That one promise

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When a young man captures a girl's heart what is she to do? And when he breaks it and disappears, then what is she supposed to do? Even if love doesn't stay, friendship always does. Rachel is 15 and very good at what she does - studying. She is happy in her group of 4 girls as they adventure through high school. And then she meets Conrad. Though she has no idea what kind of guy she wants to be with, here is one she likes. And he likes her back! Their high school romance is full of obstacles and losing touch over the years. No matter where she is, however, she never forgets her friends and makes a pact with them in Grade 10 - she will write them letters and seven years later - all of them will meet to receive them. This is her way of ensuring she can meet the people who were so important to her once again. As the time to get the letters comes nearer, Rachel's friends wonder if she wrote Conrad a letter too? If yes, will he come? And what is that one promise that Collin and Andrew made to Rachel that they so desperately want to keep now?

Kriti Khare
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Sometimes a simple decision
Changes your life
Not in just one way
But a thousand miles
That seem to stretch far ahead
Giving nothing but unease
Change into an avenue
That drive of your dreams
It’s not that you have to
Understand everything that takes place
But one day years from that decision
You’ll realize what changed…
For me changed this world
My will, my happiness, everything
See it’s been years since then
And it’s today that I think
How much that little exchange put things in a different light for me
How everything suddenly
Became as good as it could be!


Present - 2017

Collin has given clear cut directions of where to drive to. He sits talking with Avril and Darell in the back seat while Rachel just listens, sitting in the front. I drive wondering what is going to happen next.

I park the car near a mall and Collin finally turns to Rachel.

“Go,” he tells her. “This is it.”

“What are you talking about?” she asks, confused.

“I am keeping my promise,” he says, pointing towards the mall.

I check my watch. “In 5 minutes, he will walk out of that door. You can go talk to him.”

Avril bursts. “Rachel, don’t you dare step out of the car!”

We ignore her. Ri is still confused.

“Go,” I say. “Say whatever you want. Do whatever you have left to do. But this is the last time. I will never hear his name or help you in his matters again.”

“I remember that too,” she says.

Darell puts her hand on her shoulder. “This chance will not come again. We all came back for our letters. And we know you didn’t write him one but you always wanted him to be around too, right? So this is our gift to you. Our gift to that girl who wrote us those letters so many years back only so we could meet today.”

I don’t know what she is waiting for. I reach out and open the door for her. She gets out.

The city lights glimmer as our friend walks to her destination.

“If this takes a bad turn,” Avril threatens. “Liza and I will kill all three of you.”

“Relax,” Darell says. “I understand you have known her a lot more years than me but, believe me, this is very important.”

And so we wait in the car.

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