The Beast's Greatest Possession

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"This time, you can't run away from me, Kitty Cat." Catherine Ross (22), a young girl known by her friends as a kind, innocent, smart and popular among girls and boys. Unfortunately, because of the trauma in the past when she was in High School, causing Catherine having difficulty in love--considering herself unable to have a boyfriend forever. Until... Ricardo Williams (27), is the CEO of Williams Consulting Group who suddenly appeared in front of Catherine. He is the main reason of why Catherine having a difficult to fall in love. Her first love which ends up tragically. However, after 4 years of separation, Ricardo was changed. This time, he is the one who wants Catherine by his side. But, what will he do when this time-Catherine is the one who rejects him? Will Ricardo succeed by stealing her heart back?

Romance / Drama
Jennifer Lee
4.2 51 reviews
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“Do you have any idea for how long I’ve been waiting for this moment?” Ricardo asked me with his usual deep voice. Demanding and intimidating.

I liked his voice, once. But not, for now, even himself I feared of and I hated it too.

“Ricardo... No...” I was hoping he will understand what I meant.

Doesn’t he realize that I don’t want him anymore? Why did he return? Was he going to hurt me again? Just like what he did four years ago?

“Are you scared of me, Kitty Cat?” he asked while walking towards me with his usual sly smile attached on his face. Damn, how I hate that smile!

“Don’t call me that!” I shouted at him.

Kitty Cat.

That was the nickname that Ricardo gave to me when we were still young and he always called me that until that incident happened.

“Why?” Oh, how I hate his tone!

Ricardo continued to walk towards me. His sharp brown eyes stared at me. Not even once looked away from me. Like a predator trapping its prey. No, I won’t get myself hypnotized by his beautiful eyes anymore. I’ve changed. I’m not a child anymore.

“Ricardo... Stop. What do you want now?” I asked him. When he heard it, he grinned and with his quick steps, he was already in front of me. He grabbed my arm strongly and slowly closing his handsome face into mine.

When I thought he was going to kiss me, I closed my eyes tightly and yet...


He didn’t do anything.

I slowly opened my eyes and he was just staring at me.

“You, Catherine,” he said. “Damn, how I love those eyes. Eyes, nose, lips, hair, mine. Don’t ever forget that, Cathy-because...” In an instant, he captured my lips and kissing me forcefully.

Wow, he’s good. My mind screamed.

No! I can’t do this! I had to push him. Reject him. I need to prove him that he can’t play with me anymore.

“No!” I pushed him away. I could see he was shocked with my action. But, I don’t care. I looked at him angrily.

“Jerk! Why did you do that?!”

“Why? Isn’t that obvious? You are mine, Cathy,” he stated proudly. His words, in fact, made me more angry at him. Who does he think he is?

“No! Who said I’m yours?! I’m no one’s!”

“You’re wrong, Cathy. You are mine since long ago. Looks like I need to make you realize that. Prepare yourself, because...” Suddenly, he took my forearm and pulled me back to him.

Ricardo was saying something which probably will change my relationship with him. His words will make it harder for me to forget about him.

I knew him.

Anything that Ricardo promised, he will keep it.

Anything that Ricardo said, he will do it.

And anything that Ricardo desired, he will get it and this fact was something which made my body trembled.

“This time you can’t run away from me, Kitty Cat...”

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