Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 13

VIOLET (Slightly mature content)

We jump in hand in hand, and the water splashes high above us when we break the surface.

It’s cold, but not cold enough to make me get out anytime soon. I kick to the surface for air and take a big gulp, Deacon doing the same.

I have a feeling we terrified any fish that were swimming in this general spot a second ago.

I smile at him, and he gives me that sexy crooked grin of his in return. I swim back and splash him, which turns into a full on splash fight.

The moon is at it’s peak now and it’s gotten so much brighter I can see the trees that are many feet away from the water clearly.

I dive under with my eyes open, ignoring the slight sting of the water in my eyes. I go down to the bottom and see it’s lined with brown, grey, red, and black pebbles, all ranging in size from super small to average sized rocks.

There are little fish swimming about, close to me. Not seemingly afraid of me at all. Weird, you’d think they’d flee.

I break through the top of the water to take a break and see Deacon looking at me. “What?” I ask and he shakes his head. “You just look so amazing, and like you’re enjoying yourself.” Deacon adds slyly. “I am enjoying myself.” I say truthfully and he smiles. “Good. I knew you would.”

I smile at him, the kiss him softly.

We swim around for about an hour, before I start getting cold and rubbing my arms a little for warmth.

“Cold?” Deacon asks me concerned and I shake my head. He gives me a disbelieving look, then pulls me closer, sharing his warmth. I wrap my legs around him. Then he puts one hand around my waist and the other behind my head and connects our lips in a passionate kiss.

I kiss him back with just as much passion, and wrap my arms around his neck, playing with the hair at his nape.

He groans when I tug slightly, and I smile against his lips. He is solely supporting us in the water, so he moves us to a shallower spot where he can touch, so we can keep our heads above the water but our bodies under.

My lower half is pressed tightly against him, and when he shifts our bodies a little I moan. I would of been embarrassed, but apparently it turned him on as he groaned and pulled me closer, kissing me harder.

His tongue pushes into my mouth, and I moan again and wrap my legs tighter around him.

His touch ignites a fire in me that I never had with Chad and didn’t even know was there. There is a pulsing between my legs, making me squeeze them tighter around him.

He lowers the hand that was on my back, and I don’t once think about stopping him. Chad, I would’ve, but not Deacon.

His hand goes to my butt, where he can feel it completely as I am wearing cheeky panties. Deacon groans at that fact, and I moan slightly.

I break away from the amazing kiss for air, and he peppers urgent kisses down my jawline to my neck. Then he hits a spot that makes a deep moan escape me and I can just tell he is smirking.

“Aww,” I moan breathily, and grip him tighter to me. The cold water doesn’t even bother me anymore, his body and his touch are keeping me warm enough.

Deacon lifts his head and reconnects our lips, then takes my lower lip between his teeth for a second before sucking on it and the pulsing gets stronger.

I can feel he is just as aroused as I am, as his very hard, very large, member is pressing against my stomach. Wow. He is huge.

I can feel it straining against the fabric of his underwear, and I have a feeling if it gets any bigger he is going to rip them.

I accidently move, putting more pressure on both our lower regions, making me moan and Deacon let out a low groan, which was so damn sexy.

“Violet, I know this is way too soon for you, but if this continues...” He trails off, and I know what he means and I nod in agreement.

I break away from him, blushing with an ache in my lower regions. I see him readjust himself, making me feel both pride to know I affect him so much and making me want to laugh at the same time.

Well, shit. Now I’m all hot and bothered, and I know he must feel the same way.

“Wow.” I mumble quietly to myself, still feeling the amazing tingles on my lips from his.

“Yeah,” He agrees, his voice husky and strained, and I squeeze my legs shut.

“Ready to head out?” He suggests, and I nod. Now that I don’t have his body heat, I am freezing again.

We swim to the edge and climb out, and I shiver with the cold night breeze. He wraps his arm around me, rubbing them up and down my arms, warming me slightly, then he grabs two towels out of a small basket that was hidden underneath the table.

Deacon wraps a towel around me, instantly warming me up. He goes to hand me the second towel but I shake my head. “Dry off, yourself.” I tell him, while drying off as much of me as I can, so I can slip my clothes back on. Although, I probably won’t be able to get my jeans on, because wet denim is a nightmare.

“But your cold,” I cut him off. “I’m fine, Deacon. Really. Dry yourself off, please?” I beg and he narrows his eyes at me, but obliges and begins to dry himself. Making me smile in triumph, and he rolls his eyes.

Once I am dry enough to put my tank tops on, I do, and I attempt to put my jeans back on. I dry my legs as much as I can, then pull my jeans up with a lot of wiggling.

Deacon does the same, focus’s on drying his legs enough to pull his pants on, and it took him about five minutes of wiggling around and looking like a worm mixed with a fish out of water, probably exactly what I looked like.

I put my boots back on, and grab my purse off the table. Deacon then throws his leather jacket over my shoulder, obviously noticing I’m still really cold. I smile gratefully at him, “Thanks.”

He smiles. “Of course.” He replies, making my smile wider. Deacon wraps his arm around my waist and leads me back to the car, in comfortable silence.

When we reach his Camaro, he opens my door again.

“I had a lot of fun.” I tell him sincerely. “So, did I.”

I smile. He turns on the heater, and I appreciate the warmth as I am still very wet. And not just because of the water.

“Warmer?” He asks, glancing over at me as he drives. I nod. “Yes, thanks.”

“I’m taking you out again.” Deacon declares and I smile, looking at him. “Oh, really?” I joke, and he gives me a look.

“Yes. You free tomorrow night?” I pretend to think about it, just to keep him on his toes.

“Hmm, I don’t know. I might have to clear my schedule, I have a very important shoe shining competition I am competing in tomorrow night.” I say as serious as I can, and he looks bewildered, before he looks at me and sees the amusement clear as day on my face. That’s when I laugh. Hard.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you fell for that!” I guffawed, and he gives me an amused look.

“Shoe shining competition? How on earth did you come up with that?” Deacon asks, very amused and I shrug. “I have no idea. It kinda just popped into my head and I wanted to see if you’d fall for it. Which you did.” I smirk, then laugh again.

“Yes, I’m free tomorrow night.” I tell him, still giggling.

“Ok, tell me about your family.” I say and he smiles. That’s a good sign. “My family is great. My mother, Elle, is a fantastic mom. Always there for Jacey and I whenever we need her, never going a day without showing us how much we mean to her. And she loves to cook. Always making meals and bringing them over to me. My dad, he is strict, but he loves us. He taught me how to be the man I am. And, Jacey, well, you know her.” He chuckles at the end.

"What about your family?" Deacon asks and I smile widely. "My parents are great. I'm really close to them both. My Mom, Macy, is like my friend too. She always gives great advise. And my dad, David, is incredible. He is funny but extremely protective of me and my mom. So, if someone gets on his bad side they usually regret it. Like I said, he hit Chad with a baseball bat." I giggle.

Then I hear a noise. Howling in the distance and I look out the window. “Is that wolves?” I ask, not sure whether it’s wolves or coyotes. “Probably not, most likely coyotes.” Deacon says, but he sounds like he is trying to hide something. But, I don’t know what.

The rest of the drive is filled with easy conversation, and I realize the more I’m with Deacon, the harder I’m falling for him.

It was almost midnight when I got home, and Amber was sleeping. I’d tell her about my date tomorrow.

Deacon and I kissed goodnight. And our goodnight kiss was not like all the movies where it’s a gentle, sweet kiss then he leaves.

No, ours was having me pressed against the door, moaning, and gripping his hair as his hands roamed up and down my sides. I was left panting for breath and blushing when he left. And if I had not come to my senses, I was this close to inviting him inside.

I stripped out of all my wet clothes, then hopped in the shower. I turned it up to almost too hot, and just let it warm me up for a couple minutes as I was still shivering from my wet clothes.

The whole shower I was thinking about Deacon, and our date, and what almost happened, twice. I also thought about what it would be like to have Deacon in the shower with me.

And obviously, I got hot and bothered again, so I had to turn the shower to cold to cool me down from my dirty thoughts.

He really does things to my body that Chad never achieved. Chad couldn’t alight a fire in me like Deacon does, nor turn me on with just a simple smirk like Deacon can.

After my long shower, I dried off and put on some lounge clothes from Victoria’s Secret. I’m wearing a white bralette, a mint green cami with lace on the top and spaghetti straps, and black cotton short shorts.

I crawled into bed, very happy and content with how my night went. Although, I was still wishing that that ache had been taken care of.

An ache Chad never caused. Not once. And all I have to do is think of Deacon wearing his damp tight, white V-neck which he wore after we swam and instantly I’m turned on again.

There is something about a white shirt on a guy, especially a wet white shirt, that really turns me on.

If Deacon and I didn’t get along so well when we aren’t touching, I’d think our attraction was just physical.

But Deacon seems to really understand me, and he want’s to know me and not just strip me naked. Although he seems to want that a lot too, which makes me happy.

Amber is going to flip when I tell her about my date. And then she might actually think I do need the condoms. I don’t. Unless things get carried away again, like they almost did last night, twice. But, I am waiting for the right guy to lose my virginity to. And honestly, I think that’s Deacon.

I am trusting him more and more, and falling hard. Like, my feelings for him are so strong so fast. I don't understand it, but I am not going to question it either.

I feel like I'm already falling in love with him, and that scares me a little. What if I fall in love with him and then he breaks my heart, just like Chad did? I can't handle that again. Especially from Deacon. If Deacon broke my heart, I think it would completely destroy me.

I don't know why I feel that way, but I just know if Deacon hurt me, I'd be destroyed for good. I feel like he and I are meant to be, and I welcome that feeling.

If Deacon and I ended up together, I'd be so happy. I'd be content for life.

Before I met him, I felt like part of me was missing, and I swear to God, Deacon was that part. He totally, one hundred percent, completes me.

And that's ok with me.

I just hope he feels the same way, or feels the same way eventually.

And how he said he knew it was too soon for us to have sex, that gave him so many points. Chad would never in a million years done that. He would've tried to keep it going till he got what he wanted. Which was in my pants. Deacon though, he knew I wasn't ready, and that was amazing, because I could tell how much he wanted it.

And honestly, so did I. I might not be completely ready to give him that, but I wanted it. More than I've ever wanted it. I never had to actually stop myself from having sex with Chad, it was always me stopping him.

If Deacon hadn't of said anything, I honestly don't know how far that would've gone.

Deacon is amazing, and I am falling in love with him. I know it.

I toss and turn, trying to fall asleep but failing because of my thoughts.

Unable to fall asleep, I turn the TV on. The station that's on is playing Teen Wolf, and I happily leave it on. It's season one, episode one, and I check the guide to see it's a marathon.

Uh, oh. Now I know I'm not getting much sleep, if any. I love this show.

I didn't fall asleep till three fifty A.M. this morning. But, I already had an alarm set on my phone so I got woke up at eight. With having only four hours of sleep. So, yeah, I look like a zombie with dark circles under my eyes and I am grouchy as ever.
When I am tired, I am a royal bitch. And everyone who has known me long enough knows it. So, when Amber saw me this morning in my zombie like state, she didn't comment. Although I could tell it was killing her not to make a snarky remark on my appearance.

Now, I am sitting at the kitchen island with a bowl of Frosted Flakes, and droopy eyelids. I am half asleep, and my head almost fell on my cereal bowl. I need strong coffee, or a red bull. Or a combo of them mixed together.

I need to stay awake, because I have another date with Deacon tonight, which I am really excited about.

If it had been anything else going on tonight, I would've canceled and slept all day. But there is no way in holy hell I am missing the chance on seeing Deacon again.

"How was your date last night? And where did he take you?" Amber asks, almost cautiously, but the topic being Deacon instantly puts a smile on my face. Especially thinking about last night.

"He took me to this lake hidden in the woods. It was beautiful. The was this really pretty table set up with candles and everything." I say, and can't help the smile.

"You have this dreamy look on your face. So, I'm guessing it went well?" Amber asks me, smiling. I nod. "Way, way, better than well. We went swimming in the lake... in our underwear." I admit, biting my lip thinking about what happened in the lake, then at the door. Leaving me hot and bothered again.

She squealed. "OMFG! You went night swimming in your underwear with him! That's awesome! How hot does he look in his underwear!?" Amber bombards me.

"He looks like a fucking Greek God."

"Wow. I need to see this guy. What happened after?" Amber asks, with a smirk. "Let's just say, if we hadn't of come to our senses, we probably would've had sex in the lake. Or against the front door, where I was this close to inviting him in." I admit, blushing.

Her eyes get huge. "You almost had sex!? Twice!? And on your first date with him! This guy is incredible! You were with Chad for two years and didn't have sex with him, and one date with this guy and you almost lose it to him? Wow. I need to see what he looks like." Amber gushes, looking super happy for me.

"We have another date tonight." I tell her and her eyes widen more, if possible and she squeals, again. "OMG! Are you guys gonna do it!?" Now it's my turn for my eyes to get huge. "No, Amber! Last night, was just, I don't know. Intense and romantic, maybe it just got to us." I suggest, but not quite believing myself.

"Sure." Amber quips, with a small smirk.

"Seriously, I am not ready to lose it yet. Even if my body is screaming at me to."

"Well, of course it is! This guy is apparently incredibly gorgeous, with the body of a Greek God, so of course, your body is telling you to go at it. It's natural. And if you believe he is the one, then go for it." Amber suggests, and I give her a blank look.

"Seriously? Your advice is to go for it?"

"Yep." She says, popping the 'p'. And I laugh.

"I have to go to Starbucks and get a strong drink, you want one?" She shakes her head. "No. Thanks though."


Then I change my clothes quickly, grab my keys and I'm out the door and heading to the nearest Starbucks.

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