Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 32


I reached the bar in what felt like hours but in reality was only two minutes. That was fast, even for me. I'm even shocked at the speed I reached my bar. I wasn't even the slightest bit out of breath, and I ran toward the back door. It was broken down, and I ran inside and followed the disgusting rogue smell to the lounge room. Amber, Jacey and Nora are huddled together on the couch sobbing. They didn't even look up when I made a not-so-quiet entrance.

They only noticed me when they heard my bones cracking as I shifted back. I quickly wrapped a throw blanket around my waist and stormed over to them.

"Where did they go?!" I roared, making them all flinch and look at me wide-eyed. "Where did they take her!? Which way!?" I yell out, waiting for one of them to answer me. And when I'm answered with nothing but silence, it only angers me more. "Deacon! You're scaring the living hell out of them! Calm the fuck down!" A voice I know is Cage, yells from behind me. I turn around to see that Cage and Beau followed me, and have also wrapped blankets around their waists.

"Calm down!? Are you fucking kidding me! They took my mate, Cage, and I want her back! I'm not just gonna fucking calm down!" I roar at my Beta, who at the moment is just pissing me off. "You don't need to attack them when they didn't do anything wrong! Now stop scaring them!" Cage yells back at me and I clench my fists. "Which way did they go, Jacey?" Cage asks her, while Beau walks over to his shaking mate.

"We don't know! They knocked us all out! Nora and Amber were totally out in a matter of minutes, and I was very out of it! They threw me against the wall hard enough to make me dizzy and nearly pass out! I just barely had the energy to mind-link Deacon that they took her! I tried to stop them! We all tried! Even Amber, who is fucking human, tried her hardest to stop them! They almost killed her in the process! They chloroformed Amber and Nora quickly, and Violet didn't even have time to shift before they grabbed her and chloroformed her! They couldn't get to me to chloroform me so they settled with throwing me against the wall!" I suck in a sharp breath. Oh, God. What have I done? I just scared the living hell out of them when they tried their hardest to protect her.

My poor little sister who I love so much is injured and I just lost it and screamed at her. And now that I'm not completely blinded by rage, I see that Amber is holding her left arm, which is turning slightly purple and looks broken. And she is covered in blood. Not too bad, but enough that she needs to see a doctor. Nora looks almost uninjured, but I can see the purple/blue bruise forming on her cheek. But Jacey looks the worst. She has bruises all over her body, blood trickling down from her forehead, her ankle is swollen and purple, and claw marks all over her arms, shoulders, and abdomen. Oh, God.

My gut clenches in both fear, concern, and guilt. "I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry." I apologize to them all, hearing the pain and sorrow in my voice. "I didn't think. I couldn't. I'm so sorry." I couldn't seem to stop apologizing to them, the regret of what I just did clawing at me. I scared the living hell out of them when they did everything in their power to protect Violet. "I'm calling the pack doctor." I inform them, even though the lump in my throat made it hard to talk and mind-link him quickly. I let them know he's on his way. I told the pack doctor about Amber, and he was stunned for a second that a human knows about us and isn't afraid, hell, that she was friends with us, but quickly went serious again.

Then my pack informs me that the rogues are gone. They completely retreated not five minutes ago. I was right. It was all a diversion. Nothing but a way to distract us so they could get to Violet. Motherfuckers. My chest tightens. I should've known. I should've fucking known. I should've fucking seen it coming, but I didn't. My baby was kidnapped by rogues and I couldn't stop it, and that fact nearly kills me. She's probably terrified out of her mind right now and that makes me murderous. I don't want her scared or hurt. I want her here, in my arms, safe, protected. I was supposed to protect her, and I failed. Now she is in the hands of rogues, and it evokes a fear in me so great that it's hard to breathe. I didn't know I could ever be this scared in my life. My mate means everything to me.

If those rogues fucking touch her so help me God they will receive forms of torture so psychotic and cruel even a serial killer himself would run away from me in fear. I will make sure all these rogues die, slowly, so very, tediously slowly, and so, so very painfully. I want to leave them howling in pain for days on end. You don't mess with me. And by taking my mate, they earned a death sentence. They pushed me so far over the edge by taking her that I've nearly lost my mind. Hundreds of ways that I can kill them are swirling around in my brain, each one darker and more painful than the last.

I didn't even know I had such a creative mind honestly, with all the things that I am thinking of. These rogues will regret the day they were born when I get to them. I might even skin these bastards alive and use them as a rug on my floor. String them up by their ankles while I pour a bucket of wolfsbane on them. Shove a hot iron down their throats while I claw at their abdomens. Oh the ideas swirling around in my vengeful brain right now. Dylan growled his approval and added some of his own ideas as well. And his ideas made mine seem nice.

I look at them. "I'm going to find her. And I'm going now." I inform them all and they nod in agreement. "We're coming too." Cage says, and Beau nods his head as they walk toward me. I shake my head. "No, stay with your mates. Protect them." I say, my throat tightening slightly. Cage looks at my like I grew another head. "Are you crazy!? You can't go alone, you'll get yourself killed!" I shrug. "Deacon, think. You're no use to her dead. You can't save your mate if you get yourself killed in the process!" Cage tries to get through to me, but I deny him. "No! You need to-" Cage cuts me off. "We're coming!" He tells me, crossing his arms over his chest with a look on his face that tells me he isn't backing down. I open my mouth to argue when Nora suddenly cries out, clutching her stomach and hunching over, her face screwed in pain. Uh oh.

Beau is at her side in less than a second, grabbing onto her shoulders to hold her up. "Babe, are you ok?" He asks in concern. Jacey and Amber look at him like he's stupid. "No, she's not ok! She's in labor you moron! Help her!" He ushers her to the couch, making her lie down. "Where's the pack doctor!" Jacey shouts at me, and as if right on cue, he walks in the door. "She's in labor, do something!" Jacey screams at the - now wide-eyed - pack doctor. He rushes to her side. "How bad are the contractions?" Dr. Hampton asks her. "Bad. Really bad. I've been feeling them a little for the past twenty minutes, but it just got really bad." Nora tells him, tears in her eyes.

"Everybody except the father out!" He orders. Normally, I would be miffed at him ordering me around, but right now all I care about is getting to Violet. And of course, these guys here and the rest of my pack.

We all shuffle out of the lounge room, shut the door, and head into my office. I hear Nora scream out in pain and I wince. "I'm going now." I say, then shift, charging out the backdoor and following the rotten dumpster smell of the rogues who took Violet. I follow the stench, and I'm so focused on trailing them that I almost don't notice the loud sound of heavy footfalls behind me. I don't have to look to know exactly who it is.


God dammit Cage!

I mind-link him.

I told you to stay with Jacey!

I yell at him, growling in disapproval.

And I told you I'm coming with you. The rogues are gone, Jacey is safe. I would never, ever, leave her if I thought she wasn't safe and you fucking know that. Jacey is my mate. She is my fucking world. She means more to me than life itself and if there was even a tiny part of me that thought that the rogues were coming back and that she wasn't safe there is no way in holy hell that I would leave her side.

He's right and I know it. Dammit. I know my sister is his everything and he would never leave her if he thought she was in danger. And for that I couldn't thank him enough. My little sister is his everything, like Violet is mine. And if Cage wants to act like a reckless lunatic - much like I am - to help me get her back, I'm not going to argue with him anymore. Since I can see it's doing no good. Sure, I could use my Alpha voice and make him listen to me, but as much as I hate to say it, he's right. I'm no use to Violet if I get myself killed in the process of trying to save her.

And I need more help. Cage and I aren't enough against all the rogues. There are dozens of the bastards. I'm damn strong, strong enough to take on ten and win, and I've seen Cage take on seven before and come out on top, but there are so many. We'll die out there if we go alone. Sure, had it just been me I might've been able to sneak in, grab her, then sneak back out without being noticed. But with Cage coming along, it will be more noticeable. So, I'm quick to mind-link my packs warriors, telling them that I need at least fifty of them to come along with us to rescue their Luna, and it isn't long before I hear the loud, powerful, thundering sound of multiple paws hitting the ground behind us.

I push myself to run faster, even though I'm already moving fast enough that the trees on my sides are becoming a blur. I follow the stench of the rogues to a backroad, where there are tire tracks, that look like a car sped away quickly. Son of a bitch. They drove away. Motherfucker! It's much harder to track a car, even though the rogues have such a powerful smell, it will still be much more difficult to track them now. FUCK!

Not that it will stop me. Slow me down, but not stop me. Nothing could stop me. If I have to go through hell to get her back, I'll fucking do it. I'm not being rational right now, and I know that, but I will do anything I fucking have to in order to get my mate back. Honestly, if I have to kill my way through a thousand rogues to get her back, I'll do it.

The tire tracks went far, but not far enough to know where the hell they're going. Stupid bastards just had to have a damn car. Motherfucking hell! I'm a damn good tracker, but even I can't track a car that well. Unlike us, a car doesn't leave a distinctive scent to follow, and that's exactly why they used one. They knew we wouldn't be able to follow. Fuck. I tell my best tracker to come up here, and he does. I know it's pretty much useless, trying to find the scent of them when they are long gone and in a car, but we can fucking try.

We keep running straight ahead on the backroad - which for some God damn reason is asphalt and not dirt - praying that there will be a lead somewhere. Anywhere. Anything to give us a clue as to which way they went. But there's nothing. Not a trace as to which way they went. And the farther we run, the sadder and angrier I get. My wolf, Dylan, and I, are switching from crying out for Violet and her wolf Harmony in horrible agony or seething in utter, blinding rage, ready to kill anything in our path.

It's been a painful back and forth, but that seems to be how I'm going to feel until I have Violet back in my arms, safe, and all the rogues are fifty feet under, burning in hell forever. They messed with the wrong Alpha, and they are going to regret it. Nobody should ever cross me. And these rogues have too many times, and this time, they crossed me so bad I'm not just going to kill them, but torture them first, and kill them slowly and painfully. I'll probably put them in a bathtub filled with wolfsbane and let them soak in it for an hour, beat the fuck outta them, then shove them back in the wolfsbane again.

I want to hear their screams of pain and agony. I want to hear their painful cries, I want to hear them begging me to just put them out of their misery. Oh, when I find them...

First, I'll make sure Violet is ok and completely unharmed, that they didn't touch a hair on her head. Tell her how much I love her, get her clean and comfortable, get her settled in bed, have Jacey and Amber stay with her, and have several guard wolves surrounding my room. Then Cage and I will go to the cellars, and I will release all of my rage on those rogues who dared come near her.

Violet, baby, can you hear me?

I try to mind-link her, but I don't get a response and it worries the hell out of me. Why isn't she answering!? The horrible scenarios of why she won't respond are running through my mind, and it makes me push myself to run faster.

Please, baby, please be ok. Please answer me. I try to mind-link her again, but I get nothing in return.

If she isn't ok, I don't know what I'll do. Please God let her be ok. I think to myself. If she's not...

At this point we have been running for at least an hour in the same direction, hoping we're going the right way. But knowing my luck, we're probably heading in the opposite direction. I've tried to mind-link Violet dozens of times, but for some reason she isn't answering me. She's either so scared she accidently blocked me out, unconscious, or, I don't want to think about it. I can feel she's alive, that much I know. If she's unharmed, though, that I unfortunately, don't know. And the thought that she might be hurt is killing me.

Deacon, can we rest for a minute?

Cage mind-links me, and as I was so focused on thinking of Violet, the sound of having someone suddenly mind-link me nearly makes me jump. I skid to a stop, and look back to see my pack panting, completely out of breath from running for an hour at top speed. I nod, then walk over under the shadows of all the trees, my pack right behind me. I lie down grudgingly, biting my tongue to stop myself from demanding my pack to keep running and chasing the non-existent lead to my mate. I feel like even resting for a second is going to end up letting them get hundreds of miles away, even though I know that isn't possible if we rest for only five minutes.

I'm breathing a little hard myself, and despite myself I need the rest. I don't want to, but if I don't, we're all going to pass out from exhaustion. I want my mate back, and I know my pack wants to get their Luna back, but I know I can't push them so hard that their legs fall off just so I can get to her a drop sooner. At that rate, at the speed we were running, we would've all collapsed, and that would really do Violet no good if we're all out from exhaustion. So as much as I hate to say it, we need to rest for a minute.

We are almost out of my territory now, and that worries me even more. I was hoping they would stay somewhere in my packs boundaries, that way it would've been easier to find her. But if they leave my territory it would prove much more difficult to track them. I have noticed, however, we are heading in the direction of Nash's territory, which is somewhat reassuring, since I know his territory extremely well. I haven't called to let him know we will most likely be passing through, but his patrol wolves know who I am and we'll get by with no issues. Especially if the rogues come through first, and they get a whiff of my mate with them.

I know she has decent fight skills, but I don't know how many she's up against, or even if she's conscious right now.

I'm starting to squirm, trying to stop myself from taking off running, not caring whether my tired-out pack members follow me or not. The longer we rest, the farther away my mate is getting. And I won't have that. She's far enough already. Five feet is too fucking far from me if she's in the hands of rogues. Dylan is itching to go, and I'm right there with him.

I stand up. I jerk my head in the direction we were moving, letting them know it's time to start running again. My pack gets to their feet, and then I bolt. Cage is right on my heels, almost right beside me, and the rest of my pack is right behind me. I made my best tracker come up beside me, and he is trying damn hard to track a vehicle. I feel bad for putting so much pressure on all of them, but I know they are more than happy to go get their Luna back.

Those rogue bastards were smart enough to wait and take Violet right after we mated. Right when they knew my possessiveness and need for her would be heightened even more so than usual. They knew taking her now would make me weak and crazy for her. They underestimated me. They assumed I would grow physically weak without her. Jokes on them, because if anything, the adrenaline of needing her back did the opposite effect by making me even stronger than before. They thought I would be distraught enough that I would be wallowing in agony from them stealing what's mine. I put the fear, agony and pain away for now. And I got angry. More angry than I have ever been in my entire life and those rogues made a fatal mistake in thinking taking my mate was a good plan. I knew rogues were stupid, but taking an Alpha's mate has to be the stupidest thing they have ever done.

I was dangerous to them before they touched her, and now after they decided to take my mate? I'm more than lethal. And they are going to learn what a life ending mistake they just made. And if I have to kill five hundred rogues to prove my point that I'm not to be fucked with and no one should ever touch my mate, I will. And I'll do it with a sardonic smile on my face.

When my tracker looks at me then turns in a different direction, away from Nash's territory, my stomach sinks. Well, fuck. We're out of my territory and not in his either. Now we're in twenty acre's of unclaimed land. Fuck me. Nash and I both have been trying to split this land, but we haven't had time to get around to doing that. And as of right now, it's free for any werewolf to be in. Including rogues. Fuck. Twenty acres is a lot, and if they are here someone, which I'm pretty damn sure they are, it's going to take a while to find her. Fucking hell.

I let my best tracker stay beside Cage and I, and we head deeper into the unclaimed land. It's full of trees and there are more than enough places for them to hide. And I wouldn't be surprised if they had some kind of shelter they call home that they stashed Violet in. I hope she's ok. I know she must be terrified out of her mind, and that hurts me so bad. Then I get livid again and start growling, pushing my legs to move faster, even though I'm running extremely fast already.

The trees are a blur in my side view, and I'm running, leaping, and ducking over trees, branches, fallen logs, and bushes with agility and ease. I was already very agile at my top speed, but it seems I managed to top my top speed and am now running at a speed I didn't know I could reach. I'm more then ten feet ahead of my pack members, and even Cage is at least three to four feet behind me, when usually he is less than a foot behind. That proves I've increased my pace, since I know he is running full speed. If anyone that didn't know about werewolves saw me right now they would just see a large black blur go by and be out of there sight in less than a second, making them rethink if they even saw me at all. I'm running that fast.

But there is no chance of that happening. We are far out into the woods, and this is private territory. Meaning, it's meant for wolves only, no people. It's so tricky to navigate through and the privacy of it that people never come through here. Which is a good thing, because when I find those rogues, it's not going to be pretty. The battle was bad enough in my territory, but now that they've taken my mate, that measly battle is going to look like a fun time. I'm going to destroy these motherfuckers. I know Cage is angry too, as him and Violet are close friends. Plus, she's his Luna, so that adds to his anger as well. Same with the rest of my pack. Rogues took their Luna, and they aren't happy about it. My pack is willing to do anything to get their Luna back, and that makes me a really proud Alpha.

Then I slide to a stop. I growl low in my throat and switch to an attack position. Cage catches onto my shift in stance, and gets in an attack position as well. I mind-link the rest of my pack, warning them that I smell rogues nearby. They all growl in unison, getting ready to attack as well. Then I see the first rogue walk out of the trees, followed by a lot more. I growl deeply, warningly, lowering my head and raising my hackles in warning. Fuck. As if we weren't moving slow enough already. Now these bastards are here, slowing us down. That's exactly why they're here, too. It's to slow us down so the bastards who have my mate can get away.


These stupid motherfuckers don't know when to quit. They just keep coming at me, like they are going to win the fight. Man, these guys are fucking dumber than I thought. They couldn't win before, and now that they've taken my mate I'm even more vicious and lethal to them than I was before.

The rogues charge at us full speed, their ugly faces snarling and snapping at us like rabid dogs. I snarl and snap right back, my lip curling and large canines showing. I'm out for blood, and the one in front has his head at an angle that I can easily snap his neck. And I do. As soon as he's within my reach, he's dead. I clasp my jaws around his neck and bite down, hard, then shake my head quickly, effectively snapping his neck.

Cage gets the next one, killing him instantly. My pack charges at the rogues, all attacking and fighting hard. So far, we're winning, but that doesn't change the fact that this is just wasting time when I could be chasing after Violet. Motherfuckers got exactly what they wanted. This is giving them more time to get farther away with her. That amps up my anger to a whole new fucking level of crazy that no one wants to see.

Bring it on, you bastards. The faster you come at me, the faster I can kill you and get to my mate.

I think to myself, growling at them and running at five of them huddled together, and I'm ready to pounce. Cage is at my side, ready to back me up. I leap onto ones back, snapping my jaws at it, going for it's neck. But the sneaky fucker turns his head and snaps at me, barely missing my right front leg. I pull back to avoid his teeth and reach down, securing my jaws around his neck and squeezing until he stops struggling. Then I move on to the next one, and continuing killing my way through them.

I've already killed at least ten so far, and more keep coming. Fucking hell! What the hell!? How many fucking rogues are there!? It seems like they're never ending and it's pissing me off! I can tell Cage is annoyed too, and he is running almost as ramped as me. Keyword: Almost. Nothing in this world could top me right now. I'm ready to kill anything that gets in my way of getting to Violet. And these rogues are just perfect. I don't just kill my way through them, oh no, I fucking maul the bastards to death. They are shredded bits by the time I'm done.

The other rogues look at me wide-eyed, at seeing what I did to the others. The claw marks down their sides, faces, necks, underbelly. The others look like they want to flee, but don't. There isn't too many of them left, and thankfully all of my pack are ok. Some are injured and limping, but they're all still alive. But the six that are more hurt than the rest, I make go home. They are limping pretty badly and I know they might be killed if I make them go any farther, and I don't want to lose any pack members. I can still rescue Violet without those six wolves. They head back in the direction that we came from, back toward the pack house to go to the pack hospital.

There's only about fifteen rogues left, we've already killed at least forty of them. Cage is off taking on two of them, while I'm taking on a really large, particularly ugly extremely unruly one. This guy is fugly as hell. That's a face not even a mother could love. Oh well, he'll be dead soon anyway. And with that, I go for his neck. It takes a little longer for this giant sack of meat to go down, but once he does he lands with a thud, lying in a heap on the blood-stained grass.

The ground is all covered in blood now, it's almost more red than green at this point. That doesn't matter to me. Its rogue blood, not my packs. And the faster these rogues die, the faster the ones that took Violet will die. Motherfuckers.

I'm going for another one when I hear something. A very quiet whisper in my head that makes me stop. It was there for half a second, now it's gone and I can't quite be sure what I heard at all. I think it was my name, but I don't know since it was so quiet. And the next thing I hear, is a heart-breaking cry from my mate that nearly has me collapsing.

Deacon, help me!

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