Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 22

VIOLET (slightly mature content)

I run to him at a speed I didn’t know I could reach. I don’t even care that he’s in wolf form, I wrap my arms around his large, furry neck and cling to him like a lifeline. I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt his fur getting wetter and wetter. He whimpers and whines upon hearing me cry. I cry harder and hug him tighter. “Oh, God, Deacon. I missed y-you so, so much! I’m so sor-sorry! I was so scared, I th-thought something ha-happened to you! Please, don’t leave me again! I’m sorry for everything!” I sob, and he whimpers and nuzzles his large wolf head against my neck. “Don’t leave me again! I need you!”

I hear bones cracking and shifting and I feel his body changing. Then strong arms are wrapped around me and a warm, smooth body is pressed against me. “It’s ok, Violet. I’m here, I won’t leave you again.” His smooth voice is soothing, but I cry even harder. “Promise?” I ask, my lip wobbling. “I promise.” He answers firmly. “And you have nothing to be sorry for. You were scared, I understand.” I shake my head. “I should’ve known you wouldn’t hurt me. It’s my fault you left, I’m so sorry!” I sob harder, my body shaking from the force of it. “God, Violet, please stop crying. It hurts me seeing you cry. I don’t want you to cry. Everything’s ok now. I’m here baby, it’s ok. I’m sorry I left. I won’t ever leave you again. Please, baby, stop crying.” He comforts me, his hand rubbing my back, but I just cling to him tighter and continue crying.

“I love you, Violet.” He tells me and my heart swells, and I feel this warmth overwhelm me.

I freeze for a second, more tears flow out, but then I pull back and kiss him. I kiss him long and hard, revealing my feelings in the kiss. When we break away from the kiss, we’re out of breath and panting. I didn’t know how much I needed to hear those words come out of his mouth till now. “I love you too. More than anything in the world.” I tell him, and I mean it. He smiles at me, and for the first time in days I can breathe easy again.

“I-” I go to apologize again, but he kisses me. I respond instantly, opening my mouth for him when he licks my bottom lip. I wrap my arms around his neck tighter, and he pulls me tighter against him. So close, I can feel his friend down there. He’s huge and hard as a fucking rock. And for some reason, I can feel him really well. Like the only barrier between it and me is my clothing. My eyes go wide as the realization hits me like a brick in the face. I shriek, jumping back and out of his grasp. “Deacon! You’re naked!” I screech and he smirks, looking amused. “Yes, I am. Why aren’t you?” He responds smirking wider and I blush, gaping at him in shock. “Gee, I don’t know. Maybe because we’re in the middle of the woods and there are six people behind us!” I reply, pointing at them for emphasis. Jacey looks grossed out at her brother’s nudity, but happy for us at the same time. Cage is amused as always, and the others look happy for our reunion. I try not to let my eyes stray further than his abs, but his V-lines are so damn tempting to follow.

Get your mind out of the gutter, Violet.

I shake my head to clear my dirty mind, but it doesn’t do much when my very sexy, very naked mate is one foot away from me. And all I want to do is touch every inch of his glorious body. If only we were alone…

He laughs, seeming more amused by the minute. Then a pair of shorts smack him right in the face. I try to contain my laughter, but fail when I hear Amber, Nora and Jacey giggling. He slips the shorts on after glaring at Cage who’s smirking away in uncontained amusement. He sees Nash and surprises flashes across his face. “Hey. I’m not trying to be rude, but, what are you doing here?” Deacon asks -a now amused looking- Nash. “Good to see you too, buddy.” He replies, mirth dancing in his brown eyes. Deacon laughs. “It’s good to see you Nash, but you still didn’t answer my question.” Deacon says, looking amused but suspicious.

“I’m here because your mate and pack members were worried sick about you and couldn’t find you so I came to help.” He explains to Deacon. He frowns and looks at me. “I’m sorry I worried you. I won’t do it again baby, I promise.” He swears, hugging me again. “You sure know how to cover your tracks. It took us days and an Alpha to track you down.” I mumble into his neck. He nods. “It’s a very handy skill I happen to possess.” He tells me. “Sure is.” I mutter, angry at the fact that he is so good at hiding. “Although, I don’t get why you guys didn’t check here in the first place. You all should’ve thought of this place. You all know this is where I come to think.” Deacon says, looking shocked and confused as to why we didn’t think of it. “It kind of just slipped our minds apparently.” Cage answers, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

I face palm. “Idiot.” I mutter to myself. Why didn’t I think of this place first? I’m so stupid. “Tell me the truth, have you been here the whole time you’ve been gone?” I ask, not quite sure I actually want the answer. If he says yes, I’m only going to feel even more stupid than I do right now. “No, not the first day. I figured this is the first place everyone would look. Guess I was wrong on that one. I came here the next day.” Deacon replies and I take a deep breath and I see Cage face palm.

“Ok, next question. Did you hear us yelling to you?” God, if he says yes, I’m going to punch him for not responding. He shakes his head. “No, I didn’t.” I breathe out a sigh of relief that I didn’t know I was holding. “Why did you block everyone out? Didn’t you realize how worried we were? Why didn’t you answer!” I’m starting to get angry now, and I can tell they all noticed because I saw everyone take a small step back away from me. “I was so damn scared you were hurt and you couldn’t of responded!? Why-” He cuts me off. “I did answer Jacey!” Deacon defends, holding up his hands. “Once! And you only said, ‘I’m fine’! And then you blocked her out again! I was terrified something happened to you! And all I could think of was the last thing I said to you was please don’t hurt me. And I was dying a little inside everyday that I couldn’t find you!” Tears have started streaming down my face once again.

I thought I had gotten all my emotions out, guess not. I hit his chest. “I thought I was never going to see you again and that thought nearly crippled me! I never knew I could hurt so much. I love you so much and knowing I was the one who pushed you away killed me! And I blame myself for you leaving, because it is my fault!” I cry harder, my chest heaving from the frequency of my tears.

“Violet! None of this was your fault! It was my decision to leave, you didn’t make me-” I cut him off. “If I hadn’t of run away from you in fear, you never would’ve left. It’s all my fault.” I fall to my knees, sobbing pathetically. Deacon follows me down and pulls me to his chest. “Violet, this is not your fault. Listen to me, I left on my own. Yes, it was because I was hurt that you were afraid of me-”

“See! It is my fault! You just admitted it!” He face palms loudly then pinches the bridge of his nose. “No, I didn’t. I said I left because I was upset you were scared of me. I shouldn’t of run. I should’ve waited and seen what would happen. But I didn’t. It was my own stupidity. It wasn’t because of you. I promise.” He promises, but I can’t stop crying. He looks so broken looking at me cry, which weirdly only makes me cry more.

“Violet, he’s the idiot who ran. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. Now stop crying. We’re going to end up punching him for making you cry in a second.” Cage tells me and despite myself I laugh a little. I wipe eyes and curl more into Deacon. Loving his warmth and the sparks I’ve missed so much. “I’m sorry.” Deacon growls so suddenly I jump. “Stop apologizing. If I hear you apologize one more time I’m putting duct tape on your mouth.” I start laughing, then look at his face and realize he’s serious.

He gives me a stern look. I raise my hands in defense. “Ok, ok, I’ll stop apologizing. Geez, no need for threats.” I joke and his lips twitch. “Alright, well, I’m starving.” Jacey breaks the silence and I laugh. “Me too. I’m eating for two, I need food.” Nora adds. Then my stomach sounds like a dying whale. I bury my face in Deacons smooth chest which rumbles with his laughter. “Let’s head home and get some food.” Deacon says, standing up and pulling me up with him. They all head behind trees to shift.

Deacon walks out in his gorgeous black wolf form and lowers himself to the ground so I can hop on his back. I grip onto his fur and pull myself on. I can still feel the sparks his touch causes and it’s different feeling it between my legs. I almost moaned when I settled myself on his back. I’ll be lucky if I can get back to the restaurant without -as Amber put it- a ‘big finish’. God, that was embarrassing.

He immediately starts to trot in a way that hits right between my legs in just the right spot. I see Deacon do a wolf-y smirk when he sees me bite back a moan and I jam my heel into his side. A huff/snort like sound escapes him and I’m guessing it was a wolf version of a laugh. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Horny arrogant bastard.

“Deacon,” I mutter through gritted teeth when he specifically puts pressure on the spot right between my legs. He moves faster and a whimper like moan escapes me. “Stop. It.” I hiss and pinch his ear. He whines and shakes his head and I release his ear. I give him a smug smirk and he narrows his eyes at me. I giggle.

“Deacon, I’m-” He growls and I yelp in shock. “I wasn’t going to apologize again you idiot!” I smack his head. “I was going to say I’m hungry.” He looks sheepish and I give him an amused slash annoyed look. “How much farther? I’m hungry too.” Amber pipes in and I hear her stomach. “Geez. And I thought I was hungry.” I laugh and she blushes while narrowing her eyes at me. “No laughing at me Miss I’m-trying-not-to-climax.” Amber shoots back at me and I gape at her. “How did you...” I let the sentence trail off as I stare at her in shock. “I could hear you moan and I looked at your face and saw you biting your lip. And they all heard it too because they all turned their heads to look at you.” Amber informs me and my cheeks flame.

I’m going to kill him.

I smack Deacon on the head again. He yelps in shock. “This is all your fault you horny Alpha!” I hiss while glaring at him. The bastard has the nerve to look smug. Asshole.

I roll my eyes and lean back, trying to take the pressure off of that spot. Although the embarrassment has quickly taken care of my issue as I’m no longer throbbing. Which is both good and down right humiliating. He always seems to make me hot and bothered. I’ve decided it’s one of his many talents. Get me aroused then leave me hanging. Jerk. But if what I want goes my way, he won’t be leaving me hanging anymore.

It’s still bright out, which is good. Even though I have six werewolves with me, after being attacked by rogues I’m not to fond of being outside at night anymore. But the great thing is, is that I’m no longer afraid of werewolves. In fact I’m in love with one. And he loves me. That thought brings a smile to my face. Deacon loves me. And he’s mine. All mine. And I’m all his. Forever.

It doesn’t take too long to reach the bar, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see the place since by now my stomach is growling like crazy. I slide off Deacons back once he lies down and pet his adorable head. They all shift back behind varies trees, and come out fully clothed. Thank God. Although if Deacon hadn’t been...Let’s just say I wouldn’t have complained.

When he walks out dressed in black jeans and a steel grey V-neck it nearly makes my mouth water. I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his waist, hugging him tightly to me. He doesn’t hesitate to wrap his strong arms around me. “I really missed you.” I whisper to him and pull him closer. “I missed you too.” He whispers back then kisses my forehead. I smile. “I love you.” I tell him, the sincerity in my voice is so strong it made it almost hard to talk. “I love you too.” Deacon tells me, then grabs my hand. “Let’s go get you some food. Your stomach’s been growling for an hour now.” He chuckles out. I blush and nod, following him in through the back entrance.

We all go straight through the bar and into the restaurant. My stomach starts growling once again and I glare at it, willing it to shut up. We take his private booth in the back and all pick up our menus. I’m so hungry everything looks good at this point. “Your place. What do you recommend?” I ask Deacon. He grins. “The bacon lover’s burger. That’s what I’m getting. But then again I’m just happy to have something other than deer.” I slap a hand over my mouth to stop the gag. “So you have been eating Bambi?” I ask, horrified. He chuckles. “Well, no, not him specifically.” Deacon jokes and I slap his arm gently. “That’s just gross.” I scrunch my nose.

I look at Amber beside me. “Poor deer.” She says and I nod. Then a waiter walks up to the table. He sees Deacon and slightly moves to the side of the table. I see Deacon cringe. I look between the two of them. “Did something happen?” I ask pointing at the two of them and Jacey bursts out laughing. Cage and Beau soon join her while Nora tries to contain her laughter. “I-it was hil-hilarious!” Jacey gets out through her laughter. “What was?” Amber says, with a raised brow. I take a drink of my water. “Deacon got drunk, then hurled right when Tip here walked up to the table with the food. He reeled back and slipped, spilling hot food all over himself.” Cage explains and I spew my water all over the table from my laughter. I see Amber laughing. Deacon and Tip both look mortified.

I look at Deacon and bite my lip to try and stop my laughter. “You puked and made this poor guy spill hot food all over himself?” I ask through a smile. He cringes again and nods. The laugh that bubbles out is hard. My body is shaking from it. “Oh, that’s gold.” Amber giggles and I nod, laughing. “So, now that everyone is caught up, what can I get you all to drink?” Tip asks with a smile. We all order our drinks and cheese fries as an appetizer. Nora’s eating for two, and we’re all starving.

After getting our drinks we place our food order and eat the cheese fries while waiting. “So, how did you find out I was gone?” Deacon asks me. “Amber told me.” I admit. Deacon looks at Amber. “Jacey and Cage told me!” Amber defends, putting her hands up in surrender. Deacon turns to look at them with a raised brow. “We didn’t know she was going to tell Violet!” Jacey defends and looks at Amber. “Of course, I was going to tell her! She was pathetically miserable without him!” Amber says. “Hey!” I interject, offended. All seven of them turn their heads to look at me. “I was not pathetic!” I say, crossing my arms.

Amber snorts. “Yes you were. You were miserable without him and now you’re happy again. And who knows what would’ve happened if I hadn’t of told her. We probably wouldn’t of found him.” “Hey!” Now it’s Nash who interrupted. “I would’ve found him! Which I did!” He points to Deacon. “I helped!” I add, and Deacon looks like he is about to get whiplash from looking from one person to the next. “That’s true.” Nora says, taking a bite of a fry. “You still didn’t have to tell her! I was scared she was going to attack me when we couldn’t find him!” Cage admits from across the table. Beau nods in agreement. “Yeah, she’s scary when she’s mad.” They all nod.

I gape at them. “Well it worked, didn’t it? I got you all off your asses and made you-” I’m cut off. “Put our sniffers to the ground?” Cage interrupts, and the others nod. “Yes! And we found him so there!” I stick my tongue out at him. He does it back. “But you didn’t need to know he was missing. We would’ve found him and then you wouldn’t of had to deal with that fear of him being missing.” Cage says, looking at Amber with narrowed eyes. “She needed to know!” Amber nearly shouts with a hard glare aimed at Cage. “They didn’t want you to know until we found him. I had to text you secretly so they didn’t see.” Amber admits. I gape at them. “We knew it would make you sad and worried! We didn’t want you even more upset!” Jacey defends. “We knew how scared you were and we didn’t want to add to it.” Nora confesses.

Deacon cuts in now, looking irritated. “Everybody shut up for a second.” He at least managed to stop the full-blown argument that was going on. “Alright, calm down. It was a simple question. Had I known it would turn you all into defensive nutcases I wouldn’t of asked. No, I don’t like Violet being upset, but yes, she had a right to know. So, I say you’re both right and wrong. End of discussion.” They all went to protest. “End. Of. Discussion.” Deacon says more firmly and they close their mouths and nod. Is it weird I find him super sexy when he’s all commanding? Cause I do.

Deacon sees my look of lust and smirks. I blush. “Here’s your foooood!” The waiter, Tip, screams when he trips on a step and face plants, sending the food flying. I can’t contain the laugh that bursts out of me when his face collides with the ground and the tray of food goes flying and lands one foot in front of our table. The food is everywhere. I bury my face in my hands to try and hide my laughter, but then I hear everyone else laughing too. I look up and see Deacon cringing, Nash looks concerned but like he wants to laugh, and the rest of them are laughing just as hard as me.

“Ah, fuck me!” Tip yells angrily, and I just laugh harder. He starts to push himself up, and I see blood trickling out of his nose. I think he broke it. That’s gonna leave a mark. “Mother fucking steps! I’m gonna remember this.” He glares down at the steps and I bite my lip to stop from laughing more. “I am so sorry. I’ll go get more food.” He apologizes and quickly turns on his heel to run back to the kitchen, and then trips and takes a tumble down the two steps. “Motherfucker!” He shouts on his way down. I burst out laughing again. I couldn’t even help it. Jacey, Nora, Amber, and Cage nearly fell on the floor they’re laughing so hard. Even Beau and Nash are laughing now.

Deacon face palmed. “I’m giving the poor klutz a raise.” He mumbles under his breath. I smile. After all that you’d think the boss would fire you, not give you a raise. “Why?” Beau asks, curious. “Cause, even after all this he keeps trying. Gotta give him props for that.” Deacon explains, and I think I love him even more.

After we’ve all calmed down, and got our new food, Cage chuckles. “You should’ve seen her, Deacon. She totally took charge like the great Luna I know she will be. She said, and I quote, ’Get your furry little asses out there, put your sniffers to the ground, and find him.’” Cage laughs out. Deacon roars with laughter while I blush and hide my face in his muscular chest. “You told them to get their furry asses out there and put their sniffers to the ground?” Deacon asks laughing, mirth dancing in his dark eyes and I blush harder, while nodding. He barks out another laugh. “That’s a little harsh.” He chuckles out. “I had to do something!” I defend, throwing my arms up in exasperation while blushing hardcore.

“Never knew you were so savage.” Deacon laughs and I can’t help but join him. “Oh, she is. Trust me.” Amber tells him, giggling. My phone rings. It says, ‘Jamba Juice’. I cringe. “What is it?” Deacon asks concerned. “My boss.” I tell him and I see Amber cringe. I haven’t been to work in weeks. I hesitantly answer it. “Hello?” I say into the phone. “Violet, you haven’t been to work in weeks! You are so fired!” The manager, Wren, yells in my ear angrily. “Ok.” I say then hang up.

“What happened?” Nora asks me. “I got fired.” I admit and they gasp. “Why!?” Jacey asks, and I can tell she’s upset. “Because I haven’t been to work in weeks.” I say it like we’re talking about the weather. They all give me wide-eyed stares. “Why on earth have you been blowing off work!?” Cage asks confused. I shrug. “Life’s been a royal pain in the ass, and work wasn’t something I wanted to focus on. And truth be told I kind of forgot I had a job.” I admit truthfully. Life has been so hectic since Chad cheated on me and I met Deacon work just kind of slipped my mind. I haven’t even looked at my work schedule in weeks.

I’ve become a terrible employee. No wonder they fired me. Well, shit. Now how am I going to pay my half of the rent? Shit. Maybe I can call my boss and beg for my job back. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

I take a big bite of my burger. I moan in delight. “Damn, that is delicious.” I mumble out after swallowing. “I know right.” Amber agrees and takes a bite. “I told you so.” Deacon says smugly. “You were right. This burger is incredible.” I say, then take another bite. Deacon, Amber and I all got the bacon lover’s burger. Jacey got mac ‘n’ cheese, Nora got chicken tenders and mac ‘n’ cheese, Cage got a Hawaiian burger, Beau got ribs, and Nash got pulled pork.

Nash had to get back to his pack soon after we ate, and we all said our goodbyes. He is really nice and I will forever be grateful to him for helping us find Deacon. The guys all did that weird bro hug thing then he shifted and disappeared into the woods.

“I got to go. I really need to run to the store.” Amber tells us, then jogs off to her car. Nora and Beau tell us they’re heading to the pack house, and Cage and Jacey head to the movies. Now it’s just Deacon and I. But I’m not complaining. I’ve been wanting alone time with him all day and now I finally have it. I have so many questions about werewolves, but mainly I just want to spend time with him. I’ve missed him so bad, and now that I have him all to myself I’m going to take advantage of it.

Deacon gives me a wicked grin then grabs my hand and tugs me back to the lounge room. I follow happily with a smile on my face. Once inside the room he turns around and locks the door. I grin wickedly. He pushes me against the door and kisses me hard and I wrap my arms around his neck. I moan when his tongue invades my mouth.

His hands travel my sides, and skim the area beneath my breasts. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. I feel him moving then he sits down on the couch with me straddling his lap. Deacon reaches up and cups my face with his hand, and turns his head, deepening the kiss.

His other hand ends up grabbing my ass and I moan loudly in appreciation and pleasure. I end up grinding myself against him, making both of us moan. I can feel his hardness and it’s pressed right where I want it. He does a deep husky growl -which was the sexiest thing I have ever heard- and tugs me closer to him.

But as much as I want this, there are so many questions nagging at me. But the one question that keeps eating at me is about to break through.

“Deacon,” I moan out breathily. He groans and kisses my neck. I arch it, giving him more access. “Yes?” He asks as he continues kissing me. “I have questions.” I manage to say through my haze of pleasure. “Mhm.” He hums, sucking on one spot on my neck that he knows is my weak spot. “Ah, God,” I moan out as he sucks harder. “I need to know about werewolves.” I tell him, trying to clear my mind but finding it difficult with his wonderful assault on my neck.

Damn, it feels good.

“Mhm,” He hums again and starts nipping at my neck, then kissing, then sucking again. His lips travel down to my collar bone which is exposed and he kisses and sucks on it. “Later,” He says, nipping my collar bone before sucking on it again. And with his hands exploring my body and his lips on me I can’t think. I wouldn’t even be able to tell someone my own name right now.

I need to focus. I need answers to my questions before anything happens between us. I love him and he loves me, and we’re mates, but I still need to know. It’s not about trust, it’s just my curiosity will eat at me forever until I know.

I push myself away from him. He pouts and reaches for me. I giggle and push his hands away. “No, I need answers first.” I tell him and he pouts more. I narrow my eyes. “What do you want to know?” He asks, and adjusts his pants. “Everything.” I admit with a laugh. He nods. “You deserve to know everything. Just ask and I’ll answer.” He tells me.

I take a deep breath. “Deacon, I want to know about marking.”

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