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Short fic piece that I wrote based on a anecdote!

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Chapter 1

Story from anecdote

“On one of my daily trips through airport security I recently overheard what seemed to be a 85 year old woman arguing with a security guard. “What do you mean I can’t take my pocket knife through? I pay tax for this airport you know!”, her Swedish and Belfast mixed accent booming the halls of the security search drew quite some attention. The guard looked at her, then to his peers only to find them in attempt to swallow their laughter.”

July 1967, Katrin Anderssen leaves her home in Stockholm, Sweden to travel to her new life in Belfast where she will marry the man of her dreams. From what Christopher had told her, this place was filled with conflict and violence,something she was so oblivious to in her humble hometown. The most scandalous thing to ever happen in her town was in 1962 when there wasn’t enough fish for Jul at the town hall. How was she supposed to deal with angry men and women, especially in a new city? But she wouldn’t be alone, Christopher would be there, and his family, however they weren’t her own.

Before she left her family home, her father, a man under the definition of good and true stopped her before she left. He looked as he always did, beard long and course, greying at the edges of his otherwise dark hair. His eyes as bright as always, shining blue as a fforde. She had grown to be in his image, without the beard of course, she had stark blue eyes with contrasting hair, darker than the night that fell around her waist, her mother always said she should never cut it. Many said her father was the perfect image of a god, something that he took with pride and never let get to is ego. He looked at her in his mirroring eyes with such passion and spoke, “ Your home will always be here, and we will be here waiting for you to come and see us, even with your fancy new accent.” Katrin smiled before hugging him and kissing a picture of her mother and leaving.

Excitement and fear controlled every aspect of her being as she walked away from her family home into the town centre where she would catch her bus to the airport, she hoped she didn’t see him. The one person she had dreaded saying goodbye to. The only person who ever truly knew Katrin. As she walked past the market, she waved and shouted “Goodbye!” to the people who had watched her grow up for the past 23 years. She was almost at the bus stop when a tall figure with mass amounts of oranges and blond hair stopped dead in front of her. Damn. It was him of course, her best friend in the entire world, Elias. “ Are you running away without saying goodbye? Again?” He never did forgive her for going to Spain with her family on a holiday all those years ago. “ Elias, i’ve said my goodbye, please don’t make me be late.” Katrin spoke with a smirk on her face as the man before her set down his basket of oranges. He was so perfect to her, everything that a woman wanted in a man was standing right before her, with his long blond hair and massive brown eyes. His muscles from working in the factory all those years were obviously admirable too. Her heart was torn in two, one for her partner who was many miles away in a city she had never been to, waiting for her arrival. The other she was standing on. Sweden. Everything about this place had embodied Katrin, she was a woman of her country and wore it proud. Elias was Sweden, her father was sweden. Elias took a look at his soulmate in front of him, she looked so young and scared. He said nothing, only reached into his back pocket to take out a small pen knife. It was made of rich mahogany, carved into an old statue of Odin, one he had made himself and promised to give to his boyfriend.

However, he knew that she needed it more than he, for she was leaving. “Take it, and keep it safe, i don’t want any Irish blood on it so control your temper! Stay in touch because if you don’t I will personally take myself there and slap both you and Christoph for keeping me in the dark!” With a smile, a hug, a kiss and a tear, Katrin set of and left Sweden to be with her love, while Elias stayed and missed her everyday.

Many years later, Katrin Kelly set off again. This time she was going home. She had lived a happy life in Belfast with her Christopher and children, now it was time to go back home. Maybe for the last time, to return a gift to an old friend. As she walked closer to the airport security she realised it had been almost 20 years since she had been on a plane. She walked on through the scanner with her walking stick, to the search area where she collected her things only see and hear all things red and loud. “Excuse me madam, is this your tray?” A tall young man said to her, she nodded yes and walked toward him. He began to explain that there was a problem with her pen knife, which she couldn’t fathom.

Her temper and age came in very handy that day, as she left the search area with her pen knife and headed home to see Elias.

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