Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 11


The door is thrown open violently, and all our heads snap in the direction to see Cage almost hit by the door, but jump out of the way just in time.

The door slams against the wall -no doubt causing a hole from the door knob being slammed into the drywall- and in walks Chad. His face is contorted in fury and his body langue shows he is livid.

He walks with a purposeful stride, then sees me and set's his sight on Deacon, who's lap I am still on. Chad's eyes blaze with rage when he sees our position and he storms over toward us.

Cage jumps in front of him and puts a hand on his chest to stop him. Chad turns his murderous glare on Cage, "Get your hand off of me. Now." He demands lowly, his fists balled at his sides. His neck muscles taut, and his body stiff. He is going to blow.

"Easy. We don't need another bar fight because of you. I'll take my hand off, if you back up and calm down." Cage explains to a very livid, very drunk, Chad who is practically snarling in rage.

"I said, take your hand off." Chad warns again, and I hope Cage listens. I really don't want Chad to give Cage a black eye. Although, Cage looks like he could easily take Chad, and he would come out the winner with Chad being the loser in the fight.

"And I said, not until you calm down." Cage repeats, firmly with a harsh look and he pushes Jacey behind him. Deacon lifts me off his lap and back onto the seat.

This grabs Chad's attention.

"Don't touch her, she's mine!" Chad demands, lips curled up in rage.

"No, she's mine. Back off, stop drinking, and leave her alone." Deacon orders, and crosses his arms in a very intimidating pose. If I wasn't so worried about what might happen, I would take the time to admire Deacon in all his intimidating glory.

"Cage, let me." Deacon tells him, with a smirk. Cage smirks back, and I have a bad feeling about what's about to happen.

Cage grabs Jacey's arm gently and pulls her back, keeping her behind him the entire time. Then Jacey grabs my arm and pulls me behind Cage as well.

This angers Chad more, if possible. "Do. Not. Touch. Her!" Chad roars, and goes to punch Deacon, but he grabs his fist before he even has the chance. "I wouldn't try that again, if I were you." Deacon warns Chad, his melodic voice low and deadly, but Chad being the drunk idiot he is, doesn't take the warning.

He swings with his other fist aiming for Deacon's gorgeous face, and Deacon grabs that one as well, making Chad even angrier. "I warned you not to try that again." Deacon taunts, his eyes looking completely dark black now with an evil glint and a sardonic smile on his lips.

He looks so fucking scary, but damn, he looks sexy as hell too. Wait, what the hell is wrong with me? This shouldn't turn me on! I shake my head to clear it of my dirty thoughts.

"Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do about it?" Chad slurs, the alcohol he has been drinking catching up to him. I can smell the Jack Daniels on his breath from here, and I am at least four feet away.

Deacon's sardonic smile widens and the evil glint in his eyes intensifying as if he likes the challenge, before he flips Chad around in one move, pinning both of his hands behind his back. I gasp at how easily he did that, but it also makes me wonder what else he is capable of. In a good way. I blush at my thoughts.

"Hey! Let me go, you girl stealing psycho!" Chad yells at Deacon, but he just smirks. "I didn't steal anyone. She is mine, always has been since the second I saw her. Now, what you're going to do-" He is cut off when Chad yells, "I'm not going to do anything! Fuck you!" Then slams his head back, head-butting Deacon, extremely hard. I'm surprised he didn't break his neck at how fast and hard he threw it back.

I shriek, but the hit barely even affected Deacon. It seems it hurt Chad ten times more than Deacon, as Chad looks a little disoriented and his head lulls around.

"Fuck, I think he gave himself a concussion." Deacon mutters in clear annoyance, then drags Chad along and sets him on a pool table.

I run over with Cage and Jacey in tow, to a disoriented Chad holding his head while lying on his back on the pool table.

"Are you ok?" I ask Deacon and look at his head, inspecting it for injuries, and Chad looks miffed that I asked Deacon and not him.

He smiles at me and nods his head. "I'm fine. Barely even felt it. But, him on the other hand, apparently he felt it a lot." Deacon says, trying not to smile but I can see his lips twitching.

I give him a disapproving look. "Stop smiling, it's not funny." I scold with narrowed eyes and he puts on a blank face, but I can tell it's killing him not to laugh.

Cage is trying to hold back his laughter as well, but he isn't hiding it as well as Deacon is. Jacey looks concerned for Chad, "I'm going to go get him an ice pack." Jacey says, then runs toward the bar and to a refrigerator/freezer.

"Why do I see two of you?" Chad asks all of a sudden, his head tilting slightly to the side and my eyes widen in worry. Oh God. How hard did he head-butt him?

And if he hit him hard enough to be this out of it, how is Deacon not affected even a little?

"Um, I think you're right. I think he has a concussion. Shit." Cage mutters, shaking his head in annoyance. "Sit up." I order, then grab his arm to pull him up.

Jacey comes back with an ice pack and hands it to Chad, who reaches his hand out two inches to the side of her hand. He starts feeling the air for her hand, causing my worry to increase.

"Why won't you hand it to me?" Chad asks, annoyed. His eyes are glossy but hard in his anger, and he is holding his head with his other hand. His hand that is outstretched is about two inches to the left of her hand, and I'm guessing he is seeing double still. Oh, shit.

He continues grabbing air trying to take the ice pack that is less than two inches away to the side. "Give it!" Chad demands like a little kid who wants a toy, and Deacon chokes on a laugh. I glare at him.

Cage is no longer trying to contain his laughter, and is muffling it with his hand while Jacey's face is contorted in annoyance and irritation. Her dark brown eyes narrowed.

"Hold still!" Jacey orders, and Chad stills his outstretched hand. Jacey grabs his hand in hers, then sets the ice pack in it. "There." Jacey mutters, slightly glaring at a very disoriented Chad.

"Finally. Rude little..." He grumbles and puts the ice pack on the back of his head, and Jacey goes to swing at him, but I grab her wrist, stopping her mid-swing. "Don't hit him. He's disoriented, give him a break." I quietly scold, and then release her hand. She gives me a look, but agrees and slumps her shoulders.

"Cage, call an ambulance." Deacon orders, and Cage pulls out his phone.

"Is he going to be ok?" I question, more than worried as this is the third or forth time in two weeks that Chad has been hit somewhere on the head.

Most of the hits were his face, but it still can hurt his skull.

I just now notice he has a small brace on his nose. Oh shit, my Dad really crushed his nose.

"Probably." Cage answers unsurely once he's off the phone and I give Deacon a panicked look.

"Yes, Violet, he'll be fine." Deacon reassures me, then glares at Cage. "What? I said 'probably' not 'no, he's done for', so stop glaring at me." He defends himself poorly, and I give him a blank look. Jacey smacks the back of his head.

He yelps.

"What the hell was that for?" Cage mutters, glaring at his girlfriend. "You don't say probably or no he's done for! Probably is pretty much no! You say yes!" Jacey scolds and he looks sheepish. "Well, I was just saying. He hit his head pretty hard." Cage replies softly, and Jacey smacks him a second time.

He yelps, again.

"Stop smacking me!"

"Then stop making stupid comments!"

He growls, yes growls, in annoyance.

Chad groans. "Fuck, my head hurts. How hard is your head Beacon?" Chad mutters and Deacon glares at him, while Cage and Jacey muffle their laughter. I even smile a little and bite back a laugh at Deacons irritated expression, his eye twitching again.

"First of all, it's Deacon, not Beacon," He informs him, more than annoyed. "Second of all, you're the dumbass who head-butted me so it's your fault your head hurts. Dipshit." Deacon mutters, and I can tell he is getting more and more annoyed with Chad.

"No, it's your fault. You had me pinned, and you touched Violet, who's is my girlfriend." Chad glares at Deacon, well, he glares at the double he is seeing of Deacon because he is looking to the side of him, not at him. I hope that ambulance get's here soon.

"She is not your girlfriend anymore, she's mine, and I'm over here, dumbass." Deacon says, smirking when Chad's expression turns from angry to just plain annoyed.

"Oh, fuck you!" is Chad's reply, again, not looking at Deacon but to the side.

I face palm and shake my head. "When is the ambulance going to get here?" I ask Cage and he check's his watch. "About, five minutes. I think." Cage mumbles the last part and Jacey goes to hit him again. He raises his hands in surrender. "Don't hit me again!"

"I don't need an ambulance." Chad tells us and I am tempted to strangle him.

"Yes, you do!" I shout, and I startle everyone. They all look at me in shock, this is the first time I have screamed at Chad this much. "Stop making everything so God damn difficult! Fuck!" I complain, sick of this shit.

"Me? I'm making things difficult? No, I'm not." Chad denies, completely incredulous.

"YES, YOU ARE!" I shout at the top of my lungs and Chad is taken aback, and nearly falls over.

I am panting in my angered state, and glaring so hard if looks could kill Chad would be ten feet under right now. "GOD! Chad! Why are you so hell bent on making me miserable!" I scream at him, angry tears coming out now which I wipe away furiously.

I am so sick and tired of crying over him, I just want to strangle him.

"I am not trying to make you miserable Violet." is his answer to me and I growl in rage. My face surely looks like something out of a horror movie right now, and I ball my fists and clench my jaw.

"Yes, you are." I grit out through clenched teeth.

"Oh, really? How?" Chad asks, almost sarcastically. "I dumped your cheating ass two weeks ago! You have no right to say I'm yours! I'm NOT your girlfriend anymore! I'm Deacon's girlfriend, and for the love of God, please just let me be happy with him! That's all I'm asking of you Chad! Please! If you care about me at all, you'll leave me and Deacon alone and let me be happy." I shout, which turns pleading.

"Deacon makes me happy Chad. And I want to be with him. So, please, stop trying to ruin it. And stop drinking." I beg, tears stinging my eyes and Deacon put's his hand on my arm, sending warmth and comfort through me.

"I make you happy! Me!" Chad shouts and I snort, making him look at me like I grew two heads.

"You don't make me happy, Chad, not anymore. All you do now is cause me loads of stress and too much pain. I fucking left town because of you and then you come after me, only hurting me more. Why can't you just leave me alone and let me be happy, because at this rate, I won't even want to be your friend ever again." I tell him truthfully and he repels back like I slapped him in the face.

His face has turned sad and he looks like a lost puppy. "Violet, I'm so-" He starts, then we hear sirens. The ambulance is finally coming.

I hold up my hand to stop him before he can finish his sentence. "Stop. I don't want to hear it. I am done with empty apologies from you." He nods his head, then lowers it in what I'm assuming is shame.

The sirens get louder, and soon I see the bright blue and red flashing lights getting closer and closer to the bar.

I step away from Chad, and closer to my boyfriend. Deacon wraps his arm around my waist and I snuggle in closer to his side.

Whenever he touches me, it not only causes sparks but if I'm upset, it calms me down and he comforts me.

I lean my head against his chest while looking up at him and he smiles down at me. I love his smile.

His smile could light up a room, but he only seems to smile this much when he is looking at me. And that's ok with me.

The ambulance pulls into the parking lot, and I hear the sound of multiple men getting out and coming toward the door.

Four men walk inside, two holding a gurney and Chad's expression turns bewildered. He's probably still seeing double -which worries the hell out of me- making him see eight people and two gurneys. Poor guy.

"The fuck?" Chad mutters, his eyes wide in alarm as they start heading toward us.

"Who needs help and what happened?" One of the men asks. He is wearing a typical ambulance worker uniform, and has a serious expression on his face.

I point to Chad. "He hit his head and now he's seeing double." I explain, and they nod and walk over to him.

"Touch me and you are going to regret it." Chad warns and I burst. "Seriously! You're hurt Chad, just get into the ambulance and get over the fact that you need help! For the love of God, you're seeing double! You need to go to the hospital!"

My God, he is just one of those men who can never accept when they need help because they have to prove they are men and can take care of themselves. Well, not when he's sober at least.

"Fine." He grumbles, with a threatening glare aimed at one of the EMT's.

They help him onto a gurney, then put him into the ambulance and drive away.

"God. What a eventful night." I mutter. "I'm super tired, I'm gonna head out." I say, and Deacons eyes widen. "I'll come over tomorrow, I promise." I promise him, with a flirty smile and biting my lip.


"Amber! I'm home!" I shout when I walk in the door. "Finally! I've missed you!" She shouts as she runs down the hallway and hugs me. When I left my parents house, I went straight to Deacon's bar. So, Amber had no idea I was back in town.

"Why did you get home so late?" She asks, then yawns. "I went straight to Deacon-" I'm cut off when she squeals. "OMG! What happened?"

"Deacon and I are together now." I tell her and she beams. "Eeeeek! Finally!" Amber squeals, excited. "How did that happen?" She asks, her eyes twinkling with excitement and I explain everything to her.

"That's so romantic!" She gushes, when I tell her about him playing the song for me and I smile, remembering it.

I sit up in bed yawning, and I stretch like a cat. I didn't get home till eleven thirty last night and then Amber and I talked a while.

Amber was thrilled when I told her about Deacon and I. The sun is shining through the window and onto my bed and I smile. I'm going to go see Deacon again today.

It's Friday, so the bar will probably be really crowded. But, it's only nine in the morning, so I will probably get there around ten since I have to eat, shower, and get dressed and ready.

I decided to just go with blue jeans and a ribbed black tank top with four small snapped buttons on the top that I got from Express. It's relatively new, so I haven't worn it that much. I just through on my go-to converse for shoes, and put on very little makeup.

I like the natural look way more than the makeup caked fake look.

Walking into the kitchen, I see a note on the fridge. Frowning, I grab it and read it.


I'm at the grocery store. Need anything? Like condoms? LOL JK, little too soon and I know you, ur not that kind of girl. Anyway, text me if you need anything. -Amber'

Oh my gosh. Only Amber. I laugh to myself and shake my head in amusement. Only Amber would mention condoms the day after I get a boyfriend. Especially when she knows I'm not that type of girl. I am not losing my virginity till I know he's the one.

I scroll through Facebook on my phone while I wait for the microwave to beep. For breakfast, I am making one of those little breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches. I have a glass of orange juice, and some coffee too.

After I finish my breakfast, I grab my small, black cross body purse and head out the door. Locking it before I leave.

When I arrive at the bar, I practically jump out of the car, my excitement about seeing Deacon growing.

I know I saw him last night, but I just feel such a strong pull to him I can't help but want to be near him constantly.

Opening the front door of the bar, I walk inside and don't see Deacon. But, I do see Jacey who smiles when she sees me and I smile back.

I walk over to her. "Hey. What's up?" I ask, even though all I want to do is find Deacon. "Just ask what you really want to ask." She jokes with a knowing look and I raise an eyebrow. "And what would that be?" I ask her, and she smirks. "Where my brother is." She replies, her smirk never wavering and I narrow my eyes, then sigh and slump my shoulders in defeat. "Fine, where is he?" I ask and then I feel someone tap my shoulder. And there's sparks.

I smile and spin around on my heel to see Deacon smirking. "You called?"

"Hey." I smile and he drops his smirk, a smile taking it's place. "Hey." He replies, then grabs my hand pulling me somewhere. I giggle. "Where are you taking me?" I laugh. "Somewhere more private." He answers and desire burns in me.

Private sounds good.

He pulls me out the door to where that picnic table is at. Once the door is closed, he grabs me and kisses me. I'm shocked at first, then quickly kiss back so he doesn't pull away.

Before the kiss can get too heated, he pulls away from me, leaving me just a little bit breathless. "Go out with me." He says suddenly and I blink at him.

"What?" I ask stupidly and he chuckles, his dark eyes twinkling in amusement, before he turns serious again.

"Go out with me, on our first date."

"Ok." I agree and he smiles, making me smile too. "When?"

"Are you free tomorrow night?" Deacon asks me, and I nod.

He grins. "Great. I'll pick you up at eight. But, first, I need your address." I giggle and give him my address.

"Where are we going?" I ask with a raised brow, my curiosity high. He smirks. "Secret."

I narrow my eyes at him, "Well, if it's a secret, how will I know what should I wear?"

"Nothing fancy."

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