Brush With Fame

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Chapter 9

The flight to Los Angeles is a highly annoying. The damn flight attendants constantly flirt with Ryan. They interrupt our conversation repeatedly. They want his autograph or a picture with him. They keep disturbing him to ask if he needs anything, rarely leaving him alone. If Ryan does want something, they rush to get it for him, almost fighting over who gets to take it to him. And they barely acknowledge me even though I’m right next to him. Ryan pretty much ignores them and complains about them, which makes me feel good.

Thank God I am with Ryan when we arrive to Los Angeles. I think I’d be lost wondering around the hallways if I was alone. We go to the parking garage, stow our luggage in Ryan’s car and drive to Ryan’s house in Malibu.

Wow! My mouth drops open as we pull into his driveway. It’s a beautiful, very modern house; the whole back side of the house faces the ocean. Ryan grabs our luggage and leads me inside. He leaves me in the kitchen while he takes the luggage to the bedrooms. When he comes back, he leads me on a tour of the house.

The kitchen has white cabinets, black countertops and gray accents. It’s gorgeous. It’s open to the living room. There are glass doors that completely open to the deck outside so one can sit inside or out and enjoy the ocean. To the left of the kitchen/living room is the master suite. Boy is it a master suite. It also has doors that open to the ocean view. The bathroom is huge with a monstrous shower. I got lost in the closet. Back out to the kitchen/living room, we go to the right side of the house which has a guest room and Ryan’s office.

Then Ryan leads me to the bottom level. There is family room, gym, theater, another bedroom, a couple more bathrooms and outside of this level is an infinity pool. Holy shit. I’m out of my league.

Having never been to Malibu or Los Angeles before, Ryan says he will shows me around a little bit. After I get settled in the guest bedroom and freshen up, Ryan drives us back into Los Angeles. He takes me shopping on Rodeo Drive. I am in heaven, and have loads of fun! But even though I’m having a blast, in the back of my mind I keep worrying about the awards show, especially now having seen just how extravagant the rich and famous live. I’m going to have to walk the red carpet with Ryan. Not to mention all the cameras taking my picture, eager to record any mistakes I make. When I voice my concerns yet again to him, he just keeps telling me not to worry, he will take care of me.

This evening, we eat at some classy little joint back in Malibu. We see a few other actors. This is so cool. Ryan knows two of them so he introduces me. They both say they will be at the show on Sunday. I’m so ruffled from meeting these actors and anxious about Sunday that I barely eat the nice meal Ryan ordered for me.

Ryan gives me a back rub in bed and promises to leave when he is done or if I happen to fall asleep on him – which I do. I wake up the next morning to an empty bed completely rested. I finally got a decent night’s sleep.

We decide to be lazy today. We hang out at Ryan’s house, play games and go swimming, just spend time together. I am visibly getting more tense as the day goes on. I try to hide it from Ryan as best I can. I don’t think I hide it well. I am going to be a nervous wreck tomorrow.

This evening, we go to a bar and meet up with a few of his co-stars from Surrender. They, of coarse, are in town for the show. Ryan’s good friend, Leslie Day, wasn’t able to come. He says I will just have to wait and meet her tomorrow. I am eager to meet Leslie, because in all our conversations about his coworkers and friends, he seems to value her opinion the most.

I have another restful, sleep-filled night. I feel much more confident, that I can conquer anything. I pray this feeling will stay with me the rest of the day.

We pack a bag and stay at a hotel close to the theatre where the show is being held. It is also where I have my spa appointment. My pampering appointment is for 11 am. I get a manicure and pedicure, am buffed and picked and massaged. It’s heaven. Then they start on my hair and make-up. I let them do whatever they want – mainly because Ryan told me to shut up, not argue and let the pros handle it before he left. When they are done, they turn me around to look in the mirror. Who is that beautiful woman in the mirror? I don’t even recognize myself. I’m gorgeous. Why can I not look like this all the time? Oh, yeah, ’cause it took hours to get this outcome.

I head back to our suite and make Ryan promise he will not look as I rush passed him. I don’t want Ryan to see me until I am completely put together.

I get dressed in a gorgeous but simple, black, floor length dress. It has a halter top to it and is backless and hugs my curves. I strap on black heels with sparkly gemstones on them. Ryan will have to hold onto me so I don’t trip. I am so nervous for Ryan to see me that my hands are clammy. I hope I meet his expectation. I try to take deep, steady breaths, but it is hopeless. Tonight is going to be a disaster. I think I might throw up. Thankfully, the knock on the door distracts me.

“Olivia? Are you ready?” Ryan calls through the door.

All right. This is it. Hope Ryan likes the result.

“Yes. Come in,” I answer nervously, my heart thumping against my ribs, anxious for his reaction. The door swings open slowly. Ryan walks in wearing a tux.

Wooh. Holy crap! He looks so hot. How can he look so good? I cannot say anything.

Apparently, he is speechless too, because he just stares at me for a few seconds. Finally, he finds his voice, but it’s low and thick with emotion.

“Olivia. Love. You take my breath away. You are lovely - beautiful. You’re stunning. No one will be looking at me tonight. Wow!”

I snort. “Yeah, right! Look at you! You look so handsome.”

“Well then, I guess they’ll be looking at both of us. How did I get so lucky?” he asks.

“You’re lucky because you dialed up the miracle workers at the salon and had them do this to me.”

“I don’t think that’s it, because you’re always gorgeous, and tonight you’re exquisite. Oh, I have something for you.”

“What?” I hadn’t noticed that he is holding his left hand behind his back.

“Open, please.” He hands me a wide rectangular box. In it is the most beautiful diamond necklace I’ve ever seen. It’s very intricate and elegant.

“R…Ryan…,” I stutter.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t buy them. They are on loan for the night from Harry Winston. Everyone does it. You need bling on the red carpet. Here let me help you put it on.”

I lift my hair so he can clasp the necklace around my neck.

“This is called a wreath necklace and it has 122 round and marquise diamonds in it.”

“Thank you Ryan. It’s beautiful.”

I gave him a kiss that is more serious than I intend. My heart hammers in my chest like a jack hammer. All I want at this moment is him, nothing else. Screw the show and after parties. Just him, and preferably him in bed.

“Ok. We’d better go,” he says reluctantly, taking my hand to pull me out of the door.

I laugh nervously. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I’m ready. Bring it on.”

A limo is waiting to take us to the theater. On the ride there, I keep fidgeting. Finally, Ryan grabs my hands, laughs and tells me everything will be fine. As we pull up to the theatre, I can see a huge statue outside the theatre. Oh, God! This is it. Everyone will be looking at me. Now I am definitely going to throw up.

The limo door opens. All around us are celebrities that I admire, not to mention all the cameras and questions and people shouting names. We get out and are bombarded by cameras. There are tons of fans behind barricades that go crazy when they see Ryan. I’m dumbfounded as I stared out into the crowd. Some of the girls are actually crying. What’s up with that? Ryan tugs my hand, bringing me back to face the theatre. I paste a smile on my face – even though I’m terrified – and hope my smile looks genuine.

Ryan is asked time and again to pose for photos, sometimes with me, other times by himself. Ryan holds my hand or puts his arm around and whispers ‘You’re doing great. Just keep smiling’.

It feels like everyone’s looking at me. Of course, they probably are. Wondering what’s so special about me that Ryan Paxton is with me. Then comes the questions about who I am, if we are serious. “This is my Olivia” he answers. The ‘my’ doesn’t go unnoticed by the reporters. But any other questions are diverted to other subjects or ignored.

At last, we get past the red carpet to the stairway that leads to the theatre entrance. The inside of the theatre is gorgeous. It is huge and has so many balconies. The place is beautiful all decked out for the awards.

Finally, it’s time for the show to start. We are ushered to our seats, which are with the rest of the crew from Surrender. The movie and cast are up for a lot of awards. Everyone sits close together so the camera can capture them all going up on stage if they win. I finally get introduced to Leslie Day, but we don’t have time to talk.

Finally, the show starts. Other members of the cast or the movie itself wins most of the early awards that they are nominated for. Ryan is thrilled for his co-stars. I can’t help but be excited with him.

About a third of the way through, Ryan gets to present an award. I am left to sit by myself for a while. A fill-in comes to sit in Ryan’s seat so when the camera pans around the theatre, it looks completely full. A couple of Ryan’s co-stars are nice enough to talk to me. When it’s Ryan’s turn to present, the crowd goes crazy. He has a hard time calming them down enough so he can talk. Finally, it is quiet enough for him to be heard. He has a couple of good jokes that get laughs. Then he announces the winner. About five minutes later, Ryan comes back to his seat and puts his arm around me, giving me a kiss on my cheek.

At last it’s time for the big awards. Leslie wins best actress. She hugs everyone, including me before floating to the stage. She glows as she accepts the award and gives her many thanks.

Next is best actor. Ryan is nominated for this, along with four other equally talented actors. He has my hand gripped tight and is shaking his leg waiting for the winner to be announced. He’s nervous! This blows me away. I haven’t seen Ryan nervous. He has always been so confident around me. I place my free hand on top of ours and give him a reassuring smile.

“And the award goes to . . . Ryan Paxton for Surrender.”

The theatre goes wild. He won! I scream. The whole row jumps up. Ryan gives me a great big hug, kisses me long and hard then shakes a few hands and gives a few hugs as he walks up to the stage to accept his award. He can’t stop smiling. I also can’t stop grinning. I’m so proud of him. I can’t take my eyes off him as he walks up to the stage.

Once again, he must wait for the applause to die down before he can speak. He tries starting a couple times, but has to stop because of the applause and whistles. “Thank you. Wow. This is great! I can’t believe it. Thank you. This is a dream come true. First I want to thank God, because without Him, I wouldn’t be here. Um, gosh it’s really hard to think when you’re up here,” he laughed. “Guess I should have written some stuff down. I want to thank Artie for directing a great film. Thanks to Leslie, Charlotte, Bryan, Juan and Michael and the rest of the crew. I couldn’t have picked a better group of genuinely great people to work with. And I can’t wait to get started on the sequel. I need to thank my mom and dad and my brothers for always supporting me and making sure my head never gets too big. And last but definitely not least,” he says, looking directly at me, “thank you to my Olivia for making my life complete. Thanks.” He waves and walks off stage.

Applause erupts again, but I barely notice. I sit astonished in my seat. I’m awed by his thanks. I haven’t done anything, didn’t even know him when he was making this film. I’ve made his life complete. Wow, am I in serious trouble. I am more in love with him than ever. And I’m not going to be able to hide it from him after this. Truthfully, I’m not sure I want to hide it from him anymore. I think I am ready to tell him or maybe at least show him.

There is a break for commercials. Ryan comes back to his seat during that time. Surrender is nominated for best film. He takes my hand as he sits and kisses it.

“Congratulations!” I say, leaning into him. “That was considerate of you to thank me, but I didn’t even know you then,” I say.

“I know you now,” he answers and before I can say anything else we are interrupted by others offering their congratulations, too.

The presenters for best film come out and announce the nominees. Of course, Surrender wins best film. Once again, Ryan pulls me up, hugs and kisses me before going on stage with everyone else.

Since that is the last award, the show is over. A few minutes later, Ryan comes back to our seats. He leads me to where he has been requested to do a few post-show interviews. We stand around and talk to some of the other actors. Some come over, introduce themselves and congratulate Ryan on winning. I’m thrilled to talk to the actors; I completely forget to be nervous and shy. Ryan has his arm wrapped around me. I glance at him and find him watching me, smiling. I give him a quick kiss.

“You’re having a good time, then?” he asks.

“I’m having a great time. I was worried for nothing. These are great people. Thank you for making me come with you.”

“I am so pleased that you are here with me,” he says as he moves his hand to my lower back to lead me. “Come on. We’ve got some partying to do now.”

“Yes, let’s go celebrate!” I say.

The after-party is back at our hotel – which is why Ryan booked a suite there. The whole cast from Surrender is there, along with some of the other celebs I’ve met earlier and a bunch of other people. Ryan and I grab some Cristal and mingle. Ryan holds my hand or wraps his arm around me the whole time.

Leslie Day comes over to me while Ryan is talking with others. She puts her arm through mine and gestures towards the bar. I nod, let Ryan know I am going with her, even though he scowls when I tell him, and we start walking in that direction.

“Olivia, I’m going to be completely honest with you and tell you that I was very leery of you when Ryan came back from Las Vegas talking non-stop about this girl he met out there. I was afraid he’d gotten caught up in the admiration of a fan. More than ever after hearing about how you two met. And that can be very dangerous for Ryan. But the more Ryan tells me about you and now that I have met you and I see you two together, I understand that isn’t the case. I’m very happy that Ryan met you and has you in his life. He is probably happier now than I’ve ever seen him.”

I’m touched that she feels comfortable enough to tell me her thoughts. Or maybe she’s just had enough to drink. I’m giddy that she thinks Ryan is so happy with me.

“Really?! Well, I’m the lucky one,” I answer. “Ryan is the most decent, wonderful man I’ve ever met.” We both look over at him. He is watching us and gives us a nod and a wink.

“I think you’re both lucky,” she replies. “Now, I want to get to know you better. Let’s have a shot or two to loosen up.”

I laugh. “Sure, why not. I’m game.”

After a couple shots, I’m feeling really good and relaxed. We talk about everything. One would have thought we had known each other for years they way we were talking. We are discussing the Surrender sequel in London when Ryan finds us again. He comes up behind me, slips his arms around me and nuzzles my ear, making me purr.

“Ryan, I really like your Olivia,” Leslie announces.

I grin at her.

“I do, too. But you’ve monopolized my girl long enough, Leslie. Now it’s my turn to kidnap her.”

“But we we’re just getting to really know each other,” Leslie objects, pretending to pout.

“You’ll have to get to know her better some other time. Right now, she’s going to be all mine.”

“Olivia?” she asks. “Would it be alright to call you?”

“I hope you will.”

Leslie and I exchange info and we promise we will contact each other. I give her a hug and thank her for befriending me. Ryan tucks my arm in his and leads me out of the room. We stroll outside to the terrace and stand looking out over the rail at the lights of Los Angeles. Ryan moves behind me and circles his arms around me. Since it’s right in front of me, I glance at his watch to see what time it is.

“Wow. It’s almost 2:00am. Happy Birthday Ryan,” I say, leaning my head back against his shoulder.

“Thank you. You remembered.” He kisses my hair.

“Of course I remember. But I didn’t get you anything.”

“You being here with me tonight is my birthday present. Thank you.”

We stroll some more, not talking, just enjoying the night. There’s a chill in the air but Kansas City was supposed to have gotten snow tonight. I can deal with a chill.

“You’ve won everyone over tonight,” Ryan informs me after a little while. “I’ve overheard conversations and they all like you. They think you’re friendly, down-to-earth and not star-struck, like others would be.”

“Everyone was so nice. I thought they would be more…I don’t know, snobby, I guess. I could definitely tell which people were going to be snobs, so I just stayed away from them. Leslie is great. Do you think she’ll really call me?”

“Yes. She’ll absolutely call. Probably call all the time. She was the most skeptical when I told her about you. She was all set to kick your butt if you turned out to be some crazed fan. But you pulled her in, too. I can tell she likes you. She hasn’t liked any of the other girls she’s met and with good reason.”

I shiver then. It is a little too chilly out. “You should have a wrap. Let’s go in before you freeze,” he scolds. “Do you want to go back to the party or up to our suite.”

“Suite,” I barely whisper.

I’m quiet on the way up. Sometime during the evening, I’ve decided I want to be with Ryan tonight – whether I tell him I love him or not is still up in the air. But I at least want to show him how I feel about him.

Once we get back to our suite, Ryan asks if I would like a night cap. I accept hoping it will calm my nerves. Suddenly, I’m doubting again if he is still interested in me. Stupid doubts. I accept the glass Ryan hands me and wander around the suite as I sip from the glass.

“You’re so quiet now. Is everything ok?” he asks.

I’ve moved to the window and am looking out. He comes up behind me and turns me around to look at him.

“Everything’s fine,” I say working up the courage. “Ryan….”

“Yes, what’s wrong baby?” He looks worried.

“I’ve, um….”

“You can tell me anything Olivia. Please tell me what’s wrong,” he begs.

“For some reason this is harder than I thought,” I mumble. My heart is about ready to leap out of my chest. “I’ve figured things out. I’m ready if you still want me.”

His eyes change from worried to serious as he understands what I mean. He hesitates for just a moment, staring into my eyes. I’m not sure what he’s looking for but he must have found it. He takes my glass and sets both mine and his down. His hands come up to cup my face. “I will always want you, Olivia. Are you sure? You don’t need more time? I don’t want you to regret….”

I’m surprised I can hear him over the drumming of my heart. I lift a finger to his lips to quiet him. “No regrets. I want you now,” I tell him.

His eyes darken even more. I lean forward and kiss him. He is hesitant at first, but soon his arms wind around me, pulling me closer to him. We stand in front of the window, arms entangled around each other, trying to get closer to each other.

Ryan breaks our kiss, bends over and picks me up. No one has carried me before. It feel fabulous – a fairy tale. He carries me to his bed and sets me on my feet in front of it and gives me one rough kiss. He turns me around, pushes my hair out of the way to unhook the expensive, on-loan necklace. I hear him set it on the nightstand. He reaches back up to undo the buttons on my halter dress.

Ryan gently grabs my shoulders to turn me to face him again. His eyes hold mine as he slowly pulls the neck of the dress down. The top of the dress falls to my waist. I have no bra on since the dress has one built in.

I hear Ryan inhale and moan. “God, Olivia, you are beautiful” he whispers. His hands circle my waist to the zipper, unzips it and the dress falls to a puddle on the floor. He helps me step out of the dress, then he picks it up and throws it over a chair. I only have a black lace thong on. “A beautiful angel. That’s what you look like. You’re my beautiful angel.”

I’m so emotional I feel like crying. But I fight the tears away. I don’t want to miss any of this.

I want… no, I need to see him. Granted, I know what he looks like without clothes - a benefit of him being an actor. But it’s a whole other thing to see him in person, to touch him, to feel those defined muscles under my hands and I can’t wait. My shaky hands work the cufflinks and buttons on his shirt and I’m finally able to remove it followed by the tank he has on underneath. Holy shit! My hands run over his chest. He’s so muscular, but he won’t let me enjoy. His hands are roaming all over me stopping me from removing more of his clothes. When I try to object, he just kisses me to keep my mouth busy and my brain numb, which happens every time he kisses me.

Ryan’s hands move down my back to my hips and finally he pulls me against him. He leans me back just a little and bends down to taste and tease each breast. I moan. His mouth is so warm. He moves back to the first breast and sucks, while his hand squeezes and rubs the other. Then he switches, trying to give each breast the same amount of attention.

He starts kissing me all over. My shoulders, my neck, my chest. He slowly turns me around to kiss my back. Ryan slowly keeps turning me so I am standing facing him again. He kisses me all the way back to my lips. His tongue plunges into my mouth and explores. Ohmigod. I know I have never, ever felt like this with Craig. This is pure ecstasy.

“It’s my turn now,” I tell Ryan.

I trail kisses along his jaw bone then nuzzle his neck. He groans. Finally, I’m able to explore those fabulous muscles on his chest and arms. I kiss his shoulders and move down to his heart. I can hear it thudding fast.

“Is your heart beating fast for me?” I ask, seductively smiling at him.


I smile at him as I continue exploring with my hands. I rub them over his nice, tight ass. He inhales. I unbutton and unzip his pants, bending down to help him step out of them. Finally, we are both naked.

“I’ve wanted my hands on you since we first met. I need you,” he explains.

He picks me up again and lays me on the bed. Ryan lays on top of me kissing my lips, my neck, my shoulders until he reaches my breasts. He takes one into his mouth and sucks again. I’m floating. He moves on to the other one and does the same. Shivers run through me, I arch against him and there’s clinching in my belly. I can’t think, just react. My need for him is so strong. He’s slowly driving me crazy.

“Ryan, please. I need you inside me,” I beg.

He looks at me and nods. Ryan rises above me, moves my legs wider with his and slowly we become one. My world explodes. We fit together like we are formed just for each other.

“Oh my God, Ryan!”

“Olivia, you’re perfect. You feel so good.”

He sets the pace slow at first, just getting used to each other. Then he moves faster.

“Yes, Ryan, yes.”

“Olivia, you feel so good. I have been thinking about making love with you since we first met. I’m not going to last much longer,” Ryan pants.

He stares into my eyes as he pumps.

“Come for me, baby.”

He command is all it takes to make me explode. He follows with a groan of my name, then collapses on top of me.

We lay there, breathing heavily, exhausted.

“Olivia? Are you ok? Do you want me to move?”

“Don’t you dare move. I love the feel of you on top of me.”

He rises onto his elbows to look into my eyes. “My Angel. You are so wonderful,” he grins at me. “You really do make me complete. I could stay right here with you forever.”

That is my ‘Ah ha’ moment. I am content and happy again. I feel like nothing can get me down.

“That sounds good to me.” I grin at him.

Ryan moves so he can cradle me in his arms. We make love a couple more times before we finally fall asleep, arms and legs intertwined.

I wake up the next morning. Ryan is still asleep. He kept his arms around me all night. I’m grinning like a fool. I am so happy. Kissing him all over, Ryan wakes up with a smile on his face.

“I could get use to waking up like this every morning,” he says.

“It is pretty nice, isn’t it?” I agree.

“Nice, yes. But it could be a little better though,” he grins mischievously.

“Oh? How so?”

He shows me a much, better way to wake up.

An hour later, since we’re both ravenous, we order room service. Ryan takes a shower first then turns over the bathroom to me and says to take my time because he has a few phone calls to make, the first being his parents.

When I get out of the bathroom, I find Ryan sitting on the couch, staring into space. He watches me as I walk in and sit down next to him, tucking my feet under myself. He smiles at me, and pulls me to his side.

I laugh and happily sit next to him. “What are you sitting here thinking about?” I ask.

“I’m thinking about how deliriously happy I am right now and how lucky I am.” He brushes wet hair out of my face. “This is all kind of surreal to me. The best actor award. The best movie award. And best of all, you here with me. It’s all happening so fast. It’s exactly what I want but I can’t catch the reality of it all. I’m afraid it’s all going to go away. I’ll wake up from this dream and everything’s gone. I’m so happy you’re here with me. There are no words to describe how happy I am that you’re here with me.”

“Oh Ryan! I’m happy, too. And I’m so thankful you came to get me and made me come here with you and share your special night with you. I would have been so disappointed if I had missed it. Ryan, you are a very talented actor and have worked hard and deserve all of this. As I’ve been told before, you just have to deal with things as they come. Thank you for letting me share this time with you. And Happy Birthday.”

He looks at me thoughtfully and runs his knuckles down the side of my face. A big sigh escapes him. “I wish you could be with me more often. You keep me calm and sane.”

“I may not be able to be here with you physically all the time, but I’m always available to you.” I give him a much needed hug. He must be a little sentimental because of his birthday.

I pull back and find him studying me. “You know, you were stunning last night, but I prefer how you look right now. Naturally beautiful.”

I feel my cheeks heat. “No, I’m not…,” I stutter, looking down.

He snags my chin, carefully lifting my face until our eyes meet. “Yes, you are beautiful.” He hesitates for a second, like he’s going to say something else but decides against it. There is a knock on the door interrupting the moment. “Let’s eat.”

After eating a light lunch, we check out of the hotel and head back to Ryan’s house in Malibu. We walk the beach, sit and watch the waves and people. We just wanting to spend time together. I have to leave the next morning to go back to Kansas City, and Ryan is staying in Los Angeles to do some work.

Ryan cooks us dinner. I am pleasantly surprised at how well he can cook. He can definitely make me dinner anytime.

We finally end up in his bedroom, lay in bed, talking. Ryan kisses me. It starts out sweet and gentle, but gradually the kiss becomes intense and almost takes on a desperate tone. Ryan is breathing deeply and I can feel him shaking.

“Ryan….” I try talking to him, but he just quiets me with more kisses.

He holds me so tight to him, like he’s never going to let me go. Finally, his hands move to undress me. Once he gets my shirt off, his hands tenderly knead my breasts, making me more frantic for him. I tug on the boxer briefs he has on until I get them off. Anxiously I grab his already alert member and rub and squeeze it. Ryan groans, tightening the grip he has on my arms.

“Olivia, that feels so good.”

I focus on him for a while. He’s breathing hard and moving his hips. It’s very sexy knowing that I am the one that is getting him all worked up. Me, Olivia Sterling. I have a smug smile on my face when Ryan looks at me.

“You look like the cat that swallowed the canary,” he comments. “Enough focusing on me. Now it’s your turn.”

Oh, boy!

His hand slowly, gradually inches down between my legs. I’m already panting and he hasn’t even toughed me there yet. Finally, his finger touch me making me jump. All my nerves are on high alert. He swirls his fingers around and back and forth and dips in and back out to swirl once more.

“Please, please,” I breathe.

“Please what, Olivia?” Ryan asks, smirking.

“I need you inside me,” I plead.

“Alright, Sweetheart. I’ll give you want you want.” He grabs a condom off the night stand and puts it on. Then he moves to hover right over me, he pauses.

“This is what you want, right?”

“Yes, Ryan, please.” I try to pull him closer, making us one again, but he’s too strong.

Ryan leans down and kisses me, and at the same time, he enters me. I moan into his mouth. He moves in me and my hips move to meet him.

“Olivia…, he whispers. “I…,” he pauses. “I can’t get enough of you.”

“I know, Ryan,” I say.

I wrap my arms around him not wanting to ever let him go.

“I don’t want to leave tomorrow,” I choke out, a few tears running down my cheek.

“Shh, Olivia. Let’s not think about that yet. Let’s just enjoy loving tonight and we’ll deal with the rest.”

We make love over and over all night. I can only think of how long it’s going to be before I see Ryan again. Just thinking about it makes me depressed. I fall asleep cradled in his arms.

The next morning, I reluctantly get ready to leave. I feel miserable, so emotional. I do not want to leave Ryan, but what can I do? I have to go back to my own life again. And Ryan has to get back to his.

I wonder if Ryan feels the same because he’s equally quiet the whole morning. He comes over and encases me in him arms when it is about time to leave.

“Don’t go,” he whispers, looking miserable.

I start crying.

“Oh, baby. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I wish things could be different. I know you have to get back to your life. Same here. I’m going to figure out some time to come see you in Kansas City before I head off to London, OK?”

I nod.

Ryan takes my suitcase out to the car and drives me to the airport.

“I don’t want to go. I’m going to miss you so much,” I say as more tears escape.

“Oh, Sweetheart. I’m going to miss you too. Don’t cry,” He wipes the tears from my eyes.

“Sorry. I can’t help it.”

Ryan drives me to the airport and walks in with me, staying with me through check-in and up to the security gate. There he pulls me into a bear hug.

“We’ve got to stop saying good-bye at airports,” he says, sighing. “Sarah’s picking you up in KC, right?”

Not able to talk, I nod.

“Call me when you get home.” He kisses me. I cling to him, unable to stop crying. I already miss him and I haven’t even left yet.

I can hear a couple cameras clicking. Great. That will be all over in a little bit, but neither of us care. We continue to hug and kiss goodbye.

“I’ll miss you so much, Olivia.”

“I’ll miss you, too,” I say with tears flowing down my face now.

I have to move through security, otherwise I’ll miss my plane. I seriously think about missing my flight, but my boss would kill me. Ryan stands there watching me, waves when I turn around one last time. I am definitely leaving my heart with him this time.

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