Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 31


Last night, and this morning, were amazing. I’m very sore between my legs, a constant, wonderful reminder of what finally - finally! - happened. He took my virginity last night, and I couldn’t be happier. It was perfect. He was perfect. We were perfect. We are perfect together, and the way our bodies fit together since we were made for each other, was, just, gah, perfect.

Now that we are freshly showered - and fully clothed - we head downstairs, starving. Great sex apparently makes you hungry, plus the fact that I haven’t eaten since noon, yesterday. It’s already twelve thirty, so I’m sure there will be a lot of people out and about the pack house. People I have yet to meet, and I am scared his parents will be two of them. The last thing I need is to meet them the day after I lose my virginity to their son, and an hour after having sex with him yet again. That would be just downright awkward. I would be blushing like a lunatic, and they would know why.

Luckily, when we get into the kitchen, no one is in there. I breathe a sigh of relief. “What do you want for breakfast?” I think for a minute. “Pancakes?” I say, hoping he has some. He grins, then grabs instant pancake mix out of a cupboard. I take a seat and watch him cook. And damn, it’s a nice view. He’s hot and he can cook. Damn. He sets down a plate of pancakes in front of me then puts the syrup bottle beside it while grabbing pancakes of his own. I take a bite. Yum. “I want you to meet my parents.” My eyes bug out and I choke on my pancake. Coughing, Deacon’s eyes go wide and he pats my back as I try to swallow. Once I do, I look at him in panic.

“We just had sex and you want me to meet your parents right now!?” I sputter out, still coughing slightly. He shakes his head quickly, amusement dancing in his sexy dark eyes. “No, not right now. Sometime this week, maybe.” I take a deep breath. Sometime this week. Yeah, that sounds doable. “Ok, sometime this week.” He grins and opens his mouth to say something in response. I cut in. “But that doesn’t mean tomorrow!” I clarify, and he shuts his mouth. That’s what I thought.

We finish off our pancakes in happy conversation before the first person walks into the kitchen. It’s a guy, who looks about my age. His eyes go wide and his face goes pale when he sees us and he gives Deacon a somewhat shaky nod. “Alpha,” then he turns to me, “Luna.” I’m a little shocked and my eyes go wide. Its the first time anyone has really called me Luna other than the time Cage accidently did and Jacey drunkenly slurred it out. Stunned, I kind of just smile and nod in response. “Morning, Will.” Deacon greets, then walks over and wraps his arm around me. Will sniffs the air then looks to us in what looks like relief and regret.

He’s one of the unmated males who lost his mind when you were in heat last night. He probably feels bad about trying to go after his Luna’s heat last night. He can smell we are fully mated now.

Deacon tells me through mind-link, and my mouth makes an ‘o’ in understanding. No wonder he looks as though he’s waiting for Deacon to kill him. “Alpha, I am so sorry-” Deacon holds up his hand, stopping him. “Don’t. It wasn’t your fault and you didn’t know it was Violet until I told you all.” I’m blushing at the fact that he obviously smelled my heat, all my uncontained arousal, last night. That’s embarrassing. “I’m just happy you got to our Luna before someone else did.” Will says, and Deacon growls lowly and tightens his grip on my waist. And now to know that Will knows his Alpha went up and fucked his Luna senseless all night long. Lovely. I don’t think I could be any more embarrassed right now. Then the door opens, and I smell two familiar scents.

“You guys finally mated!” An excited voice shouts.

And, I spoke to soon.

I bury my face in my hands as it burns a bright red, and curl more into my mate to try to hide my embarrassment when I am tackled from the side into a hug. “Ugh!” I groan, as I’m hugged tightly. “It’s about time!” Jacey squeals and releases me. I look up to see Deacon smirking amusedly, along with Cage, and Jacey looks thrilled. I continue to blush hotly but smile and nod. “Yeah, we did.” I admit and Jacey’s smile gets larger. “When!? Last night? This morning?” I blush deeper, and Jacey’s eyes go wide. “Last night and this morning!? OMG! You two really were sexually frustrated!” Oh, God. I think I might die from embarrassment right now. Normally I wouldn’t mind her knowing, but its her brother who I fucked, and Cage and Will are standing right there. Amber is going to flip when she finds out. She has been waiting for me to get in Deacon’s pants, and now that I have, she is going to want every single detail.

And I’m sure Jacey and Nora - when she finds out - will want that too.

And I doubt that Beau will want to know. Seeing as I’m his little sister and we have gotten close, I don’t think he’ll want to hear about me having sex, especially with his friend/Alpha. I’m surprised Jacey isn’t disgusted hearing about her brothers sex life, I mean, every time Jacey or Cage mention their sex life around Deacon, he gets super grossed out. Maybe Jacey is just happy for me and is trying not to think about the fact that it’s her brother who I had sex with. “Violet, I need to talk to you, now!” Jacey tells me urgently, and grabs my wrist, tugging me along. Oh no. Here comes the, ‘give me every single last detail about last night’ talk.

She pulls me along and up the stairs, I’m assuming to her bedroom. Once we are inside, she shuts the door and turns to me. We sit on her bed and she looks at me expectantly. “Ok, so, I want the details. When did it happen, where did it happen, how did it happen? Come on girl, tell me everything. Well, maybe not everything, I mean, it is my brother, but I still want details. So talk.” I blush. “Deacon and I mated, what’s there to talk about?” I try to evade her questioning, and she narrows her eyes at me. “Violet,” I sigh. “Ok, fine. But if I’m gonna give details, Amber and Nora need to be here too.” Jacey grins and nods. “Lets all to the lounge room in the bar, we don’t need every werewolf seeing Amber and finding out a human knows about werewolves.” I nod in agreement and stand up.

I grab my phone and start to do a group text with Nora and Amber.

ME: Come meet Jacey and I in the lounge room ASAP. Nothing bad, just so u know.

AMBER: K. Gimme 15

NORA: On my way

ME: K. Gr8

“Nora’s on her way, and Amber will be there in fifteen minutes.” Jacey grins and we make our way back down the stairs and to the kitchen where the guys still are. I notice Will is no longer in the kitchen, and that’s kind of relieving. It’s bad enough that Cage is hearing all this. Although Deacon probably would’ve told him anyway.

“We’re going to the lounge room at the bar to talk. You two can’t come.” Jacey announces, and the guys immediately frown, which makes me giggle. “Why can’t we come?” Cage asks, still frowning, along with Deacon. “Girls only.” Jacey tells him. They look confused. “Why?” Deacon asks suspiciously. I sigh. “Because, they want to know every single last detail about last night, that’s why!” I inform the two clueless guys and their mouths make ‘o’ in understanding. “Every detail?” Deacon asks, looking at his sister in incredulity and slight grossness. She scrunches her nose. “Ew, no. Not those details you pig!” Jacey exclaims, looking disgusted, making Deacon sigh in relief.


I roll my eyes, but can’t help the smile. I walk over to my mate and give him a hug and a quick kiss, Jacey doing the same to Cage, before we head out to her car. She has a silver Dodge Hemi Charger, with all black interior and leather seats. “Nice car.” I compliment and she grins. “Thanks.” Then we head to the restaurant, which takes all of barely two minutes.

When we arrive, we head straight to the lounge and I am shocked to find Nora already there. “How did you beat us here?” I ask. “I was already on my way here when you texted.” She giggles. “So, what’s up?” She asks, cocking her head to the side. “We have to wait till Amber gets here.” She nods, then sniffs the air. My eyes widen. She’s going to smell that Deacon and I are fully mated. Her eyes widen and she smiles widely. “You and Deacon finally mated!” She squeals in excitement, and tries to jump up to hug me, but with her being so far along in the pregnancy, she couldn’t really get up. “A little help.” She asks, reaching her arms out. Jacey and I smile and help her up. Then she hugs me. “Finally!” She teases, and I laugh. “Hey!” I shriek, and flip around to see Amber looking at me in amusement. “Amber, you scared me!” I say, and she smirks. “I can see that. So, what’s the news?”

“Deacon and I had sex last night.” Ambers eyes go wide and she squeals. “It’s about damn time!” She exclaims in excitement and hugs me. “Jesus, it took you two long enough!” She mutters as she pulls back from our hug. “Alright, I’ve waited long enough! I want the details now!” Jacey demands, and tugs us all to sit on the couch. I laugh. “Ok.” I agree.

“So, when, where, how, etcetera,” Jacey prods, and I blush hotly. “Ooooh, you’re blushing big time, it must be dirty.” Amber teases, and I smack her gently on the arm, making her laugh. “Was it dirty?” Nora asks with a teasing grin, and I manage to blush even more. “Kinda.” I mutter, ducking my head. “Come on girl! Details!” Jacey says, then adds, “But not too many. I mean, it was my brother, so no body details.” She says, her nose scrunching. I giggle. “Well, apparently, I went into heat last night.” They all gasp, even Amber. I look at her in shock. “You know what heat is?” I ask surprised. She nods, giving me an of course I do, dummy look. “I know a lot about werewolves! Hell, you are a freaking werewolf and I know more than you do!” She says, shaking her head in fake disappointment. “You were in heat? Fucking hell, that sucks to all hell.” Nora says and Jacey nods. I nodded. “It was hell. Fuck, it felt like I was literally in hell, it burned so damn bad.”

“It does.” Jacey agrees. They nod in understanding. “Wait, I thought you and Cage mated the day after he marked you?” Nora asks Jacey, confused. She nods. “We did. But the day after he marked me was a full moon, which neither of us knew until I felt like I was on fire. And Cage didn’t get home for an hour, so I was miserable, boiling and horny as hell.” I look at Nora. “What?” She says, looking confused. “We’re waiting.” She sighs. “I went into heat almost a week after I was marked. Beau was in the shower and I was on the bed watching TV when I started getting really hot. After about ten minutes, Beau walked out of the bathroom and his eyes went black, and I’m sure you all can guess what happened after that. Now quit stalling Violet, we came up here to hear about what happened with you.”

“Ok, so, I was in heat, for probably an hour or more, and I had no idea what the hell was happening to me. Anyway, eventually I get in the shower and keep it freezing, not that it did any fucking good, and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. I couldn’t get cool, and I was horny to all hell. I didn’t know why, but I knew that the second I saw him I was going to jump him. Then he eventually came home and I was still in the shower. He told me what was going on, and when I came out of the bathroom, we mated.” I explain, and they all have shit eating grins on their faces. “More details please.” I gape at them. “Seriously!” I ask, shocked. “Seriously.” They reply.

“I came out of the bathroom naked, and I pretty much jumped on him. Anyway, he shoved me against the wall,” I smile, remembering just how it felt to be pressed up against the wall, how it felt to be pinned beneath him as he rammed harder and harder into me. A hand waving in front of my face brought me back to reality. They look amused. “Uh, you kinda zoned out a little with this dreamy look on your face.” Nora tells me, making me blush. “Remembering last night, are we?” Amber teases, grinning. “Shut up,” I mumble, blushing. “So, anyway, after I had him half naked we made it to his bed, he went down on me, and then we had hard, fast sex. And if he didn’t have super healing, he would have multiple claw marks on his back right now. He actually might still have some, since we had sex again this morning.” I admit, biting my lip and blushing.

They squeal. “Damn. I’m a little surprised you don’t still smell like sex.” Amber says and Nora and Jacey exchange a look. “You might not be able to smell the sex smell now, but we can. It’s pretty obvious.” My eyes bug out. “You can still smell it?” They nod, obviously amused by this. “Only because it’s new. You guys just mated so your scents are mixed and the smell is stronger. By tomorrow, the sex smell should go away faster next time you guys do it. Otherwise all werewolves would walk around blushing knowing everyone can smell it.” Jacey tells me, and I gape. Wow. Well, nice to know all my perfume did was cover the scent from Amber. Had I known that I wouldn’t of put so much on knowing it’s pretty much useless for covering the sex smell.

“Are you guys happy now?” I ask sarcastically and they smirk, nodding. “Yup.” Amber replies. “Aren’t you? I mean, you have to be happy that you finally got in Deacon’s pants.” Amber says, and I smile widely. “Damn right I am. And I’m happy that we weren’t interrupted this time. I actually might have killed the person had we been interrupted last night. I was so horny, I literally could’ve killed someone if they walked in on us.” I admit and they nod in understanding. “I know right. Heat is hell.” Nora says. “And it honestly felt like someone had something against us mating, because every time we were about to, someone walked in on us!” They laugh. “Every time?” Jacey asks, the amusement clear in her voice. I nod. “Every fucking time.” They laugh. “That must’ve sucked.” I give her a duh look.

They laugh again. I scowl. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. You guys don’t know the pain and annoyance of being interrupted right when you’re about to have sex. Every damn time.” I grumble out, still annoyed with all the sexual frustration I had to endure because guys don’t know how to knock. Oh my God. Wesley and Beau had walked in on us. My brother and biological father, walked in on me half-naked, grinding on a half-naked Deacon and about to have sex. Dear Lord. I just now realized that, and I think I might die of embarrassment right now.

I can feel my face burning hotly, and they give me curious looks. I put my face in my hands and groan. “Oh, God.” I mumble, shaking my head in horror. “What?” Nora asks, and I look up. “The people that walked in on us, were Cage and Beau the first time, and Wesley also walked in on us. Wesley and Beau are my family! Cage and Beau saw me half naked and on Deacon’s lap who was half-naked! And Wesley walked in while I was topless and straddling a fully naked Deacon! Oh, my God. This is horrifying. Wesley saw his daughter about to have sex. Lovely!” I admit, feeling my whole body burning in embarrassment and they all gape at me in shock.

“Oh my God!” Jacey says, then starts laughing. “Your brother and your dad both walked in on you! That’s hilarious! Horrible, but hilarious! At least none of you knew your family relationship at the time or it would’ve been even worse.” She laughs, Nora looks sympathetic but giggles slightly, and Amber is trying as hard as she can not to laugh.

“You guys are horrible.” I say jokingly, laughing, shaking my head. They just continue laughing. “Well, maybe you two should invest in a thing called a lock and install them on every door.” Jacey says amused. “We did lock the door! It was locked and then Wesley used a key and walked in!” I exclaim and they burst, laughing hysterically. “Oh wow. He just unlocked the door and walked in? OMG.” Nora says, giggling.

I nod helplessly. “It was mortifying.” I tell them, and finish telling them everything that happened. They were squealing and laughing and giggling, and so was I.

Then we heard it. The sound of the backdoor being broke down, then another door. Much closer. Our heads whipped toward the direction of the sound. And what I saw nearly stopped my heart. Two large, ugly, terrible smelling, unruly looking men stood there, filling the doorway to the lounge.

When they saw my look of fear, they smirked.

“Rogues,” Jacey growled, standing to attention and growling. Nora had her hand protectively over her belly, and I shoved Amber behind me. “Hello, ladies. If you would just hand over the pretty little Luna, you’ll be left unharmed and we’ll be on our way.” One of the rogues tells us and I pale. Oh, God. They’re after me. I gulp. “Never,” Jacey growls threateningly, and I growl as well, suddenly remembering that I’m a werewolf too.

Granted, I have not had near as much fight training as they have, I do have claws and fangs and I am a decent fighter. Jacey starts to shift, while Nora grabs Amber and shoves her behind the couch. Before I even have a chance to shift as well, the rogues lunge at us.


I smelled the bastards before I saw them, before I even heard them, they smell that bad. There are rogues on my territory. Lots of them. And they are going to die. Fast. I don’t know how they got past my border patrol, but right now figuring that out isn’t on the top of my list. Getting as many of my pack members to kill these motherfuckers is. I don’t know how many are here, but I know it’s a lot. It has to be if they managed to get into my territory. Do these assholes not know who they are dealing with? I’m not one of the most feared Alpha’s for no reason and these rogues are dumber than ever to think they can invade my land and get away with it.

A loud growl rips out of me, and I’m quick to mind-link my pack and best warriors about the rogues, being sure to tell all the women, children and elderly to get to the bunkers made for the rogue attacks so they are safe while we fight. Cage and Beau are right beside me as we run out the backdoor and shift, shredding our clothes in the process. Not that we particularly care at the moment. My priority right now is keeping my mate and pack safe.

Violet, there are rogues at the pack house. You, Jacey, Nora, and Amber get into Jacey’s car and drive as far away from the pack house as you can. There’s no time for you to get to the bunker. Go to your parents house. GO NOW!

I demand, not leaving any room for argument. I don’t care if I sounded like a controlling asshole. Keeping her safe is my number one priority. And if I have to act like a dick to get her to listen to me and not argue, I will. I will keep her safe no matter what. I don’t care if she gets mad at me as long as she’s safe. She can get all pissy at me later for being a dick. As long as she is in one piece, I don’t care. Same for Jacey, Nora and Amber.

Dylan is just below the surface, pissed beyond belief at the fact that the rogues had the nerve to come onto his - our - territory. It’s been months, I don’t know why they decided to show up again, apparently us killing a whole pack of rogues wasn’t a good enough message that we aren’t to be fucked with. I’m not one to put up with rogues. I hate the fuckers. Always have, always will. They all need to be destroyed. Crazy fuckers. They came to kill. Well, jokes on them, because their little plan to kill my pack is about to backfire big fucking time. They all are about to die.

Psychos thinking they can just show up and kill my pack. Ha, not gonna happen.

I don’t know why they have chose to attack the strongest packs in California, but rogues are stupid like that. You never can tell what’s going on in their scatterbrains. They’re all fucked up. Mateless, packless, brainless. Insane. They attack, kill, maul, torture. They kidnap and rape women. They’ve killed children. These bastards need to go to hell.

We run as fast as we can, which is pretty fucking fast, and make it to the, again, makeshift battlefield that the rogues have made. My territory is covered in rogues and blood. I don’t see any of my pack members down, which gives me some relief. My pack is on top, and we have almost twice as many wolves than they do. But the more I watch as I run toward the fight, the more something seems wrong.

Something, somehow. I don’t know how or why, but something doesn’t feel right. And my senses, my instincts, are always right. Always.

They seem to be trying to delay the fighting. They aren’t straight out going for my packs throats, they are almost avoiding us altogether. Like they are trying to-

De-deacon! Th-they took her!

Jacey mind-links me, hiccupping through her tears.

I froze dead in my tracks, forcing Cage and Beau to skid to a stop a couple of feet ahead of me and look back at me in confusion.


I ask hesitantly, praying to God that I heard her wrong. Please, God, tell me I heard her wrong.

The rogues! They to-took Vi-violet!

No. No!

I think my heart just stopped. My legs buckled under me, and I sway side to side, almost falling over completely. Cage and Beau rush over to my side, helping me stay on my feet, concern on their faces.

Deacon, what’s wrong?

Cage asks through mind-link, looking at me worriedly.

They took her.

Is my response to them both and they both go rigid.


They ask in unison, but they sound like they already know. They just need to hear it.

I clench my eyes shut, the pain in my chest nearly unbearable. I feel like I can’t breathe. My mate, they took my mate. Oh, God. Violet. I choke as a sob bubbles up. I try to swallow the lump in my throat, but I can’t. I feel a few hot tears stream down my face. I use my paw to wipe them away. Now isn’t the time for me to cry.

Violet. They took Violet.

Beau wobbles slightly and Cage turns as still as a statue.


They whisper in unison.

It was a distraction. The rogues, the fighting, everything. It was all a distraction so they could get to Violet. My mate. The Luna.

I turn around and run at a speed that I didn’t know I could reach toward the bar. Nothing will stop me from getting her back. No force on earth, Heaven or Hell will keep me from getting her. Violet means more to me than life itself, and I will do everything in my power to save her. I will fight my way through as many of those motherfuckers as I have to. I don’t care if I am half dead by the time I get her as long as she’s ok. So help me God, if they harm one hair on her head...

Those bastards earned a one way ticket to hell.

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