Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 30

VIOLET (mature/sexual content)

I feel like I’m burning up from the inside out. No amount of cold water is helping me, and I feel like I’m going to explode. And not only am I hot, I can also feel the heat and wetness between my legs, and it’s not from the shower. I’m so horny the wetness is practically dripping down my legs. All I want right now is Deacon, and I have no idea why I’m horny as hell. I mean, we still haven’t had sex, since we’ve had no time with all the werewolf stuff and wedding planning we’ve been doing for Beau and Nora, but today, it feels like my arousal levels have been shoved so high its off the charts.

I am almost positive if this doesn’t stop before he gets here, I am going to jump him the second I see him. And I don’t want it gentle, oh no, I want rough, hard and fast sex. First time gentleness be damned. I want - no need - to be well and truly fucked. And I need it now. Like, right now. Sure, I want my first time to be gentle and sweet, but right now I couldn’t care less if my first time is against the wall. I just need it. My body is craving it, and my dirty mind is playing scenario after scenario in my head of all the different positions Deacon can fuck me. First with him settling his head between my legs and going from there...

And I can’t get the glorious image of his naked body out of my head. I’ve only seen him naked a couple of times, but the wonderful image is burned into my brain forever, and for that I’m grateful. Now if I could just get my hands on that body right about now, that would be great. So I could run my hands - and tongue - up and down his hard body and perfect abs that are always begging to be licked. And I need to get my ands on those perfect V-lines that are always so damn tempting, and teasing. I know what they lead to, know the large size of it, and I want it. So bad.

Even his back is perfect. The rippling back muscles he has, his ass, the way his jeans hang deliciously low on his hips, and his waist that is just perfect for me to wrap my legs around while he slams into me relentlessly, over and over. I am practically panting with desire and lust, and I can feel my wolf. She is worse than I am, with all the dirty thoughts going through her mind right now, only making me more worked up.

My core is not just aching, it’s fucking pulsing with need. And dripping. I can feel my wetness flowing down my thighs. I can even smell my own arousal, and that’s saying something. Deacon always seems to notice when I’m aroused, but I never really smell it. And every time we never have a chance to finish what we started. We always end up interrupted in some way or the other, leaving me hot and bothered. But none of those times compared to this. If I don’t get to jump him this time I think I might explode.

My breasts feel heavy and achy, almost as needy as my pulsing core. My nipples are hard and begging for my mates attention, and it seems every inch of my body is calling out to my mate. I need him.

I have been worked up before, but, Jesus, this is getting ridiculous. But I don’t care. Now if he could just get his sexy ass back here so I can jump his bones, that would be great. And so help me God, if anyone interrupts, I might actually bite their head off.

Then I hear the bedroom door open. And his scent hits my nose. I actually moan out loud that he is finally here. I turn the water off and step out of the shower, and instantly I feel like I’m in a volcano, on the sun. The water hardly did anything, but now that I’m out of it, I can feel the burning even more.

I hear Deacon right outside the bathroom door, and he’s breathing hard. Panting. I grab a towel to wrap around me, and try to dry myself off, but the second the towel touches my burning skin, it feels like sandpaper. I yelp and drop it to the floor, and it pools at my feet.

“Violet,” His voice is a harsh whisper, sounding like he is speaking through gritted teeth. Even the sound of his voice is turning me on right now. I slowly walk to the bathroom door, completely naked, and put my hand on the doorknob. “Please come out of there, baby.” His voice is rough with what sounds like lust and need. “Deacon, what’s wrong with me?” I ask, hoping he will know what the hell is going on. I mean, he sounds different too. Like he is holding himself back from slamming down the door to get to me. “Are you really hot right now? Do you feel like you’re on fire? Do you have this insatiable need to mate with me?” He asks, but he sounds like he already knows the answer.

Yes, yes, and yes, to all of his questions. “How do you know that?” I question wearily, still freaked out by what’s going on. “You’re in heat, baby.” He replies, his voice sounding strained. My core pulses. In heat? What? What the hell does that mean? “What the fuck does that mean? What the hell do you mean I’m ‘in heat’?” I ask through the door, knowing if I open it, especially naked, I will not hesitate to jump him. I know he won’t mind, but I need to know what the fuck he is talking about before I open the door. If I open it now, I won’t get any answers until after I’m fucked, and fucked hard and deep and long.

“Heat, as in, your body feels like it’s on fire and you have this insane, relentless need to mate. The only thing that will cool you down is my touch, and you won’t stop feeling like this until we finally complete the mating process. It will happen once a month on the full moon until we mate. Once we do, you won’t go into heat ever again, but the longer it goes on the worse it gets.” Wow. Ok. That explains a lot. A whole lot. At least now I know why I’m so fucking horny.

“And every unmated male close enough can smell your heat, and it’s driving us all crazy. They were about ready to charge up here and find you when I walked in the house and smelled your need. I was about ready to kill them all for even thinking of touching you. I had to use my Alpha voice to get them all to leave. You smell so fucking incredible and all I want to do is get my hands on you.” Oh wow. I’m sure he could hear the hitch in my breath.

“If I come out there, I’m going to jump you.” I warn him, and I hear a deep, husky, sexy chuckle in response. “Good.” I smile. I have wanted to have sex with him for months, and now that I know it’s about to happen, the realization that I’m acting like a sex craved idiot comes to mind. I’m so damn horny I am honestly tempted to have him fuck me right here in the bathroom, even though the bed is like, ten feet away, maybe.

“Now, please baby, come out and let me love you.”

And I open the door.

When I see him, I all but throw myself at him. He catches me effortlessly, and wraps his arms around my naked torso, him groaning in response to my wet, naked body. The second our skin comes into contact, I feel instant relief. The burning turns into a cool sensation wherever he touches. And the sparks I always feel when we touch feel so good against my wet skin. It feels amazing.

My arousal is dripping down my legs at this point.

He presses his lips roughly to mine and I moan into his mouth and he swallows the sound. I lift my leg and rub it against his thigh, and I hear him groan. He slips his hand beneath my knee and pulls it higher, which presses my very naked, very achy core against his very hard, very large, erection. I moan when it rubs the perfect spot, and rock my hips against him, seeking more friction. The feeling of my naked core against his jeans is interesting, but pleasurable nonetheless.

His hands slip down my back, dancing across my spine in a caress, and down to my ass where he cups it, squeezes. I buck my hips into him in response and the pressure that I receive in just the right spot makes me cry out. His hands slip lower, and he hoists me up, and I wrap my legs around his waist as he pushes me against the wall. I moan loudly into his mouth as my back makes contact, and one of his hands leaves my ass to come up and cover my achy breast. When his warm palm makes contact with my bare breast and touches my hard nipple, I cry out and buck my hips against him.

His fingers tease my nipple, and I turn my head away from his mouth to take a breath, then moan as he continues to play. Then he gives equal attention to my other breast. And he, apparently, doesn’t need to breath as he kisses his way down my jawline and neck then settles on my mark. When his lips meet their target, and he latches them in an open mouth kiss on my mark, I moan deep in my throat. When he starts to suck, I almost scream with pleasure. Its like a pleasurable electric shock went through my entire body the second his lips touched my mark. Holy fuck. I never knew something could feel so damn good, and we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

My hips are still rocking against his, seeking more friction, and I reach down and tug on the bottom of his grey t-shirt, which right now is just an obstacle in the way of our mating. He raises his arms obediently, and I pull his shirt off. I run one hand down the hard panes of his chest, while the other stays securely around his neck, and I hear him suck in a sharp breath.

Deacons fingers slip lower, closer and closer to my needy, pulsing, center with every move he makes. When we finally get to the bed, he lies me down on it and I spread my legs wide for him, an open invitation. Then he steps back, just staring at my naked form, all splayed out for him like a buffet, with eyes so dark they are like obsidian orbs. I should feel embarrassed, or vulnerable, all exposed like this, but I don’t. I love and trust him enough that all I feel is beautiful by the way his hungry gaze is taking me in.

“Beautiful,” He murmurs, and I smile, but still wiggle my hips impatiently. He laughs. A quiet, husky sound that makes more wetness gush out of me. “Impatient, are we?” I try to glare at him, but I’m so far gone into the lust haze it’s basically just a scowl. He unzips his jeans slowly, giving me a wonderful strip show, but right now it’s just irritating me that he is taking so long. His boxer briefs fall to the floor with his jeans, and I can’t help the smile that seeing him naked brings out. He smirks, then reaches into the bedside table and pulls out a foil packet. A condom. I raise an eyebrow.

“I put them in there the day you moved in, so don’t go thinking something else.” I nod. I’m ok with that answer.

But he’s still taking forever, and he knows damn well how fucking horny I am. He’s staring intently at my core, and a deep blush paints my cheeks. Deacon reaches out, and, gently, cups me. I cry out. No one has ever touched me there before, and it feels amazing. His eyes hold hunger, lust, and possession. He knows he’s the only one to ever touch me there, and he’s damn happy about that.

"I need to taste you first," He tells me before he finally - finally! - settles himself between my legs. He grabs the backs of my thighs and throws my legs over his shoulders, and the sight itself nearly makes me come. I can feel his hot breath against my core, and I’m already so on edge that the first sweep of his hot tongue against me has me falling over the edge, loudly. I writhe wildly against him, my hips bucking off the bed, my hands in his hair, pulling him closer and tugging at the soft, dark strands, making him groan in approval. He holds me down by the waist, and continues his wonderful, torturous assault on my - now more sensitive - core. He only stops after sending me into a second orgasm.

When he finally grabs the condom, I nearly cheer in relief. My heat is still burning strong when he isn’t touching me, and right now I just want his naked body on top of mine, pinning me beneath him, pressing me into the bed as he pounds into me.

Deacon rips the packet open with his teeth, - which was sexy as hell - then rolls it down his hard length. His hard body covers mine and I moan from the contact. He puts some weight on me, but puts most of it on his arms, which are on both sides of my head. Deacon settles himself between my legs, and I spread them wider. When I feel him press against my entrance, I gasp and stiffen up a little. I want this, and need this, but he is huge and I know it’s going to hurt at first. “Easy baby, I’ll be gentle.” He assures me, and pushes inside slightly. It doesn’t hurt, but I can feel him stretching me open. I work on relaxing my muscles, knowing it will hurt more if I’m tense. But even as I am waiting for the pain to come, my body is craving more, faster, harder, deeper, rougher. And I want it like that.

He goes deeper, and it still doesn’t hurt, then he stills. “This is the part that will hurt, so I’m going to do it fast to get it over with then I won’t move for a minute so you can adjust.” He tells me, and I nod. He claims my mouth in a passionate, heated kiss, and then I feel a sharp pain as he pushes fully inside me. I cry out, and he soothes me by kissing my neck and caressing my sides. “Fuck, baby. You feel amazing.” He tells me, making me smile. Ok. I didn’t know till now, but I like dirty talk. A lot. And true to his word, he doesn’t move. He holds himself perfectly still over me, the muscles in his arms taut as he holds himself up. Fuck, that’s hot.

After a minute I start to wiggle my hips, wanting more. Seeking the friction. Damn it feels so good! “Deacon, you can move now.” I assure him, and he looks at me intensely. He searches my face, then gently rocks his hips. I cry out. It hurt at first, but the more he moves the better it feels. I pull my legs up and wrap them around his waist, and he groans his approval, slightly picking up his pace, making me smile. I start meeting his thrusts, bucking my hips in rhythm with his powerful movements. “Faster, harder,” I moan out, my nails raking down his back, making him hiss and groan. Deacon obliges. Pounding into me harder now, I almost scream out in the most pleasure I’ve ever felt. I can tell my nails are leaving claw marks on his back, but I can’t seem to help it.

He has started slamming into me, and I can’t contain my screams of pleasure. Soon enough, I feel the familiar tightening sensation starting in my lower belly, and I crave it. Deacon grabs my hips in a bruising grip and slams into me hard, hitting just the right spot, sending me into my third - and most powerful - orgasm. Holy fuck. He follows swiftly after, giving me one final, hard thrust, and he comes on a loud groan, stilling over me. His arms give out, and he collapses down on top of me, but he still leaves a lot of his weight on his arms so he doesn’t crush me.

We’re breathing hard, and our skin is covered in sweat. I can feel him pull out, and I almost whimper at the loss. He disposes of the condom, then pulls me into him, kissing me gently. “I love you.” He tells me sincerely. “I love you, too.” I tell him, lying my head on his chest. Then, a giggle bubbles up and I don’t even try to stop it. I can’t stop giggling. He looks at me, tired, but amused. “Why’re you laughing?” He asks me, smiling in amusement at my laughter. “We finally had sex.” I giggle. He chuckles. “Yeah, we did. And it was amazing.” Deacon murmurs in my ear, before kissing my forehead. “It was.” I agree. My eyes are starting to close, and I feel really tired. Now I know why people have sex all the time. It’s fucking amazing.

And, thank God, my heat is gone. I no longer feel that unbearable burning sensation. I feel complete.

When I wake up, I notice my head is still lying on Deacons chest, and my leg is thrown over both of his. We’re both still naked and his hand is tracing random shapes on my back, letting me know he’s awake. “Good morning.” Ok, his husky morning voice, extremely sexy. “Good morning,” I answer. “What time is it?” I ask. I feel him lean over and grab his phone. “Almost ten.” I groan. So early!

I move my leg off of him to get up, and when I do I feel a slight pain between my legs, reminding me what happened last night. “Are you sore at all?” He asks concerned, and I nod. “A little.” And as I move, my leg brushes his hard morning wood. Wow. An idea comes to mind, and I grin. I purposefully rub against his hard on this time, and he groans. I look up at him through my eyelashes innocently. I don’t care that I’m sore, I want him. “If you keep doing that, I’m not going to care that you’re sore.” He growls in warning through gritted teeth, and I grin wickedly. Pulling the blanket back, I run my hands down his abs, before licking from the top of his abs down to his V-lines. He groans loudly and grabs my head gently, only encouraging me. I sit up, with a wicked grin. Throwing my leg back over him, I straddle him, purposefully rubbing my - now wet - naked core against him. “Fuck,” He hisses out through gritted teeth, and flips me onto my back.

When my back hits the mattress, I grin lustfully. His mouth slams on mine and I moan into his mouth. He rocks his hips against me, his erection rubbing against my clit. I cry out. Deacon reaches into the drawer, grabbing a condom. He slips it on, then pushes into me gently. I moan. This time, however, he doesn’t start off slow. He pounds into me hard and fast, and I love it. When I flip us over so I’m straddling him, I flip my hair back and run one hand through it. He groans.

All too soon I feel the beginning of an orgasm start to come. Then I come. Very hard. I clench around him, forcing him to come as well. Deacon’s hands grab my hips, slamming into me hard as he rides out our orgasms.

After we’re spent and panting, Deacon looks at me. “We need a shower.” He chuckles. I giggle. I can’t help it. I’m so happy. “Yeah, we do.” The room - and us - reek of sex and sweat. He sits up, letting the blanket fall to his waist. I can’t help the fact that his abs instantly grab my attention, even though I was very up close and personal with them a few minutes ago.

He smirks. “Keep looking at me like that and we aren’t going to leave the bedroom all day.” My gaze meets his amused one and I grin. “I’m ok with that.” I tell him, even though I can feel the soreness between my legs. His eyes darken. “Violet,” He warns, knowing I’m sore and trying not to push it. “Ok, fine. Let’s go take a shower. A nice, long, shower.” I say impishly, grinning at him. He rolls his eyes, but smiles anyway.

I stand up, and goosebumps cover my bare, sweat dampened, skin. I grab Deacon’s t-shirt and throw it over my body. Deacon looks at me, and grins in approval. “I like you in my clothes. You look hot, and it shows everyone you’re mine. Well, other than the mark on your next and that fact that our scents are completely mixed now.” I smile at him. He doesn’t bother covering himself. Not that I mind. I'm very much admiring the view as I walk behind him. We walk into the bathroom and he turns on the shower, and unlike last night, when the spray comes out cold, it feels fucking cold to me this time. I jump back, and wait for it to warm up. Deacon pulls his shirt over my head and steps into the shower, pulling me in with him.

I stand under the hot spray, letting it warm up my cold skin. Deacon brushes the wet hair out of my face that was sticking to my forehead before he kisses me. Then he turns me around, so my back is against his chest. I can feel his hard on against my lower back. Deacon lathers up a loofah before washing my body, everywhere. He seemed to take extra time on my breasts, butt, and inner thighs. Not that I minded. When his hand that is between my legs slips higher, however, my breath hitches. He makes sure to wash me extra thoroughly there. When he got down on his knees in front of me, I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing.

After he gets me off, using the shower head, his hands, and his hot mouth, I was more than willing to repay the favor. It didn’t take long for him to blow.

When we both get out of the shower slightly wobbly legged and very satisfied, we dry off and get dressed. Me into my bra and panties from yesterday, and then I pull on one of Deacons clean black V-necks and my shorts. He gets dressed in an outfit that just makes me want to undress him all over again. He’s wearing black jeans that hang low on his hips - hips I had my legs wrapped around - a white V-neck and combat boots.

I grab a rollerball perfume out of my purse, trying to cover up some of the sex smell. I can still smell the sex in the air, but that could just be the room.

Eh. I don’t care. Deacon and I are fully mated. And I’m so fucking happy. I can't seem to keep the goofy smile off of my face either, and it seems, neither can Deacon.

And now that we've mated, and I know how fucking amazing it is, I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep my hands off him.

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