Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 33


“Let me go you Neanderthal!” I yell as I struggle in his ever tightening grip on my arms. “Shut up already! You’ve been screaming for ten minutes straight! You’re doing my head in!” The ugly ass rogue shouts in aggravation, as he drags me along down the concrete corridor like a rag doll. “Then let me go you ugly, shitty smelling, bat shit crazy, motherfucker!” I yell back, twisting and turning and wiggling like a worm. I try hard to get him to release me, but the damn beast of a man has a strong grip. Stronger than I am by a lot. I can’t beat Jacey’s strength for crying out loud! So I scream. Long and loud and as high pitched as I dare.

“Ah!” He screams, wincing and clenching his eyes shut tightly. “Good Lord! Ya fucking lunatic! Shut up! You’re worse than nails on a damn chalkboard!” He shouts, clearly annoyed with me. Well, the feelings mutual, crazy ass. And at least he doesn’t have to look at his ugly face. Yeesh. I don’t even think his mother could love that face. And his breath reeks almost as bad as his horrible, gag inducing, rotten dumpster smelling B.O.

As soon as I had woken up from the chloroform haze that they had me in, I searched myself over to make sure they hadn’t touched me. And I was immensely relieved when I saw that my clothes were still on. I was lying in the back seat of a white van, and they were stupid enough to not tie me up. They probably figured I would be out longer than I was. Well, morons, I’m a former third in commands daughter, and I’m mated to an Alpha. Chloroform ain’t gonna keep me down for long. And it didn’t. I don’t know how long exactly, but it couldn’t of been too long since it was still very much light out when I woke up.

I tried to remain as still as possible, so they didn’t know I was awake yet. I looked out the windows as much as I could in my lying down position, trying to see if I recognized anything, but all I could see from the base of the van where I was lying was the tops of trees going by in a blur. After five minutes of trying to think of a good way to escape and coming up with nothing, a rogue looked back from his position in the passenger seat and saw me awake. “She’s awa-” He went to say, then I promptly kicked him in the face. Hard. His head flew back, nearly snapping. “What the-” The driver got cut off when my fist landed in his face, but before I even got a chance to continue my crazy little escape plan, the rogue I kicked wrapped hand-cuffs around my wrists, pushed me down and they kept on driving.

And that’s how I ended up here, being dragged around like a toy in a cold, dimly lit, creepy concrete made building. There’s no color here, other than blood stains spread randomly around. Few windows, that look too small for me to fit through. I don’t even know if a child would be able to squeeze through those windows. There are thin lights dangling every three or four feet on the ceiling, dangling in a haunting way, like you see in torture movies. It’s only a one floor building, but it’s actually quite large. I think I heard them say something about a basement, but I am hoping I heard them wrong. I really don’t want to be locked in a basement. I’ve seen too many horror movies to have a really big fear of being trapped in a basement.

I try to plant my feet, but there is nowhere for me to grip since we’re on slippery concrete flooring. I try anyway, spreading my legs enough for me to make a stance to stop myself from moving forward anymore. “God dammit! Fucking move!” Ugly ass demands, and I smirk, shaking my head disobediently. “No.” I say stubbornly and his lip curls as he growls. “Now.” He orders lowly, and I still refuse. Crying out in annoyance, he bends down, scoops me up effortlessly and throws me over his shoulder like a sack of flower. “Put me down you caveman!” I scream as I pound my fists harder and harder on his back, while trying to kick my legs as well, trying to nail him in the chest.

When that doesn’t even seem to faze him, I think of another idea. Extending my claws, I rake them up his back, making sure to dig in deep enough to draw blood. “Fuck!” He yells in pain, and drops me. Right on my face. Fuck, that hurt. “Ow,” I groan as I try to push myself up. No need for that, as he roughly grabs a fistful of my hair, making me yelp, and pulls me to a stand. “You bitch!” He seethes, spit flying out of his mouth as he yells. And I can see his teeth are yellow and rotten, and his breath is nauseating. I close my eyes and turn my head - as much as I can with his grip on my hair, anyway - away from him, trying to avoid the spit splatter that’s flying my way with every word he yells. Gross.

I reach my arm up to wipe the tiny droplet of spit that landed near my hairline. Eww. I think I might puke. That’s just nasty. Disgusting. Rogues are pigs. And has he ever heard of a toothbrush? Or mouthwash? Or at least a mint? Yuck. I wish I had some gum or mints so I could throw them in his mouth. Maybe even choke him with them if I throw in a lot of them. Or the case that they come in. Ha, that would be funny. Damn, now I wish I had some tic tacs. Ok, I’m getting way off track here, now’s not the time to be wishing for a mint.

I need to focus on getting the fuck out of here and away from these psycho’s. I know Deacon will come for me as soon as he knows I’m gone. And he will be pissed. Actually, pissed is a monumental understatement. He will be seething with complete and utter rage, and probably go on a rampage to get to me. Agh, if only I could mind-link him! I’ve been trying for what seems like forever only to come up with nothing. One of the rogues shoved a needle into my neck after I woke up in the van, and whatever he injected into me hurt like hell. And ever since, I couldn’t mind-link anyone. It’s really starting to scare me and I hope it wears off soon. I can feel Harmony, but she is weaker now that, that stuff was injected into me.

At first I was scared they were trying to kill my wolf, but once she spoke to me and I was assured she was alive, and she said she was just a little tired, I felt better. Harmony said she has an idea what was injected into my neck, but then she ended up mumbling and falling to the back of my mind. Then I got scared again.

Now that I don’t have my wolf cause she has seemingly passed out, I truly am alone. At least before I had her. And if she’s out, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Sure, I still have my strength and claws and stuff, but if I needed to really kick some ass, I would’ve had her take over and fight since she’s better than I am. I hope she wakes up soon.

I say nothing as the rogue levels a glare at me, and I can practically see the smoke coming out of his ears with how angry he is. Wow. A few little claw marks and he lost it. Well, at least now I know how to tick this one off easily. “Oh, Keith is going to have a fun time with you, you little brat!” The rogue spits out, and again, he literally spits it out. Oh, my Lord, this rogue is disgusting. I struggle to get my hair out of his tight grip, but in doing so only makes it hurt worse. It feels like he’s about to pull my hair out. His fist tightens in my hair, pulling even more and I try to keep in the cry of pain that desperately wants to come out. “Come on, you little bitch. Keith is dying to meet you.” He tells me with a grin so evil and threatening, I instantly reel away from him and it nearly makes me shrivel into a ball.

The asshole keeps dragging me down the hall against my will, and I’ve given up on struggling as it has gotten me nowhere. I’m not going easily, but I’m not totally struggling anymore. More of just an annoying squirm. Just enough to make him irritated, hopefully enough to make that damn vein in his broad forehead finally pop. It’s been pulsing and pumping like a damn drum beat and it’s annoying the hell outta me. Not that it’s a particularly nice image to picture, but at least it would distract him enough for me to try to wiggle out of his grasp so I can take off running like a bat out of hell.

“No, no, no,” I struggle as he continues to tug me along down the darkish hallway that leads to a steel door at the end of it. Once we reach the steel door, my stomach drops and this feeling of dread washes over me. I don’t know what’s behind that door, but I know I’m not going to like it. I know this Keith guy is probably already in there, and I’m terrified to meet him. Who knows what he’s planning on doing to me. I shudder in disgust. He better not touch me. I will fight harder than I’ve ever fought before if he even thinks of touching me. If I have to shift into my wolf form - even though I’m already weak from whatever they injected into me - to fight him off, I’ll do it. The only person who can ever touch me intimately is Deacon, and if this Keith guy even thinks of trying I will bite his hand right off.

The door has a key code thingy on the outside and he makes sure to roughly turn my head so I don’t see what numbers he types into it. Like it would even matter if I did since I’ll be on the inside. It’s not like I could mind-link Deacon the numbers since I can’t even mind-link him right now. And even if I saw the numbers, by the time I’d be able to mind-link again, I probably would’ve forgotten which numbers he typed in! Or at least which order. But, before the rogue notices, I subtly turn my head just enough to see him punch in the last three numbers for the six number passcode. Ha. Well, at least I know the last three. Now Deacon will just somehow have to figure out the first three or figure out how to break down a steel door. Or force a rogue to open it for him. Or throw the rogue into the door just for the hell of it.

Not that I think Deacon will be against doing so. He will probably murder them all in one second and have me in his strong arms the next. I really miss him. I don’t know how longs it’s been since I’ve been in his arms, a few hours at least, but I miss him, and I need him. I’m scared out of my damn mind here, and all I want is to be in the loving arms of my mate right now. I want is for him to hold me, tell me how much he loves me and that everything is ok now. And then never leave my sight ever again. I want all these crazy ass rogues to die, and I want them to be dead fast. I want to get the fuck out of here.

When the door opens, I have to squint my eyes from the sudden bright lighting. It’s way better lit in here, but that brings me no comfort whatsoever. In fact, it just scares me more. It seems like an interrogation mixed with torture room, and that scares the hell out of me. I’m sure my face paled, and I wouldn’t doubt that the rogues could easily hear my heart beat speed up so fast that it sounds like it’s going to pop out of my chest. Oh, fuck. I’m so screwed.

There is one guy already in the room, and holy fuck is he a huge dude. He is sitting on a chair on one side of the metal table, but he has to be well over 6′5, and well over 240 pounds. He has a beard, and is covered in tattoos, he has a very evil look on his face, and I can almost smell my own fear. He is leaning back casually in the metal chair as if he doesn’t have a chair in the world. He has on a white wife beater and a leather vest over it, and jeans. He has dark brown hair that matches the color of his beard, and wild eyebrows. He honestly reminds me of an extremely ugly version of those bikers that used to come to Deacon’s B&R, but a million times worse. He doesn’t look near as disgusting as the rogue that’s holding my hair, but he isn’t pleasant to look at either. He’s ugly in his own special way.

The one holding me roughly shoves me into the metal chair on the other side of the table across from who I’m guessing is Keith. Then he grabs the hand cuff that’s attached to the table and cuffs it around my wrist, making sure I’m secured to the cold, metal table. Then he leaves the room, leaving me alone with the giant in front of me. Keith smirks at me. I gulp. Well, shit. This isn’t gonna be good. And I can tell this won’t end well. Please hurry, Deacon. I think to myself, but I’m cut out of my thoughts when he speaks. I glare at him.

“Well, well, well. Deacon’s pretty little Luna is in quite a bind now isn’t she?” The disgusting smelling rogue taunts, grinning, only making me glare harder at his ugly face. “I’m Keith, but I’m assuming you already know that, don’t you, Violet?” He says with a grin so evil and taunting I want to punch him in the face. “What do you want with me ugly ass?” I ask him, knowing I could’ve just signed my death sentence with that sentence. But instead of getting angry, and hitting me or something, he raises an eyebrow and smirks. “Damn, you’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” He says, grinning amusedly like he is enjoying this. Damn, that pisses me off. “Yeah, in fact, I am. Now answer my question. What the fuck do you want with me?” I demand, glaring vehemently at him. And in spite of my ball shrinking glare I’m aiming at him, his grin widens. I can feel my patience thinning.

“Now why would I go and answer that so easily? I oughta make you work for the answer, don’t ya think?” Keith tells me, ever so amused with this. I grit my teeth. He chuckles. Good God, that pisses me off. He is enjoying this way too much and it’s driving me nuts. My eyes fog over and I try hard to mind-link Deacon, but it doesn’t work. Fuck. I try again, and still nothing. Dammit. “Oh, don’t bother. It’s not going to work.” I can hear the uncontained amusement in his deep, rough voice. My eyes clear and I look at him. “Excuse me?” I ask innocently, trying to act like I don’t know exactly what he meant. “What do you think was injected into you in the van?” He asks, and I look down, unable to answer. He laughs. “You don’t know!” He continues laughing, and instantly I’m angry again. “He injected wolfsbane into you, Violet. You won’t be able to mind-link anyone or shift for a few hours.” Keith informs me, smiling. Psycho.

Hours!? FUCK!

I’m so fucked right now. I knew I was having trouble mind-linking, but to know I can’t even shift right now! How am I going to get out of this? I know Deacon will come for me, but who knows how long it will take Deacon to find me! It could take hours, days even! And anything can happen in that time. But the thought of him not finding me for days nearly has me crumbling. I don’t know how I’ll survive days here.

“Alrighty, pretty little Luna, it’s time to play.”

My eyes go wide and I stop breathing. Keith’s grin is evil. “Don’t even think of raping me you bastard, because I will chop your dick right off your body if you even try.” I tell him in a promise filled tone. He smirks, then laughs. “Oh, don’t even worry about that, pretty little Luna, I have a long line of willing women to fuck. So, I’m not going to fuck you unless you beg me for it. What I have planned for you is more than enough to get your mate livid. I don’t need to rape you to get him angry.” I’m both relieved and terrified.

If he doesn’t plan to rape me, then what does he have planned for me? I gulp. It can’t be good, and I know that. He stands and slowly rounds the table until he’s standing directly in front of me, towering over me by at least a foot. Jeez. I can feel a drop of sweat on my hairline, and I can pretty much smell my own fear. Well, there goes my plan for faking a bravado. I close my eyes for a second, try to calm my heart rate, then look at him. And when I do, he’s smirking down at me with this evil mischievous look in his eyes. And my heart rate spikes once again. Keith un-cuffs my wrist from the table then cuffs my wrist to the chair instead, then does the same with the other one.

He pulls over a moving steel tray of what look like torture instruments. From what I can see at my sitting position, it looks like knives, daggers, scalpels, and some liquid stuff up there too. Oh, fuck. Then he grabs a camcorder, and aims it directly at me, and turns it on, making sure it’s recording. That little red dot has never been more unnerving. “There. Now that you’re on camera, it’s time for the fun to start. I can’t wait to show this video to your mate.” I stopped breathing. Oh my God. He’s going to record himself torturing me then he’s going to show it to Deacon. Oh my God, no. What the fuck!? This is going to hurt Deacon a million times more than it will hurt me, and I know that because if the situation were reversed, and it was him tortured and me watching the video, I would be dying inside. Oh, Deacon, I’m so sorry. I know I’m the one who’s about to be psychically hurt, but I know that the way he’s going to hurt watching this, is going to be unbearable.

“Ok, Deacon’s pretty little Luna, it’s time for you to scream.”

I close my eyes, try to prepare myself for the horrible pain that’s about to come.

And then I feel a sharp slice down the side of my arm, from the top of my shoulder down to my elbow and I bite my lip hard to hold in the scream that wants to come out. I refuse to give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream. That’s exactly what he wants, and I won’t give it to him. He wants Deacon to see me screaming in pain, and knowing that only makes me more hell bent on holding it in. I squeeze my eyes tighter and try not to cry at the sharp pain I’m feeling. I can feel my blood trickling down my arm, flowing down the length of my pale arm until it’s dripping onto the floor.

“Scream, little Luna, scream.” Keith says in a sing-song voice that makes me panic even more. He’s way too happy with this, and that’s horrifying. I keep my eyes closed, not wanting to see what he’s going to do next. What the next thing is that he’s going to use to hurt me. He already used what I’m assuming was a scalpel, as it felt small, and that hurt enough. I hear the clink sound when he sets the scalpel back on the tray, then another cling as he picks a new little toy for his amusement. “Open you eyes, Violet. I want you to watch as I slice you open.” His voice is so low and evil that I shiver in uncontained fear. I don’t open my eyes. I will not give him the satisfaction.

The next thing I feel is a long, shallow slice along the top of my right collarbone diagonally down to right above the top of my left breast. My eyes clench tighter, and I’m biting my lip hard enough that I can feel blood in my mouth. I notice that my werewolf healing abilities are somewhat slow still, I’m assuming from the wolfsbane they gave me earlier, but I am still healing, even though it is at a slow rate. I can feel the cuts on my arm and collarbone slowly closing, but he’s quick to go over them again to make sure they stay open.

Then he grabs the container of unidentified liquid he had sitting beside the knives. He simply unscrews the lid, and throws it at me. And the second it comes in contact with my skin, I know what it is. The instant burning sensation on my skin gives it away. Wolfsbane. The bastard threw wolfsbane on me. I can’t hold back the small cry of pain that comes out. It’s not a scream, but it gets a small chuckle out of him. “Well, at least I got some kind of sound out of you.” His voice is nothing but amused, as he continues to chuckle at my pain.

Clink. Next instrument of pain. “But now it’s time for you to scream.” He warns, and I am afraid he’s going to be right. I don’t know how much longer I can hold back my screams of agony. I peek my eyes open this time, the curiosity of what he’s going to do to me now eating at me. And what I see him grab nearly makes me scream before he even touches me. Keith picks up a large, silver knife, and twirls it, inspecting it with an evil grin on his face. “Scream for me,” He says, right before he makes a slice horizontally from the right side of my waist, across my stomach, and to the other side of my waist. This time I can’t hold it in and a loud, piercing scream erupts from my mouth.


A large, satisfactory grin pops up on Keith’s ugly face. “Finally!” He chuckles in victory. “I didn’t think I’d ever get a sound out of you.” He says, sounding happy. Tears are flowing down my cheeks, and falling into the pool of my blood that’s on the floor by my feet.

Closing my eyes again, I try to mind-link him Deacon one more time.

Deacon, help me!

I don't know if it went through to him, since I have no way of knowing if the wolfsbane has left my system, plus the fact that he just threw a whole cup of it at me. I don't know if I'll be able to contact him. But I hope he heard me. I pray that he heard me. I'm so scared. And it hurts so bad.


My eyes pop open at the wonderful voice I just heard. He heard me. Thank God.

Deacon! Help me! Please! I'm scared!

Violet, baby, I'm coming for you, I promise! I'm on my way, I'm going to get you! You'll be ok, baby!

Hurry please!

I am baby, hold on for me! I love you!

I love you too!

I don't tell him that I'm being hurt, I want him to know.

Do you know where you are?

No. I'm in some kind of concrete building in the woods, but I don't know where or how far away from the pack house I am.

It's ok, baby. I'll find you. Nothing will stop me from finding you.

I feel a sting on the side of my face and I yelp. Keith slapped me. I grit my teeth and glare vehemently at him. "I said, I want you to watch as I slice you open. Now keep your fucking eyes open!" He roars, spit flying everywhere. I turn my head away to avoid the spit splatter, and close my eyes briefly before opening them to glare at him again.

"Watch as I break you!" He booms out and I flinch. My breathing is heavy and hard, and my heart is beating erratically. I'm already in enough pain, can't he just leave me alone? His fist lands in my stomach and a loud cry of pain shoots out of me as he hit the spot that he cut through, which has yet to heal since it was made with silver. Keith picks up the silver knife again, then pushes it into the open wound he made with it, and twists it around in circles. Then moves side to side through the cut, going all the way to each end of it, twisting the silver knife the whole time, grinning manically. I grip the sides of the chair so tightly that it bends, and I scream at the top of my lungs. So loud it actually hurts my throat.

"Yes, scream louder! Your mate is going to just die when he sees this video! I think we need more blood, though," An evil grin spreads across his face and ultimate terror grows in me. What more could he possibly do to me? Then he grabs another container of the same liquid he threw at me earlier. Wolfsbane.

Keith grabs a syringe and fills it with wolfsbane, grinning the whole time, then lowers it toward the gaping wound on my abdomen. And he injects it, in every square inch of the fresh, two-inch thick, very long cut he just made. I scream again, tears flowing so fast and so frequently I can't see through them. This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life, and I don't know how much more of it that I can stand. It hurts so bad. Blood gushes out of me, and I can see my flesh sizzling and burning from the wolfsbane, while making me bleed twice as bad as I was before. There is a puddle of bright, red, fresh blood on the floor, now covering my feet with how much is down there.

"Ah, that's better." He then takes the camcorder, and aims it down at the pool of my blood. "Look at how much your mate is bleeding, Alpha." Then he looks directly into the camera. "And look at how you can't save her. She's going to wish she was dead when I'm through with her, then when I'm satisfied I'm going to let her bleed out slowly. And you're going to watch her die." Oh, my God. He is so fucking sick. This is going to hurt Deacon so bad. There is no way I'm going to let Deacon see this video. It will be bad enough when he finds me like this. He doesn't need to see how it happened.

I just hope he finds me. Soon.

"Ok-" He's cut off when we hear a loud crash come from down the hall, screaming, banging and a lot of growling. I hear a loud, livid growl come from down the hall and I smile in relief. Then I smirk at - a now scared looking - Keith.

"It sounds like Deacon's here. Time for you to scream."

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