Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 27


As soon as we get out of the car, the butterflies in my stomach erupt into a full on swarm of nerves. Oh, God. I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous before in my life. It’s bad enough they are meeting my mate for the first time, but the fact that we have a motive for being here, feels so wrong. We are here to basically interrogate my parents and that feels so wrong to me. Plus the thought of a fight breaking out, that is really freaking me out. I don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Deacon opens the door for me like the gentleman he can be and I climb out, reaching back in to grab my wristlet that was sitting on the dash, then I shut the door. He grabs my hand in his larger one and we walk to the front door, as slowly as I can, which makes him have to practically tug me along. I gulp. I take a deep breath. Then I take another deep breath. And another. Yup. Still nervous.


Deacon is wearing dark blue jeans that fit him perfectly and hang deliciously low on his hips, a tight charcoal grey V-neck, his black leather jacket that practically makes me drool and his black combat boots. He looks hotter than hell and excruciatingly sexy. I literally can’t help ogling him, and the longer I stare the more horny I get. I am almost at the point of begging him to fuck me. But that will have to wait. Again. It’s not like I can lose my virginity at my parents house. That would be a whole new level of awkward and not exactly how I’d like to remember losing my virginity anyway. I really don’t want to lose it in my parents house in my old bedroom. I’m sure Deacon would probably find it sexy doing it in my old bedroom, but for the first time I would find it awkward and I would never be able to relax. Guess I’ll just have to keep waiting like an impatient child that wants candy that’s just out of reach.

We are at the front door way too soon for my liking, and before I know it he is knocking. I sent my Mom a text when we were five minutes away letting her know we’re close, so us showing up early won’t surprise them. She told me that she told Dad and he is happy that I’m coming, not so much about Deacon. And also has his shotgun out and loaded. Deacon isn’t worried in the least, but it made me nearly pee my pants in concern. The last thing I need is my Dad shooting my mate. I would literally go ape shit, and I’d probably shift. And that would not be good. Since I’m still really new at the whole werewolf thing, I can’t really control myself all that well yet. Which is also why the urge to mate has gotten stronger as well. Plus my horny ass wolf isn’t helping the situation.

Mom also told me that she plans to unload the shotgun without telling him. That made me feel a little better. But knowing my Dad, he would take the handle part and hit Deacon over the head with it. Deacon said a hit like that would barely even faze him, if at all. But still has me worried. I don’t want to see him get bashed over the head!

My Dad is still way too over-protective of me when it comes to guys because of what Chad did. My Mom told me that she told him that Deacon treats me perfectly and acts like I walk on water, but my Dad still has a grudge against all males that want to be near me. I can understand his anger, but he needs to cool it. If he even attempts to take a swing at Deacon, I might lose it. And I really don’t want to just randomly shift and ruin my clothes, and possibly give them heart attacks if they aren’t werewolves and I was turned some other way.

And if they are werewolves, why did Daddy go at Chad with a bat? If he is a werewolf, he wouldn’t need a weapon, he would be plenty strong enough to do a shit load of damage by himself without the help of a bat. Maybe it was a cover? Or maybe he really wanted to beat him with a bat. Either way he got his wish. He broke Chad’s nose. It’s pretty safe to say that Chad isn’t a wolf, since his body didn’t heal for weeks, and when he head butted Deacon he saw double and Deacon wasn’t even affected in the least. Plus I’ve known Chad for years, I’ve seen him injure himself and it take a while for it to heal. So that rules him out.

But that doesn’t rule out his slutty, bitch face, fuck buddy. Danielle could be a werewolf, a rogue most likely. She could’ve turned me when she slapped me in the parking lot that day. If that’s true, and she is a rogue, maybe we can lock her slutty ass up in the cellars and I can use her as my own personal punching bag when I get angry. “Hey, babe?” I say, looking up at him since he is taller than I am. “Hmm?” He hums in acknowledgement, turning to face me. “How do you know that Chads little fuck buddy didn’t turn me when she slapped me that one time?” I ask him, slightly cocking my head to the side. He instantly glowered and growled lowly in his throat at the mention of that bitch hurting me. “It wasn’t her. She’s not a werewolf, I would’ve smelled it.” I slump my shoulders. I was really hoping he would say it could’ve been her so I would’ve had an excuse to aim my claws straight for her throat. Oh well. I can find another reason for her to die. Just being her seems like a good reason.

The white front door with a diamond shaped window opens.

Mom’s standing there wearing a casual summer dress with a huge smile on her face and her arms extended out toward me. “I’m so happy you two are here!” She practically squeals in joy as she pulls me into a tight hug. I wrap my arms around her and giggle at her excitement. When she pulls back she looks at Deacon with a grin on her face. I can see she is impressed by him. No one is immune to his gorgeous face and perfect body. Apparently not even my Mom. Mom extends her hand to him and he takes it. “It’s so nice to finally,” She exaggerates the word ‘finally’ as she aims an it’s about time look at me making me smile sheepishly at her, “meet you Deacon.” He smiles at her and replies, “It’s nice to meet you too, Mrs. White.” Mom grins. She approves. I can tell.

It’s not her. Deacon mind-links me, looking at me through the corner of his eye, making my eyes go wide.


She’s human, baby. There is not a drop of wolf in her. Even if she was dormant I would be able to smell it. Now it’s time to see your dad.

I gulp. Mom’s human. So that means either my Dad is a werewolf, or something else turned me. I’m hoping it’s the latter, but I have a feeling Deacon is ninety percent sure that its the former. “Well come in! Don’t just stand there!” Mom laughs, moving aside so we can come in the house. Deacon, being the sexy gentleman he can be, let’s me in first then follows swiftly behind me. It’s smells amazing in here. I can smell the vanilla cinnamon scented air freshener and the lasagna cooking. Mom’s lasagna recipe is drool worthy. I have pigged out on her lasagna on more than one occasion when I was younger.

To this day I still don’t know her secret recipe. Mom promised one day she would tell me. I asked her when, and she replied, ‘When you want to make it for your children.’ I nearly chocked on my food. She had laughed. I was only sixteen when she had told me that, so my reaction was understandable. But now at eighteen, with my mate, the thought of children seems way more appealing. I wonder if we would have any one day. I mean, Beau and Nora are our age and they are having a baby, so maybe in a few years... I shook my head. Now isn’t the time to think about Deacon getting me pregnant. Even if I have had baby names picked out since I was, like, fifteen. I wonder if Deacon ever thinks about this stuff. About marriage, children, etcetera. I know we’re mates, but I still want to get married one day.

Mom leads us into the living room and we take our seats on the couch, me cuddled up next to him. I see Deacon subtly sniff the air, and a puzzled look crosses his face. He takes a deeper inhale, but still looks confused. Which makes me confused. I sniff the air too, but all I can smell is the air freshener, the lasagna, and the subtle hint of Moms perfume.

What’s wrong? I mind-link, looking at him through the corner of my eye.

I can’t smell even a hint of wolf in the house. Your mom is human, so the only logical explanation is your dad, but I don’t smell any wolf. If you dad is a werewolf, I’d be able to smell the scent of a wolf here and I don’t. So either he is really good at covering his scent, or something else is going on. He replies, puzzled, inhaling deeply again.

If he is a dormant wolf would you be able to smell it? I ask him, unsure. Maybe we’re -and by we’re, I mean he- wrong and my parents are both human and somebody else turned me. I hope. Because it will devastate me if he is and kept it from me my whole life. And that would mean Mom did too, because she would know about it. And I would assume they are mates, so of course she would know.

Yes, but not very strongly. But with the food and air freshener, that could be clouding the scent if he is a wolf. Especially if he is a dormant wolf.

I nod my head in understanding. He has a point.


I hate it that he has a point right now. And speaking of my Dad, where is he? I don’t even hear him. “Hey, mom. Where’s dad?” She grimaces for a second. That doesn’t make me feel better. “He’s out back, beating an old TV with a baseball bat to get out some energy.” And anger, she oh so conveniently forgot to add. Geez. That doesn’t sound good. It sounds like he is in a bad mood. And I don’t want him in a bad mood when he meets my mate for the first time. Talk about a bad first impression. “And why does he have so much, energy, to get out?” I ask, although I already know the answer. It’s cause he knows he is meeting Deacon tonight and he isn’t over what Chad did. Great. Just fucking great. He is going to be the over-protective, scary, intimidating, father-of-the-girlfriend Dad tonight. Sounds fun. Note the fucking sarcasm.

“Well, he still isn’t quite over what Chad did...” Mom lets the sentence hang, knowing Deacon and I are both fully aware of where she was going with it. I nod, understanding. “She has told you about that, right?” Mom looks at Deacon uncertainly, her eyes wide, and he nods. “Yes, I know, trust me.” He clenches his fists at his sides, and I lay my hand on his arm to calm him down. It works. “Have you met him?” She quires and Deacon scowls. “Unfortunately.” He replies, and I can feel the hate radiating off of him of the mention of Chad. Mom smiles. “I’m guessing you don’t like him very much.” Deacon gives a sardonic smile. “I despise him.” He tells her honestly and I roll my eyes. Mom laughs. Looks like everybody hates Chad now. Well he deserves our hate after cheating on me then acting like a crazy possessive asshole afterwards.

I look at my phone. It’s only three forty, so the food probably won’t be done for another fifteen minutes or so. It doesn’t matter. My stomach is too filled with butterflies to eat. Especially since my Dad isn’t in the best mood. “Let me go get him.” Mom says standing up, then she walks to the back door and out heading into the backyard. “Baby, I can literally feel how nervous you are.” Deacon informs me, with an amused smirk on his face. I narrow my eyes at him. “It’s your fault you idiot. If you had just waited on day, I could’ve at least prepared myself for this a little more. And my mom just basically told us my dad is pissed, and he might take a swing at you just out of spite of what Chad did. He kind of has a grudge against all males who talk to me now.” I inform my mate who is way too calm for this unnerving situation.

“How many males are talking to you?” Deacon asks almost angrily and I slap him on the arm with a glare. “I meant any guy who has an interest in me, which means you, you moron. The only guys I talk to are you, Cage, Beau, Wesley and my dad. I don’t talk to Chad anymore obviously.” I said, slightly irritated myself that he got all mad for no reason. That seemed to calm him down slightly. I sigh and roll my eyes. Crazy, possessive Alpha. I’m not saying that his possessive side isn’t extremely hot, because it is and I usually end up aroused, but right now isn’t the time for that nonsense.

“And no matter how much my dad interrogates you and pushes you and irritates you, do not act like a dick.” I warn -more like demand- my mate. He raises his eyebrow, looking kind of offended and amused at the same time. “What is that supposed to mean?” I give him a smirk, “No matter how rude his questioning gets, don’t be an ass. If you need help with an answer, or it gets too personal, just mind-link me and I’ll do my best to get him off your back.” Both his eyebrows are raised now but he nods. He opens his mouth to speak right when my parents walk back in.

They sit down on the couch across from us and my Dad levels a hard stare at Deacon. “So, Deacon, how old are you?” My eyes widen. Really? He doesn’t even bother with a greeting!? He just starts off interrogating without even an introduction? Seriously? So this is how it’s gonna go. Great. “Twenty-one.” Deacon answers calmly, seemingly unaffected by my Dads tone. “So you’re three years older than my daughter? Hmph.” He huffs disapprovingly. “Dad, you could at least introduce yourself before you start with all the questions.” I narrow my eyes at my Dad, daring him to argue. He sighs. “Fine, my name is David White but you call me Mr. White, or sir.” I gape at him. “Daddy! What the heck? Be nice!” I whine, making Deacon chuckle slightly.

“I am being nice,” He tells me making me roll my eyes before he looks back at Deacon. “And I hear you own a bar?” Nice my ass. I cover my face with my hands and shake my head groaning. Oh no. Why? “Yes, I do. But it also has a restaurant part to it as well.” Deacon tells him and he nods, before firing more questions at him. “So are you an alcoholic then?”


Deacon chuckles and shakes his head. “No, sir. I most certainly am not an alcoholic. This is going to sound hard to believe, but I hardly ever drink. Only occasionally, and it’s usually just a beer or two.” He seems calm but me on the other hand, my leg is bouncing up and down like crazy the more questions my Dad asks. “So you own a bar and rarely drink? Hmph.” He hums disbelievingly. Fuck me. “Do you have a record? Any DUI’s? Drug charges? B&E? Abuse charges? Restraining order?” Dad bombards him with more and more rude questions at a rate that starts to make my head spin. “I don’t have a record. No DUI’s, I don’t do drugs, no B&E, I would never hit a woman and no restraining orders either.” Deacon responds calmly, but I can tell he is starting to get a little irritated now.

“How many girls have you fucked?” I spring off the couch. “Daddy!” I scream, outraged, shocked and extremely embarrassed, at the same time Mom smacks him hard on the back of the head and yells, “David!” He gives Mom an innocent look. “What? It’s a valid question. I don’t want my daughter dating him if he’s fucked his way through the town.” I can feel my face getting redder in both anger and embarrassment. Deacon looks slightly aggravated, but doesn’t say anything. “You don’t have to a nswer that.” My Mom tells him kindly, then glares at Dad. It’s a good thing that Mom said that, because I don’t think I want to know the answer to that. Mom gives Dad a hard glare and quietly says something to him that makes him scowl.

I look at Deacon with an apologetic smile. He puts his hand on my knee and smiles reassuringly, his thumb rubbing soothing circles on my skin. Dad’s eyes harden when he sees where Deacons hand is and he stares intently at Deacon with a threatening look and a dangerous gleam in his eyes. “Have you had sex with my daughter?” My eyes nearly bug out of their sockets. Oh. My. God. I can not believe he just asked that. My face is beet red now. I’m completely mortified. Even though we haven’t had sex -or as it’s technically called, mated- yet, I can’t help the red hot blush that covers my face. I have never been so mortified and embarrassed in all my life. “DAD!” I yell, my voice scolding, while my whole body flushes hotly. “No, we haven’t!” I say, trying to prove my innocence and hoping he believes me since its true.

Holy mother of hell! What the actual fuck has gotten into him!?

“Oh my God!” I mumble with my firetruck red face buried in my hands. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I mumble over and over again into my hands. I’m so embarrassed right now I could die. I can’t look at anyone, even my mate. Even though we haven’t done it yet I’m still so damn embarrassed that my Dad even asked the question to begin with. Deacon puts his hand on my back and rubs soothing circles, but it only calms me down so much. “So, you haven’t had sex yet?” I look up and glare vehemently at him. “No, we haven’t. But thanks for making this the most awkward first meeting to ever happen. And we haven’t even eaten yet! Fucking hell!” I scold, trying to calm my blush and not doing a good job as I can still feel the heat in my cheeks.

“David, I can not believe you,” Mom glares at Dad while scolding him. “Oh my goodness, I am so sorry you two. I don’t know what has gotten into him.” Mom apologizes, giving us a sympathetic look. When she looks back at Dad, he gives her an innocent look. “What?” He asks, playing dumb. Mom’s eyes narrow and she shakes her head. “What? What!? You just humiliated our daughter and probably her boyfriend as well. Now be fucking nice.” My eyes widen at Mom’s hard and clipped tone. I haven’t seen her this mad in a long time. I’m glad to know she is yelling at him though. Since yeah, I’m completely humiliated and even more mortified. What’s going to happen when Deacon and I do have sex? Jesus Christ, if Dad ever finds out when we do...

I look at my mate. He doesn’t seem embarrassed, more shocked and a little irritated. He doesn’t seem scared or intimidated in the least, not that I expected him to be anyway. He’s an Alpha, and my Dad -whether he’s a werewolf or not- is not going to scare him in the slightest. Oh, yeah. Speaking of...

Deacon, is he a werewolf? I mind-link my mate, and I am more than shocked to see him subtly shake his head.

No. He replies. I don’t understand. He’s not a werewolf, and neither is your mother. That doesn’t make any sense. I can hear the confusion in his voice, and it gives me pause. What does that mean than? If neither of them are werewolves, then, how am I one? We are both pretty sure I wasn’t bitten or scratched, so, at least one of them has to be a wolf. But if neither of them are, what the actual fuck is happening? I’m so confused...

But- I start, but then I notice my Mom asked me a question that I didn’t hear, most likely she repeated it. “Sorry, what?” I say, smiling sheepishly at my -now slightly amused- Mom. “I said, would you mind if I stole your boyfriend for a moment?” Mom gestures at Dad, and I’m guessing what she really wants is for me and Dad to talk. I look at Deacon, and he nods, so, reluctantly I nod. “Sure, go ahead.” I way it off and Mom gives a warm, satisfied smile. “Come on, Deacon. I’ll give you a tour.” Mom offers warmly, and Deacon smiles back at her while standing. They leave the room, heading toward the kitchen.

And as soon as they are out of sight, I level a hard glare at my Dad who is sitting across from me feigning innocence. “I can’t believe you!” I throw my arms up in the air in anger. “How could you act like such a,...such a tool of a father!” I yell angrily, then pause for a breath. “Oh, I could just hit you right now!” I threaten, clenching my fists at my sides. “A good, hard, slap in the face.” I detail, with narrowed eyes. Dad looks slightly bad for embarrassing me, but he also looks more than smug at the same time. “My baby has been hurt two too many times by men claiming to love her, excuse me if I’m a little over-protective,” Dad tries to rationalize his behavior, and it made me feel slightly bad for yelling at him. Slightly. “A little?” I raise a brow speculatively and give him a yeah right look. “And that still doesn’t make what you did ok.” I continue to scold while giving him a hard look.

“I’m the Dad, which means I have every right. You’re just lucky I didn’t go after him with the bat. Yet, anyway.” He finishes smugly. My eyes widen and I give him a panicked look. “No! Put your bat and any other potential weapon away!” I order, jumping up, looking beside the couch for the bat. Upon not seeing it anywhere, I grab his shotgun and fling it under the couch out of his reach. When I turn back around, my Dad’s looking at me like I just lost my mind. “What?” I ask. He shakes his head mumbling, “Nothing.” I shrug. Ok then. Then I narrow my eyes at him in question. “Daddy, you don’t have any knives on you, do you?” He gives an amused laugh. “No, of course not!” His eyes hold mirth and his lips curl into an amused grin. I give him a dirty look for finding humor in this, then sit back down.

“Stop smiling this isn’t funny.” I demand, but his lips still twitch in amusement. I roll my eyes.


I hear her scolding her father and my chest rumbles with a silent laugh. He does deserve it though. I was one hundred percent expecting an interrogation from him, but I wasn’t expecting it to go that far. I didn’t think he would go so far as to ask if I had fucked his daughter or fucked my way through the whole damn town. I honestly feel bad for her at this point. She must be mortified. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went full on ape shit with her Dad. Lord knows what he’ll do when Violet and I do mate.

Wesley, are you on your way? I mind-link. It’s time he get here and snoop around a bit. I’m more puzzled about her parents than I care to admit.

I’m outside. Doing a perimeter check. He responds instantly. I nod in satisfaction, remember he can’t see me, then reply.

Good. Let me know if you find anything.

Yes, Alpha.

I smile. My pack is so loyal.

I’m snapped out of our mind-link when Violet’s Mom starts talking to me. “So, Deacon, I have to apologize again for how rude my husband was. I can’t even imagine how you must feel right now.” Mrs. White apologizes with a sympathetic look on her kind face, and I give her a warm smile. “I understand. He’s just protective of his daughter.” I try to sound convincing, but in reality I’m just as ticked off as Violet is. I mean, on one hand I completely understand his over-protectiveness because I’m just as -if not more, no, way more- protective of her, but on the other hand, some of those questions were just straight up rude.

“Well, come on. I’ll show you around.” Mrs. White says with a warm welcoming smile on her face. I smile back at her and nod, then follow her.

After the tour and everyone has calmed down, we have dinner which was excellent. Violets Mom is a wonderful cook. Then I remember Wesley. Crap. I completely forgot about him throughout the whole dinner.

Baby, I have to go check in with Wesley.

I want to come.


I’m coming.

I sigh. Ok.


“Mom, dad, will you excuse us for a minute?” I excuse ourselves, hoping to get out easy. I can never be so lucky. “Why? Where are you going?” Dad has to question everything. Dammit. “Deacon has to check in with Cage about a stock check at the bar and while he’s doing that I’m going to call Amber to see if she fixed my shoes that she accidently broke.” I can’t believe I managed to lie that smoothly. Deacon is looking at me in uncontained shock at my smooth lie and my Mom looks convinced. Dad looks a little skeptical but I don’t care right now.

We push back our seats and make our way to the front door. When we exit the house, we make our way to the backyard where he is waiting. I see Wesley and then he see’s us. Right when we go to walk over to him he looks back inside and reels back in what looks like shock. He stares intently at something through the window, his eyes wide and mouth agape.

“Wesley? Wesley, what are you looking at?” Deacon asks as we quietly approach him. He glances at us for half a second before returning his focus to whatever he was looking at. I look through the window and see my Mom in the kitchen putting the food away. Huh. Nothing unusual. I wonder what has his attention.

I look back at him to see him looking shook. And my mate looks concerned, which makes me concerned. “Wesley, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Deacon says, looking more and more concerned by the minute. His face is pale as a sheet, and he looks off balance. “Oh my God, she, I, no, it can’t be.” Deacon grabs his shoulders gently to steady him. “What Wesley? What’s going on? Answer me.” Deacon tells him firmly. Wesley looks at me, and just stares for a good two minutes. Not in a pervert kind of way, more in an awe, loving and can’t believe my eyes kind of way. “I see it now.” He vaguely says and I raise my eyebrows in confusion. “See what?” I ask, confused af. What the hell is he talking about? “The resemblance. The hair, eyes, skin tone, etcetera.” He’s not making any sense. “What are you talking about?” We ask in unison. Wesley looks at me, and he looks like he has tears in his eyes.

“Violet, I think you’re my daughter.”

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