Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 28


I nearly fell over, and if Deacon hadn’t of been standing right beside me and caught my arm I would’ve. His daughter? What the hell...? “WHAT!?” I all but shout, forcing Deacon to slap his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. We don’t need my parents knowing we’re in the backyard with some guy snooping around. “Wesley, what the hell are you talking about?” Deacon asks in a whisper, but in a voice that’s clearly demanding an explanation. Wesley shakes his head as if to clear it, then looks back at my Mom who is completely oblivious to the people staring at her outside her kitchen window.

“She,...I...we,” He stammers, looking bewildered and utterly shocked. “Spit it out!” Deacon and I whisper/yell at the same time. “Violet, your mom, Macy, I know her, from a long time ago.” He starts and I give him a continue look. “Elaborate, Wesley. You just said you think I’m your daughter, I need more than that.” I say, trying to stay calm even though on the inside I am screaming, panicking and freaking the fuck out on a whole new level. “We were together, back when Beau was little. It was a while after my mate died, when I met her. I fell for her instantly, and we fell in love.” I gape at him, my eyes as wide as saucers. I can’t believe this.

“We were living together,” He continues, and my jaw practically hits the floor. “Then, one day she told me she was pregnant. I was ecstatic, and so was she. We were both so happy and we couldn’t wait. Everything was great, and then it wasn’t.” His face takes on the saddest expression I’ve ever seen and it makes me want to hug him. “She saw me shift one day. There was a rogue on the territory and I shifted to fight it before it could get to her or Beau. I killed it, and she saw it all.” I cut in. “That sounds like what happened with Deacon and I.” I say and Wesley nods sadly. “Yes, but you got over your fear and forgave him. The fact that you’re mates helped the reconciliation, but that’s neither here nor there. Your mom didn’t get over it. She was petrified of me and she left.” Wesley doesn’t take his eyes off of me the whole time he explains.

“I had some friends watch Beau and I went after her, and I tried to prove to her that I love her and I would never hurt her or our baby but she didn’t listen or believe me. She was terrified. Called me a monster,” Oh wow. I can’t believe she did that. “We were so young, and she didn’t know what to do. So she got a restraining order against me and left with you. Since she was only four months along, we didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl yet. I never even got to see the birth of my baby. I didn’t know where she went. I tried to follow her, but she managed to cover her tracks. I almost died from the pain of losing her and my baby. I had already lost my mate and then I lost you two.” At this point Wesley and I both have tears in our eyes. Eyes that are so similar, now that I am actually paying enough attention to notice.

“I searched for years but came up with nothing. I tried contacting her parents, but they didn’t help me at all. Told me not to try to contact her, stop trying to find her and leave her and them alone. Same with her friends. I searched all social media sights, emailed her, everything I could think of. But I couldn’t find her. Eventually, I just stopped looking. I never gave up hope, but I couldn’t keep on going like that. I was destroying myself.” He finishes, and at this point I am crying, and so is he. I almost refuse to believe it, but I have no reason not to. I can see the resemblance easily now that I am actually paying enough attention to care to see it.

And all I have now is this burning desire to confront my Mom and demand to know how she could be so heartless. Sure, I freaked out too, I’m not denying her valid fear, but she ran away with his baby and obviously didn’t think twice about it. I could never do something like that. It’s horrible. Did she even feel bad? Poor Wesley was here, miserable, wanting his girlfriend and baby back and my Mom was off not giving two fucks about it. I get the fear she felt more than anybody, but I came back to him. I was always planning on coming back to him. She didn’t. And the fact that she thought he would hurt his own baby! He already had a happy, healthy child that he never hurt and she thought he would hurt me. I can’t even wrap my head around it. I don’t understand her logic, so I can’t understand why she would think that.

What? Just because he’s a werewolf that means he would hurt his own baby? That’s insane! And I understand I am not one to talk, but had I been pregnant when I ran from Deacon, not once would I have thought of taking his baby from him. I stupidly thought he would hurt me, but deep down I knew he wouldn’t and I wouldn’t think he would hurt a baby either. And the fact that my Mom has never even tried to contact him, or at least send him a picture of his baby, makes me see her a lot differently now. It just seems so heartless what she did. And I don’t know if I’ll get over it.

But right now, I need to know what to do about it. “Wesley, are you one hundred percent sure that Violet’s your daughter?” Deacons asks skeptically. He nods. “I know it.” Wesley confirms surely. I breathe heavily, attempting to swallow the lump in my throat and trying to hold in the sob that wants to escape. “Than, who is my dad? David, I mean.” I ask, scared of the answer I might get. Wesley shrugs. “I have no earthly idea, but he isn’t your father.” More tears slip out of my eyes. I love my Dad, and to know that he isn’t my biological Dad hurts so bad. But bio or not, he is still -and always will be- my Dad. Blood or not. He raised me, loved me, cared for me, he is my Dad. And I will never see him as anything different.

“I need to talk to my parents-” I go to turn around but Deacon grabs my arm. “Baby, you can’t just barge in there and confront them. We have to do this smarter. You can’t just run in screaming like a lunatic.” I glare at him. “What am I supposed to do then, huh? Just wait and hope my mom decides to blurt it out at Thanksgiving?” I ask sarcastically, making him narrow his eyes at me. “No, smartass, we just need to get her alone and gently get into it instead of just screaming at her. We aren’t going to get anywhere if you just start yelling at her.” I can’t help the smirk when he calls me a smartass. “Well it might if you would just let go.” I say, gesturing with a tilt of my head to his hold on my arm. “No, we need to discuss how we are going to bring it up.” He gives me a look that says I’m not going to win this argument.

I narrow my eyes at him and he narrows his at me. His look is more intimidating than I thought and I give an annoyed sigh. “Fine. What do you suppose we do, oh clever alpha?” I say, nothing but sarcasm in my voice. He smirks, and I can see the triumphant gleam in his eyes. “Get your mother alone, then talk to her, calmly.” He puts emphasis on the word, giving me a look daring me to argue. I sigh. “Fine. And how do you suggest we get her alone, huh?” I tilt my head to the side with my arms crossed. His eyes stray to my breasts which my arms have unintentionally pushed up. I uncross my arms in order to get his attention back on my face and settle for putting my hands on my hips instead. I clear my throat and his eyes meet mine again.

“Well, I have an idea,” He looks at Wesley, and Deacon’s eyes are twinkling with mischief and mirth. Wesley looks at him wearily. “What are you looking at me like that for?” He asks cautiously, almost afraid of the answer. Deacon’s smirk is nothing but amused which makes me a little weary of his answer as well. “And what is this idea?” I inquire and Deacon looks like he wants to laugh but stops himself. “I hope your dad loves his car.” My eyes go wide. Oh no. “What do you mean? Of course, my dad loves his car.” I ask uncertainly. “Does he love it enough that if he saw someone trying to steal it he would jump in your moms car and chase said person?” Deacon wonders and I nod slowly. “Most likely.” Deacon smirks. “Perfect. Wesley, I need you to wear a ski mask and attempt to steal his car.”

After practically chewing all my nails off, Deacons plan starts. Plan, ha, more like scheme. Deacon did give more detail into what he meant by attempt. What he wants is Wesley to get my Dad’s attention by pretending to steal his car, have him run outside to stop him, then we make sure to lock him out while Wesley runs like hell so my Dad doesn’t shoot him.

Wesley miraculously managed to find a ski mask and is currently stalking over to my Dad’s car. Oh, I hope my Dad doesn’t have time to get to his gun. Meanwhile, Deacon and I quietly make our way back inside the house. Part one of the plan, is on me. “Dad! It looks like someone’s trying to steal your car!” I shout in fake horror. Dad’s eyes widen and he rushes outside, not forgetting his bat. Shit. I hope Wesley notices the bat before my Dad has a chance to beat him over the head with it. With my Dad outside and rushing toward a horrified looking Wesley with his bat ready to swing, I shut the door as quickly and quietly as I can and lock it, Deacon doing the same with the back door and kitchen door.

Deacon smirks. "Worked just like I thought." The smugness in his voice did not go unnoticed. I roll my eyes. "You better hope Wesley notices the bat before he gets hit with it." I give him a pointed look, but his lips twitch. "He'd bounce back." I gape at him but he just laughs. Nice to know he's so concerned. Note the sarcasm. "Ok, so, how are we going to ask her?" I ask. He just looks at me. "Not we baby, you." My eyes bug out in horror. "Me!?" I squeak, pointing at myself. He nods. "Why just me!?" I question, freaking out. "Because you're her daughter and you need to do this. I just gave you the perfect opportunity now go take it." He gives me a gentle shove toward her room where she is currently doing something and I force my feet to move. I glance back at him over my shoulder and he gives me a supportive smile.

I gulp before I knock on my Mom and Dad's room. "Come in," Mom calls. I turn the doorknob slowly and go in. Mom is sitting on her bed, and brushing her hair. "What are you doing?" I ask her. She gives a soft laugh. "My hair was a mess, and since you two were outside I came in here to brush it real quick." My mouth makes an 'o' in understanding and I sit beside her on the large king size bed. "Mom, I need to talk to you about something." I say, trying to sound less nervous than I felt, which is a fucking lot. "Sure, honey." She smiles. My gut clenches. She's in a good, happy mood and I'm about to ruin it. Well, she ruined Wesley's life, so...fairs fair I guess.

I gulp.

“So, um, I've noticed something, mom. Deacon's friends, Beau and his dad Wesley," Moms eyes go wide, a look of utter shock consuming her normally calm features. "look a lot like male versions of me, mom. They have jet-black hair, my fair skin and the same eyes as me. Eyes that didn’t come from you or dad. So, where did my eyes come from mom? Is dad my real dad?” I choke out the question that has been haunting me for what feels like weeks but has only been less than an hour. I'm surprised I managed to get the question out without stammering. Mom looks stricken and pained, like she wants to answer but doesn’t. "Lots of people look similar sweetie-" Mom starts. "Cut the crap mom, I want the truth." I interrupt her rudely. Mom looks shocked at my boldness, but answers softly. “Sweetie, there are things that are too complicated and dangerous for you to know.” Mom tries to stop from answering me, but I won’t let her.

“Dad’s not my real dad, is he mom?” I ask again, more firmly, even though I know the answer. Wesley gave me more than enough information, now I just need to hear it from her. Not that I don't believe him, I just need her to admit it. Make it more...real, I guess. She sighs, and I see tears shining her green eyes, then she shakes her head. “No. No, he’s not.” The bomb drops and I feel a weight settle in my stomach even though I already knew, and my own tears well up. Mom is crying now, and that pushes me over the edge and I cry too. I knew the answer before she said it, but it is still shocking to actually hear her say it out loud.

“I’m sorry honey, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t tell you. I never wanted you to know. It’s so complicated, way more than you know.” Mom cries, reaching for me and pulling me into a hug. I let her and I wrap my arms around her too. “What’s so complicated mom?” She cuts me off quickly, frantically. “I couldn’t let him near you, I just couldn’t, it’s so complicated sweetie!” Mom cries on my shoulder, her body shaking from how hard she’s sobbing. “What is? Please tell me.” I beg, crying myself. Wesley already told me everything, but I want to hear it out of her mouth. I need to hear her admit it.

“I can’t, I can’t. I’m sorry, baby, I just can’t.” Mom tells me sniffling and I groan in annoyance. “Mom, please! I need to know.” I plead, although my voice is taking on a more demanding tone. “Is Beau’s dad Wesley, my Dad?” I ask, somewhat nervously, wondering if she is going to admit it or not. After a long pause, Mom finally answers me.

“Yes.” Mom admits, crying harder and she hugs me tighter.

I suck in a sharp breath. I was already almost positive she would admit it, but hearing it out loud is so much different. More, real. “Does dad know that he’s not my, my...” I let the sentence hang, not being able to finish it. “Yes, he knows. I will tell you everything I promise.” Mom tells me gently.

“Ok, talk.” I demand and she sighs heavily. “How the hell do you know Wesley and why did you not let me have my real dad?” I demand angrily. “I met Wesley a long time ago. I was young and he was very good looking, we shared an instant attraction to each other. His wife had died before I met him, and he already had Beau, who was very young then. We were together for a long time, then I found out I was pregnant with you. I told him and he was so excited and so was I. Then later I found out something about him, that he was very dangerous and a threat to people. I couldn’t let such a dangerous creature raise you. So I broke up with him and fled town. I got a restraining order against him before I left and told him if he ever came near you I would have him arrested. He said he didn’t care if he was arrested and that he wants his baby. So, I found other ways to keep him away from you, and they worked.”

I am beyond outraged. I'm livid with her. How did she keep him away?

“What did you do to keep him away?” I ask, although I’m a little afraid to know what she did. And God, it sounded like Wesley really wanted me. But, if he did and he didn’t care about being arrested, then what the holy hell did Mom do to keep him away?

“Nothing you need to know about honey.” Mom gives me a vague AF answer, and it pisses me off.

“What. Did. You. Do.” I growl out and she flinches.

“I changed my last name. I hired a body guard to watch the house, I married your father and you took his last name. And more, which I’m not telling you and that’s final.” Mom answers firmly, and I can tell she isn't going to budge on that.

“Who is dad?” I ask.“He was my first boyfriend.I loved him, but he moved away. We tried the long distance, but it didn’t work. Then two years later I met Wesley and fell in love with him. But after I found out what I found out, I fled. Then by some amazing luck, when I was five months pregnant I ran into David. We got back together and he asked me to marry him and I did. He was happy about being your father. Not a day went by that he thought of you as anything other than his. He loves you more than anything in the world. He couldn’t care less that you’re not his biologically.” That brings happy tears to my eyes. Dad knew all along that I’m not his and still loves me more than anything and protects me with his life.

“What is it that you found out about Wesley, mom?” I ask, although I already know. She knows about werewolves, and she probably knows that I am one myself. Or at least might suspect it.

“Nothing you need to know.” Mom says firmly. I raise an eyebrow. “Is it that he is a werewolf?” I ask with a small smirk when I see her face is a mix of bewilderment, shock and fear. “How, how did you, fi-” I cut her off, “Find out? Well gee, if I tell you, will you threaten them?” I ask angrily, while scared for my mate, and friends. Not that I think Mom could hurt Deacon at all, unless she got a silver bullet and shot him in the heart. That would kill him. And she’d lose me forever if she did that. Not that I would even be able to live without him.

She slowly shakes her head no, and I take a deep breath. “I was almost attacked by two rogues-” Mom’s gasp is so loud Deacon could probably hear it all the way out in the living room. “Oh, God, honey! Are you ok!” Mom asks panicked, while frantically searching me for injuries. I gently push her hands away. “I’m fine mom, it was a while ago.” I admit, and she looks at me in disbelief. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Mom asks, anger in her voice. “And say what? ‘Oh, hey mom, so I got attacked by two rogue werewolves. Oh, and by the way werewolves are real, but I’m fine’? Like I wouldn’t of sounded crazy!” I shout at her and she shakes her head. “You wouldn’t of sounded crazy.” She assures. “Because you already knew about werewolves, I know.” I say harshly, making her flinch.

“Anyway, I was attacked by two rogues one night and Deacon and Cage saved me." I say slowly, letting that information sinks in. And when her eyes go wide and I hear her gasp, I know she got it. "Deacon and Cage are, are...werewolves?" I nod my head in answer. "Yes. And they were in wolf form, but then turned back after I ran from them. When I saw these giant wolves turn into two guys I knew, one I fucking love, I freaked. I was terrified. I stayed away from them for quite a while, but that didn’t last for long. Once I found out Deacon was missing, I nearly lost my mind. That's when I came to you crying about how I messed up. When we found him, he explained everything to me." I take a deep breath. I close my eyes and try to prepare myself for what I'm about to say.

"Then not too long after, something happened. My body got hot and my bones started breaking. I found out I was a werewolf myself." Her gasp is so loud I wouldn't be surprised if she chocked on it. "And tonight, it wasn't just to meet Deacon for the first time, actually, that's pretty much a fucking ruse. The truth is we needed to find out if you and or dad are werewolves. Wesley is actually here as well, and we had him snoop around for evidence and when he saw you, he knew I was his daughter and he explained everything about twenty minutes ago.” I explain just enough to hopefully sate her for now. This time, her gasp is outraged. At this point she is gasping every two seconds.

“You’re a werewolf!? And if he explained everything, why did you talk to me!” Mom shouts in shock, and slight anger. I nod. “I needed to hear you admit it. And, yeah, I am. Are you going to abandon me and threaten a restraining order now?” I ask angrily, and I hope to God she says no. “No, of course not. You’re my baby, I would never abandon you. Ever.” Mom reassures me. "Wesley's here?" She looks terrified. I shake my hand side to side in the eh signal. "Possibly." I answer and she looks at me confused. "Possibly?" She repeats me and I nod. "Well...we had to get dad out of the house so I could talk to you alone, and we kinda used Wesley as a distraction." Her eyes bug out. "What on earth did you do!?" I smile sheepishly. "Well, I kinda told dad that a masked man was trying to steal his car and dad chased after said man, who happened to be Wesley in a ski mask." She gapes at me. "And then I locked dad out." Her jaw drops even more, if possible. "So, your dad is locked outside right now chasing after him?" I nod and shrug. "It worked." She tilts her head to the side and gives mea dirty look.

“How did you find out you’re a werewolf?” Dammit. She needs every single detail. “Deacon is my mate.” I answer simply and she gasps loudly, her hand flying up to her mouth. “He’s your mate! What is his rank in the pack?” Mom asks very nervously. “The Alpha.” I answer simply and her eyes bug out of their sockets. “Jesus Christ! Wesley was the third and that was bad enough! Now my daughter is mated to an Alpha!” Mom freaks, and pulls me into another hug. “And when he marked me-” Mom cuts me off, “He marked you! Holy mother of hell! That's step one of the mating process!” Mom shouts and my eyes go wide in horror and embarrassment. How does she even know that anyway? “Anyway, his mark triggered my first shift. It hurt so bad.” I tell her, and she nods. “Oh, baby, I am so sorry. I hoped you would be human like me.” Mom says softly, and strokes my hair gently.

“And Wesley’s wife, was his mate, wasn’t she?” I ask and Mom nods. “How could you leave my dad, mom? Just because he's a werewolf you assumed he would hurt his own baby?” I ask her, even though I am afraid of the answer. She nods. “Yes.” I shove away from her coldly, all my sympathy for her gone now, knowing she kept my Dad from me just because of the fact that he is a werewolf -like me and my half-brother- and she thought he would hurt me, his own child.

“How could you? That’s awful. Just because he is a werewolf you take me -his child- away from him!? How could you even think he would hurt his own baby!” I shout at her, a small growl following. "I was young! And scared! I didn't know what to do! I didn't know what he was capable of! How would I know he wouldn't hurt you!" She yells in a defensive tone. "That's no excuse. He already had a child that was perfectly healthy and unharmed and for some God only knows reason your mind made up that he would hurt me. That makes no fucking sense! Beau was fine, and you thought he would harm me? I don't get how your mind thought that, mom, I really don't." I shake my head in sadness.

"He cried mom." I admit and she looks at me, tears in her eyes. "What?" She asks confused. "He cried. When he saw you tonight, it clicked. And when he looked at me, he started crying. He told me how bad he wanted me, and how he tried to find me. A grown man, who used to be the third in command, cried. He cried over the daughter he didn't get to watch grow up. Do you really think he means me, or you, any harm?" I ask her, almost rhetorically, but giving her a look that tells her everything.

"No, I guess not. But if you think I didn't feel bad at all, you're extremely wrong. I just pushed away the guilt after a few years when it got too much." Mom admits, and my eyebrows raise in shock. She felt guilty? Good. Too bad it didn't motivate her to find him, though.

"Does dad know about, werewolves?" Mom nods. "I told him everything." I look at her wide eyed. "And he didn't look at you like you were bat shit crazy?" I ask, but a slight giggle slips out. She nods. "Oh, he did. It took some convincing, but he knew I wasn't nuts. He believed me. But he assumed you were human like us, since up until now you have given no signs of being one. We kind of just left the werewolf thing out of our lives."

I nod in understanding. I'm not happy with her, or quite ready to forgive her just yet, but I am done talking to her, for now at least. I just want to be at the B&R with my friends and Deacon.

How's it going?

I startle at the sudden sound of Deacon's melodic voice in my head.

Ok, I guess. I think I've gotten as much out of her as I can.

You want to go now baby? Oh, Wesley's fine by the way. He easily outran your dad and ran to the bar. And he wants to tell Beau everything.

Good. And, yeah, I'm ready to go.

"Well, now that this is all settled, I need to go tell Beau that he's my brother."

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