Michael which is attached to the estate that he owns."

Sasha paused for a moment then said, "I meant what I said to you in your office. Girl you know you are everything that I told you, you were or you wouldn't have been able to make it on your own. You are stronger than you believe yourself to be. We aren't going to push you in anyway, but know that we are here for you. Okay enough about that lets do some girly stuff." Sasha looked at both her and Sara.

"Here, here" Sara said.

They sat and talked for hours. She felt so close to them and was happy to have found them as friends and counted herself very lucky and honored. When they left and she lay down to go to sleep that night she knew that everything would be all right.

The next morning as she was rushing around her apartment to get ready for work, she grabbed her phone to leave, when she noticed several missed calls from her mom.

When she grabbed the door knob and opened the door she nearly knocked Michael on his butt. He stumbled backwards catching himself and her before they fell backwards together. Even after they were both standing back on their own feet, Michael refused to let go of her, holding her around the waist.

Starting to ramble, "Oh, I am so sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone to be outside my door and I was running so late that I wasn't paying attention. I should really slow down, my mom and dad are constantly telling me that, you know, stop running in the house, slow down what's the rush and any other cliché they could come up with." She laughed trying to hide the embarrassment that was running from head to toes. She tried to pull out of his hold only causing him to tighten his grip.

Looking down at her he said, "Oh no you don't, I'm not letting you go until we finish our talk that we started yesterday. I came over here to see if we could talk here at your place instead of the office."

Lyric just looked up at him unable to believe his nerve. She huffed and struggled to get free of his grip. Of course he refused to let go and moved back into her apartment closing the door behind them with his free hand.

She growled, "Put me down and let go!"

He leaned in closer to her. With a growl, of his own, he spoke low and deep, "No, I will not. You will listen to me and we will talk this out right now. This will be resolved before the full moon hunt.”

With no hope of control in this she gave in, "Fine, talk, I'm listening, like I have a choice anyway."

While she waited for him to start talking her cell phone rang again for the umpteenth time this morning. As if it wasn't hectic enough trying to get ready, everyone and their brother decided to call her this morning. Quickly looking at her phone she saw it was her father this time.

Looking up at him, "I'm sorry, I have to take this one it’s my father. So please put me down so that I can answer this call."

Reluctantly he released her as she answered her phone and moved away from him. She felt the loss of his arms and heat, but she had to talk to her father before they came to town because she wasn't answering her phone.

Pushing the call button, "Hi daddy" she said as sweetly as she could to save the yell that was coming.

As she knew it would, it had worked, he let out a heavy sigh as he asked, "Why haven't you answered your phone when your mother called you? She worries about you always Ly. Sweetheart, you are her only daughter. Please call her as soon as you can so she knows that you are alright."

Lyric agreed, "Yes daddy, I know I’m the only girl and the youngest. She still has Charlie and Wesley at home. I promise I will call her tonight when I get home from work. I am running late so I have to go. I love you both and tell mom I will call tonight when I get home. I am just running out to work now. I promise I will call tonight."

Hanging up before he could respond she turned back to Michael, "Now start talking so that we can get this finished and get to work before I get fired for being late. I have a really tough boss you know."

Feeling more annoyed after talking to her father, she smiled as sweetly as she could at him. "Please, have a seat. So, where would you like to start?"

Michael regarded her curiously as they moved to the couch to sit down; he pulled her down next to him and held onto her hands. Not knowing where or how to start this whole conversation he just blurted out with, "I knew the minute I saw you who you were and that you were mine. I will do whatever I have to get you to admit it and take your place as my mate and wife."

Eyes wide with shock at his bluntness, she opened her mouth to say something but closed it again unable to think of how to respond. As she sat there looking at him, all she could think was how much she wanted to kiss him and feel his hands on every inch of her body. Her wolf whined in her head, her wolf knew what he said was true.

She snapped herself out of it and back to reality, she worked for him and since she didn't know him that well, regardless of the true mate thing she was not ready to take on a role of alpha like her mother.

Sara and Sasha told her last night that they don't do the ranking thing with the females like her home pack, but she knew that her father would not be pleased and would see it as way too far from tradition. He believed that as the head of the pack it was their job and responsibility to protect those below them, and firmly believed earning your position was the right way to hold the rank.

Without a word he covered her mouth with his, tongue running light licks at her lips requesting entry. The second his lips touched hers she melted. She couldn't resist parting, allowing entry, tasting his heat made her melt further. She moved closer wrapping her arms around his neck, drawing him closer, feeling his chest through their clothes; crush against her heaving breasts that were straining to be released from the restraints of the clothes that kept them separated from his ability to caress and tease.

With one swift move, he stood, lifting her with him off the couch and moved towards her bedroom. She couldn't help herself, she wrapped her legs around his waist and deepened the kiss as they moved so smoothly through her apartment to her bed.

Lowering both their bodies to her bed without breaking their kiss, he moved his hands to the button and zipper, making quick work of them both. He then locked his fingers inside the waistband pulling both the skirt and panties down in one move.

He moved his hands down her shirt undoing the buttons one by one and sliding the soft fabric off her shoulders and down her arms, leaving it hanging at her wrist pinning her arms.

He then moved to the front clasp of the bra popping it and letting it fall to the sides freeing her large supple breasts.

Covering her luscious mound with his hand, feeling the perfect way it fit in his hand, he pinched the nipple between his finger and thumb.

Pinching and pulling as soft moans escaped into his mouth from her.

She arched her back pushing her breast tighter into his hand while wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him towards the apex of her body wanting to feel his hard mound behind his pants. She couldn't move her hands to remove him from his constraints, all she could do was plead, "Please Michael"

Not breaking the kiss he released himself from his pants. Unable to resist the temptation to look, she broke the kiss, peaking down his body amazed at how beautiful he was and unable to believe that he had removed his shirt without her realizing it.

He was as muscular as she had thought when she first saw him, broad hard shoulders, a chest so sculpted it had to be illegal, and abs that made her want to bite them; and he tasted as good as he looked. Lowering her eyes to his perfect waist to reveal the largest and thickest penis she had ever seen, thinking to herself he could break her in half, but wanting so badly to have him inside her she again pulled his lower body to her with her legs rubbing her hot and wet heat against him repeating her earlier plea, "Please Michael, take me now!"

Unable to deny her or himself any longer he positioned the head of his penis at her opening, thrusting quick and hard into her, pushing the air from her lungs as he moved in and out of her. He filled her to the brim pushing her higher and higher with pleasure as her orgasm took over her body she cried out his name, digging her nails into his shoulders and clinching tighter, milking him to release; as he released it shot fast and hot deep inside filling her with every drop in his essence. At his release he howled her name. Unable to hold himself above her any longer he collapsed down on her keeping a majority of his weight on his arms to avoid crushing her.

Both breathing heavily, he rolled a little to the side still remaining buried deeply inside her, kissing her from her shoulder up her neck to the spot behind her ear where her scent was the strongest, breathing in deeply with a low growl on the exhale, "You smell so damn good woman, I am not sure I could have held out much longer even in the office, if I hadn't come over here this morning. You have been driving me crazy for the last two weeks."

She giggled at his words but knew that she was not sure how long she could have resisted him either. With a sadness she could no longer hide she said, "Michael, I know what we are and should be, but I can't be what you need. I am not my mother and can’t be your alpha. I'm sorry."

With that she moved from the bed pulling her clothes back on and moved to the bathroom to finish cleaning up to leave for work. When she came back into the room he was standing completely dressed looking out the window.

Turning towards her without moving from the window he frowned at her, she opened her mouth to say something but the look on his face stopped her and she closed her mouth. With a harsh tone he spoke, "Of all the stupidest things for you to have said, I can't believe you think so little of yourself. I am sure your parents would not say that you are not an alpha by any stretch of imagination."

As she listened she could hear the anger and frustration in his words. She knew he was right about her parents and what they would say, but she also knew how they would feel about the way the pack was run. Not that they would say or object to her mating with her true mate.

She frowned at him, opening her mouth to speak but being stopped by him raising his hand up, he said coldly, "No, don't." moving to the door of the bedroom saying over his shoulder as he left, "I'll see you at the office."

She moved to follow him but stopped in her tracks. Asking herself, “What just happened”, she heard the front door to her apartment slam then quiet, where did this go wrong, oh wait, she remembers, she opened her mouth and stuck her foot in it. Rolling her eyes at herself, what did she expect would happen?

With a rush of all her fears of not being good enough or strong enough like her mother, who was the greatest Alpha she ever knew, all her childhood nightmares came rushing back crashing in on top of her.

All the teasing from the other she wolves when the adults or her older brothers weren’t around. “Hey Lyric, you half breed. I can’t believe any of the boys would ever want you even if you are the Alpha’s daughter. You are nothing and never will be anything more than a half breed.” One of the girls spat at her.

Not wanting to fight since they were all of age to shift she didn’t want to get into any altercations. Plus her father would find out, then she would have to tell them why she had ended up getting into another fight. Looking past the girl then back at her, “Well if what you say is true then why is it that I always seem to have a boyfriend and you don’t?”

The girl snarled and bared her teeth, “Listen here you little bitch, just because you might always have a boyfriend doesn’t mean that they are loyal to you.”

Lyric moved quickly and was in the girls face before she could start the next sentence. Putting her hand around the girl’s throat, “You may see me as weak, but know this, I will kill you without a second thought if you ever speak to me like that again.”

The group of females that had been standing there moved in to assist their friend only to have Lyric turn her fierce gaze upon them freezing them in their tracks. Looking back to the female she held by the throat she saw the fear in her eyes. Releasing her she turned and left without another word.

A shiver shot through her as she recalled that scene. She never did find out why those girls were so frightened. No one ever said anything about it and soon after that she left for college.

She had known, or had believed, that all the boys only wanted the status of dating the alpha’s daughter, but none of them ever touched her or even tried. At first she thought it was due to fear of her brothers and father, but she learned all too quickly that it had nothing to do with them. She recalled the memory of the fight with Charlie the day before her graduation.

“Lyric, I need to tell you something.” Charlie had said as she was heading out the door.

“What Charlie, Mark is here to pick me up, can’t this wait?” She had said to him as he reached the porch just behind her.

With a heavy sigh as he looked at her then to the boy sitting in the truck waiting for her, “No it can’t.” He had motioned to the boy who then put his truck in reverse and left the driveway.

Lyric turned on him with a growl, “What did you do that for? I have to go to practice then we were going to a party. Why do you and Wes always screw things up for me? I am not a baby you know and someday I will have sex with someone and you won’t be able to stop me!”

Charlie shook his head at her, “Ly, Wes and I haven’t been the reason that the boys keep running away or not trying to have sex with you. I have been hearing around from others what is being said about you.”

Lyric shot him a glare, “What do you mean what is being said. If those bitches have said anything about me…..”

Charlie stopped her with a shake of his head, “No Ly, it isn’t the girls. I am hearing from good sources that the boys do not want you for anything more than the status of dating the Alpha’s daughter. They all know that you can’t shift and they think that makes you less than the other females, regardless of your rank in the pack.”

Lyric, stunned by his words, lashed out at him, “How could you say that to me, you are supposed to be my brother, my protector.”

As she remembered the look on Charlie’s face, the tears started to roll down her cheek. She had hurt him when all he was trying to do was protect her. Through him she had learned that the males had thought her to be less because she was just like her mother, a half or she should more accurately say three fourths wolf. Since her father was all wolf and a very powerful alpha and her mother was only half, that made her actually three fourths, but still not full wolf. She had all the strengths and powers, but just like her mother she couldn't shift.

It had taken years to get over the knowledge of that, which is why she had chosen to leave home and go to college far enough away so that no one would know anything about her and she could start over and just be Lyric Garr.

Now here was this man that she knew in her heart was her true mate. Who thought she was more than she was. There was no way she could survive the rejection that would come once he knew the truth about her. How could she tell him the truth about herself? He would never accept her completely knowing what she was. Oh what was she going to do, she should just go back home.

While wallowing in her pity party, she realized that he had said he would see her at the office, like she was going to go in and pretend nothing had happened.

Actually, she didn't have a choice. She had a job to do and she was going to do it to the best of her abilities, regardless of her need to stay as far away from Michael. She would try to avoid the rejection she knew would come when he learned the truth because she would eventually have to tell him.

Needing a boost of reassurance, she decided she would call her mother, since she was already late for work and Michael had just left, she would take her time. Before she left she called her mother.
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