Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 14


After barely managing to stay awake all day long, and having a venti caramel macchiato hot, with two extra shots of espresso, my date with Deacon was incredible.

He took me to a fancy restaurant, then we went to his bar and talked for a while. In his lounge room though, we almost had sex. We didn’t.

The only reason I wasn’t there till night was because Amber’s mom was in a car accident and is in the hospital. Amber needed me and Deacon completely understood.

We found out she has three broken ribs, but no internal bleeding.

It was a huge relief.

Then a week later she was home.

Thank the Lord, Chad has listened to me and left me alone. He hasn’t called or texted me in days now.

And, Deacon and I have gotten even closer, the more we are together.

DEACON (One Week Later)

Things with my mate have been going amazing. She still doesn’t know about werewolves or that she is more than just my girlfriend, though. I have been planning on telling her, but just not yet. I’m not ready, and I don’t think we have been together long enough yet.

Beau, Nora, and Wesley are finally home and Nora is slightly showing. They are extremely excited for the baby, as is Wesley. He can’t wait to be a grandfather.

I’m on my way to pick up Violet now, she is coming over here to help me set up a karaoke night.

Not my idea.

I wanted to come up with an idea to round up more people and Jacey suggested it.

“Hey, beautiful.” I greet when she hops in my car. She was waiting outside her building, even though I told her I’d come to her apartment.

She smiles in that sexy way she does, and kisses me, smiling into it. “Hi.” She says when she pulls back and buckles her seatbelt.

“I could’ve drove there myself, you know.” She says lightly, humor in her voice. I give her a smirk. “But, I like picking you up.” I tell her, grinning. She smiles at me, “I like it too.”

When we arrive at my bar, Jacey opens my door for me, in a frenzy with a panicked look on her face. “Jacey, what’s wrong?” I ask, worried something bad happened.

“That dumbass delivery guy delivered the wrong liquor, then we get the wrong karaoke machine, and it’s broken at that! And, the microphone was dropped on my toe! Then, a customer slipped on some water, and yes there was a wet floor sign, but he broke his nose when he face planted!” Jacey complains, and I try my hardest to keep in my laughter.

I look over to Violet, to see her biting back a laugh as well. But the amusement in our eyes gives us away, and Jacey puts her hands on her hips and gives us a hard look. “It’s not funny.” She narrows her eyes at us, and we both burst at the same time. Laughing hysterically.

After we calm down our laughter, we follow an angry and grumbling Jacey into the bar.

And I see Beau and Nora inside, standing by the bar. Violet has yet to meet them, so I am excited to introduce them. I have a feeling she and Nora are going to be just as close as her and Jacey are becoming.

“Beau, Nora, this is my girlfriend, Violet. Violet, these are two close friends of mine. Beau and Nora.” I introduce them.


The second I see them, I instantly notice Beau’s jet-black hair and blue eyes. He is attractive but not anything compared to Deacon, and has a muscular build, but not as muscular as Deacon’s. He looks the same height as Cage, about 6′1. And he has a happy smile on his face, and his arm around Nora.

Nora is very pretty, with long brunette hair that reaches her waist, and hazel eyes. I notice her hand is on her stomach and gently rubbing it. She is pregnant, I gather.

They both smile brightly when they see me and come over to greet us. “Hi, Violet! It’s so nice to finally meet you! I have heard so much about you! I’m Nora, by the way.” Nora smiles brightly and hugs me, thank God not as hard as Jacey did where I couldn’t breathe from it.

“Nice to meet you too.” I reply when she pulls back, beaming. “This is my m-, boyfriend Beau.” Nora introduces, and I shake Beau’s hand. I swear Deacon growled.

“Nice to meet you, Violet.” Beau says, and I smile at him. “Nice to meet you too.”

“Ok, so how far is everything set up?” Deacon asks, and Jacey scowls. “I already told you. Everything is screwed today.”

“I’m sure we can fix it.” I say, trying to cheer her up but her scowl deepens. “Not when karaoke night has no karaoke machine!”

“Have the guys fix it!” I suggest, and Jacey and Nora look at me like I lost my mind, while the guys groan. “Are you crazy? Have them fix something? It would most likely end up more broken than it started if they get their meaty hands on it!” Jacey informs me while at the same time insulting the guys, making me and Nora giggle.

I cover my mouth with my hand to hide my laughter, but they already all noticed mine and Nora’s amusement, and are looking at us completely insulted. Only making us giggle more.

Deacon looks at me in disbelief. “You’re supposed to defend me, not agree with my sister!” Deacon tells me halfheartedly and I smile in amusement at him. “I didn’t not defend you, I just laughed when you were insulted, that’s all.” I laugh and he looks at me amused.

“And how is that different?”

“It is. Very different.” I inform him, biting back a smile and he shakes his head, chuckling.

“How are we going to fix this!?” Jacey whines, and stomps her foot. Acting very childish, making it very hard to keep a straight face.

“We will fix it, don’t worry. We’ll figure something out.” Nora reassures a pouting Jacey and I nod in agreement, “She’s right. We will.”

“Alright boys.” Nora says loudly and puts her hands on her hips, gaining everyone’s attention. “Deacon, you fix the whole liquor mix up, Cage you run to the store and find a karaoke machine that isn’t broken, ASAP. And Beau, you make sure that customer doesn’t sue.” Nora commands and the guys just blink, causing all three of us girls to face palm.

“Go, now!” Nora demands, and claps her hands making the guys spring into action and go in separate directions.

Deacon pulls out his phone to call the liquor place, Cage runs out to his car to go buy the karaoke machine, and Beau walks over to a customer who is holding an ice pack on his nose.

“Ok, we need to set up the furniture, make sure there is a spotlight aiming at the makeshift stage, and get out shit loads of glasses so we have them at the ready for all the rowdy customers.” Nora tells us, then face palms. “Maybe I should of done things the other way around. Furniture is fucking heavy and I’m pregnant, I can’t be moving heavy things.”

“I’ll get Deacon to help with the furniture and I’ll fix the whole liquor problem, and Nora you help the guy who broke his nose, and that way Beau can help with the furniture too.” I tell them and they nod.

Nora walks over to her boyfriend, while I walk over to mine.

“I don’t give a flying fuck Lanny! Bring me the right liquor God dammit!” He shouts into the phone, his face contorted in anger. Then he sees me and calms down slightly.

I reach my hand out for the phone, and he just looks at me. “Go help Jacey with moving the furniture, I’ll fix this.” I whisper to him, and he nods uneasily, handing me the phone reluctantly.

“The guys a douche, so don’t feel bad if he insults you or ignores you.” Deacon warns me and I nod.

“It’s fine, go.”

He gives me one last weary look, before heading to go help Jacey.

“Hello?” I say softly into the phone and I hear a grunt. “Who da fuck is this now! Where is Deacon?!” The guy yells in my ear, and I pull the phone away quickly.

“Um, hi, I’m-” He cuts me off, “I don’t give a fuck who you are little missy, I asked you a fucking question and I want you to answer it.” He demands, loudly, in my ear and I glare at the wall.

“Well, people don’t always get what they want Lanny! You know what they say, you can want in one hand and get shit in the other, so I don’t give a fuck if you want to know where my boyfriend is, I’m on the phone now, so get over it.” I reply in a snarky tone and I hear his groan of annoyance.

“You got a mouth on you. I don’t like it.” Lanny tells me, disapprovingly. Only angering me further.

“Well, I don’t like your tone, but I can’t do anything about it so why don’t you just shut your trap, and deliver the correct liquor that was ordered! It’s not that difficult, pea brain!" I insult, which is probably not very smart.

"I did, your dumbass boyfriend and crazy sister are lying. I gave y'all the right alcohol. And I don't like how you are speaking to me."

“Well too damn bad for you, Lanny!” I say, mocking his name just to piss him off.

“What got your pretty little panties in a twist, bitch?” Lanny asks and I give an angry screech.

"FUCK OFF!" I roar into the phone, my breathing coming out quickly in my anger.

"Now, you listen to me little girl, if you keep talking to me like that-" I cut him off, hating being called 'little girl', especially in that condescending way that he said it. "No, you listen to me, you little delivery servant. You will deliver the right order and you will deliver it today within the next two hours, do you understand me, Lanny? Because so help me God, if you don't, I will track your incompetent ass down and I will make you regret the day you ever messed with me and my boyfriend. Do you understand, Lanny?" I growl out, and I smirk evilly when I hear his gulp through the phone. It gives me great pleasure to know I am getting to the little rodent.

"I said, do you understand me, you little delivery rodent?" I ask, my tone harsh and cruel.

"Y-yes. I-I understand. Sorry f-for the inconvenience, the co-correct order will be there in le-less than an hour." He stutters and I smirk in triumph.

"Good. Make it right this time." I demand. "I will." is his reply before the line goes dead.

I feel so triumphant right now, I can't help it.

I walk out into the bar laughing to myself and they all look at me in curiosity. "Did he turn you down?" Deacon asks and I smirk, "Nope. On the contrary, I think I scared the shit out of him and the correct order is on the way." I laugh, making them look at me like I'm nuts.

"What did you do?" Deacon asks in wonder, I smirk. "I may or may not of cursed him out and threatened him. I'm not proud of my actions. Ok, that's a lie. I'm actually very proud of myself that I made him stutter in fear." I giggle and they all look at me in shock.

"You, made Lanny, stutter, in fear?" Jacey asks slowly, seemingly in complete shock.

I nod. "Yep, it was hilarious."

"And he is bringing the right order? Today?" Deacon asks. I smile and nod. "In less than an hour."

Deacon looks impressed and proud, which brings me great joy to know my boyfriend looks at me in pride. Beau, Jacey and Nora look impressed as well.

"Well done." Beau compliments, "Thanks. And Lanny is a douche." I reply and they all nod.

"Normally, people stutter in fear of me, but I never got Lanny to. I am very impressed. Great job, babe." Deacon compliments me, and my heart beats faster and I blush while smiling. "Thanks."

He grins, and Jacey stares at us in amusement. "Well, thank you so much Vi. Now, if my mate can manage to get a karaoke machine..." She thanks me, then lets her sentence trail off.

"Your, mate?" I ask, confused and all their eyes go wide.

"What is a mate?" I ask again, even more confused since they all look panicked. "Ugh, mate, like soulmate. Cage is my soulmate, so I call him my mate, sometimes." Jacey gets out, her face still looking slightly panicked.

"Oh, ok." I mutter, and they all give sighs of relief, when I buy her story. I mean, it makes sense. So why wouldn't I believe it? But the only thing that makes me question it is the big sighs of relief and how panicked they all looked.

I'll let it go, for now. Because right now the karaoke night is more important than this silly mate business.

"I'm back!" Cage shouts as he walks through the door. "Well? Did you get one?" Jacey asks, and he nods, grinning wickedly. "Oh yeah, I got one." His tone suggests he is up to something, and we all narrow our eyes at him.

"What exactly did you do?" Deacon asks, crossing his arms over his chest, making his muscles flex. I try not to stare too long, but he catches me anyway and smirks.

"I did what was asked. I got a karaoke machine." He says, still grinning like the Cheshire cat. "What karaoke machine did you buy, Cage?" Jacey says, looking a little worried of her boyfriends answer.

His grin widens. "Come look." is his answer, and we all nervously follow him out to his blue Ford Raptor truck, where a huge karaoke machine sits in the back.

Holy shit.

The things fucking huge.

"Cage, that thing is huge! Are you crazy! It was a one night event to draw more customers and see if they like it! Not a daily thing! That thing must've cost a shit load!" Jacey freaks.

"You asked me to buy a karaoke machine and I did. I think I deserve a thank you." Cage replies and Jacey glares so hard if looks could kill...

"You are so not getting a thank you for buying that tank of a karaoke machine!" Jacey shouts and he narrows his eyes. "How much did it cost?" Beau quires.

"It only cost a little over a thousand." He tells us and all our eyes go wide. "How did you pay for that?" Deacon asks, cringing like he already knows the answer. "The bars credit card." is Cages answer and Deacon pinches the bridge of his nose in clear annoyance.

"Cage," Deacon starts, his tone hard and angry, then the delivery truck pulls up.

Shit, that was fast.

It parks near us, and I smirk when I see Lanny get out of the front seat. I know it's him because he has a name tag on the front of his uniform.

"Which one of you is Deacon's girlfriend?" He asks, nervously and I smirk wider. "Oh, that's me." I smirk, which turns evil when he looks at me. He looks a little afraid of me. Ha Ha, good.

He should be afraid.

"Sign this." He orders, as he hands Deacon a clipboard. Lanny goes to the back of his truck to retrieve the liquor.

"Aren't you going to go collect the wrong liquor you gave us earlier?" Nora asks, and Lanny glances at me, and upon seeing my threatening expression, replies, "Keep the wrong order, for the bad service." Lanny offers, making my triumph even stronger and my smirk bigger.

When we have all the new liquor inside, Lanny drives off after giving me a weary look.


I like scaring him, it's fun.

After all the liquor is inside and everything is set up, it looks amazing.

The chairs are all aiming at the makeshift stage in the back of the bar, all the liquor glasses are ready for Roy to grab, and Cage and Beau offered to help bartend tonight if the crowd gets big.

Around nine, the bar starts filling up with people. Most here for the karaoke night. Only a few people have participated so far, until Jacey orders a contest.

Whoever sings, 'What Does The Fox Say' and 'Cups' from the Pitch Perfect movie, gets a free round for up to four people. Deacon wasn't happy, but eventually very reluctantly agreed.

But, once the clock struck eleven, the place was fucking packed. There were loads of people, almost over the maximum occupancy limit.

And it's a good thing there was so much alcohol because people kept on drinking and drinking.

Cage and Beau did have to help Roy out, because he was having trouble keeping up with all the hoards of people.

Many people got on stage and sang. Some on key, others who didn't even know where the key was.

Everyone was having fun, including us girls. We didn't drink, but we danced and listened to all the people singing, and I danced with Deacon to a slow song.

Deacon and I ended up making out for a lot of the night in a corner of the room, which was fine with me. I like having him pin me against a wall.

"Great job." I say to Jacey, who grins. "Thanks, but I couldn't of done it without everyone's help. Especially yours, miss scare the holy hell out of the delivery driver."

That makes me laugh.

The moon is out and shining in through the windows, where we stand.

The people seem to be enjoying themselves, which is a good thing. And Deacon seems happy with all the people here.

And if he is happy, then I'm happy.

Once it was three A.M., people finally started leaving. And I was grateful. It was getting overwhelming at that point.

By four, everyone was gone, leaving just us here to close up and clean.

It took a while to clean the whole place, but I take that as a good sign.

And all in all, karaoke night was a huge success.

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