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When you love someone with all your heart you always wish for them to stay with you forever. ********** Nikki is a photo editor working in an ad agency. She has a caring best friend, a loving boyfriend and an awesome job. Her life is perfect but one text message on her boyfriend’s phone ruins her dream. Her perfect love story becomes just that, a STORY. Sammy her best friend forces her to join a website and start online dating. She has never been a fan of online dating but she agrees to do it only for Sammy.She meets a good guy online but was he worth trusting. She’ll have to find out. Jacob never thought he’ll be doing online dating. He started it as fun but he found someone who is nothing less than perfect. But can he trust his instincts and find the love of his life over the internet? Would it be a good decision to meet a stranger for real? Jake never took love seriously. He was a player. He only believed in one night stands. But that had to change soon when Jake met a girl in a cafe. Is this the start of a new love story? *********** Read and find for yourself.


“Nikki” Sammy came to my cabin looking upset.

“Sammy what is it?” I asked her getting up from my chair.

“Mom is admitted in hospital. I have to go see her” she answered.

“I am coming with you”

“No Nikki. You have to stay here. They need you in the office. It’s ok I’ll call you” I was worried for her mom because they are the only family I have.

“You sure” she nodded and left. My day in office went slow after that. In the evening Nolan came to my cabin.

“Hey baby” he kissed me on my lips, not the long kiss just a peck.

“Hey” I smiled at him. I have loved Nolan from last three years now, but it still amused me how much we have evolved in these years. He was my prince charming.

“You heard from Sammy” he asked.

“Yeah. She said her mom was doing OK and she’ll be back in three or four days.

“That’s good. You ready to go home”


We went to the apartment. I prepared the dinner. We were on the dining table when Nolan asked.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?”

“Nothing. Do you have any plans?” I asked him.

“I may have” he had a faint smile on his lips. I liked it when he smiled.

“And that is?” I knew what his plan was. Sammy saw the ring he bought for me a few days ago. This was a dream come true.

“Be ready tomorrow. I am taking you for a dinner after the office” he got up and kissed my face.

When we were done with the dinner, I washed the plates and cleaned the kitchen. When it was time for Nolan to leave he asked me if I’ll be fine by myself.

“I’ll be fine Nolan. I am not a little girl. Now go” we kissed and Nolan went to his apartment. I wanted him to stay but it didn’t felt right. He never spent the night at my apartment.

The next day when it was time for our dinner I was so excited that finally Nolan and I will be together forever. I called Sammy to check on her mom.

“Mom is fine. You tell me are you ready for your big day” she was excited too.

“I guess so” I heard the car horn, “Sammy Nolan is here. I have to leave”

“I want all the detail later. Now go and get him girl. Have fun” she laughed.

“I will. Bye” with that we hung up the phone. Nolan was waiting for me outside.

“Hey baby. You are looking so beautiful”

“Thank you. Where are we going?” I kissed him.

“It’s a surprise” that surprise comes out to be Aces. We were talking when a waiter dropped juice over Nolan’s jacket by mistake.

“I am so sorry sir” his face went red with embarrassment.

“It’s Ok. Just be careful” Nolan excused himself to use the washroom. I was waiting for him when his phone started ringing. I ignored it a few times, but it didn’t stop. So I finally picked it up.

“Hello Arthur. If it’s not important Nolan will give you a call later. He is out right now” I told him

“Oh hey Nikki. Tell him to call me when he is free”

“Ok I will” I was going to put the phone back on the table when I saw the text. And my life was shattered in pieces I could never collect. That was the worst day of my life.

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