Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 15

VIOLET (One Month Later) (Slightly mature content)

“Ah, God, yes, harder Deacon.” I pant as I grip the sheets and my legs wrap around him tighter, pulling him closer to me.

“You like that?” Deacon murmurs sensually in my ear, and I manage a nod.

“Yes,” I moan breathily. “Harder, please.”

Then I hear laughter. The hell? Then all of a sudden I’m freezing.

I jump up, alert, and look down to see I’m clothed and covered in ice cold water. That wasn’t real, it was a dream. Dammit. That was one hell of a great dream.

I look to my right to see Amber beside me, laughing her ass off and holding an empty glass.

“What the hell did you do that for?” I yell, angry that she interrupted my dream.

“You were having a sex dream about Deacon!” She laughs and I blush.

She just laughs harder. I am annoyed now. “And you interrupted my dream why?” I question irritably and she smirks at my annoyed expression.

“Because, I heard moaning and I thought Deacon was here. I was grossed out and knocked on the door to tell you guys to keep it down, but I never heard him. Only you. Then I knocked louder and you still didn’t answer, so I assumed you were asleep. Then I open the door and I was right, you were asleep and having a sex dream. I wanted to wake you up before the big finish.” She laughs as she put’s air quotes around ‘big finish’.

At seeing my mortified expression, she just laughs harder and I glare.

“What time is it?”

“Almost two A.M.” My eyes go wide. “Shit, sorry Amber.” I apologize. That is not a way I’d want to be woken up, especially at two o’clock in the fucking morning.

“It’s fine, but seriously, keep it down.” She jokes, laughing as she leaves my room. I glare daggers at her back.

I can still hear her laughter.

Oh, God, she is never going to let me live this down.

I’m completely mortified. I can’t believe I was having a sex dream. I mean, fantasizing is one thing, but a sex dream is another. I am never going to live this down. I know she won’t let me. But, as long as she doesn’t tell anyone about it, then I will be ok. Eventually. After I hide in my bedroom for a month to get over my embarrassment.

Well, at least it was Amber and not my parents. Then I might’ve died of embarrassment.

I turn over and attempt to fall back asleep, then remember I am soaking wet. And not just wear she poured water on me either. I squeeze my legs together, then get off my bed and run to the bathroom to change and do my business.

At least I’m not hot and bothered anymore, thanks to the humiliation and cold water.

I changed into dry clothes, and went back to bed and fell asleep thinking of dead fish as to not have a repeat of what just happened.

When I wake up again at nine, I cautiously walk into the kitchen. Amber’s not there, and I give a huge sigh in relief, until I hear laughter coming from behind me.

I slowly turn on my heel and see Amber looking even more amused than she did at two A.M.

“So, did you sleep well?” Amber asks smirking, and I cringe.

“Please, please, please, do not tell anybody.” I beg, but honestly its more of a demand. She smirks, the shakes her head. “I won’t, calm down. Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

I glare. “So, how many sex dreams have you had about Deacon?” She jokes, and I glare harder. “One.” And that’s true. Fantasies, however...

“Just one?” Amber quips and I narrow my eyes at her amused expression. “Yes, just one.” That I know of, anyway.

She hums a noise of disbelief, the puts some white bread in the toaster.

“It’s true.”

“Have you and Deacon had sex?” Amber asks me, seriously. I shake my head. “No.” But I want to.

“Do you want to?” She presses, and I go to shake my head, but that’d be a lie. “Yes.” I want to so bad that it almost hurts not sleeping with him.

“Did you want to have sex with Chad when you were with him?” Amber asks and I freeze, then shake my head slowly. “No, I never wanted to have sex with Chad.”

She grins. “Ooo, that’s a good thing. So, have sex with Deacon.” Amber suggests and I give her a wide eyed stare. “But, what if I do lose my virginity to him and then we don’t work out?” I ask her, worried.

Truth be told, that’s the only thing holding me back. I feel like he is the one for me, but, there is still that chance that he’s not. I want to have sex with him, but, I don’t want to get hurt.

“I have an extremely good feeling that you two are endgame, but, on the very slim chance that you two don’t work out, you’d most likely regret not having sex with him when you had the chance.” Amber tells me, and I can’t help but agree.

“Yeah, but-” She cuts me off, “No buts. Do you want to have sex with him so bad you almost jump his bones when you see him?” Amber asks, in an inspiring tone. I nod. She grins. “Then do it.”

“Have I even dated him long enough?”

I’ve been with Deacon for almost six weeks now, and it’s going amazing. We have gotten so much closer, and he knows pretty much everything about me.

“It’s been over a month. And you have known him for two months, go for it Violet. There is not a better or more attractive guy to lose it to. Like Caroline Forbes from TVD once said, ‘boy likes girl, girl likes boy, sex’. Plus, you are having sex dreams-” “Dream.” I correct her and she rolls her eyes, “Dream, about him, so that must mean you want to.” She’s right.

And he is meeting my parents this week, and I am meeting his next week. I’m nervous. Since Chad hurt me so badly, my Dad is very weary of Deacon.

But, if I have been with him long enough to introduce him to my parents, then it’s been long enough to have sex with him. To lose my virginity to him. Right?

“You’re right.” I agree, making her grin and I walk back to my room to change.

“Where are you going?”

“To change, so I can go jump my boyfriends sexy bones.” I tell her over my shoulder as I shut my bedroom door. I change into denim shorts and a teal tight fitting tank top with a push up bra underneath.

I grab one of my most seductive perfumes and spray it on, then put in black stud earrings. I want this, and Amber and Caroline Forbes from TVD are right. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, sex.

And like Amber said, there is not a better looking guy to lose it to.

Plus, I am falling in love with Deacon. Scratch that, I am already in love with him. I have never fell in love so quickly or so strongly before, and it kind of freaked me out how fast and hard I fell in love with him.

I actually knew I was in love with him a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t had the guts to tell him. I want him to tell me first. The last guy I loved broke me, and I don’t need that again.

So, if and when Deacon tells me he loves me, I’ll tell him back wholeheartedly. Because, I love him a billion times more than I ever loved Chad, and the connection with Deacon just feels right.

It never felt perfect with Chad. He never felt like the one to me. I mean, I always thought he would be the guy I’d end up with, until I met hot as hell Deacon, who gets me like no one else and sets my body on fire.

I check myself out in the mirror, and mess with my hair for a while. I brush it out so there is no tangles, then I use a thickening powder to add some volume.

I go with a winged eyeliner, and a thickening and lengthening mascara, that makes my already very long lashes reach my eyebrows almost.

I put on my ‘Rose Seduction’ scented deodorant, then do one more spray of my seductive perfume.

I check myself out one more time before pulling on my ankle boots and leaving the apartment, with a look of encouragement and a thumbs up from Amber.

When I reach his bar, the nerves start eating at me. What if he no longer wants to have sex with me? Then what?

No, that’s stupid. I know he wants me.

The only parking spot is far away from the entrance. All the way across the large parking lot.

After sitting in my car out front for ten minutes, much like I did the day I came back here after Chad cheated on me, I gain enough courage to go inside.

Deacon is about to walk through the door that leads to his office and lounge room. “Deacon,” I say to him, my voice seductive. Or, at least I hope it is.

He turns around and grins, then his gaze travels down my body slowly, heating me up with anticipation.

Slowly, and with a purposeful stride, he comes over to me, grabs my face in one hand and my lower back in the other and kisses me with passion. A claiming kiss. There are men in the bar looking at me, and he is letting them know I’m his. I like that.

“Take me to the lounge room,” I order him and he nods, seemingly under my control.

Taking me hand, he pulls me across the bar and through the door, then down the hall to the lounge room.

Once inside, I push him backwards till his legs hit the couch, then I push him down onto it. His eyes blaze with heat, passion, lust and hunger at my actions, which only turns me on more.

I’m quick to straddle his lap and he puts his arms around my back. My arms automatically go around his neck, grasping the hair at the nape of his neck. His hair is always so soft.

Then I connect our lips, roughly.

He is a little shocked by my quick and rough approach, but catches up to me quickly and kisses me back with just as much fervor.

“Deacon,” I moan out breathily in between kisses. His hands traveling up and down my sides sensually. I grab his face and roughly kiss him again, and he licks my lip asking for entry.

Which I deny, grinning against his lips. He grabs my ass making me gasp, and he uses it to push his tongue in. Sneaky.

I reach down and tug on his shirt, pulling it up and he puts his arms above his head and we separate our lips only long enough for me to get his shirt off, then mine right after. Both fallen to the floor.

His eyes take in my bra, and they darken in lust and hunger, and I take in the wonderful sight of his perfect upper body before he connects our lips again.

His tongues explores my mouth again, before he moves to kiss the side of my mouth, down my jawline and to my neck.

“I want you,” I pant, and tilt my head to the side to give him more access to my neck. He kiss’s, licks and sucks all over the left side of my neck until he finds the spot that he knows drives me crazy.

A loud moan escapes me, and I can feel him smirking.

He sucks on it, making me pant for breath and grip his hair tighter. He starts to nip at it, causing a whole new sensation to take over me.

“I want you Deacon,” I say, breathlessly and I feel him smile against my skin.

“I want you more,” He murmurs, then continues his wonderful assault on my sensitive neck.

Then I feel something sharp on my skin. Right when it’s about to pierce through, Deacon pulls back and closes his mouth, his eyes looking completely black now.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, as I try to regain my breath. “Um, nothing. It’s just, someone could walk in on us. And this is not the place where you should lose your virginity Violet. You deserve a bed, in a bedroom. Not an old couch in the back of a bar.”

He can see my disappointment, and is quick to make me feel better. “It’s not that I don’t want to, because believe me, there is nothing I want more, but like I said, I want your first time to be on a bed.” Deacon explains, looking into my eyes and I nod in understanding.

Right then, Cage and Beau walk in, proving Deacon’s point. In hindsight, we probably should’ve locked the door.

I shriek, and cover my chest with my hands, and Deacon growls then grabs a blanket quickly off the back of the couch and throws it over me. They shield their eyes and turn away, while I reach down and grab our shirts.

We put them back on and I climb off of Deacons lap, then set the blanket beside me.

They turn back when I say, “You can look now.”

“Have you two ever heard of this wonderful concept called knocking?” Deacon asks sarcastically, but clearly irritated at their rude entry.

They both look embarrassed and apologetic. But Cage looks like he is trying hard not to smirk.

“You know, Jacey and I once did it on this couch.” Cage smirks and my eyes grow wide. Gross! And I knew it. I knew it was driving him crazy not to smirk or make a snarky remark.

I’m off the couch in a second, as I am guessing they didn’t clean it after they contaminated it. I don’t even want to know how recent it was.

Probably not that long ago, by the look on Cage’s face and the look of disgust mixed with annoyance on Deacons.

“What do you two want?” Deacon asks irritably, making Cage’s smirk widen and Beau looks more apologetic. “Sorry for barging in, but your dad called. He needs to speak with you. Now.” Beau informs Deacon, with a very serious expression on his face, making Deacons expression turn hard and he nods.

“Violet, I’m sorry, I have to call him. But, please stay.”

“I will.” I assure him and he smiles gently at me, before following Cage and Beau out of the room.

I put the blanket on the couch, then sit back down and pull out my phone.

Great, now I’m hot and bothered again.

After hours of Deacon not returning, he sends me a text.

DEACON: Violet, there was a family emergency. I’m so sorry I won’t be back till really late.

I understand.

ME: What happened?

DEACON: I will tell u tomorrow. Promise.

The darkness is blinding as I walk to my car in the pitch-black parking lot. The only lighting is a dim street lamp, five-feet away from my car. It’s super late, almost one A.M. now, and the dark parking lot is kind of freaking me out a little bit. I don’t like being alone in the dark, it’s both creepy and dangerous.

I stumble on a rock and drop my keys to the ground. “Dammit.” I curse, then bend down to grab them, and I stand back up with them in hand. Then I hear it. A deep, loud, threatening, fear inducing growl come from the woods behind me. I almost drop my keys again.

I swing around and see nothing. It’s pitch black, I can barely see my hand in front of my face. I’m lucky I found my keys. Then two glowing red eyes appear about ten feet away from me, beside what I’m guessing is a large tree. The eyes must be at least five feet high, and I can’t think of any animal that big other than a horse, and there are no horses here. Plus horses don’t growl! My only other guess would be a bear, but it didn’t sound anything like a bear.

The creature stalks forward, piercing red eyes focused solely on me. I fumble with my keys, trying to hit my unlock button but the creature growls again and I shriek in fear. I start to back up slowly, but this only angers the animal further and it comes at me quickly. My fight or flight mode has kicked in and I scream and turn around, running as fast as I can for my car. I hear it’s loud footsteps chasing me, only increasing my speed and fear more.

Stupidly, I look back, and I see the glowing red eyes are about six feet away from me now. Emitting another ear splitting scream, I run faster -faster than I knew was capable of- toward my barely lit up car that is halfway across the parking lot. Fuck. At the speed this creature is moving, it will get to me way faster than I can reach my car.

Oh my God. It’s going to kill me. I am going to be attacked by a crazed animal in a pitch black parking lot, with no one around to save me. God, why did I have to park so far!? I am almost halfway to my car, but I can hear the pounding footsteps of the animal closely behind me. My heart is beating faster than it ever has, and I feel like it is going to pop right out of my chest. “Please don’t kill me! I don’t taste good! I swear!” I plead to the insane, blood thirsty animal that’s almost right on my heels in hot pursuit.

“Leave me alone! Go eat something else! I’m not food you fucker!” I yell at it, and it growls in response. “Help! Help me! Somebody please! Help!” I yell at the top of my lungs, praying to God someone hears me. I am almost at my car now, but the animal is also almost to me. Tears are flowing down my cheeks, and I hope I make it out of this.

Then I hear the sound of at least two more sets of loud, pounding footsteps coming this direction. I hear a loud whimper, and dumbly I turn back and using my phone as a flashlight, I shine it in the animals direction.

The red eyed creature, that now I see with my phone flashlight is a large wolf, is down and there are two more wolves fighting it! Holy fucking shit! These wolves are huge! Then another red-eyed wolf comes to join the party and heads straight toward me, while they fight off the first one. I scream bloody murder, and the larger new wolf -that is almost twice the size of the red-eyed ones- looks up, eyes wide in what looks like panic when it sees the one heading toward me. It immediately jumps into action, charging for the red-eyed one that’s on it’s way to me.

It jumps on it’s back and bites the scruff of it’s neck, causing it to shake it’s head trying to throw him off. The larger one with black eyes is holding on tighter and digging his claws into the other ones back. Red eyes keeps jumping around, trying to throw him off, but black eyes is relentless, and won’t give up. Then black eyes grabs red eyes neck, then shakes his head roughly, easily snapping the red-eyed one’s neck and it falls to the ground dead. I look over and see the original red-eyed one is also dead, and the two new wolves are standing close to each other in triumph. The large one that had black eyes are now a brilliant gold color. The fuck? It is watching me carefully, and the barely smaller one with amber colored eyes is also watching me, but not as intensely as the other one.

They start to slowly, almost cautiously, walk toward me and I reach down, feeling for something, and find a small rock. I throw it at them, just barely missing the bigger one’s head and they halt in their tracks.

Then I notice it. The two wolves who were dead on the ground, are moving. Their bodies are moving in odd ways, and soon I see the fur retract into their bodies and their tails disappearing. My eyes go wide and a silent scream escapes my lips. Soon, all the fur is gone, the tails disappeared, and their paws turned into human hands and feet. Their snouts shrunk into human noses and mouth’s, and their ears are now human and on the side’s of their heads. The two giant dead wolves just transformed into humans. What. The. Fuck.

I scream in horror and fear, then run toward my car. I hear the familiar terrifying sound of pounding paws running after me and I run faster. Then the larger wolf jumps over my head, landing swiftly in front of me. I scream. The second one is standing closely behind me, and I start to shake.

The larger one that has gold eyes, it’s body starts to change just like the dead ones did, and I cover my eyes, afraid of what I might see. I hear two pairs of bones cracking and shifting, then silence. I open one eye and peek through my fingers and only see a well-defined chest, then I pull my hands away from my face and my heart nearly stops at what -or should I say who- I see.


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