Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 3


I feel the sparks traveling incredibly on my arm where the person is touching me. The sparks feel so good, and all I can wonder is where else the sparks would feel good. I turn my head and I’m not surprised that it’s Deacon holding my arm, but he looks panicked. Why does he looked panicked?

Normally, if some guy who I didn’t know grabbed my arm in a bar, I would elbow him in the gut or pepper spray him. But, for some strange reason, I like having him touch me. A lot.

“Um, what are you doing?” I question curiously, with a raised eyebrow. Why did he stop me from leaving? This is the second guy tonight to stop me from going home. Why can’t anyone let me leave? I’ve had a long night, I’m tired and I just want to go to bed.

“Um, stay. Just a little longer. You can talk abo-” He’s cut off, when a beautiful girl with waist-length brown hair dressed in blue jeans and a floral top runs out of the same door these two came out of. She looks like she just won the lottery. Yeah, that happy. But, why?

“Luna! Oh my God, finally!” She shouts smiling widely, then runs over toward me while the guys give her wide-eyed panicked stares trying to stop her, and she tackles me in a bone-crushing hug. Literally. I can’t breath. Damn this girl is strong.

“My name is not Luna, it’s Violet. Nice to ugh, meet you too, ugh, I guess. But, um, who are you?” I wheeze out, as I struggle in her tight grasp. What the hell? How can a girl so small be so strong? “Oh God, sorry!” She laughs and releases me, stepping back. I can breath! “I’m Jacey, Deacons little sister and Cage’s ma-“, Cage elbows her and her dark brown eyes go wide. “Girlfriend. It’s so nice to meet you!” She repeats and I smile awkwardly. Why is it so nice to meet me? She doesn’t even know me, hell, the guys don’t even know me!

I’m so confused right now.

“Um, just out of curiosity, why is it so nice to meet me?” I ask softly, the confusion clear on my face I’m sure. She giggles, her eyes twinkling with amusement. Maybe she’s drunk. “Because, you’re Deacon’s ma-” “Jacey! I forgot, you need to go call mom and confirm dinner tomorrow.” Deacon cuts her off and she looks at him confused. “What dinner?” She asks him and his eye twitches in irritation. “The dinner you need to confirm we will be at.” He answers tightly in an irritated tone.

She tilts her head in confusion. “I don’t remember mom mentioning a special dinner tomorrow. Is a neighboring Alp-” She’s cut off when, “Alpaca!” Cage shouts, startling me and making me jump, Jacey too. Deacon looks at him in utter relief, giving him a grateful smile, while I look at Cage in confusion, and Jacey is looking at him like he lost his mind. “Alpaca?” Jacey asks confused with furrowed brows and he nods quickly. “Yes, alpaca, right Deacon?” Cage asks and Deacon nods, his eyes flashing toward me then back to his sister.

“Jacey, just out of curiosity, how much have you had to drink tonight?” Deacon asks her, looking more than a little bit miffed and crossing his arms. “Not that much, about two beers and some tequila shots, why?” She asks him, genuinely confused. So I was right, she is drunk. Now, that I realize, I notice her eyes are glossy. That explains...very little actually. Why would she call me Luna? Was she expecting someone else? “Thought so.” Deacon mutters, shaking his head in annoyance.

“What is that suppose to mean? I have gotten drunk before Deacon, it’s not that big of a deal. Quit being such an over-protective brother. And I am going to smack you! Why didn’t you tell me yourself that you finally met your mat-” Deacon cuts her off quickly.

“Cage, please take Jacey to the back before she says anything else she shouldn’t. And get her sober. Now.” Deacon all but demands and Cage nods obediently, grabbing Jacey’s arm, leading her to the door as she protests. “Hey! I’m fine, I want to get to know her! She is my Luna and will be my sister-in-law after all!” Jacey gets out and my eyes bug out of their sockets. Her Luna? Her sister-in-law? The hell? I am not going to be her sister-in-law!

How drunk is this girl? What is this girl talking about? I am so damn confused right now I can practically feel my brain spinning. Cage all but drags her along, back to the door all of them walked out of and pulls her through into the back. Weird night.

“Sorry about her. She is really drunk, she is not normally like that. You were just unfortunate enough to meet her drunk where she acts like a crazy person and spouts out nonsense. What a lovely first impression.” Deacon apologizes, shaking his head.

“It’s fine.” I tell him with an uncomfortable smile, even though I have no idea what the hell she was talking about.

“Um, who is Luna?” I ask curiously and he looks nervous and conflicted. “Luna is the name of her old hamster that died.” Deacon tells me, then looks like he wants to face palm, but he doesn’t. I raise an eyebrow, not believing that blatant lie for a second.

“Why would she call me the name of her dead hamster?” I question, with my hands on my hips and my lips twitching in amusement. He notices.

“Ok, Luna is the name of her ex best friend. They hate each other now, so maybe she thought you would be her new friend or something.” Deacon explains, looking more sure of himself now. Now this, I believe. More so than the hamster anyway. But if he doesn’t want to tell me the truth, then that’s fine.

I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me, so he doesn’t have to tell me anything he doesn’t want to.

That’s fine. But, if it has to do with me, I need to know. And the fact that his sister said I would be married to him one day, I need to know why. That’s crazy, thinking I am going to marry some guy I don’t even know.

I mean, he is gorgeous and sexy and I am sure he looks even better without his sexy AF clothes on, but, wait, I am getting way off track here.

Just because he is the most attractive guy I have ever seen in my life doesn’t mean I am going to marry him! That’s insane! Poor girl must really want her brother to not be lonely.

“Um, well, ugh, ok.” I stammer. He laughs, and it sounds so incredible I just want to hear it more. “I mean, if she wants to be friends, ok. But what was that crap about being her sister-in-law?” I ask confused and his eyes bug out which almost makes me laugh. “Don’t listen to that, she’s drunk.” He gets out quickly.

I giggle. I notice he lets out a relieved sigh and smiles gently. Then I yawn, and not a small yawn either. He chuckles while I blush.

“So, yeah, I’m gonna head home now. Thanks for helping Chad. Bye.” I tell him and turn for the door. “Wait!” He yells desperately and grabs my arm, again. I look at him. “Can I get your number?” He asks, almost in a pleading tone.

I think about it. Should I give him my number? I just dumped my boyfriend, but, this guy just, I can’t help but want to know him. So I say something I hope I don’t regret. “Sure.”

His smile is so large and bright it makes me smile too. Wow, that is the most incredible smile I have ever seen. He unlocks his phone and hands it to me and I type in my number.

I hand it back to him, and our fingers touch making my breath hitch. He gives a small smirk, and I raise an eyebrow, but let it go. Damn, that is one sexy smirk. “I’m gonna go now.” I tell him firmly and he nods uneasily, and looks out the window into the dark parking lot. “Can I walk you out to your car?” Deacon asks me unsure. Sweet. “Yeah.” I say against my better judgement.

Sure, he is intimidating and scary but he doesn’t seem dangerous to me. Like, he almost seems like he cares about me.

I start walking to my car with Deacon beside me. “So, I am sorry that that dickhead hurt you.” Deacon tells me and I laugh. I don’t even know why. “Thanks. I just can’t believe he did that to me.” I tell him. Why am I telling him?

“He’s an idiot. I would never do that, ever.” He says, looking at me seriously. “Good to know.” I say quietly, blushing because I can’t believe I just said that. “How long were you together? If you don’t mind me by asking.” He adds the last part quickly. I chuckle. “Two years.” I say, giving a bitter laugh.

“We were together for two God damn years, known each other even longer. And then he cheats on me. Wow. I mean, who fucking does that! Was I not good enough? Fuck. It’s because I wouldn’t fuck him, that’s why. Horny cheating bastard.” I rant angrily and clenching my fists and he quietly listens.

I blush. “I’m sorry for that, I guess I’m just a little bitter.” I admit as we finally get to my car. I grab my keys out of my back pocket and unlock my Mustang. “It’s fine, I asked. And I wanted to know. You can talk to me, if you want to.” Deacon says, when I open my door. “I hope you come back here again, on better circumstances.” Deacon says, then smiles and I smile back and nod. “I will.” I say.

Wait, I will? Wow, this guy really affects me. He smiles widely. “Great, goodnight, Violet.” He says lowly and huskily. Jesus. I think my panties got wet again. I nod stupidly as I can’t think of anything to say. He shuts my door for me when I get inside, and I watch him as I drive off.


When I arrive at my apartment building I am both psychically and emotionally drained. I just want to get into my queen-sized bed and sleep for like twelve hours. I unlock the front door and tiredly walk inside then set my keys on the table by the door.

“Finally, you’re home, what happened?” I hear someone say. I scream loudly and put my hand on my rapidly beating heart. “Relax, it’s just me.” Who I now know is Amber, says laughing. “Jesus Christ Amber, you nearly gave me a fucking heart attack.” I angrily tell her as I walk toward the living room where I am assuming she is.

And I was right, she is sitting on the couch in her Hello Kitty pajama’s and a fluffy pink robe with matching slippers. She has an amused look on her face. “Did I scare you?” She asks sarcastically, laughing.

“Ha Ha.” I answer with a fake glare. She smirks, then laughs. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Amber chortles. I sigh then chuckle as I plop down on the opposite couch. “So, what happened?” Amber inquires. “Chad cheated on me.” I admit, then feel tears sting my eyes again.

Her loud gasp could be heard from a mile away. “He...what?” She asks, utterly shocked with her jaw practically hitting the floor. Nobody would ever expect Chad to cheat on me, ever. He always told me how I deserved the best and then he does this. “Yeah. More than once apparently. With the same blond slut.” I tell her bitterly with a glare aimed at nowhere in particular.

“He, he actually cheated on you? Chad? He loves you! I can’t believe this. I mean lying and standing you up to get drunk, I can believe. But cheating? Wow. Bastard! I am gonna kill him!” She rants in anger and the tears almost fall. Because everything she said is so true.

“Yeah, I saw him in a booth with a blond slut, then she straddled him and stuck her tongue down his throat. Then I found out that they had sex eight times. Oh, but don’t worry, he imagined it was me the whole time, every fucking eight times.” I rant pissed, my tears now falling and I whip them away quickly.

“What the fuck? He’s a dead man!” Amber yells out as she stands up. My eyes go wide and I jump up, alert. “Where are you going?” I question nervously. “I’m going to his apartment to kick his worthless cheating ass!” Amber shouts clenching her small but strong fists and walking toward the door. “No, no, no. He already got his ass kicked, more than necessary.” I say causing her to stop in her tracks and her eyebrow to raise in question. “He did? How?” Amber asks and I give a relieved sigh.

“If you would sit down, and let me finish the story of what happened tonight, you’d find out just how bad his ass was kicked.” I calm her down and she slumps her shoulders and plops back down. “Fine. Talk.” Amber says crossing her arms. “Well, he wouldn’t let me leave and kept telling me he loves me. Anyway, this huge biker came over to help me and Chad hit him, twice.” She gasped and I nodded. “He was wasted. The biker got pissed, hit back, then his huge friends came over as backup and ganged up on Chad and they kicked his ass, bad. He has hurt ribs, black eye, broken nose and cut lip. He is seriously hurt.” I tell her, and more tears fall.

I need to stop crying over him. Amber sees me cry and jumps up running to me and hugs me. “Oh, Vi. I’m so sorry. At least he got what he deserved. I mean, they probably saved him from getting hurt worse from me.” Despite my sadness, that caused me to laugh a little. “Well, it would’ve been worse if Deacon-” “Who’s Deacon, and what’s that big smile for?” Amber asks with her eyebrows raised. I didn’t even realize I was smiling, but now that she said it, I notice I am.

Just the mention of his name and I feel all warm inside and smile. Deacon was something, and very easy on the eyes too.

“Deacon is the owner of Deacon’s Bar and Restaurant. And he is strong and intimidating and hot and sexy and he stopped the fight.” I say, still smiling and I look up at Amber to see her looking at me with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk. “What? Why are you smirking?” “You so like this Deacon guy!” Amber gushes, then squeals in excitement.

I slap her arm jokingly. “No, I don’t. He just happens to be the most attractive and sexy guy I have ever seen in my life and he saved Chad’s cheating ass, so I’m grateful.” She gives a noise of disbelief and rolls her eyes. “Seriously.” I tell her, although she is kind of right. I do like Deacon, and right after I dump my boyfriend, what kind of girl does something like that?

“So, what does he look like? How tall? On a scale from one to ten, ten being fire, how hot is he?” Amber bombards me. “He has dark brown hair, really dark almost black eyes, tan skin, muscular. About six two maybe and on a scale from one to ten, fifty.” I gush, biting my lip while picturing his gorgeous face in my head. “Ooooh! You have this dreamy look in your eye! I have to see this guy!” Amber is all mushy and gushes.

“Did you take a picture of him?” She asks and I gape at her. “No! That’s so creepy!” I laugh. Although I kind of wish I did, I’d use it as my lock screen. “Anyway, he stopped the fight and made the bikers leave. And then his friend Cage and Deacon’s sister Jacey are together, and his sister called me Luna and her sister-in-law.” I say to Amber and she laughs so hard she snorts. “What! That’s not funny! Why on earth would she call me her soon-to-be sister-in-law? That’s crazy!” I exclaim. “Was she drunk?” Amber asks, holding back her laughter.

“Yes. But still! I don’t even know Deacon! Why would she think he and I would get married!” I ask confused. Although, if I could choose any guy in the world to marry, Deacon would be my first choice. Wait, what? I always thought Chad and I would end up married.

Well, that dream flew right out the window the second he touched another woman. It’s still hard to comprehend that Chad cheated on me. I really thought he loved me. I mean, I have known him forever, and now he ruined everything.

I was expecting texts and calls from him, but I don’t have any. I’m guessing he is passed out at home, I hope at least. I hope he didn’t pass out in the Uber. Shit, now I’m worried. Maybe I’ll call him. But then he might think I forgive him. Dammit. I’m conflicted now.

“Maybe you two look cute together so she thought it would be a great idea for you guys to get married.” Amber says, reminding me I was talking to her. “Yeah, maybe.” I say absently and she just looks at me. “Your head is not in this conversation anymore. What are you thinking about?” Amber inquires and I sigh. “Chad. I was expecting him to bombard me with hundreds of texts or calls but I have none. What if he passed out in the Uber and the driver just left him on the sidewalk?” I ask seriously and she laughs. Hard.

I look at her in disbelief. “It’s not funny!” I tell her. “Yes it is! If that’s true, he deserves it anyway! The dumbass!” She guffawed, her eyes twinkling with mirth and I shake my head. “But now I’m worried about him. What if something bad did happen?” “Then, call Blake and ask him if Chad got home ok.” Amber suggests and I smile at her and reach for my phone. I scroll through my contact list and click on Blake’s number then hit send.

“Hello?” He asks sleepily. I think I just woke him up. Oops. “Hey Blake, it’s Violet. Did Chad get home ok?” I ask nervously, biting my lip. “I don’t know. I crashed about twenty minutes after you left.” Blake tells me and I curse. “Dammit. Well, can you check for me please?” I ask nicely, almost pleading. He groans. “Violet, I’m sure he is home.” Blake tells me sleepily, in a bored tone. “Blake! Go check please!” I basically demand, yelling into his ear and I hear him yelp. “Jesus Christ, you didn’t have to blow up my ear drum! Ok, ok, I’ll go check. Just calm down. Geez.” Blake says, and I hear him throw the blankets off. “Hold on.”

He puts me on hold, and I wait impatiently, tapping my foot. “Well?” Amber asks me and I shrug. “Blake’s checking.” I mouth to her and she nods in understanding. I hear noise on the other end of the phone, I’m guessing he put it on his bed and just now picked it back up. “He’s here, passed out on the couch. Looks like he couldn’t even make it to bed. So, can I go back to bed now?” Blake informs me and I let out a relieved breath that I didn’t know I was holding. “Yes, thank you.” “Yeah, you’re welcome. Bye.” Blake says, still sounding half asleep and hangs up.

“Is he home?” “Passed out on the couch.” I giggle. “Figures.” Amber laughs. “I am honestly surprised he made it to the couch. I knew the alcohol would catch up to him.” I say. “True.” Amber says thoughtfully. “Well, I am exhausted, so I am finally going to bed.” I tell Amber as I stand up and stretch. “K. Night.” Amber says as she too heads toward her bedroom. “Night.”

When I get into my bedroom, I quickly change into my grey plaid pajama’s from Victoria’s Secret and then plop ungracefully onto my bed and curl under the covers. I fall asleep quickly to the sound of wolves howling.

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