Her wounds hurt him

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Chapter 5

Akash saw the insecurity and fear in her eyes .He asked “what is the matter? Why is she so scared?” She replied that she doesn’t have doubt in him and supporters. She just has doubt on the judiciary system. Whoever is fighting for justice is getting only dates. Akash replied that she needs to believe in the system but in a single word we can’t change everything. She just put her head on his shoulder and said that she is just missing her family. Akash could have waited for his whole life for this moment he was finally glad that dhani was accepting him as her friend. Still dhani was resting on his shoulder and saying that when she was getting raped, then she thought that she will never get out of her reputation and her life .then she suddenly jumped and asked “who the hell put respect on women’s vagina”. Akash said “no one except the society”. Then she asked why the society matters to us so much. Akash again needed to think for her answer. Akash replied “because we have to live in this society”. Then again dhani asked “we make the society .If we can change our way of thinking automatically the society‘s mentality will also change.” Akash said “this is what we are fighting for”.

Then again Dhani put her head in his shoulder and after few minutes she jumped and asked “Does this fight will actually change society”. Then again Akash thought for a while and asked “no! Just 1 fight can’t change the society. We need more dhani who stands for her right, who stands for life, who fights back and would be proud.”Again Dhani questioned “Do we really feel shy to fight back. Yes I was also depressed. I was also not in a place to fight but I am again fighting against those bastards and feeling relaxed. She put her head on his shoulders and said that she doesn’t want revenge from them just want to make them realize that what pain we go through. Now Akash was tired of answering her questions and her childish behavior. Akash asked her to go to sleep. Dhani went back to her room. Akash was sitting outside. He was meeting this dhani for the first time.

He wondered how she would have been before 4 years. How she would have reacted before the incident happens He really wanted that he could meet Dhani before all this mess happened.

Next Morning Akash was sleeping in his room. Suddenly he felt water on his face and it was Dhani. She throws glass water on him.

He was like why the hell you did this. She replied “we need to go to the court room right now. Akash replied “that the hearing is on tomorrow. She repied ”yes but we need to go to the court room right now “. Akash got ready in 5 minutes and they headed towards court room. Akash asked “why the hell they need to go to court room. Dhani said “there are 1000 of girls who are waiting and who want me to fight this case. Akash was really amazed, surprised and happy.

He was surprised and happy that the moment they started had taken a huge form. Now it was just not for Dhani it was for 1000 girls. They reached the court room and saw girls are waiting there. Dhani took everyone’s applications and assured them that they will get justice. She was happy and into tears because the rape which she has gone through is not just with her and her friend, it was with every Indian girl suffering from rape and molestation. While analyzing the data she got the information that in our country in every 30 mines every girl gets raped. So final hearing comes. They both were ready to go to the courtroom .As they reached there they saw 1000 of people holding banner that they will get justice, we need justice, girls deserve justice, don’t rape. These were the banners they saw there. Now this complete pressure was on the judiciary system of country. As she entered in the court, the opponent lawyer stared her like a hungry lion. Judge came and everyone stood up. As he sat, everyone sat down. Dhani asked the opponent lawyer to put his sack first. He started speaking “so the girl who is fighting the case and the girl for whom you are fighting, both were best friends. Both tried to hit on my client in college life .My client didn’t have any intention to hurt them. She was the one who invited him on her party and the girl about whom she is talking and the dead body she got in the jungle was just an accident. My client tried to help that girl but she refused. She was waiting for someone and she met with an accident and the person threw the body in jungle. There is no fault in the whole incident...I would like to say few words to the honorable judge that if the girl who died was raped and girl who is fighting got raped then how is she fighting this case. If a girl gets raped, her mind doesn’t remain in a state to fight. So I would like to say that complaint filed against my client I is completely baseless”.

After that he asked dhani to put his sack up. Dhani was ready and confidently answered “so as my respective opponent lawyer said that if a girl gets raped then she can’t fight for herself .then I require my opponent lawyer to come to the justice box “and judge approved her request. as the opponent lawyer came into the justice box dhani started asking questions .dhani’s first question was do you have a daughter .he replied no. And further dhani asked do you have a son. He replied that yes he had a son. Very politely she asked what did he teach his son. Then the opponent lawyer was not getting the answer .then she again pardoned her question that what he taught to his son. He replied that he taught his son to respect a women .be a gentleman. Be a kind hearted person. Then dhani said this is something that all parents teach .so does your son respect his mother. He replied in yes. Then she asked does your son do the same if he is on the streets. He didn’t have any answer. Then dhani said ”honourable judge! As my opponent lawyer doesn’t have any answer so I would like to put a few facts and say something” .judge approved and she began “honorable judge. His son is in college. He made physical relationship with 3 girls and out of which 1 got pregnant and he aborted his child. So to prove my words I would like to put some facts in front of court” .she gave some photographs and reports to the courtroom and she requested to call her first witness .she called a girl whose name was mentioned in the report. She pointed her finger to the opponent lawyer and asked her

’do u know him””she replied yes I do .then dhani asked “who is he.”.”He is the father of my ex boyfriend. “So why did you file a case against him .she told that her ex boyfriend made a physical relation with her and that he and his family aborted the child and threatened her not to open her mouth. As she was a normal girl she was scared and she didn’t open up this to anyone.

Dhani asked do you have any proof. The girl replied” yes! I do have a proof”. She showed her mobile phone and all messages and call recordings. Court heard her call recordings. After all this she asked her opponent lawyer do you accept it or not.

The opponent lawyer got angry and out of anger he told that the girl is characterless and she is a prostitute and all the fact is false. Dhani gave a witty smile. Then the opponent lawyer realized that he is sucked into his own word .dhani quickly asked that how do know that she is a prostitute. Opponent lawyer didn’t have any answer...she told the courtroom that if a man can put this kind of blame on girl who almost could have lost her life he is blaming on that girl and this is what lawyers we have in our judiciary system. Dhani had tears in her eyes and asked the girl to sit on her place. Dhani began “in a country where 33 crores god are worshipped everyday out of which most important are women, in that country in every half an hour every woman or girl get raped. People like my opponent lawyer blame the young girl for their clothes .they blame that the short clothes attract them and so they rape the girl. I just want to ask question everyone present here...why a 3 year old girl gets raped and a 50 years old get raped. Why we can’t accept the girl who get raped in the society. the procedure that we have is , for a rape is a rape in its own way, a girl who gets raped has to go through a true finger test where doctor puts 2 finger into her vagina and check whether she is raped or not.

A 60 year old women and 3 year girl is equally raped as a 20 young girl. It’s not that their clothes have provoked the boys. This is our mentality that provokes the boys to rape a girl. Our society has a mentality that if a girl wears a short clothes then she is a characterless girl and guys think that the girl wearing short clothes are available for them.” She forwarded the cacti footage of that night and treaties and her medical report to the courtroom. Judge had a look on medical report and played CCTV footage in front of the courtroom, in the cacti footage it was cleared that the card number was registered in the name of Ankit and it was also visible that a girl was thrown out of the car. Everyone we shocked and Ankit was angry. Ankit was losing the case.

All the people present in the courtroom were shocked after seeing the video...and judge ordered that court was exerted for the next hearing and the next hearing he will announce his judgment. It was the turning point in the case and the case was completely in the hands of dhani. As she came out, Akash was waiting for her. He was proud that the girl he loved was now able to stand for herself and for every girl in nation. When she walked out of the courtroom, the media was waiting for her. akash tried to avoid media but dhani was willing to give answers to the media. Akash was shocked that the girl he met who feared to meet a single person is giving interview in front of the whole nation. She stood in front of media people and she said that she won’t answer s any questions. She wanted to say that the girls should fight back with proud. Fighting back is not enough they should just fight back with proud. She moved out of there as a winner. Her body language showed the confident that she got in herself. Next date was her psychiatrist counseling appointment. Akash took her to the psychiatrist and then she asked Akash to join her again .it was her third counseling and she had improved a lot and her doctor was sitting there.

It was easy for her to express herself. She was excited to show her feelings.

“Yes! You should have seen the face of the lawyer when he was losing the case and when the proofs were played in courtroom. Ankit and the opponent lawyer were shocked up .actually doctor I don’t think I need this counseling anymore because I know what is the motive of my life .now I’m not a burden to myself .now I don’t cry alone..I have a friend. I have Akash. He is always with me, whether I am right or wrong, whether my decisions are wrong. He is always beside me; I am not living with my family now I live with him. We have a separate room and being a guy he has never tried to do any politically incorrect things to me. He doesn’t ever try to touch me in a wrong way, never try to hurt me in a wrong way. Actually I am glad that I have him. akash was sitting beside her and blushing inside. Seeing the progress doctor said that she doesn’t need any counseling. She is completely fine and Akash was very happy that he brought his love out of depression. It was 2 days left for the next audition.

Akash was very happy finally that Dhani was out of depression and ready to live a normal life. It was on an about 15 days left for court hearing. One day suddenly at four in the morning Dhani knocked on Akash’s door and he woke up and opened the door. It was dhani who was ready with her bag. Akash was in in a shock that where she was going. She furiously gets into his room and asked to pack his bag. Akash asked where were they going and she replied that they were going on a 7 day trip around India. Akash was quite shocked why they need to do this. Dhani asked not to ask much question and do what she said.

So Akash packed his bag and dhani asked him that she would like to ride the car. And Akash agreed because he didn’t have any option to say no to her. She was driving really rough and fast. Akash was wondering whether he was sitting with a girl or a guy. Then she told in the journey that their first destination was a hill station where they were going to try skydiving. He was into a trauma that he needs to do this jump from a height. He didn’t know what dhani wants, if she needs it then he needs to do it. Because of dhani’s driving skill they reached their destination really quick .they rested for a while in a hotel room and dhani was ready for adventure.

Their they need to do 3 days training for skydiving .dhani was giving her full energy during her training..And Akash was amazed like he was in love with a monster that can do anything. during training he used to admire her and after that how crazy dhani is and how crazy he would have been with her best friend...then the final day of adventure came where they needed to jump from 20000 ft above form the ground and Akash was very scared and dhani was very excited .they were sitting in a plane and waiting for the right height to jump from and as soon as they reached the right height dhani was the first person to jump out of plane.

And Akash was the last. They met in somewhere between air. Akash caught dhan’’s hand and they were flying in the sky. At a certain point they opened the parachute and reached the ground. When they reached the ground, he realized that it was a divine experience. He hugged dhani and said that thank you for giving me this experience. Akash was in a stage where he has overcome his all fears. Yes dhani didn’t know that Akash was afraid of height. Yet he jumped off the plane with her.

Akash asked what the next stop is. She said Mumbai. Akash asked why? .she said it was a surprise and still dhani was driving the car. She didn’t let Akash to touch the car steering for one. After driving for many hours they reached Mumbai. It was the Last day of the road trip. When they reached Mumbai, dhani said that they were going to do deep sea diving. It was a shock for Akash. He wasn’t scared of water but he didn’t know to swim. But for dhani he has to do that. Then again they did the training for 3 days before doing actual sea diving and then Akash knew that swimming was not necessary for diving. He got the confidence and on the final day he held dhani’s hand and jumped off the boat. They were into the deep ocean of silence .they could hear their own breath if they would have able to take...and the world undersea was divine .it was soothing and mesmerizing experience for both of them. Now after deep sea diving they went to hotel room. Akash knocked on Dhani’s door and asked her to come out for dinner. Belonging from a high profile family, they were into 5 star hotels and at that night there was an anniversary, dhani opened the door and Akash was shocked. Dhani was in a red gown, pretty diamond necklace ad with drop earrings .Her hair was tied into bun and few flaws were falling on her face .Akash asked how Cinderella

Looked on her ball night. They went to the ball room together and everyone was dancing and singing and having fun around them .after a long time dhani was not scared of people. Akash asked dhani for a dance and she gave her hand .they walked down to the centre of stage where everyone was dancing and seeing this beautiful couple and the spotlight was on them. They were the centre of attraction of that night.2 great dancers were dancing together and everyone was pleased to see their dance but they were out of the world. They forgot that they were among thousands of people. They felt like they were alone. A pretty couple danced on that song. After the dance they moved to that swimming pool area. Dhani sat there and put legs onto water and so did Akash. It was a silent moment .it was one of those silent moments which makes comfortable with each other. They were not talking but having fun in that silence. This sky was full of stars. Water of the swimming pool was reflecting their image. Suddenly dhani said to Akash that she was glad that he came into her life. This moment made cheerful again. After 4 yrs ...after 4 years she gained her confidence back. She thanked him for what all he did. Akash was quietly listening to her in his head, he was thinking that he wished to do a lot more than this. It was around midnight and this splendid moment has to go. So they came back to their room.yet dhani was missing Akash. She don’t know why but she want to cuddle down and sleep in Akash’s arms but she knows her boundary and believes that Akash don’t have such feelings for her,

They were sleeping in their room thinking the same thought that what they feel for them.

Next morning they headed back 2 their hometown .it was 8 days left to the final hearing. Dhani needed to prepare for that and she started mugging of things about laws and judiciary system. As she was studying about law, she came to know many flaws Indian judiciary has and she was amazed that a country with so much of population doesn’t have a proper judiciary system to deal with. She was surprised that so many cases are pending in the court. It was not discrimination with girls that they don’t get justice. It was problem that our judiciary system has no courtroom and government doesn’t have sufficient judges. That is the reason why our judiciary system is so slow. She thought that how this country was dealing with such problems .being a high profile kid she didn’t know the basic concept of her country like every high profile child she was also in a misconception that India is a beautiful country to live in. after knowing the facts she came to know that India is not as great as described. To begin a random morning she was just mugging up the laws and Akash was just working on the website she told Akash about the 16th December 2014 rape case. She said that after dealing with such a great movement yet our judiciary system didn’t change the law .the rapist who was under 18 was released after 2 years with the compensation of 10000 and a sewing machine. And according to the documentary it was him who was the main culprit and who almost murdered the girl and was released just because he was just 17 years old. If a 17 year old guy can rape a girl then definitely he should be eligible to get the punishment also.

Akash told this is how our country is. How much you try you can’t change it. During the election they vote according to their religion and after that they blame to the leader that he has not done anything. Our people don’t have a common sense of voting and don’t know what voting actually means .living in such a country what do you expect from this country.

This country has a million-years-old civilization. This country gives everything to the world from 0 to a missile. This country produced everything but the one thing they couldn’t produce was the living example of unity in the diversity...it was a shame for us that a girl is judged by her clothes. I am also a guy and I don’t have any sister yet I never dare to stare at a girl in a wrong way. Dhani was quietly listening to him and after listening to all his words dhani thought in her mind that why can’t every person can think like Akash. She wished that how beautiful India could have been if everyone thought like Akash.

Next day after so many days dhani wished to talk to her parent’s. She was missing them and she calls them up. They were in the foreign and safe. That was enough for dhani .she talked to her dad mom and sister mahika and she was really emotional at that moment. Akash wished that their parents could see and could be with them in their fight but he knew that it could have been dangerous for them because one thing what dhani didn’t know was that Ankit called Akash everyday and threatened him but Akash never told it to dhani because he knew that if he tells this to dhani she would dropout her fight and send him where their family was and Akash didn’t really want that. Ankit used to call him and threaten him every day but Ankit always used to get politically correct answer from her. akash never abused Ankit, Akash never threatened him. His calm and compose behaviour always showed the right thing and the right answer to Ankit.

It wasn’t easy thing to hide from dhani but yet he has to do this. After 15 days it was the final day when there was the hearing. It was again her opponent lawyer who speaks up first with his sack and dhani was again ready with her answers. This time dhani called Ankit in the judiciary box and questioned what she asked was how was he in the college .his reply was pretty good in the college but dhani was his college mate .she knew what he actually was and To tell him the truth. He said the same thing that he was good. Then dhani showed up the pictures when he was drunk, when he was smoking, remarks of teachers and many others which proved the actual reputation of Ankit.

Then next question she asked was what feeling he had for her. He said that he never had any feeling for her. Dhani gave a sarcastic clap and said he never had feeling for her and showed all messages that he used to send to dhani. So again dhani rocked in the courtroom. Next question she asked was what kind of bonding he had with Preeti. Then Ankit replied that it was just a casual relationship that a college mate should have. Then she showed the messages between her and Preeti which they use to send to each other and the messages which Ankit used to send to Preeti. It was all threatening and which again proved him guilty. It was nothing to fight for now .the case was cleared that everything done was by Ankit. But then Ankit’s lawyer put the fact that the car was stolen and showed a fair report of that which they filed against missing car .dhani didn’t know what to do but suddenly she came up with an idea. She asked Ankit that do u know driving and Ankit didn’t know how to drive a car.....and dhani knew that Ankit didn’t know how to drive a car. But again Ankit tells a lie how to drive a car but dhani asked a simple question and it proved that Ankit didn’t knew how to drive a car and the question was how many gears a car have and what a immature person would have given a reply, he gave that a car has 5 gears. She corrected him by saying that a car has 5 gears including back gear reverse gear. So hence it was proved that Ankit didn’t know how to drive a car. Then it was sure that Ankit was not driving the car. Then she asked who was driving the car. It was his driver who was driving the car.

Then dhani asked why he didn’t file a missing report for his driver. Ankit said that at the moment the car was lost the driver was with him, again with a sarcastic smile and said the driver wasn’t lost at all and neither the car. Then dhani asked whether she could call her next witness or not and judge allowed her. She called her next witness. He was none other than Ankit’s driver. He was an invent man who used to always speak the truth and should know about it that dhani know that his driver never lie at all. She asked the driver whether the car lost. The driver said that the car was not stolen and still he was driving the car. Hence everything was in front of the courtroom yet in the pressure of Ankit’s father judge exerted the court for next hearing and they declared that in the next hearing he will declare the punishment for the accused. Opponent lawyer objected. The objection was overruled and judge asked whether she want to say anything or not. She told ”Everyday whenever a girl goes out, her parents had a fear that whether their daughter will return safely or not. They think that the girls are safe in home but there are many cases where they are not even safe at home. In the whole largest democratic country, not a caste, not breed, but a whole gender is neglected by the government. Whenever there is a rape case or a molestation case, it becomes a news for 2-3 days but after that with us the government also forgets the cases. I am not at all blaming the government because we are in a democratic country and the government is chosen by us. If a government is not capable of doing the things they supposed to do then we should think that where we have done wrong and even if the government do apply some strict rules and regulations and rapist gets punishment which they deserve even then the girl who got raped is not going to get her life back and the reason is the society. Even she tries to forget the nightmare, the society never let her forget that. Whether with sympathy or with taunt they are going to make her remember that she is not a normal girl now. In India girls are divided into two categories. One is normal girl and second is the

Girl who gets molested and only difference is that normal girls are lucky enough to keep themselves safe and the girls who get raped are the one who are unlucky who have met with an accident. The boys in our society is not always wrong .There are a few boys who fight for the right of girls but there are also a few ones who throw acid on her if she rejects her proposal. In the courtroom maximum people are male and I want to ask them do rape justify the manhood of a male or throwing acid on a girl will make you a hero”. Suddenly a lady from the back said that even boys are not guilty. Everyone’s attention moves to the lady. She was none other than Akash’s mom. Judge asked her to come into the justice box and say whatever she want to say .She came to the justice box and said ”it’s we who set the mentality of a guy. We parents are the ones who are guilty. I raised my child and told him always to respect the girls and he is the one who is supporting Dhani. I just want to tell the parents that teach your child not to be a man .Teach your child to be a human because being a man is much easier than being a human. Raping and molesting a girl is something which is from the beginning of the earth and it’s just not in India but everywhere. Draupadi was also molested and Sita was also kidnapped without her will. So even then women were not safe in India. What do we expect for normal girls. Duryodhan molested Draupadi because of the pride his mother filled into his heart and Sita was kidnapped because Surpnekha who misled Ravan. If we don’t stop this, the girl will never be safe .A girl is bitching about a girl in front of a boy is how we show this gender. Every girl is going to be a mother one day and if she doesn’t respect other women she can’t teach her son to respect other women. So not just men, but women must also learn to respect others because without respecting each other the society can’t be changed. If a girl is getting raped and no boy is fighting for her then we blame the guy that he should have fought for her. Why we can’t say this to the girls. Why can’t a girl fight for another girl? Dhani is fighting for her best friend .If every girl starts fighting for other girl

Then no boy will dare to even pass comment on girls. So if you want to make our girls safe then there is two options either teach your boys how to behave or teach your girls how to fight. Being a mother I taught my child to respect women and being a mother Dhani’s mom taught her how to fight back and she is fighting back with proud.”After hearing all this everyone in the court room had the Goosebumps. Everyone was thinking for a while that yes it’s true that we have two options, either to teach the boys or teach the girls. Finally it was the time when the court was going to declare their decisions. There

Were thousands of people outside the court waiting for the decision. And finally the decision came. Judge said we had to appreciate the women whom we have heard today and being a man I salute them. Whatever happened with Preeti was embarrassing but what Dhani did is something which is to proud about and I salute her for her bravery. She dared to drag a guy who has power, money, influence everything to the court room and proved that she was strong enough to fight back with proud. The court charged Ankit as guilty and gave him and his friend a punishment of life time in jail and this punishment is no bail punishment. They will not get any bail or any relaxation from the judiciary system.

After the judgment everyone was happy. Everyone was proud of Dhani. When Dhani came out of the court, she was like a tigress that just killed a tiger and walked down. She was full of confidence, bravery and she was proud of what she did. Her eyes were wet but she had a huge smile on her face. Her family was waiting outside. After 3 months she was meeting her family. Everything was perfect. She hugged her mother, father and sister and they all blessed her. Akash’s family was also waiting outside .They came to Dhani and blessed her .Suddenly from somewhere Akash popped up and said that the real competition is still waiting and he was talking about the dance competition. They cleared the audition and now it was the time to rock on the finals. They practiced day and night for the final and it was the day when the final dance competition was going to be held. The dance that they performed told all about Dhani’s life and judges and audience once again gave them standing applause. They were the final winners of the dance competition.

The end

I am not blaming anyone or any government or any judiciary system for the things happening in the country. It was just my point of view what I thought that everyone should know about. Everyone knows that girls are not safe in India. So if 120 crore Indians think at least once that every girl has the right to live her own life then India will be the country which we dreamt about.

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