Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 16

DEACON (Morning, hours earlier)

“When are you going to tell her?” Jacey prods, irritating me further. I’ve already answered her five fucking times. “I don’t know. Soon.” I answer, irritably with a scowl. She groans, very dramatically. “Ugh, Deacon! When! Not ‘soon’, and not ‘I don’t know, eventually’ I am so fucking sick of those excuses you dumbass! Now, when are you going to tell Violet about werewolves, you stupid idiot.” Jacey insults, and my eye twitches in obvious annoyance.

“Jacey-” I start, before I’m rudely cut off. Pissing me the fuck off. “Blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard all your excuses, I want a real answer. Today, tomorrow, next week, in a month. Those are answers.” Jacey informs me, and I can tell she is more than a little bit miffed with me.

The feeling is mutual.

“Enough! I’ll tell her when I tell her. Ok? Ok. Now, quit asking. You’re pissing me off.” I demand, loudly, and she glares at me so hard if looks could kill, I’d be a rotting corpse ten feet under. I don’t flinch. Which I know pisses her off, only proving it true when she scowls, making me smirk. She glares again, then huffs and leaves the lounge room.

God. I love my sister more than anything, but sometimes she annoys the fuck out of me.

I sigh, and lean back in my chair. I grab a beer. I need one after that conversation.

I’m about to walk through the door that leads to my office and lounge room when I hear my name said very seductively, “Deacon,”

I turn around to see my beautiful mate standing at the door and I grin, then my gaze travels down her body slowly, and I can see pink tint her cheeks slightly.

Slowly, and with a purposeful stride, I walk over to her, grab her face in one hand and her lower back in the other and kiss her with passion. A claiming kiss. There are horny fuckers in the bar looking at her, and I’m letting them know she is mine. Only mine.

“Take me to the lounge room,” She order’s me and I nod almost trance like. She managed to have me under her control.

Taking her hand, I pull Violet across the bar and through the door, then down the hall to the lounge room.

Once inside, Violet pushes me backwards till my legs hit the couch, then she pushes me down onto it. Her eyes blaze with heat, passion, and lust, which only turns me on more.

She’s quick to straddle my lap, exciting a very sensitive part of my body and I put my arms around her back. Her arms automatically go around my neck, grasping the hair at the nape.

Then she connect our lips, roughly.

I’m a little shocked by her quick and rough approach, but I’m quick to catch up and kiss her back with just as much fervor.

“Deacon,” She moans out breathily in between kisses. I run my hands up and down her sides sensually. Then Violet grabs my face and roughly kisses me again, and I lick her lip asking for entry.

Which she denies, grinning against my lips. So, I grab her ass making her gasp, and I use it to push my tongue in.

Then my seductive little mate reaches down and tugs on my shirt, pulling it up and I put my arms above my head helping her. We separate our lips only long enough for her to get my shirt off, then hers right after. Both fallen to the floor.

My eyes take in her bra, and I can feel them darken in lust and hunger, as she takes in the sight of my upper body before I connect our lips again.

My tongue explores her mouth again, before I move to kiss the side of her mouth, down her jawline and to her neck.

“I want you,” She pants, and tilts her head to the side to give me more access to her smooth neck. I kiss, lick and suck all over the left side of her neck until I find the spot that I know drives her crazy.

A loud moan escapes her, making me smirk against her neck.

I suck on it, making her pant for breath and grip my hair tighter. I start to nip at it, making her breathing pick up.

“I want you, Deacon,” She says, breathlessly and I smile against her skin.

“I want you more,” I murmur, then continue my assault on her sensitive neck.

Then I feel my fangs start to elongate. Right when I’m about to pierce through, I realize what I’m doing and I pull back and close my mouth to hide my fangs, and I can tell my eyes are completely black now.

“What’s wrong?” Violet asks, as she tries to regain her breath. “Um, nothing. It’s just, someone could walk in on us. And this is not the place where you should lose your virginity Violet. You deserve a bed, in a bedroom. Not an old couch in the back of a bar.” I tell her truthfully. She does deserve more than a couch in a bar. Plus, I want to tell her about werewolves first, so neck time my teeth come out, she knows what’s about to happen.

I can see her disappointment, which makes me hurt. I don’t like her being hurt or disappointed, so I’m quick to try to make her feel better. “It’s not that I don’t want to, because believe me, there is nothing I want more, but like I said, I want your first time to be on a bed.” I explain, looking into her eyes and she nods in understanding.

Right then, Cage and Beau walk in, proving my very legit point. In hindsight, we probably should’ve locked the door.

Violet shrieks, and covers her chest with her hands, and I growl, then grab a blanket quickly off the back of the couch and throw it over her. I don’t want them seeing what’s only mine to see. They shield their eyes and turn away, while Violet reaches down and grabs our shirts.

We put them back on and she climbs off of my lap. I don’t want her off my lap, but I get why she got off.

They turn back when she says, “You can look now.”

“Have you two ever heard of this wonderful concept called knocking?” I ask sarcastically, but irritation heavily lacing my voice.

They both look embarrassed and apologetic. But Cage looks like he is trying hard not to smirk. I know it’s killing him not to comment right now.


“You know, Jacey and I once did it on this couch.” Cage smirks and Violets eyes grow wide. Oh, fucking gross! I don’t want to know about my best friend and my little sister. I knew it was driving Cage fucking crazy not to smirk or make a snarky remark.

Violet’s off the couch in a second. And I don’t blame her. That’s fucking nasty. I’m halfway tempted to do the same thing and leap off the couch. Why the hell did they have to do that in my lounge?

Cage looks amused by the look of disgust mixed with annoyance on my face.

“What do you two want?” I ask irritably, making Cage’s smirk widen and Beau looks more apologetic. “Sorry for barging in, but your dad called. He needs to speak with you. Now.” Beau informs me, with a very serious expression on his face, making my expression turn hard and I nod.

“Violet, I’m sorry, I have to call him. But, please stay.” I all but beg. I don’t want her to leave, but I need to talk to my Dad. It’s most likely important, and I can’t put him second, this time.

“I will.” She assures me and I smile gently at my mate, before following Cage and Beau out of the room.

“What did my dad need?” I question seriously, when I follow them out of the room where I left my beautiful mate.

God, I can’t believe I almost marked her in there. If I hadn’t of come to my senses, I would’ve marked and mated her right then. But she still doesn’t know about werewolves, so me biting her neck most likely would’ve scared the hell out of her.

But I wanted to, more than anything.

I have got to tell her about werewolves soon. Maybe tomorrow.

If things get heated like that again, I might mark her without meaning to. I want her to bear my mark, to show the world she’s mine, but if I mark her before she knows anything, it will ruin everything.

I can’t lose her.

It would fucking destroy me. She has become my everything. I’d be nothing without my mate.

“Rogues, by the border. Patrol is handling it right now, but more keep coming and they’re going to need help very soon.” Beau informs me and I growl lowly in anger. Those rogues have been a royal pain in my ass for months now.

“How many?”

“Forty or so.” Cage answers roughly in a growl. My eyes grow wide. “Forty?” I ask, needing clarification.

“Yeah. But more keep on showing up. Your dad, my dad, and Beau’s dad are already there, and more guards and warrior wolves are on the way, but it’s getting bad. They said the rogues aren’t as weak as they should be.” Rogues are always, well, ninety percent of the time, weak and easy to take down. For me at least.

“What do you mean they’re not that weak?” I growl, my anger rising. If this keeps up, I’m going to go on a killing rampage. But, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing right now. I could take out ten or more by myself now, and if I’m livid, I could take on twenty or so.

“I mean, they are a whole helluva lot stronger than they should be, and smarter too. Which is fucking weird, because rogues are stupid fuckers, they’re not smart.” Cage tells me, and I growl again. He’s right.

These rogues are getting way out of hand, first they went after Nash’s territory, and then they started on mine a few months ago.

But, it cooled down this last month. No attacks, no threats, no sightings. I wonder why they decided to attack us again all of a sudden?

It’s as confusing as it is annoying.

Fucking rogues. Bastards all need to be slaughtered.

When we go through the back door, we don’t even bother taking off our clothes. We just shift, tearing our clothes to shreds. The rogue attack is too important to worry about ruining clothes.

We take off at full speed, flying into the woods, heading toward the border where the attack is taking place. It’s not too far from here, but far enough any humans -including Violet- near by shouldn’t be able to hear. And hopefully, won’t come across it either. That would end with multiple human casualties, and I’m not in the mood for the clean up or the lies that come with that shit.

Beau’s wolf, Chase, is half an inch smaller than Cage’s, and is a dark steel grey color. He’s powerful and strong, but not as strong as me.

My all black wolf, Dylan, moves with amazing power and extreme agility, weaving through the obstacles of the many large and small trees and bushes with ease. The wind rushes through my midnight fur as I fly through the forest at a speed no normal animal could meet. My paws slam down on the ground roughly, leaving my large prints behind.

I throw my head up and howl, alerting the rest of my pack members of the attack and to come fight, and they howl back. Soon enough, I hear the sound of multiple pairs of paws hitting the ground behind me, and I know my pack members are there. Ready for a fight.

When we reach the border, it looks like a huge, bloody, battlefield.

There are wolves everywhere, over a hundred for sure, fighting and tearing at each other. The growling could probably be heard a mile away. I see my pack members fighting extremely well, but I can also see the rogues aren’t too bad themselves.

There are some wolves that are already dead, luckily all rogues. However, a lot of my pack members are injured though. Not too bad luckily.

I mind-link my guards, to make sure everyone at the pack house is in the underground bunker, made in the case there was an attack like this.

My head guard replies instantly, letting me know everyone is there and safe, except Jacey and Nora.

Something similar to panic sets in, and I mind-link my sister immediately.

Jacey, go to the underground bunker and take Nora. NOW. Make sure Violet does NOT leave the bar. I demand, knowing full well she will try to defy me.

Ok. She obeys, and I’m more than surprised.

But she is doing what I said and I’m grateful. Now isn’t the time for her stubborn, defiant nature. Normally, Jacey will argue until she get’s her way. And right now that could get her killed.

We race right into the middle of the action, teeth bared and snarling, and I tear into the flesh of a rogue heading toward one of my pack members. I scratch at his back, tearing his skin open causing blood to spill out. His whine is loud, only encouraging my attack. I pull at his skin, then sink my teeth deep into his neck and twist my head quickly. His neck snaps and he falls to the ground dead. Easy.

Cage is taking on two large brown shaggy, dirt covered rogues not too far from me, easily winning against them as he snaps one’s neck and the other’s right after. Meanwhile, Beau is helping a smaller wolf from our pack that was being circled by five angry rogues.

Whining to my left gets my attention, and I see another wolf from my pack being circled, but this one by about eight rogues. I take off toward him, and jump onto the nearest rogue and plant my teeth in the back of his neck and squeeze till it drops to the ground. Five of them turn to me, three still going after my pack member. I head-butt one in the side, throwing him at least twenty-feet away making him skid in the dirt. The four charge at me, growling and snarling. I do a wolfish smirk, then charge at them head on. I leap up, landing on ones back and clawing at him. Leaving long scratch marks down his back and blood flowing out. Then I’m quick to snap his neck.

While doing that, one bites my back leg making me yelp in surprise more than pain, and I spin around quickly and swipe at his face, leaving claw marks on his snout. He turns his head, leaving his neck exposed and I take full advantage of it and kill him.

The other two are taken out quickly, and I see my pack member took on the three himself and got out with little injuries.

The one I threw is back and angry. Multiple come over and surround me, obviously out for the Alpha. I’m not scared.

There’s at least fifteen surrounding me now, all snarling and snapping at me. My wolf Dylan stands tall, puffing out his chest and growls threateningly, then I get into an attack position.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Cage sneaking over to help me. I don’t need it, but he’s got my back like always.

My lips curl back into a snarl, bearing my large, sharp canines as I release a loud, threatening, fear inducing growl that gets everyone’s attention, making them still. If I was in human form, I’d smirk. While my growl distracted them, Cage takes out four without even being noticed. Once he goes to take out rogue number five though, he catches the eyes of the others who were focused on me. There’s my opening, and I jump onto the largest wolf. He didn’t see it coming. But as soon as I land on his back, he starts bucking like a bronco to get me off. I dig my claws into his back and latch onto the skin on the back of his neck to stay on. His head turns, and he snaps at me but misses by an inch. I bite down harder, making him whimper. Then he does something I was expecting. He flips onto his back, crushing me underneath him, then rolls and leaves me on my back.

He comes back to take out my neck, then I roll over and slide underneath him and claw at him from chest to stomach. Blood and intestines gush out and onto me. This causes him to fall over onto his side, making him an easy kill. Biting his neck, I give a quick shake and he’s dead.

I shake out my fur, but the blood still clings to me, matting my fur. I scan the battlefield and see all my pack members are still alive.

Almost all of the rogues are dead now, thank God, but there are still at least fifteen left.

Then I see something that makes me freeze, and an extremely angry growl surface. Standing over by the edge of the makeshift battlefield, are Jacey and Nora. Fucking hell.

I take off at full speed toward my dumb sister and TIC Female, snarling. I take out rogues on my way, and when I reach them I’m completely livid and shaking. I can tell my eyes are glowing. Anyone would run in complete terror of me right now, except them.

JACEY! NORA! What the FUCK are you doing here! I told you to go to the bunker! This is fucking dangerous! And good God, Nora, you’re pregnant! Go somewhere safe, both of you! I shout in the mind-link. And they have the good graces to look sheepish.

I’m sorry, but we couldn’t just let you all fight while we go hide like weak little babies. Jacey replies, and I narrow my eyes at here while growling in anger and annoyance.

It’s too dangerous! GO HOME NOW! I demand, two seconds from using my Alpha tone when I notice two rogues heading in the direction of my bar.

Oh God. Violet. No.

I’m heading toward them in less than a second, leaving Jacey and Nora behind, confused.

In les than five seconds, I hear one pair of footsteps behind me, and I already have a pretty good idea of who it is. And I'm proved right when he runs up beside me.


I run at a speed I didn't know I was capable of, with Cage right on my heels. The rogues are heading right toward my bar where Violet is.

When I arrive in the pitch black parking lot of my bar, with my wolf eye-sight I can see in the dark, and what I see makes panic and rage boil up in me. I see a rogue heading straight for my mate. My stomach turns to knots as complete and utter fear and panic take over me. My mate's in danger.

Violet looks completely terrified, her eyes wide, her skin completely pale, and her fragile body shaking. It's hurts me seeing her so scared. I don't want her scared, ever. I'm supposed to protect her, and seeing her like this makes me sad and livid. I'm going to kill this bastard for trying to hurt my mate.

I charge for it, with Cage right by me and we attack, the red-eyed rogue going down easily. Then my terrified mate screams bloody murder, scaring the hell out of me, and I look up, and my eyes go wide in complete panic when I see the rogue heading toward Violet. I immediately jump into action, charging for the red-eyed one that’s on it’s way to her. The fucker made a horrible mistake going for my mate.

I jump on it’s back and bite the scruff of it’s neck, causing it to shake it’s head trying to throw me off. I hold on tighter and dig my claws into the rogue back. The bastard keeps jumping around, trying to throw me off, but I'm relentless and won’t give up. He messed with my mate, this fucker is going to die.

Then I grab his neck and shake my head roughly, easily snapping the rogue neck and it falls to the ground dead. I look over and see the original rogue is also dead, and then Cage and I stand close to each other in triumph. I turn my head and look at Violet, watching her carefully, and Cage is also watching her, but not as intensely as the I am.

We start to slowly, cautiously, walk toward her and then I see her reach down, feeling for something, and then she grabs something. Then she throws it at us, just barely missing my head and we halt in our tracks.

The two rogues who were dead on the ground, are moving. Shifting back to human form. Oh, fuck. This is going to freak her out even more. Fuck.

Their bodies are moving and soon I see the fur retract into their bodies and their tails disappearing. Violets eyes go wide and a silent scream escapes her lips. Soon, all the fur is gone, the tails disappeared, and their paws turned into human hands and feet. Their snouts shrunk into human noses and mouth’s, and their ears are now human and on the side’s of their heads. The two giant dead wolves just transformed back into their human forms.

Violet screams in horror and fear, then runs toward her car. In panic, I chase after her and Cage follows, making her run faster. Then I jump over her head, landing swiftly in front of her. She screams. It kills me to know she's scared of me. Cage is standing close to her as well, and I notice she is starting to shake.

God, she's terrified.

I should've told her about werewolves, if I had, she wouldn't be scared of me right now. Hopefully.

I look at Cage, and he looks concerned for her.

I start to shift back. No point in staying in wolf form, she already saw the rogues turn back. Cage follows suit, and shifts as well.

Violet covers her eyes, and soon Cage and I are in human form standing in front of her.

When she opens her eyes and sees Cage and I, I swear she paled even more than she already had. She could blend in with a piece of almost translucent tracing paper.

God, how am I going to fix this?

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