Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 24


Pain. All I feel is this unrelenting, gut wrenching pain flowing throughout my whole body. All the way from my head to every last toe, I can feel the unbearable pain. It hurts so bad I think I might pass out from the force of it. I scream bloody murder, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the cops showed up. But before my scream can get too loud, Deacon slaps his hand over my mouth, muffling the sound. He scoops me up into his arms and runs. I have my face buried in his chest so I have no clue where he’s taking me. Hopefully to the hospital.

For some reason being pressed against him is slightly lessoning the horrible pain, but not by much. Tears are streaming down my face and I have to bite my lip hard to hold in the scream that’s trying to force it’s way out. I feel like my whole body is on fire and every bone is being broken inch by inch. I feel like I’m being shoved through a wringer with a blow torch being fired at me. I’ve never been in so much pain in my entire life. I don’t even know if I’ll survive this.

When I peek my head up I see Deacon’s taken me outside, to the back of the building and is walking into the woods.

Why is he going into the woods?

I go to ask him when my foot jerks straight up and I scream instead. “Shh, baby, I’m right here. You’re going to be ok.” Deacon whispers soothingly into my ear, then kisses the top of my head. I nod my head, but I’m not convinced. I’m so scared, but I can’t seem to talk right now to tell him.

This intense heat keeps spreading through every nerve in my body and my body keeps breaking and jerking in every different direction. I wouldn’t be surprised if I resembled a pretzel right now. My fingers which have been gripping Deacon’s shirt in a death grip, start to bend backwards, snapping them. A loud scream comes out of my mouth and Deacon starts going deeper into the woods.

Why isn’t he taking me to the hospital?

This is not the time for a late night stroll through the woods! I keep writing in his grip and I’m surprised he hasn’t dropped me. If this pain doesn’t stop soon though, I think I might pass out or even die from it. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. This is not normal. Maybe I’m having a bad reaction to the marking? No, if that was it, the reaction wouldn’t be this bad and it would of happened hours ago. And honestly, I don’t think that’s the problem.

What is the problem though, I have no earthly clue. I didn’t eat anything weird, and if I had, it would’ve given me food poisoning, not this! Nothing I can think of makes someone go through this much pain. And why are my bones breaking!? That’s not normal!

I hear cracking as my toes break and elongate. A blood curdling scream escapes me yet again and I clutch Deacon tighter. “I-it hurts s-so bad!” I manage to get out through my sobs and screams of pain. “I know baby, it shouldn’t be too much longer. I’m so sorry this is happening. I don’t know why baby, but I’m going to help you. I’m right here ok? The pain shouldn’t last too much more, and is my touch helping at all?” Deacon soothes and I nod to his question. He rubs me as best as he can while holding me and I lean into his touch and curl more into his body. His touch helps a little, but not enough.

Once we’re farther into the woods, Deacon sits down and places me on his lap. “Wh-what’s hap-happening!?” I ask, right before a sharp pain hits me right in the gut. I hunch over and grasp my stomach, clenching my teeth. Tears are streaming down continuously, and I’m trying hard to hold in another scream. “Ahh!” I cry out, curling into the fetal position on his lap as the pain in my stomach intensifies.

Deacon looks physically pained himself, as he watches me writhe around. “Violet, I don’t know why this is happening to you, but you’re-” Before he can finish, my arm snaps to the side and I scream louder than ever. Deacon winces and pulls me more into him, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, trying to soothe me. I’m whimpering, crying, screaming, and writhing around in more pain then ever in his arms.

Why he didn’t take me to a hospital, I don’t know. But I trust Deacon with my life, and if this is what he thinks is best, I’m just going to have to trust him. Because this might actually be a life or death situation right now. He seems to know what’s happening to me. And if he does, why isn’t he doing anything to help me? I can’t take this pain, it hurts so bad.

My other arm snaps, followed by my leg. All my bones keep breaking and rearranging themselves, and I don’t know why. I’m unbelievably scared right now. Deacon here and holding me is the only form of comfort I have right now. If I was alone right now, I don’t know what I’d do. My fingers are lengthening as are my toes, and I feel my arms and legs bending and reshaping. My nose feels like its growing and my gums hurt too.

My throat is even starting to hurt from all the screaming. I hope this pain doesn’t last much longer, I don’t think I can take it. My body keeps jerking from side to side, and my ears feel like they are growing. The hair on my body is growing and changing to a pure white color. I look at my hands and feet and see them starting to take a paw like shape.

What the hell!?

I can’t even talk at this point, all I can do is scream and cry and yelp in the most horrible pain I’ve ever felt. God, I hope I never feel this pain ever again. If I survive this, that is. Cause right now, it doesn’t feel like I have a very strong survival rate. I still don’t understand what’s happening to me, or why Deacon took me to the woods and not to a hospital. You’d think the hospital would be the first place he would take me, not the fucking woods.

I feel like my spine is growing and enlarging, my arms and legs are getting longer, my nose feels like its turning into a snout. And my body keeps getting hotter, and all my bones keep snapping then snapping again. Fuck, it hurts!

Make it stop!


FUCK! I want to help her so bad but there’s nothing I can do except comfort her. My touch can only help her so much, and it’s not enough. Fuck, I wish it was enough. Every scream of pain that comes out of her mouth pierces my heart and makes it hard to breath. I know how bad it hurts, and I wish I could take all her pain away, but I can’t and it kills me that there’s nothing I can do.

“Violet, I’m so sorry this is happening to you, baby. I don’t know why baby, I’m sorry I can’t stop it. I love you and I’m here baby, you’re going to be ok, I promise.” I try to assure and comfort her, but I don’t think anything matters to her right now. Her eyes are glowing brighter and her fangs are larger. Her ears are growing into large wolf ears, and her mouth and nose are turning into a snout. It shouldn’t be too much longer before she’s shifted completely and out of pain.

Her hands and feet are almost complete paws now, and that means her legs are about to-

“AHHH!” She screams at the top of her lungs as her legs bend and snap to form the shape of a wolf’s back leg. That part is one of the most painful. I wince seeing her go through it, watching as her legs bend at an odd angle. I can see her body getting taller and fur starting to sprout.

But the million-dollar question is, why is she going through it? A mark doesn’t turn you, so, why is she suddenly shifting into a werewolf? This isn’t normal. Something is going on here. No one turned her, so something else happened. I just have to figure out what.

But that will have to happen later. Right now my beautiful mate is in crippling pain and I need to comfort her any way I can. It fucking kills me I can’t take her pain away. I know that the first time you shift it feels like you’re dying, and it’s the worst pain you will ever feel in your life. Her transformation is almost complete, so she will be out of pain soon. Thank God. I don’t think I could handle it if it lasted much longer, I can’t even imagine how she feels, or what’s she’s thinking right now. She has no idea what’s happening to her. She must be terrified.

I mean, anybody would be. Her body is suddenly in horrible pain and I take her into the woods. She probably thinks I’m insane and is wondering why we aren’t at the hospital. There is nothing a hospital, or anyone, can do for her. And it would’ve been very bad to bring a girl shifting into a wolf into the hospital. They would’ve tried to shoot her and she probably would’ve accidently attacked someone. She would never forgive herself if she hurt someone, much less killed someone.

I look up and see the moon is full and bright, fully illuminating us. Her body is about a minute from being a wolf completely now. Since she is almost a shifted fully, I take off my clothes and shift into my wolf as well, so she doesn’t start to freak out. In less than thirty seconds the screaming stops, and lying before me is my beautiful mate in wolf form. Her fur is pure white. White as snow without a drop of any other color on her. She is so beautiful. Her wolf is smaller than mine, but not by too much. Her eyes are tightly closed and she’s breathing hard. Violet is curled in a ball and is panting and whimpering. I whine and lay beside her, then nudge her side with my snout. Her eyes open, and they’re a beautiful glowing amber shade.

She startles when she’s sees I’m in wolf form but quickly calms down and snuggles against me. She looks down at her hands, and upon seeing paws instead, she jolts up with wide eyes. Her head flies from side to side examining herself. Violet tries to stand, but from lack of experience using four legs, she wobbles then falls right to the ground making a whimper escape her. I can see the fear and confusion in her eyes and I rub up against her, trying to comfort her. A yelp escapes her lips and she tries to stand again. I stand and nudge her side with my snout, trying to help her stand.

Violet? Baby, are you ok? I mind-link her and she jumps a little, not expecting my voice in her head.

She shakes her large wolf head.

I, I don’t know. She responds, her voice quiet and scared.

What’s going on? Why do I have paws and why am I standing on four legs!?

Violet, you’re a werewolf. I say gently, afraid of her reaction.

Her eyes practically bug out of their sockets.


I wince from her loud shouting in my head, and give her a sympathetic look.

How the holy hell did this happen to me!? Did you do it!?

Now my eyes bug out.

NO! No, I didn’t! I wouldn’t do that to you baby. I don’t know how this happened baby.

How can she think I did this to her? I would never do this to her without her consent. If I had a choice she would never of gone through this pain, whether she wanted to or not. I’m snapped out of my thoughts by Violet mind-linking me. And fuck is she angry.

Then who fucking did it!? Why am I suddenly a werewolf!? This doesn’t just randomly happen! Something did this to me!

Her eyes are blazing with confusion and anger, and I can tell if she doesn’t calm down her wolf is going to take control. Since this is her first time shifting, it will be easy for her wolf to overpower her and take control of her body. That’s the last thing I need to happen right now. But I can feel her wolf, and her and Dylan are already in love, and already coming up with sexual fantasies.

Now isn’t the fucking time for sex thoughts you horny bastard.

I tell him in my head and he growls and blocks me out. I breathe out an annoyed sigh. Well, at least he’s quiet now.

I heard that, asshole.

I smirk as well as I can in wolf form, before turning my attention back to my fuming mate. Her body is starting to shake and her eyes are getting darker and darker. If they get completely black then I know her wolf took over, and that won’t be good. So, I try to calm her down.

Violet, you need to calm down so your wolf doesn’t take over. Ok, baby? Can you please calm down? Then we can figure this out together in human form back in the lounge. Ok?

I was basically pleading with her. I don’t need her running ramped through the woods like a lunatic on steroids. She growls, which turns into a snarl before her eyes turn black and she bolts in the opposite direction. My eyes grow wide before I take off in a sprint after her. She’s surprisingly fast and agile for being new at this. Her speed is almost as fast as mine, and that’s saying something. Her wolf easily jumps over a fallen log and ducks under low hanging branches. I follow swiftly after, only about a foot behind her, and I’m not going near as fast as I can. If she wants to get some energy and anger out, I’ll let her. But she isn’t leaving my sight.

I’m right beside her now, and she glances back and growls at me then pushes herself harder. I give an annoyed sigh and run faster. Where she’s going, I have no clue. It seems like she is just running aimlessly through the woods. Well, at least I know my way around here otherwise she would be lost out here for a while. But luckily for her I know exactly where we are. After a few minutes of running I figure out that she’s not running aimlessly, but toward one particular place that means a lot to both of us. The place we went on our first date, and where I hid out for days.

The lake.

I’m assuming she’s going off of smell, or maybe the sound of the small waterfall. It doesn’t take us long to reach it and when we do she’s panting heavily after all that running at an extremely fast pace. I know that wasn’t nearly as fast as I can run, but I think it was her limit, which was shockingly fast. Which is strange, since only wolves who are high rank or who’s parents are high ranking can run that fast. Her being a Luna has added to her speed, but still.

Violet, please calm down. I plead, but I see this mischievous look in her eyes.

The name’s Harmony, babe. Her wolf responds in a seductive voice. Dylan growls in approval.

Harmony, please give Violet control back. I ask gently and she narrows her eyes at me.

Don’t you love me too? She sounds a little hurt. I’m quick to fix that. Because I do love her too.

Of course, I do. But can I please have Violet back? I beg, and she huffs, irritated at me.

She turns around and flicks her tail at me. Did she just flip me off?

Did you just flip me off? I ask her in shock.

In response, she flicks her tail straight up in the air again. My eyes widen in shock and disbelief and I sit down on the grass. Well that wasn’t necessary. I don’t get why her wolf is so angry. She’s finally free, you’d think she’d be in a good mood.

Harmony- I start, before I’m cut off by a growl. I take it she doesn’t want to talk right now. She sits down where the table had been and rests her head on her paws. I debate going over to her, but she seems kind of pissed and I don’t want to push my luck.

Let me out. I’ll talk to her. She already likes me better than you. He smirks.

I roll my eyes.


He growls at me in annoyance.

Just mind-link her. I tell Dylan. Now he rolls his eyes and growls.

Let. Me. Out.

N. O.

He growls again and I shut him out, not in the mood for his crap. That thought earned me a growl.

How am I going to get through to her to give Violet back control? Violet’s emotions are all over the place right now, so Harmony is going to have to willingly give Violet back control. Until Violet gets her emotions in check, Harmony is going to be in control unless she steps back. Now how am I going to convince her? I could seduce her into doing it, but she’s so pissed right now I doubt that would work. Although we might end up mating. That wouldn’t be the worst thing. I smirk internally. Although when we mate for the first time I want to be in human form with Violet in control.

She trots over to the edge of the lake and bends her head down. I see her gulp down some water before she plops down on her belly, still breathing a little erratically. I trot over to her and lie down beside her, nuzzling my head against her neck.

Please Harmony, let Violet take control back.

A growl rips through her before her eyes go back to the glowing amber shade and she whines, making me whine as well. I don’t like her being sad, it hurts me.

She cuddles more against me, and I rest my head on her back. Dylan is perfectly content right now, and so I am. I can feel Harmony, and she is just as content as we are now, and she doesn’t seem near as mad. Violet on the other hand, is very distressed. I curl up as close as I can to her, trying to comfort her the best I can.

How am I a werewolf? I don’t understand. How did this happen to me?

Her voice is so soft it’s almost a whisper, and I can hear the fear and confusion in her voice as well. Her sadness is killing me. I fucking wish I knew how this happened.

I wish I knew baby. I have no idea how this happened.

I reply to her. Her whines and whimpers continue, and it makes my heart hurt. I hate seeing her in pain. I know for a fact no one turned her and my mark didn’t do this either. How the actual fuck did this happen? Someone doesn’t just magically turn into a werewolf. The only explanation is that at least one of her parents is a werewolf, but if that was true, then why the hell would they keep it from her for her whole life? That just doesn’t make any sense.

Unless one or both of her parents are dormant wolves, and don’t know themselves. But that’s so rare it’s almost nonexistent. So, either they chose not to tell her, or, I don’t fucking know. Maybe she’s adopted? Or her parents are just heartless bastards. No, I doubt that. I don’t know, but I do know that I’m going to figure it out and I’m not going to stop until I do.

I’m tired. She whispers, and I smile softly. She isn’t whimpering anymore, and that makes me feel better.

Go to sleep baby. I’m right here.

Truth be told I’m a little tired myself.

Ok. Her reply is just a whisper and she snuggles her head against my chest. Eventually her breathing evens out and I can tell she’s asleep. I watch her sleep for a few minutes, admiring her wolf’s beauty. Soon her soft breathing and rhythmic heartbeat start making me fall asleep too.

I take a quick scan of our surroundings before closing my eyes and letting sleep take over me.

I’m woken up by the sun shining on my face, warming my fur. I’m still in wolf form, and so is Violet. She’s lying beside me with her head underneath mine. Her heart beat is even so I know she’s still asleep.

I smile as well as I can in wolf form. She looks so peaceful right now, so different from last night. But I know when she wakes up she’ll be freaked out again. So I savor this peaceful moment for as long as I can.

I rest my head on her back and listen to the sound of her heartbeat and calming breaths. I can hear some birds chirping, and the waterfall flowing into the lake. Looking at the lake, I remember our first date here, how we had gone swimming half naked and had almost mated right then and there. It was amazing. How good she feels pressed up against me, skin to skin, how bad I want to mate with her. Now is not the time to be thinking about that.

I feel her start to stir beneath me and I look down at her to see her open her eyes sleepily. She takes in her surroundings and startles for a second before remembrance shines in her eyes and she calms down. Violet looks up at me and rubs her head against my side before looking down at her paws. I hear her sigh, and I rub against her.

What’s wrong?

How do I shift back?

She wonders and I smile gently. I slowly stand up and stretch, shaking out my fur and yawning. I eye her for a second before she takes the hint and follows suit, standing up and stretching. She is still a little wobbly, but she doesn’t fall. I start to shift back and she watches my every move right till when I’m back in my human form.

How did you do that?

She asks, cocking her head to the side and watching me, and I can tell it’s killing her to keep from looking down. I smile. “Just think about your human form and picture your bones changing and shifting. It will hurt the first time, but it won’t hurt near as bad as shifting into your wolf did. And after that it won’t ever hurt again. It only hurts the first time.” I explain to her and she nods. I see her body shaking a little, before her body starts shifting back into her human form.

And soon enough, Violets very human, very naked body is standing in front of me. I don’t even bother trying not to look as I openly stare at her naked form. When she looks up at me, happy to be in human form again, she looks confused as to why I’m staring at her. Then she looks down and shrieks. “Deacon! What the hell! You could’ve told me I was naked!” Her embarrassed shriek only amuses me. “If I had told you I wouldn’t of been able to stare as long.” I admit with a smirk on my face. She gapes at me. “Horny idiot.” She mutters, but she did it loud enough where she knew I would hear her. I narrow my eyes at her. “I’m not just going to have you naked in front of me and not look.”

She shakes her head before looking around. “Is there anything I can use to cover myself?” She asks and I smirk. “I don’t think that’s necessary. You’re fine just like this.” My smirk doesn’t falter even when she gives me a dirty look. Her arms start to cover herself and I narrow my eyes at her. “Clothes Deacon. I can’t walk into your bar buck ass naked.” I growl at that. She has a point. Dammit.

“Fine.” I concede with an irritated sigh before going behind a tree and coming out with a dress in one hand and shorts for me in the other. I pull the shorts on as she pulls the dress over her head. “There’s no panties hidden back there?” I smirk and shake my head. “Nope, guess you just have to walk around with no panties on.” Fuck, I’m turn on right now. She raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms over her chest. “Is there really no panties or did you just want me walking around without any?” The look on her face says it all. I shake my head. “There is really no panties. The fact that you have to go without them is just a bonus for me.” She shakes her head but can’t hold back the smile that emerges.

I reach my hand out to her, and she takes it. “Come on, let’s head back to my bar. We need to figure out how this happened.” She nods in agreement, then her stomach growls, loud. She blushes and I chuckle. “Maybe we should get some food first.” Violet nods. I pull her along and we start walking toward my B&R.

It doesn’t take too long to get there, but it would’ve been faster if we had run. But I know she must be tired and exhausted from last night so I didn’t want to push her. When we reach the building we go in through the back entrance and head straight to the lounge. We enter the lounge room and she plops straight down onto the couch. I chuckle. She pouts. “I’ll go get us some food.” She nods in agreement and I leave the room.

After we ate, she looked at me. “How are we going to figure out how I’m suddenly a werewolf?” She asks me, biting her lip in worry and confusion.

“I don’t know, but we will.”

“Promise?” She asks, looking up at me hopefully.

“I promise.”

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