Is This a Love Story?

By Eirianwen Conan All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller


Meet Ryn, a freshman in college determined to overcome her traumatic past to make an impact on the world. Meet Chad, a junior with an equally traumatic past and a determination to have a healthy relationship with the right girl. When Chad decides that girl is Ryn, friendships, love, and adventure soon follow. Fast forward a few months and Ryn is in the psych ward-- without Chad and her new friends by her side. In the months that follow, she relies on God, mental health professionals, family, and her true friends to sort through the events which landed her in the hospital.

Prologue-- After

The medicine loses its grip on me for a brief moment, and my eyes flutter open. I find myself in a simple room, with one other empty bed and plain white walls. McClain Hospital. World famous hospital for the mentally ill.

My mind flashes back to how I got here. The screaming. The choking. The texts. Then my refusal to be admitted here out of my own free will. That didn’t change anything of course.

Are my friends outside? I hope against hope that he came. Or Alaina. But they’re not here. They won’t be. As the medicine begins to take over again, I contemplate the real intricacies of how I got here, whose fault it really was-- if anyone’s. Maybe I’m just weak, I wonder until the meds take over and I drift asleep again.

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