Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 29


Mom’s eyes widen. “You’re going to tell him now!?” I nod. “Yes, Wesley wants to. Deacon just told me.” She tilts her head to the side with a confused look on her face. My mouth makes an ‘o’ in understanding. “Mind-link. Do you know what that is?” She nods, looking less confused now. I stand up to leave and she stands as well. She reaches out to hug me and I tense slightly. I’m still very upset with her. “Please don’t hate me.” She says so softly it’s almost a whisper. Then I give in. She sounded so sad. I wrap my arms lightly around her and hug her back.

“I gotta go.” She follows me into the living room where my mate has been patiently waiting this whole time. He raises his eyebrows in question when he sees both of us approach. Mom is staring at him a little warily until I give her a reassuring look. “He isn’t gonna hurt you, mom.” She seems to gain back a little confidence and nods. “Ready?” I nod. “It was nice to meet you, Mrs. White.” Mom smiles warmly at him, all fear of him seemingly gone now. “You too. And now that I know you’re mates, and you’ll be together forever, I will be waiting for the wedding and grandkids, after the wedding of course.” My eyes go wide and my face burns in embarrassment. I’m pretty sure my whole body is flushing right now. Deacon smirks in amusement and I want to slap him. Mom looks very pleased with herself with my reaction. “Mom!” I shout in embarrassment. She chuckles. “I’ll be waiting.” I gape at her, mortified. She is having way too much fun embarrassing me right now.

“Come on babe, we gotta go.” I grab his hand to tug him out of here before my Mom can say anything else. “Oh, by the way, your dad has been banging on the door for twenty minutes.” My mouth drops open in shock. Oh, crap. I forgot my Dad has been locked outside this whole time. Shit.

“Oh, shit. Poor daddy!” Deacon smirks a little and I look at him weirdly. “What?” He shakes his head, smirk never wavering. “Nothing, it’s just you sounded kinda sexy when you said daddy.” I blush again. Dammit. I smack his arm. “Get you head out of the gutter, I’m not gonna call you that. Since you can see I call my own dad daddy, it would be too weird for me.” His smirk stays in place. “Too bad, now I got all these fantasies going on in my head.” My face is burning. I cover my burning face in my hands, but it doesn’t hide the fact that my Mom is snickering behind me. Oh, God. The embarrassment just keeps getting worse. “We haven’t had sex!” I shout embarrassed to my Mom, before I grab his arm and tug him along, him chuckling the whole time. “Yet.” He finishes, purposefully loud enough for her to hear and if its possible my face blushes even harder.

Ass. I mind-link him, and he responds with a chuckle.

Double ass. I think to myself, shaking my head. I unlock the front door and Dad rushes in looking out of breath. “The motherfucker got away, but at least I got one good hit in first.” My eyes bug out in horror. “You hit him!” I squeak and he nods, looking pleased with himself. “Sure did. Right on the back of the head.” I let out a sound of horror and Deacon looks like he feels bad.

Shit. Poor Wesley. I glare at my mate.

I thought you said he was ok!? I mind-link him, angrily.

He is! I just left out the part where he got hit cause I didn’t want you to feel bad, like you do now. Deacon cringes, trying to defend himself, but I still glare.

“After that he ran away, and damn that fucker was fast. But at least he didn’t get my car.” Dad says as he takes a seat on the couch, slumping against the cushions. “Crazy bastard,” Dad grumbles angrily, then stands up to go get a beer from the kitchen. “Hey, daddy, Deacon and I are gonna head out. Love you.” His head jerks up and he looks at me. “What? Why?” He questions, looking quite unhappy that we’re -more like I’m- leaving. “Uh, it’s getting kinda late and Deacon needs to head to the bar for some bar paperwork or something.” I lie through my teeth, feeling bad about it the whole time. I hate lying to my Dad, but it has to be done. I don’t want him to know yet. Eventually, but I go and give him a tight hug, “I love you daddy.” I whisper in his ear before I pull back, emotion clogging my voice. “I love you too, baby girl.” I smile at my Dad, then walk back over to my mate who was watching the exchange with a soft smile on his face. I give my Mom a hug. “Don’t tell daddy yet. I don’t want him to know yet. Let everything with Beau and Wesley get settled first, then we can tell him everything.” I whisper in my Moms ear. She tenses slightly and I can tell she is hesitating, then after a few seconds I feel her nod against my shoulder and I pull back. I give her a grateful smile. “Love you.” She smiles back at me. “Love you too, sweetie.”

Deacon takes my hand and we walk out the front door. I give a quick glance over my shoulder to see my parents watching us, and I wave at them. I don’t know why I suddenly feel like crying, but for some reason, I do. I think it’s because my Daddy loves me so much even though I’m not biologically his, and the thought brings happy tears to my eyes. He is the best Dad I could ever ask for. That’s not saying that I don’t want to get to know Wesley more, because I do. I want to get to know him as a father, and Beau as my brother and not just a friend. And no matter how close Wesley and I get, my Dad will never be replaced, or put in second place. My Dad, David, will always be number one to me, no matter what.

Deacon opens the door for me and I give him a smile in thanks, then buckle my seatbelt. It’s late now, but the moon makes it somewhat bright out tonight. Deacon slides in the drivers seat of his Camaro, then starts it up. I love the sound of a sports cars engine. Just like my beautiful mustang. He puts his arm on the back of my seat as he backs out of the driveway. We head for the B&R, and park in his spot. I’m nervous at this point. How is Beau gonna take it? Has Wesley already told him? What about Cage, Jacey and Nora? And I can’t forget Amber, she’s gonna freak! Deacon opens his door and goes to get out, but I grab his wrist, stopping him. He looks at me curiously. “Wait, if we’re gonna do this, I want Amber here too. Does Wesley just want to tell Beau right now, or everyone?” Deacon shrugs, then his eyes glaze over. When his eyes clear up, he responds. “Wesley said he is fine with telling everyone now, the only question is, are you?” I take a deep breath. Am I ready? I nod. “Yeah, I am.”

Deacon gets out of the car, then comes around to my side to open the door for me. I slide out, already texting Amber, who said she’d be here in ten. When we walk inside, I’m not surprised to see everyone there, waiting. I am surprised however, that besides them, the bar is completely empty. And as soon as we are in, Wesley locks the door. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion at the sight of the empty bar, until Cage answers my unspoken question. “Wesley told us he had some news, and promptly proceeded to kick everyone out, close the bar and restaurant and now lock the door.” My mouth makes an ‘o’ in understanding, while Deacon looks less than pleased. “We could’ve just talked in my office, you didn’t have to close my bar!” Wesley shrugs. “I took a bat to the head tonight for your crazy plan, so I think you can let this go.” I wince, Deacon gets an amused grin, and everyone else just gasps in shock. “What the hell do you mean you got a bat to the head!?” Beau shouts in concern, looking at his -our- father, worriedly.

I smack Deacon. “Get that amused grin off your face, it’s not funny.” I scold, but his lips still twitch in amusement. I shake my head, rolling my eyes. “Are you ok!?” Beau asks concerned, looking at Wesley’s head carefully. Nora looks concerned as well, and looks at Beau, like she is ready to jump in and comfort him. “Yes, yes, I’m fine. I wasn’t hit that hard.” He glares at Deacon, who tries to look like he feels really bad, but I can tell he is trying not to laugh. I roll my eyes at his blatant lack of guilt for getting Wesley beat over the head. “So, why did you call all of us here? What’s the big news?” Jacey asks, curious. “You all might want to sit down.” Everyone starts to look panicked, so he quickly corrects himself. “It’s nothing bad, calm down.” Everyone seems to relax and all of us take a seat. “The reason is-” I jump up, interrupting him. “Wait!” Everyone looks at me. “Amber isn’t here yet and she needs to know too.” Wesley nods and sits down.

“So, it’s nothing bad, so that’s good.” Jacey says, more to herself. “Well, how did the dinner go?” Nora asks, looking at Deacon and I expectantly. “We can’t tell you yet, it’s part of the news.” Nora looks confused, but I just shrug. “Sorry.”

Amber shows up surprisingly fast and runs right into the door. Literally, she ran into the door. When I texted her I told her it was urgent, and, well, when she parked, she ran to the door to rush inside, but Wesley had already locked it, so...Yeah, she might have a broken nose. We all heard the loud thud and the cry of pain that came right after. We all also heard her fall to the floor with a yelp. I immediately jumped out of my seat and rushed to help her, unlocking the door and nearly tripping over her in the process when I rushed to her side. “Are you ok?” I ask and she groans, holding her bleeding nose. “Why the hell was the door locked? And why the hell didn’t you warn me ahead of time?” She groans painfully. I cringe. “Sorry, I forgot.” I reach my hand out to her and she grabs it, and I pull her up. “Can someone please go grab her some ice?” Deacon nods and leaves to get the ice. “Come on, we have important news.” Amber nods, then groans when her hand moves and hurts her nose. I cringe. That has to hurt.

She sits beside me on one of the bar stools. Deacon walks over and hands her the ice pack, her giving him a grateful smile and placing it on her nose, wincing. “So what’s the news! How did the dinner go and why was Wesley beat over the head with a bat!?” Jacey whines impatiently, and Cage wraps his arm around her, chuckling. “Ok, Deacon, Violet, why don’t you two tell them how the dinner went first, ease them into it.” Deacon and I nod. They all look at us expectantly. I give a nervous smile. “Well, my parents, eh, my mom, loves Deacon. My dad kind of threatened him a little, but other than that it went pretty well. They seemed to all get along fine and the dinner was nice.” I start, “And, my mom’s human,” I say nervously, and gulp slightly. They don’t look too surprised. “We were kind of shocked to find out that she is human, so we figured it must be my dad. But I only realized it must be my dad halfway through the dinner, and I asked Deacon if he is for sure.” I take a deep breath, and turn to my mate, wanting him to take over.

“He’s human, too.” Everyone gasps. “What do you mean they are both human? How is that possible?” Jacey splutters. “But if they are both human, then how are you a werewolf?” Nora asks me. “Are you adopted?” Cage asks curiously and I shake my head, making them all furrow their brows in confusion. “Then, how...?” Beau asks and I take a deep breath. “Well, that’s why we had Wesley there too. To snoop around, and what he found kind of left us all shocked.” Deacon continues for me, and I wait for him to say what will shock everyone. “Wesley? You wanna take over now?” Wesley nods, and looks at his son. “Violet’s mom, Macy, I know her from a long time ago. Back when Beau was very young.” Everyone looks thoroughly confused and suspicious. “A while after my mate died, I met Macy, the connection was instant. Macy and I were together for a long time.” Everyone gasps and looks at me, and I can see the question in their eyes. It seems like they are all connecting the dots in their heads but are too afraid to say it out loud.

“Macy and I were in love, and I got her pregnant.” Beau seemed to be the most shocked out of all of them, and he just stares at me intently with his eyes as wide as saucers, most likely just now noticing the resemblance between us. We both have jet black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Similar features too if you look hard enough. It’s a wonder none of us figured it out sooner, seeing as the family resemblance between Wesley, Beau and I is fairly obvious. “Oh my God, Vi. Wesley’s your, your, dad?” Amber sputters, looking utterly stunned. “Violet’s my little sister?” Beau says, looking like he needs confirmation. I nod. His jaw drops and he slumps in his seat like his whole world has flipped on him. “How is it I never knew I had a sister? Dad, why didn’t you tell me?” Beau looks at Wesley, and the betrayal on his face is hard to look at. Wesley shakes his head rapidly. “You were little when Macy and I were together, and when she found out I was a werewolf, she took off in fear of me. I never even knew if my child was a boy or a girl.” Nora, Jacey and Amber look like they are about to cry and Beau looks really sad for him. Nora is instantly comforting her mate, and he smiles gently at her. I smile.

“That’s so sad.” Nora mumbles, looking sad and she rubs Beau’s arm comfortingly, before hugging Wesley. Beau just keeps looking at me with a look of awe and curiosity. He walks over to me. “Well, I know we’ve gotten to know each other as friends, and we’ve gotten close, but, I’d really like to get to know you better now. I want to know all about my baby sister that I never knew existed.” I smile. “I want that too, big brother.”

After Beau and I talked for what seemed like forever, he and Nora said they had some good news. We all waited and they told us they got engaged today and already set a date for the wedding. They wanted it to be before the baby is born, and since she is getting closer to her due date, they decided to get married in two months. We all got super excited, we congratulated them and Nora asked Jacey, Amber and I to help her plan the wedding, which caused us to jump around and squeal in happiness. And, she asked us to be bridesmaids, and Jacey the maid of honor. So we ended up spending the rest of the day wedding planning, which was surprisingly fun. Jacey was relieved that Nora wasn’t a bridezilla, and I laughed, thinking if any of us were a bridezilla, it would most likely be her or Amber. Not that I would tell them that, though.

The next day we all went to the nearest bridal store, and went wedding shopping. After a few hours, we went dress shopping and Nora found a stunning wedding dress. It is tight at the top but flows at the waist so it’s perfect for her pregnant belly, and it has lace flowers on it which are beautiful. She got some white stilettos to match, which complement it perfectly. After all that, we dropped Nora off at the restaurant since her feet were hurting, plus, we all have to go present shopping.

It took us a few hours, but eventually, Jacey, Amber and I found them the perfect wedding gifts. By the time we got back to the B&R, it was already five pm. But we had the best day.

But we still have a lot of wedding planning to do.

A couple days later I finally got the nerve to tell my Dad everything. Boy, was he shocked. At first he wanted to attack Deacon with the bat, but with enough pleading from me he stopped trying to beat the living hell out of Deacon for marking me. They still haven’t decided if they want to see Wesley or not, but that’s entirely up to them and Wesley. Daddy still loves me more than anything, even though I’m now a werewolf, which as a huge relief to me.

A Month Later...

Deacon had this shit eating grin on his face when I walked into the bar which made me instantly suspicious. “What?” I ask uncertainly. “I want to show you the pack house.” My eyes widen. The pack house? As in, where his parents who I still haven’t met live? He stops me before I can say anything. “Before you freak out, my parents aren’t home.” I breathe a huge sigh of relief. Then I nod. “Ok. When?” I ask. He grins. “Now.” I smile. He grabs my hand and leads me to his Camaro, and we drive to the pack house. It was only like two minutes away.

And holy hell, is it huge. The house is more like a damn mansion. It has to have at least thirty rooms in there or more. Jesus. I can’t imagine how much it must’ve cost. Deacon sees my look of wonder and chuckles. “It’s beautiful,” I breathe out in awe. He grabs my hand. “Wait till you see the inside.” My eyes widen and I grin, following him inside.

It’s stunning. I mean, wow. It’s even more beautiful inside than it was outside, and the outside is damn impressive. We walked through the beautiful entry way and into a very massive living room. It has an Applewood looking laminate flooring, three rather large steel grey couch sectionals, with a large glass coffee table in the center sitting on a large black rug. In front of the couches is an 60" inch flat screen TV, on a black TV stand. On either side of the TV are shelves holding dozens of movies and TV series. There are large windows to the side of the couches, and it looks like the yard stretches on and on. “Wow.” I can’t seem to say anything else. He chuckles. “You like?” I nod in appreciation.

“Good, since you’ll be living here.” At first I don’t notice what he said, but as soon as it registers, my head whips to face him. “Wha-What?” I stammer. He smirks. “I said, that’s good since-” I cut him off. “I heard what you said, I just don’t understand it. Me? Living here?” I ask, confused. He nods, seemingly amused by my babbling. “You’re my mate, my Luna. Of course, you’ll be living here with me at one point. Hopefully soon.” Living with Deacon? Yeah, that sounds nice. Private time with my mate, living with him, seeing him everyday, sleeping with him, sex - since we still haven’t had sex, still! - lots of sex...Yeah, living here sounds awesome.

“How soon?” I ask with a grin. He gives me a wicked grin. “Well, I would say today, but I don’t want to rush you.” Today? Woah. That is fast, but, I can’t say I’m turned off by the idea. So I nod. “Ok.” The look of shock on his gorgeous face is apparent, and it makes me smile. “Ok?” He asks, needing confirmation. I grin. “Yes, ok. I’ll move in here with you. Today.” He smiles widely at me and kisses me. When he pulls back, I’m a little breathless. He looks deep in to my eyes. “Are you sure?” He asks me, eyeing me carefully. “I am. Are you?” I retort and he gives me a wicked grin. “Very sure. I want my mate within my sight at all times, and of course, I want you in my bed.” I blush. I want that too, though.

“Show me the rest of the house.” I say and he does, first taking me to the kitchen which is massive. It has marble countertops and a large island in the center of the kitchen. It has two large stainless steel refrigerators that both have a sparkling water function, a large oven with a stove top, and two sinks. There are three large pantry’s as well, pressed up against the wall at the far end of the kitchen. There is also two keurig coffee makers sitting on the far end of the counter, and two microwaves. The floor is a really pretty light tan colored laminate flooring.

Next, we he shows me the movie theater room, which has dark red velvet walls, black flooring and at least twenty black cushion chairs all aimed at the huge flat screen. I thought the TV in the living room was huge. Over in the corner is a small popcorn machine, with butter and seasonings beside it. And a mini fridge to the left of it. “Nice.” I compliment in awe and he grins. “Come on, there’s still a lot you haven’t seen yet.” He pulls me along and shows me the rest of the house. It has twenty bathrooms, eighteen bedrooms - including his master bedroom which I have yet to see - a decent sized library, a weapons room in case of a severely bad rogue attack, and a huge garage. There are so many twists and turns in here I would’ve been wandering for hours before I found the front door. Thank God he is showing me around or I would’ve been lost long ago.

“Deacon, how about you show me your bedroom now?” I ask suggestively with a grin. He raises an eyebrow and smirks. Then he leads me up the stairs and to the last door on the right side. Once the door is open my jaw drops. His bedroom is huge and really nice. “Your room is amazing.” I say, but he cuts in. “Our room, Violet.” I smile. Right. Our room. Since I’m moving in here, it is our room now. He has black laminate flooring with a dark steel gray rug, blood red walls, a large king sized bed pressed against the wall with black silk sheets, a fluffy black comforter and enough pillows to make a fort.

I want to go lay on that bed, and then pull him down on top of me. I end up biting my lip at the fantasy that plays in my horny mind. Me, sprawled on my back on his bed, topless, with him pulling my panties down and gazing at me with lust and love. His clothes already discarded and on the floor, then he comes up over me and settles himself at my very ready entrance...I squeeze my legs together. I feel flushed and if I don’t cool it, Deacon is going to smell my need for him any second now.

Deacon looks at me and upon seeing the blush on my face as I study his bed intently, he smirks. “What is going on in that pretty little head of yours to cause a blush that hard?” He asks, amused, but sounding somewhat knowing and it only causes me to blush harder. I release my lip and his eyes follow the action. “No-nothing.” I stammer in embarrassment. I cringe at myself. Get it together, horny ass. Geez, what has gotten into me? He chuckles, and the sound does something to me, making heat go straight to my core. What the hell is up with me? “Sure.” He says, shaking his head in amusement.

Shaking my head to clear it, I take in the rest of his room. In front of the bed is a large flat screen on a black TV stand, on the wall is a large, what seems to be a walk in closet, and to the left of the TV is a door that I’m assuming leads to a bathroom. Seeing where I’m looking, he decides to show me. I was right. It is a bathroom. A very large, beautiful one at that. There is a shower that looks big enough to hold five people, a large Jacuzzi bathtub to the left of it, and double sinks. He has a large towel rack, and what looks to be a towel warmer. One sink has his stuff all around it, colognes, soap, etc. The other is clean. “That sink is yours.” He tells me and I smile. “I love the shower.” I admit, and a I see a mischievous gleam in his dark eyes. He pulls me up tight against him. “Good, I can’t wait to use it with you.” He growls out lowly in my ear, making me shiver. He groans in approval. “Damn, baby, shivering like that is not helping my restraint.” He tells me in a low, husky voice and I unintentionally shiver again, making him groan again.

His eyes fog over. I furrow my brows in confusion. Who is he talking to? He groans in annoyance. “I’m sorry baby, but that was Roy. He said some drunk dumbass tripped over his own foot and is threatening to sue for falling in my bar, saying the floor is wet, even though he tripped over himself and there is no water on the floor. I need to head down there to prevent a lawsuit, even though there is nothing I can be held liable for. I just don’t want him to cause an even bigger scene than Roy said he is already making.” I nod in understanding. “But please stay here, get familiar with the place. Even take a shower.” He adds with a smirk and I grin wickedly. “I just might. But you do know I don’t have any clothes to change into?” I say and he grins, and points to his closet and dresser. “Please, feel free to wear my clothes.” I blush, but the idea is appealing. “The TV remote is on the bedside table, and I have Netflix so feel free to binge watch The Vampire Diaries till your hearts content.” I grin, knowing that’s exactly what I’m gonna do while he’s gone.

He leans down and kisses me, and before it can get too heated I pull back. I give him a gentle shove toward the door. “Go, before that guy calls the cops or something.” He scowls and gives me one last kiss on the lips before turning and walking out the bedroom door.

As soon as he leaves I lie down on his bed, which is even more comfortable than it looks, which I didn’t know was possible. I pull the comforter up and cuddle into it, then proceed to put Netflix on and yes, I put on the vampire diaries.

After about twenty minutes, I start getting hot. I can tell my face is flushed, and my body is getting really warm. I pull the blanket off of me and shove it down to my waist. That’s not enough, so I shove it completely off, then reach up and turn the ceiling fan on high. I still feel hot, and suddenly my clothes feel like they are heaters. I pull off my shirt leaving me in only my thin cami tank top.

I haven’t felt this hot since I shifted for the first time, but even that doesn’t compare to right now. My body feels ten times hotter than it did then, and I’m not in pain. I’m just really, really hot. And I can’t get these sexual scenarios out of my head. Deacon shoving me against the wall and fucking me hard, him fucking me in the shower, on the kitchen counter, on the bed, bent over his desk in his office...Shaking my head, I stand up off the bed and strip off my shorts then climb back in. I can’t even concentrate on the show anymore, I feel like I’m on fire, and the fan is doing nothing to cool me down.

I peel off my cami, which was sticking to my skin by a thin layer of sweat, leaving me in only my black lace bra and matching black lace panties, which feel awfully constricting right now. What the hell is wrong with me? I feel like I was thrown into lava. I walk into the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face, but honestly it felt warm. I gulp down some water, but it just kind of burned. Panting now, I peel off the remainder of my clothing and climb into the shower, with the water as cold as it will go.

I lean against the cold shower wall, hoping it will help, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t even feel cold to me. I stand directly under the ice cold spray, but my body still feels like a heater. I don’t think I’d be surprised if a flame ignited on my skin right now. I wish I had some ice to pour in here, because at this rate I’m two seconds from having an ice bath.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but, I want it to stop. I’m burning up inside and no amount of ice cold water is helping it, let alone stopping it. At this point I am whimpering in both the burning and the fact that I can’t get it to stop. I lean my head against the shower wall and pray this stops soon.


As soon as I walk in the pack house, I notice it. All the males are acting strange. They are sniffing around like they’re searching for something and their eyes are black. Then the lightbulb goes on in my head. All these males are unmated. Then the smell hits my nose. A wonderful smell that has me groaning and my knees nearly buckling out from under me. And when I realize what the amazing, mouth-watering, smell is that everyone is trying to search out, a loud, angry, possessive growls rips out of me.

“Control yourselves! That’s my mate you’re smelling!” I roar out, my eyes black, my fists clenched, and Dylan right below the surface, trying hard to get out to go claim what’s his, ours. The men all freeze in there spots at my voice and upon hearing what I just said. They realized they have been smelling their Luna’s heat. “Everybody out of the pack house!” I order, and even though I can still tell it’s somewhat difficult as their wolves want to go to the female they are all smelling, they all obey and leave.

Once they are gone, I run as fast as I can to my bedroom. Violet would be more than willing to let any male in her bed right now, which is what scares the hell outta me. It wouldn’t be her fault, but I would die inside if that happened. I would still love her, but it would kill me inside. So help me God, if any male came up here and touched her...No, I can’t think like that. I take the steps three at a time, running as fast as I can go to get to my mate who needs me.

The closer I get to my room, the stronger I can smell her. It’s intoxicating. I can tell my eyes are black with lust at this point, and Dylan is just below the surface, trying to take over. When I’m close enough to my room to be able to hear anything, I hear the shower running. She must be boiling. The need to claim her is so damn strong I’ll be lucky if I can get her into my bed first.

When I reach my room I burst through the door and into the room. My gaze sets on the bathroom door, and I stalk over to it quickly. I hear her whimpering and it makes me whine. I can tell she doesn’t know what is going on.

Violet’s in heat, and she’s about to know it.

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