Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 26


My eyes go wide and I stare at him in shock. “Deacon, this isn’t exactly the right time for a meet and greet with my parents.” I say sarcastically, crossing my arms. He narrows his eyes at me. “I have a motive for meeting them babe. If you were bitten or scratched, we can’t seem to figure out when or by who. And the only other option is that at least one of your parents is a werewolf, and your wolf was dormant until I marked you.” I snort out a laugh. “Ha! My parents? Werewolves? That’s crazy. I would’ve known babe.” I snort again, laughing at the ridiculousness of the thought.

“It’s not that crazy. It’s totally possible.” Jacey says, and Cage, Beau and Nora all nod. I gape at them all, and I look to see Amber staring at them like they grew two heads as well. “No it’s not! I would’ve known! My parents can’t be werewolves!” I argue, throwing my arms up. “They don’t both have to be, only one of them has to be a werewolf to pass the gene onto you. And right now that seems to be the most logical answer to this whole thing.” Nora tells me, sounding sure. I can’t keep my jaw off the ground. Have they all gone nuts!?

“Ok, answer me this. If one or both of my parents are werewolves, how and why would they hide it from me my entire life?” I ask, eyebrow raised, hands on my hips, and a questioning look on my face. They all stare at me for a second in what looks like incredulity before Deacon answers me. “Well, the why part I can’t answer, but the how part I can. They are either rogues and didn’t want to shift so they weren’t killed by a pack, not involved with their pack, their wolves are so weak they can’t shift, or they are dormant and might not even know.” After he is done explaining, I really think about what he said. Huh. I never thought of any of that. It could be possible, but my doubts are high. I don’t believe any of that is true. I don’t believe either of my parents are werewolves to begin with. So the idea that they are rogues or something sounds borderline insane.

It can’t be true. It just can’t be. I don’t believe it, and I won’t until I see it with my own eyes. I mean, I would’ve known. There is no way they could’ve hid something like this from me my whole life. Unless, like Deacon said and they are dormant and possibly don’t know, I would’ve known. And even if that is true, which I doubt, I don’t understand why they would’ve hid it from me. That seems cruel. How could someone keep such a life altering secret from their child? It is so, so messed up if they do know and kept it from me. “Until I see my mom and or dad turn into a werewolf, I’m gonna believe that something else did this to me.” I tell them firmly, leaving no room for question.

“And what exactly are you planning on doing?” I start, looking at my mate questioningly. “Just walk in, introduce yourself, then go ‘which one of you is the lying bastard who’s been keeping the werewolf thing a secret?’ Cause I don’t think that will go very well.” I scrunch my nose in distaste and Cage being Cage, starts laughing. “No, of course not. I’ll charm them like I charmed you,” I narrow my eyes at him. He smirks. “Then ease into the werewolf thing, that is if I can’t already smell the wolf in them. But if I get the sense that they have no earthly clue that one or both of them are wolves, then this will take an even more difficult turn. I mean, we’d know how this happened, but that would mean we would have to explain everything to them.”

“Ugh!” I groan, and slouch on the couch. Explaining everything to them is not exactly something I want to do. It sounds daunting and tedious, and I’m already dreading it. I lean against my mate, whose warm and rock hard body is surprisingly comfortable. Jacey, Amber and Nora look at us and I can tell it’s killing them not to all ‘aw’ in unison. His arm wraps around me, and I curl more into his side like a puppy. That breaks their resolve. “Awww.” All three say at the same time. I smile and blush, while Cage and Beau just roll their eyes. Deacon’s chest vibrates with his silent chuckle. “I think we should bring Wesley along.” That came out of nowhere. “Wesley? The guy who walked in on us the other day?” I lean back, looking up at Deacon. He nods.

“Why?” I wonder, staring at him like he’s nuts. “Cause, he is going to sneak around and investigate the house while I investigate them.” I gape at him. I raise one finger. “One: Why can’t Cage do that?” I raise my second finger. “And two: Are you insane!? You are not going to snoop around my parents house like a creep!” I protest loudly, looking at him like he lost his mind. “Cage can’t do it since he will be interrogating all the wolves around here in the case that I am wrong and you were turned by a scratch that you didn’t notice.” Cage looks surprised. “I am?” Deacon nods. “All. Including all the rogues in the cellars.” My eyebrows raise and my eyes widen.


He nods. “Elaborate.” I say, giving him a I’m lost here look. “The cellars are where we keep the rogues we caught.” And he stops with that. “Elaborate a little more.” I encourage, but he keeps his mouth shut. I have just one eyebrow raised now, and my arms crossed. “Cage-” He stops me before I can continue. “Oh no. I am not getting into this. If Deacon doesn’t want to tell you anymore and I tell you, he will punch me, in the face. And I’m not in the mood to get punched.” Cage says, and I can tell he’s not joking.

“He’s right.” Deacon agrees, with an amused smirk on his gorgeous face and I stare at him, mouth agape. “Seriously? You would actually punch your best friend in the face if he told me more about the cellars you have?” He nods. “Why!?” I’m incredulous. What could be so bad about the cellars that he would actually punch Cage in the face for telling me about it? I mean, unless he has some creepy af blood red sex cellar full of leather and chains or something, it can’t be that bad. “Deacon. Tell me, please.” I ask, staring him in the eyes.

He just stares back at me with a look that says, not gonna happen. “Tell. Me. Now.” I demand, getting slightly irritated. I’m a werewolf, his mate, and the packs Luna, I think I deserve to know. “No.” His answer is firm. He’s not budging. “Deacon, I’m your mate and the Luna, and I think I deserve to know all about the cellars.” I said, putting my hands on my hips with a hard stare. “Yes, you are. But I’m still not telling you. The cellars are completely irrelevant right now. All you need to know, is that there are rogues in some of them.”

“Ugh!” I growl/groan out in irritation and annoyance. “This is total bullshit, but I’m not gonna fight about it now. Meeting my parents is what’s most important right now, so that’s what we’re gonna do.” Deacon has a pleased smirk on his face, and then I continue my sentence. “Later I’ll learn about the cellars.” Now I have a smirk on my face and his smirk is replaced with a scowl. Cage covers his mouth to hide his laughter, but Deacon see’s it anyway. “Ok, so when are we gonna plan the meet the parents so you can snoop thing?” Deacon answers right away. “As soon as possible. Today, if you can.” My eyes nearly fall out of my skull. Today? Is he insane!? That is not near enough time to prepare for my parents meeting my mate, or enough time for me to wrap my head around the fact that he is going to see if they are werewolves or not. It’s too overwhelming.

“Today!? Are you nuts!? That doesn’t give me much time to change, and my parents don’t even know that we are ok again! Last my mom heard about us, I was crying like a lunatic over you. Now what? I just call and say, ‘hey mom, btw Deacon and I are back together and we are coming over for dinner tonight. Hope this isn’t too last minute! Love you, bye!’ then hang up quickly and just hope she doesn’t freak out!?” Deacon shrugs, looking unaffected by my little freak out session about my parents soon-to-be ginormous freak out session. Especially if one or both of them are werewolves, then they are really going to freak out. I mean, they are going to know damn well that Deacon’s an Alpha, and a damn strong, dangerous one at that. That’s got to be intimidating AF.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I tug on my hair. “Deacon! I can’t just spring this on them! Can’t we do it tomorrow?” He shakes his head. “Amber, Jacey, Nora, a little help here!” I look at them pleadingly, and they look at my adamant looking mate. “She’s right. This is too fast! How would you feel if Violet was demanding she meet our parents tonight? Hmm?” Jacey prods, and Deacon smiles. “I would love for her to meet our parents Jacey, anytime.” He shoots back, and Jacey takes a deep breath. “So, you would call them then bring her over the same day and not care about the short notice?” Jacey pushes, and Deacon shakes his head. “They wouldn’t care, Jacey. Mom might be a little rushed, but she would be thrilled to meet my mate.” This isn’t helping. I turn to Nora.

“Deacon, come on! Look at her! Can’t you see she’s freaking out a little? Just wait until tomorrow.” Deacon opens his mouth to protest, when Nora adds, “Don’t argue with a pregnant woman.” He snaps his mouth shut. “Either call them or I will.” He threatens and I glare at him. I look at Amber. “Deacon! Have you ever heard of this magically thing called patience? I’m assuming you haven’t. Just give it a day.” Deacon raises his eyebrow, then smirks. “Trust me, I have patience. But I’m not waiting until tomorrow.” I look at Cage and Beau.

“Dude-” One look and Cage snaps his mouth shut. “Deacon, come on-” One hard look and Beau shuts his mouth too. A lot of help they are. Now I know I can always rely on them to get me out of something. Note the fucking sarcasm. I scoff. “You are a pain in the ass babe. We are not going today.” I say firmly, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Yes, we are.”

“No, we’re not.”




“FINE!” I concede, throwing my arms up in the air, then I pull out my phone. His triumphant smirk does not go unnoticed by me. Asshole. “Jesus Christ,” I mutter, then mumble some incoherent profanities under my breath. I dial my Mom’s speed dial number and press send. She picks up on the second ring.

“Hey, honey.” I smile. “Hi, mom. Um, so, I was wondering if I could come over for dinner tonight?” I ask nervously, hoping she doesn’t catch the nerves in my voice. “Of course! Your father and I would love that! What time will you be coming over?” She seems happy, now lets see if she stays that way when I tell her that she is going to meet my mate for the first time. “Is it ok if I bring someone with me?” I cringe at the sound of my voice. I can hear the nerves. “Sure honey. Who? Amber?” I bite my lip, then reply. “No. Deacon.” I hear a sharp intake of breath. “He and I are-” I can’t finish my sentence as my Mom’s loud squeal cuts me off. “You two are finally back together! That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you sweetie! And I’m so happy I finally get to meet the guy that makes you deliriously happy.”

I breathe a huge sigh of relief. She’s happy. That’s good. Not so sure she’d be this thrilled if she knew that Deacon is there to see if she and/or dad are a werewolf and that he is having Wesley snoop around the house while we are all eating. Now, I just have to make sure daddy isn’t going to try to kill him. I don’t know if Mom told Dad about me and Deacon being apart for a week. “Does dad know about what happened with Deacon?” I’m already cringing. “No.” Mom answers and the biggest sign of relief comes out.

Thank the Lord!

“Good. So, do you think dad will be ok with meeting my ma- boyfriend, tonight?” Caught myself before I called him my mate and blew everything before we even had a chance to investigate. That wouldn’t of been good. “I’m sure. I’ll let him know. When will you two be coming over?” I look at him. ‘Four’ he mouths to me. I grab Cage’s wrist and look at his watch. It’s noon. “Is four ok?” I ask her, glaring slightly at my smug looking mate. “Yes, that gives me plenty of time to cook dinner.” I nod. “Ok, well love you, bye.”

“Love you.” Then I end the call. “Happy?” I say sarcastically. He looks so smug right now. “Very.” Nora, Jacey and Amber giggle. “You two are seriously adorable together. Even when you’re annoyed af with him, it’s cute.” Nora gushes, curling into her mate. Beau puts his hand on her growing baby bump and rubs it. The other two nod in agreement. Even though I am more than miffed at the moment, I can’t help but smile and walk over to my mate. He wraps his arm around me the second I’m within reach, and I wrap mine around his hard torso.

“I need a boyfriend, dammit.” Amber mutters and I laugh, then cover my mouth to hide it. She gapes at me. “And why are you laughing at that?” She wants to be mad, but I can tell she’s trying not to laugh. “I’m sorry, it’s not funny. I really don’t know why I laughed.” Even as I’m saying that I’m giggling. She narrows her eyes at me. “Ok, ok. I’m laughing cause here we all are, Deacon and I, Cage and Jacey, Beau and Nora, then you, little miss lonely.” I burst out laughing, as did everyone else.

“That’s not funny, you jerk.” Amber is trying desperately not to laugh, but I can see the mirth in her eyes. “It kinda is.” Nora laughs, still absently mindedly rubbing her belly. I wonder what it’s like being pregnant. Knowing you and your mate made a baby together. I wonder if Deacon and I will ever have a baby? Or two? Woah, I am getting way ahead of myself here. Right now is not the time to be thinking of having a baby. “I guess I will go on tinder and see what happens. Maybe I’ll find a super hot guy.” She says, and I add to her sentence, “Or a creepy old pervert.” She raises her hands. “Why do you gotta ruin my fantasy?” I grin. “Cause I’m your BFF and I have to look out for you.”

We are all still in the woods, and since it’s already noon, we really need to start heading back. I need to take a shower. I smell like trees and dirt at this point. I have dirt all over me, and my hair is so greasy it’s disgusting. I would love so much for my mate to join me in the shower, but now isn’t the time to lose my virginity, or even just shower with him. Because it would lead to sex, and I don’t want to rush my first time. But I’m so damn sexually frustrated at this point, I’d be willing to be late for dinner. Maybe he could just give me one orgasm- Ok, my mind has seriously gone into the gutter all of a sudden and I need to snap out of it. Thank all that is good in this world that Deacon can’t read my mind. That would be mortifying. My face would be redder than a sunburned tomato. And Deacon’s would probably be lustful and smug.

I still don’t get why Deacon is so hell bent on meeting them tonight. I want to find out how I became a werewolf just as much as he does, if not more. Maybe the problem is, is that I’m not sure if I’m ready to find out my parents have been lying to me my entire life. If I find out that one or both of my parents are werewolves, and they knew about it, I’d feel so betrayed I wouldn’t know what to do. How can a parent keep something like that from their child anyway? I would never do that to a child. I don’t know if I can even forgive them if it’s true. I just hope that if one of them is a werewolf, they are a dormant wolf and don’t even know. That would be the ideal situation. Then we’d know how I’m a werewolf, and that would mean I wasn’t lied to my whole entire life.

But if they do know, then, what pack are they in? Are they rogues? And if they are, how did they get away with being rogues and not being caught? You’d think they would’ve been caught by someone in Deacon’s pack by now. But there they are, safe and sound in their house. So either neither of them are werewolves, they’re dormant, or they are highly skilled rogues. None of those sound like great scenarios though. Of all I’d prefer the dormant, but that would be sad too. And if they are rogues, that would be tragic. I just hope that they don’t know anything. Or maybe if they are dormant, they just assumed I was going to be too? Maybe they just guessed that I was dormant as well so they didn’t have to tell me anything about werewolves.

I am just going to hope that everything goes well tonight. The last thing we need is a fucking fight breaking out. That would be so bad. I don’t need Deacon or my parents getting hurt, and I don’t want them hating him. That would just destroy me if my parents hated him. I don’t know what I would do. Although, I think my Mom already loves him from all the stuff Amber told her about him. That reminds me. “Oh, Amber.” I say, in a tone that implies I know something she probably wouldn’t want me to know. “What?” She asks nervously, looking at me wearily. “So, how often do you talk to my mother about my love life?” I raise an eyebrow and her eyes widen. “Pssh, what? I don’t know what you are talking about.” Amber denies, but she is a terrible liar. “Oh, really?” I put my hands on my hips with an amused smirk on my face.

“Ok fine! I talked to her a couple of times! But it was because she was concerned about you! That’s all! I don’t just go talk to your mom about your love life for no reason! I’m not a crazy person.” Amber defends herself, and I can’t help but laugh. “Yeah, well, the next time my mom contacts you about my love life, please shut your trap and hang up.” I try to sound stern, but I can’t stop the giggle that bursts out. I still can’t believe my Mom is such a snoop. I just hope she doesn’t ask about my sex life. Not that I have one since every single time Deacon and I are about to have sex, somebody walks in on us. Every. Single. Time.

It’s really gotten to a point that I am so sexually frustrated I could scream. All Deacon has to do is stretch at this point and my panties will probably end up soaked. It’s gotten that bad. If he was wearing a white shirt right now, I’d probably jump him. Geez, I need help. Or an orgasm, from him. Yeah, that sounds nice. I shake my head to clear my thoughts.

Get you head out of the damn gutter, Violet!

I think to myself. Geez. I need a cold shower, like right now. Or I could just throw myself in the lake. Yeah. That might work. But then I might end up thinking about our time in the lake, and then I’ll get all hot and bothered again. Dammit.

Why? Deacon giving us an orgasm sounds wonderful.

My wolf, Harmony, says in a sing song voice. OMG. She is not helping my horny thoughts. I’m trying to calm myself down, not rile myself up. Like she is doing. Thanks a lot, Harmony. It’s not easy to calm your arousal when you have a horny AF wolf who is thinking the same -if not worse- thoughts that you are. So, I do the only thing I can think of, and block her out.

OMG. Menchie. My cat. If Wesley goes snooping around my house, he better not leave a door or window open since Menchie is an indoor cat only. Wow, my mind went off. I guess I just miss my cat. Maybe I can sneak him into my apartment.

“Ok, I need a shower and a change of clothes, so we got to start heading back so I can go home.” I announce, and Deacon looks like he want’s to protest. “If you want to meet my parents, I am going to go home and take a shower first. If you even think of saying one word about it, I will call and cancel right now.” I threaten, making Deacon stay quiet. “All I was going to say, is that I have a shower in the bathroom that’s connected to my lounge room, and you can borrow some of Jacey’s clothes.” Deacon replies, trying to sound all innocent but I can see the very mischievous look in his eyes. “Nice try. I’m taking a shower at home, so lets get going.” I order, and grab his wrist to pull him along.

“Lead the way, Alpha.” I say with a seductive wink, while biting my lip. He groans, and starts walking. I giggle, along with the other girls and follow after him. “Cage, you head to the cellars, and Jacey, you stay away from them. Beau you head to the pack house. I want you two interrogating everyone to see if there is a small chance one of them turned Violet, although at this point my money lies on her parents being the reason.” Deacon orders and they nod, heading separate directions. But Jacey and Nora come with us back to the restaurant.

“How much farther?” Amber whines after ten minutes. I roll my eyes. “About ten more minutes, depending on how fast you walk.” Nora answers her, hand on her belly. “Hey, Nora. When do you find out if it’s a boy or a girl?” I ask her, curious. She smiles lovingly down at her stomach. “I get to find out today actually. My appointment is at five, so Beau better be here in time to take me to the doctor.” My eyes get wide and a huge smile forms on my face, at the same time that Jacey and Amber squeal. “Yay! And when we find out, we are going to throw you a baby shower! Right guys!?” Jacey squeals in excitement and I nod enthusiastically. “Absolutely.” I agree at the same time Amber says, “Totally.”

“I’m really excited. I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.” Nora grins, and I can see the joy on her face and the happiness in her voice. “Do you have name ideas yet?” I ask her as she walks beside me. She nods smiling. “Yeah, Beau and I have some ideas. We have a lot,” She laughs, “But our favorites are Seth for a boy and Ashley for a girl.” Nora finishes, rubbing her swollen belly. I smile. “I like those names.” I say, and Jacey and Amber agree. Deacon kind of just zoned out during our girly conversation. He looks like he is mind-linking someone, so I leave him alone.

And now all these thoughts are going through my mind. What’s going to happen tonight? Is Deacon just going to interrogate them? Is he even going to have to? What if the second we pull up he smells their wolves? Then what? And what if they are wolves but don’t know it? Then what? What if they are rogues? Will Deacon lock them up? God, I hope not. Not that I would let that happen anyway. Is all hell going to break loose? And the most important question. Are they all going to get along?

I’m so much in my own head that I don’t notice when we get to the bar. “Babe,” Deacon grabs my arm, stopping me from walking right into the wall. I must’ve zoned out big time. It’s a miracle I didn’t run into a tree. “Huh? Oh, thanks.” I shake my head, looking at my mate. Then I hear laughter. “What the heck? You almost walked into the wall Vi. That was hilarious.” Amber laughs, along with Jacey and Nora.

“Sorry, I zoned out.” Is my explanation of my blatant lack of watching where I’m walking when I’m zoned out. We walk into the bar and into the lounge, where I grab my purse. “I will pick you up at three.” Deacon informs me as he walks me to my car and I nod. Amber already headed home in her red Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jacey and Nora went into the restaurant to eat.

I check my phone. It’s already one. I have two hours to get ready. Ok, I can do that. I slide into my car, and Deacon leans over and kisses me. “I love you.” I smile against his lips. “I love you too. Bye.” I say, as he leans back and I shut my door, then drive off.

Once I’m home, I head straight to my bathroom to do my business and take a long, hot shower. I thoroughly scrub my body with my pineapple, orange and coconut flower scented shower gel. I wash my hair twice with my citrus scented shampoo and leave the matching conditioner in for three minutes. I can’t stand the feeling of the dirt I had all over my body. While I’m in the shower, I also take some time to shave as well. I take some time to pamper myself, using my citrus face scrub from Sephora.

When I exit the shower, the bathroom is full of steam, keeping it warm in here. I wrap a fluffy purple towel around my wet body and wring the excess water out of my hair into the sink. After making sure my face is dry, I rub in some moisturizer and under eye cream. After drying off, I grab my favorite black everyday push up bra from Victoria’s Secret Pink and throw it on, along with the matching panties. I just pull on my black skinny jeans, a ruched V-neck tank from H&M, and a black denim jacket. After pairing the outfit with my black ankle boots, I head to my makeup case.

I pull out my eyeshadow primer and apply some to my eyelids, then pull out my Naked palette. I proceed to apply the light tan shade called ‘naked’ to the crease, ‘smog’ on my lid, and ‘darkhorse’ in the outer corner. I finish it off with the light shade ‘virgin’ on my brow bone and inner corner. I apply black eyeliner then finish off with some mascara. I don’t normally do so much makeup, but I felt like it tonight. After cleaning up the fallout, I apply foundation primer to my face. I use my favorite foundation, then continue with concealer, bronzer, blush, etcetera. I finish off my look with a salmon/watermelon colored lip gloss.

After putting on deodorant, I spray my Eau So Sexy perfume from Victoria’s Secret on. It is one of my top five favorite perfumes. I put a spare concealer and lip gloss into my wristlet purse, then head into the living room to wait for Deacon. It’s two forty-five now, so Deacon should be here soon. He always texts me when he is here, specifically telling me to wait in my apartment so he can come to my door, but I never listen and always meet him at his car in the parking lot. That always annoys him, which I find quite amusing.

I turn the TV on, and go to yell to Amber to see if she wants to watch something with me, when I hear the shower turn on. Oh well. I flip on The Vampire Diaries, season one and begin binge watching. Yeah, I’ve seen all eight seasons five billion times, but, come on, it’s TVD. It’s the best thing ever. And Stefan and Damon, so hot.

Not that I would ever tell Deacon I find them smoking hot, although they don’t even compare to Deacon in my eyes, looks or otherwise. He powers over all. He is everything to me.

I just hope he is nice when he meets them and doesn’t go all angry protective Alpha mate if he finds out they are werewolves and have hid it from me my whole life. A fight breaking out between my parents and my mate is the last thing I want. I grab my pack of ice breakers sours and eat two of them, puckering my lips from the taste. Sour, but so worth it. They are so damn good.

After I’m fifteen minutes in, someone knocks on my door. I pause my show, stand up and walk to my door and look through the peep hole. Deacon is standing there. I open the door. “You didn’t text me.” I exclaim and he smirks. “Because I know you would’ve come down to my car and I wanted to greet you at your door for once.” He says, and his smirk doesn’t falter even when I narrow my eyes at him. I huff cause he’s right. “Let me get my purse.” I say, then walk over to the couch to grab my black wristlet. “Amber! I’m leaving!” I hear a muffled ‘k’ in response. “Alright, lets go.” I sigh, the butterflies starting to set in.

I’m so nervous about tonight. It’s bad enough they are meeting the love of my life for the first time, but he is also there to snoop and possibly interrogate them! Anyone would be freaking out right now. Deacon, seemingly sensing my nerves, wraps his arm around me and rubs my side gently. “Relax, baby. It’s going to be fine.” Deacon assures me and I nod, trying to take a deep breath.

Once we’re at his car, he opens the passenger seat for me and I thank him. Pulling my seatbelt on, I pull my phone out of my back pocket and send my Mom a text letting her know we’re on our way. She responds with ‘can’t wait to see you and meet him, finally!’ and a smiley face.

Deacon gets in the car and revs the engine, making me smile. I love the sound of a sports car. “You’re going to have to tell me how to get there.” Deacon says and I laugh. “I am? I thought you’d just magically know the way.” I respond sarcastically, and he gives me a look, making me laugh. “I know babe.” I giggle, making him chuckle. We pull out onto the main street and I give him directions the whole way. When I wasn’t telling him where to go, we were talking about what he was planning on doing once we get there. Apparently, Wesley is going to show up later and snoop around once it gets darker out.

I don’t want him sneaking around my parents house at all, but Deacon isn’t budging on that. He is hell bent on this, so I’m not going to try to change his mind anymore. If he wants a little spy mission, I’ll let him have his fun. Not that this is particularly fun for any of us. Especially me. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the fact that my parents might be werewolves and might have lied to me my entire life.

We arrive soon enough, but we are about thirty minutes early. Not that my Mom will mind. Dad on the other hand, I don’t know. Deacon puts his car in park and I take a deep breath. Deacon turns his body to face me. “Are you ready, baby?” Deacon asks. I nod. “Yeah.”

Time to meet my parents and investigate.

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