Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 23

VIOLET (slightly mature content)

His eyes widen, then he nods. “How do you know about marking?” Deacon asks, clearly confused as to how I know this. I smirk. “I have my ways.” He raises an eyebrow. “And what would your way be?” I decide to take the sarcastic route. “There is this magical thing called the internet.” He gives me a blank look and I giggle. “But, I’m assuming not everything it says is true, so I want the real facts. Now, please do explain.” I encourage him.

“Alright, miss I-have-my-ways, marking is a way male wolves stake their claim on their mates. A male wolf marks his mate by biting her neck. That way their scents are slightly mixed and it wards off other males letting them know that female is taken. And the bigger the mark, the higher ranking male. Alpha’s marks are the largest, and other males tend to steer clear of an Alpha’s mate for fear they’d be murdered for going near her. Which they would.” Deacon explains to me, and I see him glance at my neck more than once. “What do you mean, slightly mixed?” I ask, curious.

He smiles. “Marking is step one in the mating process. So, the scents are only slightly mixed until the mating process is completed. When it’s completed the scents are completely mixed.” He tells me and I furrow my eyebrows. “How do you complete the mating process?” He looks at me like I’m dumb, and I can tell he wants to laugh. “You have to mate, Violet. As in, mate.” Oh. Oh. I’m so stupid. I can feel my cheeks heating and I know he noticed because he smirked.


He laughs. “Oh? That’s all you have to say on this subject? Please, ask more questions. I’d love to keep on this topic.” Deacon has a large amused grin plastered on his gorgeous face. He is way too amused with this. Horny idiot. “Alright, stop it. I’ve learned all I need to know about marking and mating. On to the next question. Were you turned or born a werewolf?” I asked. “I was born a werewolf. I come from a long line of born werewolves on both sides of my family. Cage and Beau as well.” I nod, satisfied. “Ok, how did you know I was your mate?” He smiles lovingly.

“When you find your mate, you smell this amazing smell that only comes from your mate. And when your eyes meet, you just know you two are meant to be. I knew the second I smelled you that my mate was in the room, and when our eyes connected I was positive. Plus, your wolf goes nuts in your head. Dylan wouldn’t shut up. He kept screaming, ‘Mate’ over and over again. It was pretty obvious you were mine.” I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. He must’ve seen the confusion on my face because he laughed.

“Every werewolf has a wolf, obviously. Dylan is mine. We can talk to each other in my head, and when I mark you both of us will be able to mind-link you. Same with the rest of the pack and their wolves.” I beam at him. “That’s so cool!” I exclaim and he chuckles. “Yeah it is. But he can be a real ass sometimes.” He tells me, then his face forms a scowl. “What?” Deacon looks at me. “Dylan was talking to me.” My eyes widen. “What did he say?” I wonder. He scowls again. “He said, ’You can be a real ass too, dickhead.’” I couldn’t help it. I laughed.

“He also said he loves you.” I smile. They both love me. That feels really good. “Tell him I love him too.” Deacon nods. “He already knows. And we’ve both loved you since the moment we laid eyes on you.” I smile lovingly. “Really?” Deacon nods. “How can you love me at first sight? I mean, I’ve heard of love at first sight but never thought it was really possible.” I admit, staring into his dark eyes. “Wolves always love their mate at first sight. It’s natural for us. It’s more than love, it’s destiny. We’re meant to be, and that’s how I loved you the moment I saw you.” I felt tears in my eyes and blinked them back.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. “I’ve been in love with you for so long I don’t even know when I knew. I kinda just did. I just fell without even realizing it. And I’m so happy I met you.” I confess, smiling at him. He gives me a loving smile back and I lean in and kiss him. My hands end up wrapped in his dark hair, his around my waist. He pulled me back onto his lap and I end up straddling him, with one leg on each side of him. He pulls me closer to him to where my chest is pressed against his and my breasts are rubbing against him. I can feel his hard chest rubbing on my boobs, making my panties even wetter than they already were. And I can feel his hardness rubbing against my core.

I end up moaning against his lips and he smiles into the kiss. Then I break away from his lips needing air, and I end up panting. His lips trail down my jaw, down my neck and to my collar bone that he nips at. “Ah, God,” I moan out and I feel his smirk. If I wasn’t so turned on I’d smack him. His lips move back up to my neck and he kisses, sucks and nips at it. Deacon purposefully sucks on the spot he knows drives me crazy. I end up moaning loudly. So loud I wouldn’t be surprised if Roy could hear me all the way out in the bar.

I feel his teeth extend into canines right before Deacon pulls away. I lean back to look at him and see his eyes are fully black. I can see his canines exposed through his lips, and they’re huge. “Violet-” He starts, but I cut him off. “Mark me.” His face contorts in shock before disbelief and slight excitement take over. “What?” He asks, and I smile. “I want you to mark me. Right now. I want to show everyone that I’m yours. All yours. So, please. Mark me Deacon.” I say to him seriously, looking in his eyes lovingly.

His face goes blank for a minute before a huge smile comes on his face. I can see the joy, excitement, and utter happiness in his eyes. Deacon captures my lips again in a passionate kiss before his mouth returns to that spot on my neck that makes me moan. Deacon sucks on it a little first before scrapping his canines against it, making me shiver in delight. I feel his smirk. Then I feel his canines pierce my skin and I scream. He quickly clamps his hand over my mouth, probably so the people in the bar and restaurant don’t hear me scream and call the cops.

But soon the pain turns into unbelievable pleasure. I moan into his hand and he removes it, and returns it to my lower back, then my ass. After a while he pulls his teeth out and flicks out his tongue, licking the fresh wound to clean and close it. Its a new sensation, sending shivers down my spine. It feels so good. He licks it a little more before pulling back to look at me.

I connect our lips again and he slips his tongue into my mouth. I didn’t even realize I had started grinding against him until I heard his deep, throaty groan. I swear he is sexy AF without even realizing it. His hands squeeze my ass and I move faster against him. My neck is still tingling in pleasure, and with me rocking against his hardness, I can feel my own arousal growing. My panties are soaked at this point. I’m sure he can feel my heat just as well as I can feel his hard on.

“Take my shirt off.” I demand and he smirks and happily obliges. I lift my shirt to help him and it slides over my head easily. Deacon had put on a shirt before we ate so I tug on it, telling him without words that I want it off. He gets the hint and lifts his toned arms. I pull his shirt off happily then run my hands down his hard as a fucking rock body. My hands grab his biceps that are just so tempting to touch and lean down, running my tongue down his chest and abs. I hear his groan of pleasure and I smirk, and run my tongue back up to his neck where I suck.

“Damn, baby.” He groans out and runs his hands down my sides, his thumbs skimming my breasts. His hands make their way to the front of my jeans, and I push against him. He takes the hint and undoes my jeans. I stand up and shimmy out of them, and when they are at my ankles I kick them off, leaving them on the floor. I reach forward and slip my fingers into the waistband of his shorts. “Off.” I demand, and he grins lustfully, but obliges, standing up and slipping them off.

And then I realize he didn’t put on any underwear.

My eyes see it before I have a chance to stop myself, and lets just say I’m very impressed with what I see. He is not small to say the least. Dear Lord. “Wow.” I whisper in awe and appreciation. He smirks smugly. Asshole. “Like what you see?” His smug smirk doesn’t falter even when I give him a dirty look.

He pulls me back down on top of him and now the only barrier is my soaking wet panties. “Damn, baby, you’re soaked.” Deacon groans when I straddle him again. I grin and wrap my arms back around his neck, kissing him. Finally, his hands cup my breasts and he massages them, giving me a whole new wonderful sensation. I arch into his hands, an open invitation. When his hands move away from my breasts I whimper at the loss. Then I feel his hands sliding behind my back to my bra clasp.

“Hey, Deacon you busy-” I scream as the door opens right when my bra was about to be undone. I twist around to see the intruder and see some older guy I don’t know standing there shocked. Deacon’s looking around for a blanket, but of course, there is none. “Ah, fuck, Wesley! Get out!” Deacon roars, and you can tell he’s angry. The guy nods quickly and leaves, slamming the door behind him. I hide my beet red face in my hands. “Oh, God. I’m so embarrassed.” I mumble into my hands.

“Why the fuck do people keep walking in on us!?” Deacon shouts, a mixture of anger, annoyance, and sexual frustration in his voice. “I thought the door was locked?” I ask, confusion clear in my voice as I look up at Deacon. “He obviously used the spare key.” Deacon sighs out, and pinches the bridge of his nose in exasperation. “Ugh. Oh my God, this is a nightmare. Do they have something against us having sex or something!?” I shout throwing my arms up, annoyed as well.

“Mating.” I look at him confused. “It’s mating, not just sex. It would be completing the mating process, and apparently my pack wants their Alpha sexually frustrated.” Deacon groans out and I narrow my eyes at him. “Now isn’t the time to correct my grammar!” I snap and he holds his hands up in defense. “Who was that anyway?” I ask him, reaching down for my top and pulling it back on. I stand up and pull my pants on, then hand Deacon his shorts, which he pulls on. “That was Wesley, Beau’s dad and the packs former Third.” I make an ‘o’ with my mouth in understanding. “You know what the Third is?” Deacon asks, and I can see the shock on his face. I smirk. “I told you, I have my ways. I did research, remember?” He nods, obviously remembering that I told him that.

“You need to inform everyone that they need to start knocking before entering a room. If this happens one more time I might actually die from embarrassment.” I say, and I can tell my cheeks are still beet red. This is getting really embarrassing. Why do people keep walking in on us!? And all they’re accomplishing is making us both sexually frustrated. God, how many cold showers do they want me -us- to endure!?

Cold showers are getting old, and are starting to no longer help. If this keeps up, I’m going to be so horny and angry I’ll bite someone’s head off.

I sit down beside Deacon and cross my legs, keeping my distance otherwise I’d jump him. Why couldn’t Wesley have come two hours later!? I want to punch him in the face. Like, seriously. Deacon was all naked and sexy and then that Wesley guy walks in. God dammit.

“Oh trust me, I will make sure there is no more interruptions.” Deacon’s voice is filled with promise and I grin. “Let him in now. I want to know what was so damn important that he had to use a key and walk in on us.” My voice is teetering on anger, but it’s mainly sexual frustration and annoyance. He takes a deep breath and nods. “Come in, Wesley.” Deacon calls and in less than a minute the door is opened and in walks Wesley. He looks like an older version of his son. Same jet black hair and ocean blue eyes. But you can see touches of grey in his hair though. He has slight stubble on his chin and jaw line. He is a handsome man.

“Alpha, I’m really sorry I ugh, interrupted you.” Wesley apologizes, looking sheepish. Deacon pinches the bridge of his nose. “It’s fine.” He sighs. “Wesley, this is my mate, Violet. Violet this is Beau’s dad, Wesley.” Deacon introduces us. I smile. “Nice to meet you.” I greet, and he smiles at me. “It’s nice to finally meet you Violet, but I really need to speak with you Deacon.” He greets before looking back at my sexy mate. Wesley’s eyes flicker to me for a second before returning to Deacon. I see Wesley’s eyes fog over and then a minute later Deacon stands and starts walking toward the door.

“Wait a minute,” I say, standing myself, and the men halt in their tracks and look at me. “Why do I have a feeling this has to do with me?” I raise an eyebrow. They look guilty. “Does it?” I inquire, staring them down. Deacon swallows. “Well?” I cross my arms and give Deacon a look daring him to lie. He sighs. “Chad’s here.” He grumbles out angrily. I see him clench his fists and his eyes get darker as mine grow wide. “What the fuck is Chad doing here!?” I boom and they look taken aback by my explosion. “It’s been months! Chad has left me alone for fucking months! Why did he suddenly show up like an annoying zit on your ass!?”

I know Deacon is furious about Chad being here, but I can tell he is amused by my crazy outburst. His lip twitches like he’s fighting the urge to smile. I narrow my eyes at him. “Don’t laugh you jerk.” I turn my hard look to Wesley, who gulps. “Why is Chad here?” I ask and he shrugs. “I don’t know. All I know is that Cage is pissed and told me everything Chad did so I came in here to tell Deacon.” I raise an eyebrow and look at my mate. “Well, lets go see what he wants.” Deacon looks at me and shakes his head. “For all we know he’s here to try to get you back. I mean, he can’t, since you’re mine, and I’ve marked you, but who knows what’s in his head. You’re staying in here.” Deacon orders, and I make a snort sound and grip the door handle before yanking it open. “Fuck that. I want to know what he wants.” I say before storming out the door.

All the customers look at me, some drunks are stumbling but take time to glance my way since I’m pounding through the place on a mission. Once I spot Chad, I narrow my eyes into slits and clench my fists. “Chad! What the hell are you doing here you leech!?” I scream, a snarl in my voice. His electric blue eyes go wide in shock and a little bit of fear. “Violet, calm down.” He holds his hands up in surrender. Oh hell no. He did not just tell me to calm down. “Calm down? Calm down!? Are you fucking kidding me!? What are you doing here!?” I demand, and his eyes get wider if possible. Too wide. He can’t be this scared of me.

I feel the heat of a body behind me, and turn my head slightly to see Deacon standing there, with a threatening expression on his face. Chad visibly gulps. “What are you doing here? Have I not made it clear enough that she’s mine?” Deacon grits out, his front now pressed against my back. “Easy man, I’m just here for a drink and a bite to eat. No need to blow this out of proportion.” Chad holds up his hands, looking at Deacon pleadingly. I’m breathing so hard you can hear it, and my fists are so tightly clenched I’m sure I’m leaving crescent marks on my palms.

“And you just happened to choose this place of all the places in town to grab a bite to eat!? Are you serious! You chose my boyfriends place to eat, when you fucking knew the odds of seeing me were in the high nineties. Seriously Chad?” I snarl, and Deacon touches my arm. “Chad, baby, do you want me to handle this?” Oh. My. Fucking. God. He didn’t. I turn my head and there she is. Little miss slut bitch. Danielle. Fucking hell. “You slutty little walking STD. Take Chad and get the fuck out.” I hiss, venom lacing my voice. She looks taken aback by my voice, and looks slightly frightened after taking in the murderous look on my face. Truth is, I don’t know why I’m so angry.

I mean, Chad being here isn’t that big of a deal. He actually might really be here to eat. I mean, they have damn good food, so it’s not that big of a stretch that eating was the motive of his visit. He hasn’t really contacted me in months, so, I’m starting to believe I’m over-reacting. Well, I was over-reacting, that is until that stupid bitch showed up. With her stupid bitchy high pitched annoying voice. Why the fuck is Chad here with her!? Is he still fucking the walking STD?

“Make me.” Danielle retorts with an evil smirk plastered on her stupid face. “Fine, I will.” I growl in anger and just as I’m about to swing at her, Deacon grabs my wrist, effectively stopping me. I look back at him with a glare. “Don’t hit her, I don’t need you ending up in jail for assault. The last thing I need today is to bail you out of jail. I’ll make them leave.” Deacon assures me, and I pant in anger. “Fine. Make them leave.” I grit out and take a small step back. “Out.” Deacon’s voice is firm and commanding, and I can tell he used some of his Alpha voice on them. It sent pleasurable shivers down my spine when he did.

Chad’s eyes go wide as he stands, and Danielle looks like she wants to punch me. And she tries. But before she can even get near me, Deacon grabs her wrist with a deadly glare on his face that would have anyone shivering in fear. Her eyes go wide as saucers and you can practically smell the fear radiating off of her. “You touch her, you regret it.” Deacon warns, his empty fist clenched. Danielle nods rapidly while trying to pull her wrist free from Deacon’s tight grip. Now it’s my turn to smirk. Danielle sees it and glares before the fearful look in her eye returns when Deacon tightens his grip. “Ok, ok! I’ll go! Just let go of me!” Danielle’s high pitched irritating voice whines and Deacon lets go.

Danielle scurries out while Chad’s feet are still firmly planted and his eyes are wide. “Go.” I demand and he shakes his head quickly as if to clear it. “Violet, why can’t I be here? I’m not trying to get you back anymore.” I take a deep breath, then another. “You can be here, she can’t. I don’t care if you’re here, just not that bitch. Well, actually, it’s not up to me. It’s his place, it’s up to him whether or not you can be here.” I look at Deacon, who smirks.

“Fine, you can be here, alone. And only if you never try to get Violet back ever again. Because she’s mine.” Deacon calling me his sends warmth and joy through me. I smile at him, even though I’m still angry. Why am I so angry? “Ok, I won’t bring Danielle again. And all I want from Violet now is a friend. I just want my friend back.” Chad has hurt in his voice which makes me soften a little. Some of the anger disappears and I unclench my fists. I sigh in defeat. “Chad, I want to be friends again too. And if that’s what you really want, I’m willing to give it a try. I miss being friends, so, I’ll try. But Danielle can never be around me, got it?” I give him a look that dares him to argue and he nods quickly. “Got it.” I grin triumphantly.

“So, I’m gonna go, because Danielle’s my ride.” My eyebrow raises in anger and Chad can see it. He practically sprints out the door upon seeing my look. “You’re sexy when you’re mad.” Deacon tells me and I blush. “Stop making me blush. I’m trying to be mad here and you saying things like that is not helping.” I can feel my cheeks heating. He chuckles.

“Come on,” He grabs my hand and gently tugs me back to the lounge room. “Forget it. The moods ruined.” I mutter while dragging my feet. He looks at me with a raised brow. “Relax, I know.” I can tell he is still upset about or interruption but he is also slightly amused with me. He tugs me back in the room and onto the couch. “Let’s watch a movie or binge watch a TV show or something.” Now I look at him with a raised brow. “Which one?” I ask and he grins. “Whatever you want.” I grin evilly and he looks like he regrets what he just said. “Within reason.” He says but I shake my head. “You already said whatever I want.” His dark eyes widen like he knows what I’m thinking.

We flip Netflix on and soon enough we’re cuddled up on the couch binging ‘The Vampire Diaries’. “I’m glad you chose this, cause I was honestly afraid you were going to put on The Notebook.” Deacon admits, looking a little uncomfortable. I giggle. “I love that movie, but I’m obsessed with this show.” I tell him and he chuckles. “Yeah, I figured that seeing as you practically know every word.” I grin and nod. “Yup.” I agree.

This is nice. Just being with my mate. After the hellish week I’ve -we’ve- had, I really needed this. Being snuggled up to him, having his arm wrapped around me, it’s perfect. I’m so in love with him it’s crazy. I’m so lucky he’s mine. I couldn’t stand it if he wasn’t.

I snuggle up closer, if possible, and love his warmth. He found a blanket earlier and threw it over us and I pull it up a little. We’re currently on the tenth episode of season one, and we’re at the part after Stefan and Elena have sex, where Elena see’s the picture of Katherine and bolts. What a mood killer. Well, at least she had sex. I still haven’t. It seems everyone has something against us having sex. I’m ready to have sex with him, I have been. It’s just apparently bad timing.

“Do you like the show so far?” I ask, tilting my head to look at him. He nods and looks down at me. “Yeah, it’s good.” I smile. “Good is an understatement. Amazing is more like it.” I tell him with a serious expression and he chuckles. I pout. “Its awesome.” I pout and he laughs. I poke him in the side. “Say it’s amazing.” He shakes his head, and amused smile on his lips. I poke him again. “Deacon!” I say, turning to face him. “Fine, it’s amazing.” He concedes and I grin in triumph. He rolls his eyes.

I’m starting to get a little hot, and my body is aching all over. I pull the blanket down a little to where it just covers my waist. My muscles are aching and my head is starting to hurt. I squeeze my eyes shut and rub my temple. Even my hands and feet are aching. My fingers and toes hurt, and my every inch of my body is in pain. I wince when a sharp pain slices through me. What’s wrong with me?


“Violet, what’s wrong?” I ask her, concerned. She looks like she’s in pain and I don’t want her in pain. She shakes her head quickly. “I, I don’t know. It hurts.” My eyes grow wide in concern. Why is she suddenly in pain? “Violet, what hurts?” I ask, turning my body to face her. “Everything. Everything hurts. My limbs and muscles ache. I don’t know why. Do you have aspirin?” I nod and jump up, running to the bathroom for the medicine. I rummage through the cupboard, searching for pain medication. Then I find it and fill a glass of water.

I rush out to her and find her on her side in the fetal position, and whimpering. I almost drop the glass. I’m at her side in less than a second and practically shoving the pills at her. “Baby, here. Take these.” I help her sit up and she swallows the two pills and gulps down the water. “Ahh!” She cries out and grabs her side. “Deacon, it hurts! It hurts so bad!” Tears are streaming down her face now and I’m dying inside because God help me I don’t know how to help her. I don’t even know what’s wrong!

“How bad does it hurt baby?” I try to keep my voice calm, but on the inside I’m panicking. “Bad, really bad.” She whimpers out and clutches her side. She curls into me and I rub her arms trying to soothe her. “On a scale from one to ten, how bad?” Her body is shaking, and it’s really warm. “Eight.” I reach for my phone. I’m calling an ambulance. I turn my head to look at her just as I’m about to dial and stop my movements.

Her eyes are squeezed tightly shut, and her body is shaking hard. “Violet, baby, look at me. I’m calling an ambulance. You’re going to be okay, baby, I promise.” I assure her, but I’m terrified. If anything happened to her...No, I can’t think like that.

She nods her head tightly, and curls further into herself. I can tell she is in so much pain, and it’s killing me. Dylan is whining in my head and trying to take over to take care of her himself. Neither of us like seeing our mate in pain. I unlock my phone and go to dial the number when a loud whimper escapes her. I turn my head quickly and what I see makes me drop my phone.

Her eyes are open, and they are a bright, glowing, golden color. She opens her mouth to scream, and I see fangs protruding from her gums. A whimper escapes her as she writhes around in pain. She looks at me with a pleading look on her face, but I can’t call an ambulance. There’s nothing I can do but comfort her now. I know what’s happening, but I don’t know why.

Violet’s shifting into a werewolf.

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