Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 2

DEACON (starting from before the bar fight)

I just got back from my run around the border in my all black large Alpha wolf form, with Cage, my Beta who is also my best friend. His wolf is slightly smaller than mine but larger than most werewolves as he is the Beta, and a brownish gray color.

And unlike all those werewolf movies where we turn into huge, scary beasts, that’s all bullshit. We turn into wolves, albeit, wolves the size of a horse, but still, wolves. Not some two-legged monster who only turns on a full moon, blacks out and goes on a rampage killing half the town.

There has been more rogue sightings lately and it’s pissing me off. I hate rogues more than anything and when they think they can just trespass on my land, it pisses me off to no end. Just last week a small group of rogues tried to get on my land, thinking we wouldn’t notice. Apparently, they don’t know my packs reputation as one of the most feared.

Luckily, I have great patrol wolves who caught them before they could get through into pack territory. The last thing I need is them getting anywhere near my pack members, especially near the pups.

Unfortunately, two escaped but the ones that didn’t were either killed or locked in the cellars for questioning. The cellars are underground and about a mile away from the pack house which is only a ten minute walk from my bar.

I shift back into my human form once I get to the backdoor of my bar which is facing the woods, which I did purposefully for these types of situations. I’ve had to run out on several occasions for Alpha work, and getting out without humans seeing me was becoming a challenge.

So I blocked off the whole back of the building which faces the woods, so no humans can get back here.

I grab the pair of grey workout shorts I left by the door and quickly pull them on, tossing the second pair to Cage and he grins gratefully at me. “Thanks.” I just chuckle.

As werewolves it has become normal to be naked around one another, although seeing another man naked is nothing that I want to see. Especially not my best friend.

Cage and I have been best friends since birth, so we have known each other for twenty-one years. I am three months older than him though, but we are basically brothers.

My Father was the Alpha before me, and Cage’s Father was the Beta before him. I took over the Alpha position when I turned eighteen, three years ago. As he took the Beta position when he turned eighteen. I have been raised to become Alpha, so when I became it I was prepared.

My Father had me helping out with Alpha work ever since I was fifteen. Starting with paperwork mostly then adding more when I could handle it.

Once inside my large office, I grab some different clothes from my closet and change into them as workout shorts are not appropriate work clothes.

My office has a large desk which holds my HP laptop, my printer, and all my shit loads of paperwork. But only the paperwork for my bar and roadhouse, nothing related to the pack. In the unfortunate case a human broke in and saw pack paperwork, that would not end well.

The human would most likely have to be killed so our secret is not revealed. The only humans who know about us are mated to werewolves.

The first person I killed was a rogue, and I was only sixteen. My little sister Jacey and I were taking a run through the territory that day when we ran into the small rogue. Jacey was only fourteen at the time and I happen to be extremely protective of her. As I still am. We were deep into the woods of our pack, and we smelled something rotten. All rogues smell like rotten garbage mixed with sewer water, and amp that up. They reek. There was a rogue on our land, and me having Alpha blood and being the over-protective big brother that I am, I was beyond pissed.

The rogue being a typical rogue, went right for Jacey, aiming at her throat. She was shaking. I blocked her, causing him to jump onto my back instead. I fought him off easily and snapped his neck. He didn’t put up too much of a fight as he wasn’t very strong, and was easy for me to take on. My number one regret of that day is that Jacey had to see me kill somebody.

I sat down at the black chair behind my desk and continued on my piles of paperwork for the restaurant part of the building. I have a small cooler sitting beside my desk, and I reach into it and pull out a beer. I am not much of a drinker, but I do have a beer every now and then.

Or a harder drink -like scotch or tequila- if I am in a really horrible mood. But I have to be in a really, really bad mood. Like I said, alcohol really isn’t my thing.

Now Cage on the other hand, he drinks more than I do. In fact he takes advantage of the fact that I own the bar and he is the manager. He drinks a lot of my stock, especially if he throws a party at the pack house.

I have over five-hundred pack members, and one large pack house that has over fifty bedrooms. So, not everyone lives in the pack house, but most do. If they don’t, they live in houses on pack territory.

My pack, The Dark Moon Pack, is one of the most strong, thriving, and feared packs out there, which I take great pride in. I am also one of the most feared Alphas. I am nice enough, but don’t get on my bad side if you want to live.

My parents, Lorain and Shawn Rock, have taught me how to fight since I was five-years-old. I learned how to run my pack right when I was young and how to be fair.

Cage and his mate, my sister Jacey, are in the lounge room that is for all of us only, watching some movie. They invited me, but I had way too much work to do. Plus, Jacey is forcing him into watching some chick flick. I would rather stab my tongue with a fork than have to suffer through The Notebook, again. When that movie came out, Jacey made me watch it with her. And by made, I mean black-mailed. Yep. My little sister blackmailed me. An Alpha, she black-mailed a fucking Alpha. She is so lucky she is my little sister.

How? She had a video of me when I was fifteen-years-old, hammered as fuck in the middle of a large party I threw at the pack house after Mom and Dad said no. Now, I may have Alpha blood, but that doesn’t mean my parents didn’t scare the shit out of me when they were angry. Especially my Father. So I did anything to keep that video a secret.

Cage thought it was hilarious, until Jacey made him suffer through it too. That was before they found out they were mates, but Jacey still basically controlled both of us.

She is lucky we love her so much.

The pack and my family mean everything to me. The only thing that could possibly ever mean more to me is my mate, when I find her. Most werewolves find their mates at seventeen or eighteen. I am twenty-one, so yeah, I am starting to lose hope.

I have found ways to fill the void though. One night stands with human women or she-wolves who mean nothing to me and don’t last more than one night. Never twice. I don’t do clingy. And if you do a girl more than once, she acts like she owns you.

My Third In Command, Beau Owen, learned that lesson the hard way. He screwed one of the she-wolves in my pack -Britney Townsen- more than once, and she controlled his every move. Annoying as hell. Everyone hated her as she clung to his arm, glared and threatened any girl who looked his way, and acted like she was the TIC Female, she wasn’t. She even went on about how he is going to mark her soon. He didn’t and wasn’t planning on it either. She was not happy and took her anger out on anyone and everyone, except me. She at least knew better than to piss me off.

She did tend to stay a good distance from me, as one look from me and she paled several shades and learned to steer clear. I’m not one of the most feared Alpha’s out there for no reason.

Luckily, after four agonizingly long Britney filled months -not from his lack of trying to get rid of her- Beau found his mate, Nora Scott.

Britney was livid. It got so bad, I had to use my Alpha command on her to make her leave him and his mate alone because she tried to kill Nora.

It worked, obviously, but it only made her have to psychically leave them alone. As in, she couldn’t come near or talk to them. But that didn’t stop her from stalking their every move, leaving death threats on their bedroom door, and having her little group of friends harass Nora numerous times.

I eventually made Britney leave the pack, and we have not -thank God- seen her since. That was one year ago.

I look out the window, the full moon is bright and at it’s peak, lighting up my parking lot. I glance down at the clock on my phone. It’s almost twelve thirty A.M.


“Alpha! There is a fight going on in the bar! It’s the bikers again!” Roy, one of my pack members who is also my bartender, shouts as he runs into my office looking pale and panicked. Fucking hell. I growl lowly in irritation and push myself off my chair hard, causing it to fall over. Those fucking bikers love to get wasted, get into fights, damage my property and get on my fucking nerves on a daily basis.

“They are ganging up on one guy, he is not going to come out of this well, if at all. I tried to stop it but then they threatened me as well.” Roy explains, as we walk toward the bar door. “Fuckers.” I growl out. Roy runs through the door still holding the baseball bat with a determined look on his face, and I follow right after.

I am extremely pissed off, and I head straight toward the fight going on. All seven of them are circling him, and looking murderous. The human guy is down now, with a black eye, a bloody nose and a cut lip. The poor guy is holding his ribs, which are probably broken. He doesn’t look too good. These pain in my ass bikers are vicious and don’t take shit. Lucky for the human, so am I.

“Hey! Break it the fuck up now! He is down, leave him alone and get the fuck out! I don’t tolerate this shit in my bar!” I command. And one of the bikers just looks at me. “Screw you dude, back off. This guy started it.” One of them yells at me and I smirk.

“I don’t give a flying fuck who started it, I own this place, now leave.” I said lowly and used some of my Alpha voice. The bikers flinched and all immediately backed off, then headed straight for the door and proceeded to leave my bar. I heard the rumbling of multiple motorcycles, as they all sped off. That’s what I thought, dumbass’s. How many times do I have to tell them to quit starting shit in my bar? Fuck. If they were werewolves and in my pack they would be in deeper shit with me than they already are.

“Yo, Deacon! That was awesome man. Those bikers are a pain in the ass.” Cage tells me as he walks in here from the back where he was with Jacey. “Tell me about it, damn assholes. You alright?” I tell Cage, then look down at the human who is on my floor bleeding and bruised.

“Do I fucking look alright?” He asks sarcastically and I raise an eyebrow in disbelief and anger. Human or not, I am an Alpha and I don’t tolerate disrespect. Seriously, this guy is almost beaten to a pulp, and if I hadn’t of come out here he would probably be either a lot worse or dead and he doesn’t have the decency to thank me? Wow.

“Dumbass. He just saved your cheating ass and you thank him with a sarcastic comment. Seriously? I know you’re drunk off your ass but seriously Chad, thank the guy.” The most beautiful voice I have ever heard says to the dick and then I smell it. The most amazing thing I have ever smelled in my life. It smells like black raspberries and vanilla.

How did I not notice when I walked in? Maybe I was too distracted and focused on the fight to pay attention. My wolf, Dylan, is bouncing around happily in my head and howling in joy.

I look up and see her, the owner to the beautiful voice. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen a lot of attractive women.

Mate! Mate! Mate!

Dylan yells ecstatically in my head and tries to take control, all he wants to do is talk to her himself. And then it clicks, why she smells so great. She is my mate. I have finally found my mate, the girl who I have waited my whole twenty-one years to find and is meant for me.

I give her a crooked grin and she blushes -which is fucking adorable- while smiling slightly, then glares at the guy on the ground who is trying to push himself up. “Fine, thank you.” He grumbles, attempting to stand. He is pretty beat up. “Fuck, I think a rib is cracked.” He groans. “You deserve it.” My gorgeous mate mutters quietly. “Excuse me?” the guy asks, incredulous. “You deserved it for cheating on me. Albeit, you didn’t deserve it to this extent but you still deserved to get your ass kicked.” She tells him and shrugs.

Cage looks shocked and amused then he laughs, I am pissed off that she dated this asshole and he had the nerve to cheat on such a perfect girl, but I’m slightly amused that she said he deserved to get his ass kicked. And the guy looks shocked. I don’t like the thought of any male touching what is rightfully mine, and I am resisting the urge to finish him off for even laying a finger on her.

“You dated this tool?” Cage asks laughing. Yeah, the guy is a tool. Although, calling him ‘that dead guy’ sounds so much better in my opinion. Although if I killed my mates ex-boyfriend, she would probably hate me and that is the last thing I want.

“Tool?! If anyone is a tool, it’s your wimp ass bartender who ran away.” He yells, as he finally stands. Now I am even angrier. Roy may not be the toughest, but he is not a wuss. And I told him to notify me if the bikers started anything again anyway. So, I really don’t like this guy.

“Ok, you need to leave too.” I tell him seriously, while crossing my arms over my chest. My beautiful but sad looking mate stifles a giggle, which all three of us notice. I am very pleased she seems to want him to leave, Cage looks way too amused, and the injured guy looks miffed. He doesn’t seem that drunk anymore but he still isn’t sober enough to drive home either. Shit, I don’t want my mate giving him a ride. She. Is. Mine. He will not touch what is mine ever again.

“Give me your keys and call an Uber.” She orders him and he looks at her. Thank God, she isn’t going to drive him. “I’m fine.” He waves it off. This guy is seriously a dumbass. It’s bad enough he was dumb enough to take on seven guys almost twice his size, while he is drunk, now he wants to drive home wasted? He has no common sense.

“No, you’re not. Call an Uber Chad. I may be hurt and pissed at you, but I am not letting you drive drunk. I loved you for two years, hell I still love you because I can’t just turn it off, I am not going to let you kill yourself in a car accident.” She admits looking down, playing with her thumbs nervously. Ok, that hurt and pissed me off knowing she loves the guy. Dylan growled in my head, and I had to resist the urge to growl out loud, although I think a small growl broke through. She should not love any guy other than me! I am her mate, not him!

“Fine.” He grumbles. He pulls out his cell phone and calls an Uber driver I’m guessing. She waited until the car arrived, and we all stood in awkward silence. Ten minutes later, the Uber arrives and Chad leaves. My mate -thank the Lord- walks back into the bar after I’m assuming, helping him into the car.

“Fuck.” She says, and finally let the tears fall and cries silently as she sits on a bar stool. “Are you alright?” I ask her, worried and concerned. Now Dylan is whimpering, he doesn’t like seeing his mate in pain and neither do I. “I’m fine.” She lie’s and whips away her tears. We both give her disbelieving looks and sit on the bar stools beside her. She raise’s an eyebrow at me and I smile softly. “Thanks for stopping the fight before it got any worse.” My mate thanks me and I nod. If I had known the dude getting beaten to a pulp was her cheating boyfriend now ex, I probably wouldn’t of stopped it. But I am not going to tell her that.

“What happened?” I ask. I need to know who started the fight this time. Although it is always the bikers, always. She sighs loudly and slumps her shoulders. “My now ex-boyfriend, or the tool as you”, - She points at Cage, who grins- “called him, was my boyfriend. He stood me up, lying that he was sick and then his roommate told me he was here. So I came here, found him kissing some other girl who told me they had had sex many times. So I dumped him. He wasn’t happy and wouldn’t let me leave, then the biker guy came over and told Chad to let me go. Chad got pissed. He hit the biker, then hit him a second time, then the biker hit him, then the rest came over as backup. That’s pretty much it.” She explains and we nod in understanding, looking solemn.

Wow, that’s the first time it wasn’t the bikers who hit first. If they weren’t human, I would’ve had them locked in the cellars for their disrespect toward me and my property. All they do is starts fights, make a shit ton of noise, and stink up my place with all their cigars and cigarettes. Not to mention causing the bathrooms to reek of sex when they leave with their sluts they always bring.

“I’m Deacon Rock, and this is Cage Garret, my best friend and the manager.” I introduce us. God, she has the most beautiful jet-black hair I’ve ever seen, and her eyes are hypnotizing they are such a brilliant ocean blue that I could get lost in for hours. How I so badly want to touch her skin that looks so smooth, and then get her into bed and mark and mate her.

“I’m Violet White.” My mate says. What a perfect name for her. It fits her. She reaches her hand out to me and I take it and I immediately feel the amazing sparks, which I know she can feel too.

Now I know why Cage can never keep his hands off Jacey. Although the fact that Jacey is my little sister and knowing she and my best friend fully mated both pissed me off and grossed me out. But now I completely understand. The sparks feel amazing and I feel complete with her. I smile brightly when our hands touch and I hear her breath hitch which makes me want to smirk, but I don’t. The last thing I need to do is scare her off by making her think I am some arrogant asshole.

All these sparks make me want to do is get closer to her and keep touching her smooth fair skin, anything to keep this feeling and keep her close. I look at her and she is looking down at our joined hands confused, but happy at the same time. Cage looks shocked, his brown eyes widening and I mind-link him quickly.

She’s my mate, I have found my Luna. I tell him happily.

Then he looks absolutely ecstatic, and I see his eyes fog over, he is probably mind-linking Jacey, who I know will come running out here any minute to meet my mate and her Luna. Violet pulls her hand back, although I really didn’t want her to. I love touching her, and looking at her.

“Violet, what a beautiful name.” I tell her and I can’t help but love the way her name sounds so perfect on my lips. “Oh, thank you.” She says, blushing, which is the cutest thing I have ever seen. My wolf and I have decided we love seeing her blush.

“So, are you going to be ok Lu-“-I shoot him a firm look- “I mean Violet?” Cage corrects himself. Idiot, he almost called her Luna. She is human, so I am guessing she doesn’t know about werewolves. If she did, the sparks wouldn’t of confused her as much as they did.

Violet nods, giving a small smile as she stands up. She’s leaving! I don’t want her to leave! I don’t even have her phone number, and I need her! She can’t leave! What if she leaves and I can’t find her again! I’ve waited twenty-one years for a mate, she can’t leave me! I finally found my mate, and I don’t plan on letting her go.

NO! Mate can’t leave! Stop her! Dylan yells in my head panicked and I agree completely.

“Yeah, but I’m going to head home. Bye guys.” She waves as she turns toward the door. I can’t let her leave, so I do the only thing I can think of. I grab her arm, and I feel the amazing sparks that come with every touch.

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