Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 17


Deacon is standing in front of me, completely naked and looking sad, but terrified and panicked at the same time.

If I wasn’t completely terrified, I’d admire his naked self.

And why the hell would he be terrified and panicked? He is the terrifying creature, not me!

“Violet please,” He begs, holding his hands up in surrender and cautiously coming closer to me but I am looking at him in complete and utter fear.

And to think, just a few hours ago I almost had sex with him.

“Don’t come any closer. Please.” I beg for my life, terrified of what he could do if he wants to.

His body is covered in blood, and a part of me wants to check and make sure it’s not his, but another part of me is thinking it’s the blood of all his victims he probably murdered.

“We won’t hurt you Violet, I promise you. You’re my mate, you mean everything to me, you are safe with me baby, I promise. Please, let me explain.” Deacon begs, and I can see unshed tears shining in his eyes, and he is coming closer, making me shriek.

I turn around and see an equally naked Cage, also looking panicked and apologetic.

Then I see three more wolves come out of the trees and I scream. I cover my eyes and hear pops and cracks and bones shifting. When I open my eyes, I’m not totally shocked at who I see.

Beau, Nora, and Jacey.

Luckily, they got dressed into some clothes they apparently had hidden somewhere. Beau in some black gym shorts, and Jacey and Nora in pink and aqua sun dresses. Beau tosses Deacon and Cage some shorts, which they put on quickly.

This new reality hits me like a brick to the face. All of them are not human. What. The. Fuck.

What happened to mythical, supernatural and fantasy creatures being just that? Mythical. Fake. Hoax. Legend. Not real.

But here they are, standing right smack in front of me, and it's freaky AF.

“Violet, please calm down. We won’t hurt you.”

Yeah right.

"Please, just let me go home." I plead.

What the hell? Like they wouldn't hurt me. Bullshit. I'm an easy fucking kill to them. I wouldn't stand a fucking chance.

"Violet, you're my mate. I would never, ever, hurt you. You are everything to me. Please, please let me explain what's going on. Please, don't leave me." Deacon begs, tears in his beautiful dark eyes.

I feel my stomach clench at seeing him so sad, but right now I come first. And self preservation is hitting me hard. This is a fight or flight situation, and right now I'm choosing flight. No fucking way I can take them on. Hell, I couldn't take one of them on!

I shake my head, tears falling freely. "Please, don't hurt me." Is my reply, and Deacon looks pained. Like what I said hurt him deeply.

How could I possibly hurt him? He is this giant wolf human hybrid creature thing and he is hurt? The fuck?

"I would never hurt you Violet. You mean the world to me, please listen."

I shake my head, while backing away slowly.

"Violet, please." Jacey begs now, and I look to see them all looking concerned, guilty, worried and sad. "Are you going to kill me?" I whimper, terrified they will kill me now that I know what they are.

Deacon looks completely horrified at the thought and they all shake their heads furiously. "No! God, no! Never! Violet, we would never harm you. And especially never kill you. You're my mate, and the packs Luna." Deacon assures me, but I'm still not convinced. And there it is again, that damn word Luna.

What the fuck does Luna mean? It's obviously not somebody's name. Damn, they just have a billion things they are keeping from me don't they?

"I don't believe that you won't hurt me."

"Violet, I swear to God, we'd never-" Deacon says again, but I cut him off. "No, please. Just, let me go." I beg. "Don't leave me. Please, don't leave me." He begs, and a tear slips out of his eye. My heart clenches, and my chest hurts, but I shake my head.

"Please, let me go home." I can see the conflicted emotions on his face, and I'm afraid he isn't going to let me go, but then he very reluctantly nods.

I run the rest of the way to my car.

Why is this happening to me? I finally find a guy, a good guy -well, I thought he was a good guy- that I love and he turns out to be some mythical creature!? Fuck. I have to worst dating luck.

Why can't my dating luck fucking flip from shithole to prince charming?

Well, I thought Deacon was my prince, but I guess I was fucking wrong.

Seriously? What have I done that is so horrible that I deserve all this shit? First Ryker dumps me without a fight because long distance is 'too hard', then Chad cheats on me, now Deacon turns into some terrifying giant wolf that could kill me with his fucking eyes closed and two legs tied behind his back.

Once I'm at my car, I jump in, slam the key inside, lock the doors and fly out of there.

It didn't take me long to get home, as I was going at least ten mph over the speed limit the whole way. Oops.

The only good luck I fucking have is that I can speed and have no tickets to show for it. Thank God.

Once there, I slammed my door shut and locked my car, then ran the whole way through the lobby and jammed the elevator button. It's two A.M. now, but I couldn't care less about my loud entry. Although there were two people in the lobby who gave me dirty looks. I don't give a fuck. Glare all you fucking want, you're not important to me and I don't give a shit about your opinion or what you think of me.

I grabbed my keys and tried to unlock my door, but my hand was shaking so badly I couldn’t get the key into the lock. The keys slipped from my vibrating hand and fell onto the ground, causing an angry screech to escape my trembling lips. I reached down and grabbed my keys off the carpet then jammed them into the lock, successfully unlocking the door this time.

Once inside I slammed it closed and whirled around to lock it. I locked the bottom and the top lock, then pushed the small table that has the key holder in front of the door as well.

Although I don’t even know why I bothered.

Deacon could break the door down easily. Hell, he could probably break the whole God damn building down if he wanted to. Who knows what he is capable of. He is a monster. He could kill me in his sleep.

“Amber!” I shout as soon as the door is securely blocked. She is probably asleep, but there is a chance she is awake. “Amber!” I shout again as I frantically run through the medium sized apartment looking for my best friend, in fear of what could happen to her if she was anywhere near Deacon, Cage, Jacey, Beau, Nora or any of their friends or family or whatever he wants to call his animal family.

“Amber! Where are you!” I continue, heading down the short hallway toward her bedroom. I don’t bother knocking, I just slam open her bedroom door only to hear the shower running in her bathroom. I breath a huge sigh of relief, then call again, “Amber?” just to be sure. “Hello? Violet? Is that you?” Amber yells over the sound of the water. “Yeah, sorry, I was looking for you.” I yell back, standing near her bathroom door so she could hear me better. “Why? What’s wrong?” Figures, even in the shower she can still hear the fear and panic in my voice. “N-nothing. I’ll tell you later.” I say, then walk out of her room and into the living room.

I lie down onto the couch and pull the fleece throw blanket over me while I flip through TV channels trying to get my mind off him. Although I know nothing will. What the hell was he? And all his little friends and family members are the same. They turned into giant wolves! That isn’t normal!

I am one hundred percent terrified right now, and I have no idea the lengths he will go to, to find me and get me and bring me back with him. He said I’m his, and that scares the fucking hell out of me. He is a giant wolf creature, if he wants me, he can easily take me. Plus it doesn’t help that he knows where I live, so if he was going to get me, he wouldn’t have to search. But if Deacon was coming, he would’ve by now, right?

Maybe I should leave for a while, just until Deacon and his weird family lose interest in me. If I send him a letter saying I am not a threat to their kind maybe they will just all forget about me and let me live my life in peace. I don’t want them to kill me. That thought sent a new wave of fear down my spine and chills to shake my body.

What if he changes his mind and doesn’t want me, but wants to kill me? Then what? I’m no match for him, hell, I’m no match for Jacey! The girl could snap me in two before I got a chance to blink! I’m so fucking screwed my only option is to flee.

Wait, what about Amber? Would they all come after her too? I can’t just leave my best friend here to fend for herself against these wolf-people! She’s not safe either!

And what about my parents? I can’t just abandon them either! Would Deacon go so far as to go after my parents? He said I am his and he would never hurt me and he would protect me with his life, but it seems I need the protecting from him.

But it’s weird, as scared as I am of them all, I still have this feeling inside me and in my heart telling me there is no place safer or better for me than with Deacon himself. I can’t help my feelings for him, they are too strong. Too, right. The feeling that I am meant for him and he is meant for me won’t go away. If I am telling the truth, up until I saw him change into a gigantic wolf, I have never felt safer or more loved by anyone. Deacon just had this sense of security around him, like nothing could ever hurt me if he was there. But then he turns into my worst danger ever.

The feelings for Deacon are a hundred times stronger than they ever were for Chad. And as much as I am scared and want to run as far away as possible from him, there is another part of me telling me to run back to him, not to leave him. That I need him. And that part scares the hell out of me.

I don’t want to need him. I need to get away from him, he could kill me in his sleep! I used to see his arms as something that always made me feel protected and safe, now I see how they could snap me in half if he was angry.

He was huge! He was a big as an average sized fucking horse!

Amber is finally out of the shower and entered the living room in her lounge clothes which consisted of a grey tank top and cotton shorts. “Now, what did you need to tell me?” Amber asks me as she plops down on the couch beside me. I took a deep breath. “Deacon, Cage, Jacey, Beau, Nora and the rest of them are all human wolf hybrid things. I saw it. Deacon turned into this huge wolf!” I tell her with all the sincerity and seriousness in my voice I have ever used.

Amber just looked at me. “I’m serious.” She looked at me like I grew two heads and was riding a shark while playing piano. Then her lips twitched and she burst out laughing. Her laughter got louder and she threw her head back in amusement.

“Oh, God, that was a good one Vi! You almost had me for a second.” She laughs, her eyes twinkling with amusement and her body shaking from laughter.

She doesn’t believe me, she think’s I’m joking. Oh, great, how am I going to get her to believe me that this isn’t a prank? Well, I will just have to prove it to her, somehow, without actually going anywhere near them.

“Amber, Deacon is a wolf hybrid or a werewolf or whatever. They all are.” I tell her and she continues laughing. “Oh wow, where do you come up with this stuff?” Amber chortles.

“Amber, listen to me. This isn’t a joke. I swear to God, I am telling you the truth. This isn’t a joke or a prank.” I inform her seriously and her laughter stops and she looks at me seriously now.

"What do you mean this isn't a joke? Of course, it is. There is no way you're serious. Just give up already, I don't believe it. Good try though." Amber tells me, amusement dancing in her eyes. I growled in irritation.

What do I have to do to get her to believe me?

"Amber, I swear to God, I am telling you the truth. You know me well enough to know when I'm joking and when I'm serious. I'm fucking serious so you need to fucking believe me." I tell her, maybe a little too harshly as she flinched.

"Ok. I believe you...kinda." Amber says, muttering the last part while looking down. "What do you mean, kinda?" I ask, with a raised brow. "I believe you're telling me the truth, and you're scared, but werewolves? Really? You're starting to sound a little bit, bonkers." Amber says, looking confused and concerned for my mental health. "I'm not crazy. They all turned into giant fucking wolves. I swear!" I defend, trying to prove I'm not bonkers.

"Well, did you hit your head at all?" Amber asks gently and I gape at her, while looking at her in shock and disbelief. "Amber! I'm not bonkers and I didn't hit my head!" I shout at her in bewilderment. I can't believe she thinks I've gone mental.

"Are you sle-" I cut her off. "I'm not sleep deprived either Amber. I know what I saw. They are all werewolves." I tell her firmly, and give her a look that's daring her to argue. She takes the hint, and nods. "Ok. What happened? And are you ok?" Concern now taking over, and she starts looking me over for injuries.

"I'm fine, psychically." She nods.

"I was walking towards my car, when a giant wolf with red eyes came at me. I started to run and a second one showed up." She gasped. "It came at me, and I was terrified. Then two more wolves showed up and killed them. That's when I heard bones cracking and shifting. I looked back at the two dead wolves and saw they were now humans. I ran like hell toward my car. Then the two wolves who killed them chased me, and the larger one, that was jet black, jumped over me and stood in front of me. The other behind me. Then I covered my eyes and heard bones cracking again. I opened my eyes, and I saw Deacon and Cage standing there. And then I saw more wolves walk up, and they turned into Jacey, Nora and Beau." Ambers face is painted in shock and fear, and she looks a little pale. "Deacon and Cage kind of...saved me." I admit.

"Oh my God." Amber breathes out, and she runs a hand threw her hair, her face still looking pale.

"Wait, if they saved you, why are you so scared of them?" Amber asks confused, and I blank for a minute. Why am I so scared of them? Like she said, they saved my life. So, why am I so scared? But, I'm also not scared. It's weird. Half of me is telling me to run from Deacon, but the other much stronger half is telling me to never leave him.

I can't help how I feel about him. I love him. He doesn't know that -thank God- but I do. So, so much. I have always felt safe with him, and like he sees me as something special. I see the way he looks at me. It's a lot more than just like. I think he loves me. That thought makes me smile slightly, before I remember what he is.

My phone dinged. I felt dread settle into my stomach and my breath hitched in total fear. Reaching into my purse, I grabbed my cell phone out and unlocked it. One new message. From Deacon. Should I read it? What if it’s a threat?

Deciding to not be a coward, I opened the text.

DEACON: Violet please! Please let me explain what you saw. I promise I will NEVER hurt you, ever! You are mine, my mate, I will protect you forever! Please forgive me. Please, don't leave me. I need you.

Oh my God. He sounds so sad.

"Is it Deacon?" She asks softly, and I nod. "What did he say?" I open my mouth to tell her, then my phone dings again.

Another text.

DEACON: Violet, you are everything to me. I swear to God, you are safe with me and my pack. Please, forgive me and come back to me.

A tear streams down my face. He said I'm everything to him. "What? What did he say?" Amber pushes and I hand her my phone. When she's done reading it, I can see on her face she wants me to forgive him and go to him. I may be terrified, but she is kind of right. He and Cage saved my life.

I'm proved right when she says firmly, "Go to him."

"Amber, it's two in the morning-" I'm cut off. "I. Don't. Care. He and Cage saved your life. Sure, they may be werewolves apparently -which is kind of awesome- but I can tell he loves you. And I know you love him. I can see it on both of your faces. So, go to him. Or have him come here and I'll ask Mrs. Harper if I can stay at her apartment for the night." Amber suggests, looking like she thought of the most wonderful idea in the world.

My wide eyes suggest otherwise and she gives me an irritated look. "Come on Vi, it's a good idea. You were gonna lose it to him tonight anyway. Or wait, did you already?" She perks up and I give her a seriously look. "Do I look, sound, or smell, like I've had sex?" I ask sarcastically and she scowls. "No. Why didn't you?" She asks and I give a laugh. "Did you miss the part where I said I was attacked?" I ask her sarcastically, while at the same time amused. She gives me a blank look. "Before that, dumbo." Is her reply. "No. Right when we were about to, he stopped and told me I deserved a bed, not a couch in the back of a bar." Amber awed at that, and I couldn't help my small smile. "Anyway, then Cage and Beau walked in, and then Deacon left. I stayed there for hours waiting for him. Then I finally left, and that's when I was almost attacked and they saved me."

"So, get over your scaredy cat fear, and go forgive him and jump his bones like you were going to tonight anyway." I gape at her. Only Amber would suggest sex after you almost got eaten alive by a fucking werewolf. Which are real. I swear, only her.

"Really?" I ask, in disbelief and she nods enthusiastically, her hair bouncing up and down. I giggle, then turn serious again. She notices. "Amber, I'm still scared. Ryker hurt me, Chad hurt me, now Deacon hurt me. And, he turns into this giant wolf that could psychically hurt me, or kill me." I gulp, fear making it's way back.

Amber slaps the back of my head. And not gently either. "What the hell was that for!?" I yell, glaring at her and rubbing the back of my head. She glares right back. I don't flinch.

"Because you're being stupid." Is her answer. "How am I being stupid!" I yell and she gives me a you're an idiot look. "You're being stupid, because you think he will hurt you. Why would he save your life just to turn around and hurt you? What do you think? He want's to kill you himself?" Amber asks jokingly and I felt myself pale. "It's possible." I mumble and she slaps my head again. "Ow!" I glare again. "Violet! He loves you! It's obvious! He wouldn't save your life just to turn around and kill you! Now stop being an idiot and go to him. You love him, you know it. Go make up with him. And get it on." Amber tells me and I face palm.

Oh Lord. Only Amber.

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