Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 12


It's six thirty and I am currently freaking out. "What should I wear!" I panic, looking at Amber for help. "Well, he said nothing fancy right? But he also didn't say casual so just follow that." Amber says and I give her an exasperated look. "You're not helping! You are suppose to tell me what to wear, not just tell me to follow what he said! If I knew what to wear, I wouldn't be asking you!"

"Fine, relax, geez." Amber mumbles to herself and goes to my closet. After five minutes she walks over to me carrying a white floral tank top, denim shorts with white lace at the bottom and my white wedge heels. "Here."

"This looks like I'm going on a picnic. He never said picnic." I judge, and she scowls at me then turns back to my closet and puts them back.

I plop down on my back on my bed, and groan. She holds up a skater dress, that I don't even know why I own and I scowl at it and give her a thumbs down. She groans and puts it back.

After another ten or so minutes, she comes back over to me holding a dark blue tank top, a black lace tank top that goes over other tank tops, blue jeans and my black ankle boots. I grin up at her and she rolls her eyes but smiles. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. And now, for your makeup."

After about an hour, my makeup and outfit are complete. She put light silver eyeshadow on me that complements my eyes, curled my eyelashes and applied my favorite mascara, used just enough foundation and concealer to cover any imperfections. A light pink lip gloss on my lips. She applied a barely there amount of blush on my cheeks, and just enough bronzer to warm up my fair skin. Oh screw it. Pale. I am lighter than fair, I am fucking pale.

I look in the mirror, and love my reflection. I look great. I turn around, grinning at Amber. "Thank you! I look great!" I beam at her and she chuckles.

"Yes, you do. Now, he is going to be here soon, so make sure you have everything you need. Your phone, wallet, spare lip gloss, etcetera." Amber reminds me and I check my black purse that has lace on it. I shove my phone inside then grab the lip gloss I'm wearing and put it in a pocket on the inside of my purse.

"You nervous?" Amber ask me. I shake my head. "No."

Weirdly, that's true. I'm not nervous. I feel so comfortable with Deacon I'm not nervous at all.

I wasn't with Chad either, but I knew him for years beforehand. Deacon I've only known for two weeks and I'm already super comfortable with him.

It's weird, but I like it.

"Really? Not even a little?" Amber questions in disbelief and I shake my head, smiling. "Nope. Not at all. I'm excited. I really like him, and it feels right."

"You look beautiful." Deacon compliments me as soon as I open the door. I smile brightly at him, and take his outstretched arm.

"You look great yourself." I tell him truthfully. And that's an understatement actually. He looks hotter than fucking hell and more than sexy.

Deacon is wearing a tight, white V-neck t-shirt, with a black leather jacket over it, black jeans and his combat boots. His hair is styled perfectly and I am surprised I am not drooling at the sight.

I'm sure the only way he could look any better is with his clothes off.

My mind went into the gutter fast.

He leads me to his car, which is an all black Chevy Camaro with blacked out back windows. It is a really nice car.

Like the gentleman he can be when he isn't being the excruciatingly sexy bad boy, he opens the passenger door for me and I thank him.

The inside of his car has all black interior as well. The seats are black leather and smooth, the dash board is black, and pretty much everything is black.

"I love your car," I tell him truthfully and he grins. "Thanks. It was my sixteenth birthday present." He tells me and I smile. "My car was my sixteenth birthday present too." I confess and he smiles at me.

"So, are you going to tell me where we are going now?" I press, my curiosity eating at me and he shakes his head, grinning. "Nope. You'll just have to wait and see." Deacon tells me and I groan.

"Oh, come on. Please?" I beg, with a pouty lip which gets his attention. Just to torture him a little bit, I swipe my tongue out and I see fire light in his eyes. Then he shakes his head and looks back at the road. "Nice try, very nice try. But, still, no." I pout and he chuckles.

"Fine, can you at least tell me if I'm dress appropriately for this date?" I ask, gesturing to my clothes. He looks over and scans my body with his hungry gaze. "Yes." He answers, his voice husky and so help me it's turning me on.

"Good." I say. We fall into comfortable silence, and there is no awkward silence at all. It's weird, you'd think the silence would be awkward, it's not.

After a thirty minute drive, he finally parks. On the edge of the woods. Confused, I furrow my brows and look at him curiously. He smiles then gets out of the car, walking around to open my door for me.

He grabs my hand and helps me out of the car, then shuts my door for me before locking the car.

"Is this the part where you take me in the woods and murder me with an axe, then bury my body parts in separate locations where nobody will ever find me?" I ask jokingly, no seriousness whatsoever. I just somehow know he would never hurt me. Ever.

He looks at me like I'm crazy, then laughs. Hard. "No, but you have got a big imagination in that pretty little head of yours, don't you?" He asks, chuckling when I nod. He called me pretty. I blushed.

"What? Why are you blushing?" It's fucking dark, how could he see the tint to my cheeks when the only lighting is the moon? "No reason," I murmur. He raises an eyebrow in that sexy way that he does. "You called me pretty." I admit, blushing harder. He chuckles.

"You are, beautiful actually." He compliments, calling me beautiful for the second time tonight. I smile widely and kiss him. I put my feelings into that kiss, and wrap my arms around his neck. Before it can get too heated, I pull back and look at him.

"Not that I'm complaining, but, what was that for?" Deacon asks me, as he takes my hand, leading me into the woods.

"You are the only guy who has ever called me beautiful, well, other than my Dad." I confess, and he looks at me. "What have other guys called you?"

"You know, hot, smoking, etcetera. Never beautiful. I mean yeah, being called those is a major compliment, but those are mainly my body, not me. Being called beautiful means a lot more to me than being called hot." I tell him, and he kisses me again.

"You deserve the best, Violet. And any guy who doesn't tell you what you are, which is beautiful and amazing, isn't good enough for you." Deacon murmurs, then kisses my forehead before he starts walking again.

No guy has ever treated me this well. Yeah, Chad treated me well, but, not like this. Deacon is just, gah, perfect.

Being Jacey's sister-in-law sounds pretty great now.

We walk for about fifteen minutes in the dark, our only light being the moon. I stumbled quiet a few times, and if Deacon hadn't of been holding my hand I surely would've fallen down.

He finally stops, and I can barely see. After a minute, my eyes adjust to the low light and I see where we are and I gasp. It's beautiful. We are standing by a small lake surrounded by trees, flowers, etcetera. There is a waterfall and rocks lining it. The place is gorgeous.

There isn't one place without grass, and the sound of the waterfall is calming. The full moon is reflecting on the water, lighting up the first few feet near it more than where we are standing now. It's stunning. I wonder how he found this place.

I then notice there is a small, round table set up by the water with candles on top of it and two plates with the round covers over them. Beside them, is some of what looks like champagne, but I could be wrong.

"Oh, my God, Deacon, it's amazing." I compliment him, and then I see he looked a little nervous. "Good, I'm glad you like it." It looked like he let out a sigh in relief.

"I do, I love it actually. How?" I ask.

"Jacey and I worked on it today. She did most of the work though. She bought the candles and table cloth, and told me which food to have and to bring champagne." He says, and I smile, making a mental note to thank Jacey later. And I was right, it is champagne.

"It's so beautiful. I love it." I say honestly. "This is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you." I thank him genuinely. He smiles and leads me over to the table, pulling out my chair for me and pushing it back in once I sit.

"How did you find this place?" I wonder and he smiles gently. "I was on a run one day and came upon it. And now I come here a lot. It's calming to me. It helps me think and relax."

I raise an eyebrow, "You came on a run, all the way out here?" I quire, in disbelief and he nods. "I did." He repeats and my eyes widen. "Why the hell were you all the way out here on a run?"

He chuckles, and I love the sound more and more every time I hear it.

"I was getting bored of running near my bar, and I wanted a change of scenery. So, I kept running in one direction and found this place. I've come here ever since." Deacon explains, and I nod.

"Well, I think it's beautiful. I can understand why you come here a lot." I say, looking out at the lake and the waterfall.

"You're the only one, you know." He says suddenly, and I snap my head back to look at him, confusion clear on my face. "What?" I ask.

He chuckles, "The only girl I've ever brought here. The only other girl who has been here was Jacey. She and Cage followed me one day and found it." He admits, and I can see the sincerity in his eyes. He is telling me the truth.

I smile wholeheartedly, and grab his hand, loving the sparks the contact brings. "How come?" I ask, and now it's his turn to be confused. He looks adorable with that confused expression on his face, his eyebrows furrowed together. I giggle. "How come I'm the only girl you've brought here?" I ask, genuinely wanting to know. "Because, I was waiting for the right girl to come along. I wasn't going to show this place to just anybody. And you, are the girl I was waiting for Violet." Deacon admits, looking deeply in my eyes and my breath hitches, making him smile slightly. "How do you know I'm the right one?" I question airily, "I just know." He answers me.

"And if you're wrong?" I say, half joking. "I'm never wrong. Trust me Violet, I know."

"Hungry?" He changes the topic, and I nod. Deacon grabs the lids and pulls them off the plates and reveals the food hidden underneath.


My favorite.

"It looks delicious." I say, as the incredible smell travels up to my nose, and I inhale. "It is, my chef Alaric makes a great steak, which I happen to know is your favorite." Deacon tells me and my eyes widen. "How did you know that?" I ask, confused.

He chuckles. "I asked Jacey and she asked your friend Amber, who Jacey met when you were away."

That makes sense. "Well, that was smart. Amber and I have been friends forever so she knows me like the back of her hand." I admit, laughing.

"Same with Cage and I. We have known each other since birth." He tells me and I smile. "That's so cool. So, tell me more about you. I mean, we have hung out a few times, but we never really got into too much detail about ourselves."

"Well, as you know, I'm twenty-one, my full name is Deacon Jay Rock, my sign is a Leo, I was born and raised here, and my favorite animal is a wolf." Deacon tells me and I smile and nod. "What's your favorite color? Food? TV show?" I ask, giggling and he chuckles. "Black, steak, and I don't watch too much TV, but I do like the show NCIS a lot." Deacon answers and I smile.

"Your turn." He grins.

"I'm eighteen, my full name is Violet Holland White, my sign is a Libra, I was born and raised only thirty minutes from our town, my favorite animal is also a wolf. As for my favorite color, that'd be aqua or teal, food tacos, but dinner food steak, and TV show, The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf are my two favorites." I inform him, and he nods, smiling.

"Ok, do you have any pets?" I ask him and he laughs, hard. I'm confused as to why he's laughing, but then he calms himself and looks at me. "No," He answers, still chuckling. Ok?

"Why was that so funny?" Seriously, how is asking if he has any pets so hilarious? "It's just a little ironic." He answers with a amused smile on his lips, and I raise an eyebrow in question. "You'll understand soon." is his reply, I'm confused as hell, but I let it go.

"Ok then. What about hobbies? What do you like to do?" He thinks for a moment before he answers. "I like running a lot, as you know. It helps clear my head. And, pretty much any type of sport. You?"

"I love reading and writing. And I love art." That's all true. My favorite thing to do is read when I am alone at home.

I can hear crickets chirping around us, and night animals scurrying about. The moon is full, and extremely bright. It seems to have gotten brighter since we have come out here, plus the candles are helping slightly.

It is peaceful out here.

"Why did you want to date me?" I ask him suddenly and he looks shocked that I would ask him that, as if the answer is obvious.

"Because I like you Violet. A lot. I have since the moment I saw you that night at my bar, you're special, beautiful, kind, caring, and I just felt an instant connection to you. I wanted you, and now I have you and I don't plan on letting you go or hurting you. I swear I won't hurt you, and you can trust me. I wanted to date you, because your you. Amazing, fun, caring, etcetera." Deacon admits wholeheartedly and I get up, walk over to him and kiss him.

"You are really smooth, you know that?" I tell him with humor in my voice, although what I said was true. He grins.

After we finished out steaks and talked for a long time, we walked closer to the water.

"It's so pretty, and the water is so clear." I murmur, watching the small fish swim around.

The water is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom. It looks about ten feet deep or so, I'd say no deeper than twelve feet at the most.

"Want to go for a swim?" He asks and I reply, "I don't have a bathing suit with me."

"We could go skinny dipping." He suggests grinning wickedly and I smack his arm, laughing. "No! But nice try." I answer.

"Come on, swim with me." He begs, "In what? My bra and panties?" I say sarcastically and he nods. My eyes widen and I look at him like he lost his mind. "Seriously?" I ask, in disbelief. "Yes, unless you'd rather just go back to the car and have the date be over this soon." He jokes with a grin and raises his eyebrow, almost as a challenge. I smirk at him then lift my tank tops over my head, and drop them to the ground at my feet.

It's dark anyway, and I won't be completely naked. He looks at me in shock, like he didn't believe I'd actually do it. Then his gaze travels lower, and I see hunger and lust in his eyes when he looks at my lacey black push up bra.

I bend over and unzip my boots, then kick them off. My pants follow suit, and end up on the floor beside my shirts. Now I'm standing in just my intimates in front of a guy who I've only known for a couple of weeks, and yet Chad never even saw me in my bra.

"Your turn." I grin wickedly at him and he smirks at me, then takes off his jacket before yanking his shirt over his head revealing his hard body. Jesus, it's even better than I imagined. Not that I've ever imagined it. Ok, that's a blatant lie, because I have, many times actually.

He sees me staring, and he smirk widens as he unbuckles his pants slowly. I feel like I am getting a private strip show, and I love it. I could watch this all day, everyday, and never get bored of it.

He unzips his pants, in a seductive way that makes me want to tear them down. Then he drops his pants and kicks them off, so he is only in his black underwear as well.

And damn, does he look incredible.

The moonlight is almost spotlighting him, and it shines all over his hard body. I can see the curves and contours of his abs and his muscular arms, his strong legs as well. And I could not help following his amazing V-lines down to the waistband of his underwear.

All I want to do is run my hands all over his hard body, but I restrain myself from doing so. I look at his face to see him slowing scanning my body, making my skin heat up and a blush warm my face. He wants to touch me too, I can tell.

If I was braver I probably would've gone skinny dipping. Maybe I will eventually.

I hope the water isn't too cold, but even if it is, I am still getting in. I'd be stupid to turn down swimming with him when he is half naked. No way in hell am I not doing this. Plus, the chance to snuggle up to him if I get to cold is making my resolve to swim in cold water harden.

Now we are standing in almost complete darkness, with only the moon to give us light, in only our underwear. If Amber saw this, she'd never let me live it down.

But, right now, I don't care.

"Ready?" Deacon asks with a wicked grin and I smirk at him.


Deacon grabs my hand, and pulls me up a rock that is lining the lake. Then we jump.

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