The Wedding of Spring

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A short story of an unlikely wedding, but a happy couple and even happier people who are suddenly blessed with a ray of joy in their kingdom.

Romance / Other
Debora Hellinga
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Flowers and leaves adorned her golden hair, as the crowned bride gazed at the guest from behind her veil. The sky painted with all the colours in the world and not a cloud polluted the work of art. With applause and cheers, relatives, friends, and other guest cheered for the newlywed couple. Only the mother of the bride wept and the trees around her seemed to lose their green. Her father thunderously laughed and proudly nudged the ones around him, while his wife clapped with little emotion.
Before the tall cave, the groom was awaiting with his people behind him. Even happier than the other guest they cheered, for a ray of sun would join them in their kingdom, and with that, a beam of joy would shine in the most unlikeliness of places.
The delicate flower of a bride walked with surprising power and even through the veil, her eyes shone brightly. No one doubted the strength of the tall, broad groom, and no one would ever dare. But as he stared at his bride, it seemed like the source of his power was revealed.

“My queen,” the groom kissed his bride’s hand and his people gasped happily, while the other guest began to realise how much they would lose. They were happy, of course; she was a gentle soul and a good spirit, but the shining city would miss her as she would decent far far away from them to her new kingdom. Despite what had been said, it was her own choice. Her nature was powerful and with kind perseverance, she had decided and made it happen. With the sweet promise to return every year, her people had allowed it.
“My king,” she smiled and laid her warm hand in his cold hand. A flash cracked his porcelain face, and the good king vowed that he would take even better care of his people now that he had his bright queen.

Once more, she turned and raised her hand in one final greeting. Not a farewell; in a year she would return with all her joy and life. With a short whistle, the king called his dog and the royal newlyweds turned and entered their kingdom.
That day, the underworld gained a piece of life, a ray of hope, as Persephone married her love and followed him into his kingdom.

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