Lustful Sins And Desires

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Pam love for her husband will be put to a test. She will soon be tempted and must find a way to overcome the lust and desire she has for this younger man who she can;t seem to resist.. Love is a many splendor thing to some but it can also be tempted to the limits. No one ever knows what kind of situation their affection for each other will have to endure in order for their marriage to work. Pam will soon find out how much will power and love she has for her husband when her love will have to conquer her strong will and desire to lust after this younger man who she can't seemed to resist. She realize how much she has to lose but is so enticed by this young man;'s good looks and physical characteristics until it is really difficult for her to make a logical decision to do that which is right. She has to struggle with her inner-beings to determine should she do right or wrong. The decision isn't an easy one for her, but she must decide what she is going to do, stay with the man she love or risk it all for a strange good looking young man, she just met. She is bewildered and must find a way to rekindle the love she has for her husband before she makes the wrong decision and will do something she will regret later.

Romance / Fantasy
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My name is Pam, I am a twenty-six-year-old

female who considers herself to be attractive, with very good attributes. I am not really just into my good looks, but rather majority of my energy is focus on my family and their security. I should take more time to take care of myself; instead my family is first priority, and is always in my heart and mind. I have a great career as an English Professor, at one of the universities here, in the City of Montana. Why of all mornings, life made me realize what a wonderful life-style I have. Before I could begin the morning walk, I am standing here gazing at my home, thinking all kinds of thoughts that are cluttering my mind.

It is a chilly spring day, and the sun is shining so bright.

The leaves have fallen all over the front lawn. The big trees stand so lovely and tall, with an air of enchantment. It’s as if, it is some sort of mysterious atmosphere. The scenery beholds so much charm and grace. People walking past my house, would be amazed at its beauty. My desire was to get out of the house, and browse around for a moment, but by me deciding do this is when I began to realize how blessed I am. The things that I have been taking for granted, now appears to be materializing before my eyes. But I began focusing back on jogging. I will be late for work if I don’t get started. I returned to the norm, beginning my morning jogging. This helps to relieve my stress, especially before I start my work day. It helps me to be more focus and relaxed. I was feeling calm and relieved afterwards, as if a burden had been lifted off of me. It helps me to compose my thoughts, without any interruptions from anyone. The moment my husband awakes, he is calling my name, wanting me to

make him some coffee. My darling little boy Joey, who is six years old, has those same good looking features that Bob and I have.

He is always wide awake, beckoning for me to come downstairs to fix his breakfast. Bob is my husband, and he is twenty-seven years of age. He is a loving, kind, attractive, affectionate man. His love is sufficient enough for me.

He loves me and Joey unconditionally, and is very protective of both of us. He has a prominent job with one of the town’s local bank. His position is Vice President. And have a fantastic income. He has

been employed there for five years. The job is beneficial to our family. It gives us time to travel and enjoy the finer things of life. We love Traveling overseas and loves visiting places like Europe, Italy, France. and Africa. Mom always keep Joey for us whenever we

traveled to these places. Except for whenever we traveled to Florida, Joey would tag along with us to Disneyland, and would have a great time. Mom loves Joey and didn’t hesitate to keep him for us. My mom is wonderful and that is why she is appreciated for all the good things she does for me and my family. Whenever problems are surmounting, mom is the one who has always, been here for me. She always offers plenty of good advice, and wisdom to help encourage me along the way. I Nick-named her, “My problem solver.”

She doesn’t do anything but laugh when I say that. She likes it, whenever she is being referred to that name title.

The title is compatible to her sweet personality. She is someone dependable in time of need. Dad is wonderful too. I can recollect when Bob and I first got married, and was having financial problems; dad bailed us out of

the hole. He paid all the extra bills we had accumulated.

Bob was so distraught whenever he had to depend upon Dad to assist us. He is an independent man who loves being able to support and take care of his family. He hated having to bother dad for anything. Once he got himself out of the red, as it is preferred to, he kept tabs on his money, and made sure every cent was accounted for. He invested his money in lots of different money making schemes that helped his money to increase and grow interest. This is a wise decision on his behalf. It kept our financial situation more stable. He didn’t like the fact that he had to approach my dad for help. I understood how he felt, because that is the way his character is. He is very independent and strives to accomplish his goals. He always reminded me, the reason he attended college, is so he can support his

family. He has always wanted to stay focus and strong for the younger generation. He wants to be a role model for his son, allowing him to experience the magnificent, of living a successful and independent lifestyle of his own.

Bob’s parents died tragedy in a car accident and this really dampened his spirits. Bob constantly reminded me of how they both were good parents who he loved dearly. His parents were employed in the corporate world. Bob’s father was an executive officer for a big insurance company. While his mother held position as executive head nurse over the critical care unit in the hospital. They both had good working careers and made sure Bob was able to attend college to get a good education also. Bob and I are only children. He has no other siblings and neither do I. I always encouraged him and uplifted his

spirits as much as possible, especially after the unfortunate accident involving his parents. This was a difficult time in both of our lives.

somehow he managed to keep hope alive and to live on. Little Joey

has been a blessing to him. He kept Bob strong and stable, along with my love too. Bob managed to cope with their tragedy a lots better. He eventually returned to his old self again and I was happy about that. This is the happy, loving, caring man I had married. I was glad to see his old characteristics return and for my Bob to be himself again. This is why my parents play such an important role in our little boys’ Joey life. This happens to be one of those days when I am reminiscing about all the many blessings that has been bestowed upon us. A wonderful husband, a loving child and secure jobs, which provides and help support our family, without us having to struggle. This means the world to me. I am realizing how this eloquent life-style of ours came about. It is attributed to hard-work, perseverance, and the will to reach those goals and accomplishments. Which brought us to this status in life

we are presently enjoying. It is beginning to get chilly outside, the

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