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A Goddess and a werewolf fell in love but none wish to see them happy? When both is faced with betrayal and lust for revenge, will they learn the truth before everything is too late? When a werewolf and a Goddess fell in love, not even death could do they apart… Romanov and Aikaterine met as a child and both became deeply in love. However, none wish to see them happy as they both came from two different, powerful, supernatural families. When destiny chose to separate them in a cruel way, both were faced with betrayal, pain and shattered hearts. Centuries past and Romanov tried to erase the heart-wrenching ordeal of his own beloved betrayal. When he was starting to have a peaceful life that he had always yearn for with his children, a mysterious woman by the name of Catherine White showed up and looked exactly like his once beloved Aika, except colder. Her arrival not only brought confusion and conflict in Romanov’s life but death follows her everywhere. More secrets revealed and nothing stayed the same. Knowing the truth, what will Romanov do to undone the pain that he committed to his beloved? What is Catherine true motive? What happens when their love story repeat itself through their children? Will destiny separate them yet again or will fate finally allow them to have the happiness that they have been begging for so long?

Romance / Fantasy
Jaya Diana
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New Day


New York, 2002

The scent of fresh woods drifting in the air and sound of heels and boots can be heard all around the mansion. The grand staircase that was situated right in the middle of the living room heading upstairs to the bedroom gives an even powerful vibe of a person with power. That’s what she loves the most. Power.

As the new lady of the mansion took more steps to indulge on the well-endowed mansion, she looked up and stare at the beautiful design of the window that resembles the one in a church on the ceiling and around the house with thick blood red curtains hung with it.

The dark red and brown wallpaper, rugs and decoration that was placed in the house gleam with elegance and she would just stand there, looked around with her white, thick furry coat wrapped around her body keeping her warm and her jet black hair falls gently along her back, giving her a much youthful look even though she was much older than that. Even the long flowy red dress that hugs her curves makes her look and feel divine.

There was much more to gaze around in the house but she decided that she would take her sweet time doing it. It was a new house that she had waited a long time to be built and now, it is done. This was her new home. Her new, svetilishte. Safe haven. For now, it is...

“Do you find yourself much comfortable, my lady?”

She turned around and raised her eyebrow,” How many times do I have to remind you, Alex? You are not to call me as ‘your lady’. Tis’ enough for you to call me Catherine or something close to that.”

She gave a small giggle.

Alexandros bowed his head and said, “Forgive me my lady but as I’ve said, it is difficult for me to address you as such. I don’t deserve to acknowledge you that way as if I am merely your friend.”

Catherine sighed and turn her back to him. She walks to one of her window and stare at the falling snow.

“No, Alex. I’m not a princess. Not anymore. How can one be a princess when she doesn’t own a kingdom nor wealth?”

Her last word sound so grim. Glittering flames that burns in the fireplace can be heard in the silence just across the living room. Iarna turned around.

“It is time Alex. I wish to feel peace. I just want to be happy and for that, they need to die. All of them must be destroyed and I will not allow any one of them to live.”

When Catherine was about to walk away, Alex said to her.

“Even Romanov, my lady.” Catherine’s leg froze and she closed her eyes. The fine memory of the one that holds her shattered heart burns in her mind.

“Especially him, Alex. Especially, him.”

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