Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 34


As soon as I heard my baby's voice and knew she was alive, a huge sigh of relief swept over me. But when I heard her say how scared she was, and then the mind-link suddenly got cut off, a whole new level of crazy shot through me. The adrenaline I was already feeling spiked to new heights and I tore through the remaining rogues like a killing machine on crack. They were nothing but blood and fur by the time I was done with them. I shredded them. Mauled them. Faster than I've ever killed rogues in my entire life.

My pack all just stood and stared at me, stunned - as they've never seen me kill that fast - for about a minute until I took off running, telling them to follow me. They were running in less than a second, and I was hell bent on getting to her as fast as I possibly could. I don't think we are too far from the building, as there were a lot of rogues just now. They were trying to stop us from getting even closer than we already were, which probably means we are closer to Violet than I thought.


I'm coming for my baby, and as soon as I find her, I'm going to wrap her in my arms and never let go of her. She is never leaving my sight again, and I fully intend to have a guard wolf with her whenever I can't be. Which will probably be rare, since I'm not planning on letting her out of my sight for a long, long time. She will see me so much she'll probably get annoyed with me. I don't care. As long as she's safe, I don't care. If I have to buy her a tracking device bracelet, I will. Damn, I wish she had one right now. That would've made this a whole lot fucking easier. Although I don't think she'll be real happy with me if I give her a tracking device. Ehh. Maybe I'll do it anyway and just not tell her. It would give me peace of mind and she would never have to know. And what she doesn't know won't hurt her.


I try to mind-link her, but I don't get an answer, and that scares the hell outta me. I don't know why the mind-link suddenly got cut off, and I don't know if I want to know. I know she's still alive, because I would feel it if she...I don't want to think about it. She's alive, and that's all that matters. What condition she's in, however, I'm not sure about. But if she so much as has a scratch on her flawless fair skin, so help me God...

I push myself faster, and then I see it. A decent sized building in the distance about two hundred feet from us. I manage to go even faster, and I mind-link everyone to surround the building. My pack splits in different directions, making sure wolves are on every side of this horrendous looking building, every spot where a rogue could possibly escape. There is no way in hell they are getting away. Especially since I'm ninety percent sure this is the place Violet was talking about. And if she is in there, I'm going to make damn sure no rogues can get away. They will all die. The helpers will die quickly, but the ones who grabbed my mate, they will die slowly and painfully after I've tortured them for a few days.

As soon as we get within fifty feet, I make sure to lower my body toward the ground as to not be seen, my pack doing the same. We stalk our way closer and closer, as quickly and quietly as we can, even though all I want to do is storm the building like a rabid animal on crack. But I know if we want to be able to get in without being seen, we have to be quiet. Once I have Violet and get her out safely, though, then I'll charge them and tear them apart.

When we are within twenty feet, I smell her. How I missed that wonderful smell. I groan at the amazing smell that makes me weak at the knees. But then I smell something else. Something that makes me emit a loud, deep, threatening growl that I couldn't hold back if I tried. Blood. Violet's blood. No. Oh, fuck no. She's hurt. Violet's hurt. Those motherfucking bastards from hell hurt my baby. Fuck. That's it. Those bastards have so done it. They thought this would break me, but it just made me more angry than I thought was possible.

I give out the signal, then we look for anyway in that we can. And it doesn't take us long to find out that they left the front door and the back door, unlocked. Idiots. Me, Cage, and most of my pack members sneak inside quietly, and I have a few pack members stay outside, just in case any rogues manage to slip by any of us and get out. And even if they do, they won't get far since my pack will be ready to kill any rogues they see. My pack smells the blood too, but Cage knows its hers by the look on my face and he growls lowly. He and Violet are good friends, plus she's his Luna, so of course it's making him angry too.

I hear loud growling to my right, and I turn my head to see a ragged looking dirt brown rogue standing five feet away from us, head lowered and teeth baring. I snarl at him, before I leap at him, jaws wide, and latch onto his neck. I squeeze hard, feel him struggle for his life, but then feel him ultimately go limp in my grasp. I let go and watch his lifeless body fall to the ground at my feet. I see my large teeth marks on his neck, and see the blood gushing out of them and onto the concrete floor. Good. Rogue after rogue come at us, all ending up the same as the first. Covered in blood, lying in a lifeless heap on the ground.

We walk further in, and then I smell Violet's blood even more. A loud, deep, threatening growl surfaces and it's loud enough that it rattles the walls around us.


My head whips in the direction of my mates panicked voice, and I take off toward her at full speed down the dark ominous hallway. Growls keep bubbling up as I run, and I follow Violet's scent, and the horrible, coppery smell of her fresh blood. Cage is right on my heels, before three large rogues jump onto his back. I glance back at him in panic, but he nods his head in Violet's direction.

Go, I can handle them.

I hesitate for a second, something telling me that something will go wrong.

Go, Deacon.

I close my eyes for a second and nod, then take off after my mate. I hear the growling and snarling behind me, but I don't stop. I do, however, mind-link some of my pack members to help Cage, and then I hear the sound of their paws hitting the ground as they run to him.

"Deacon! This way!" Violet yells to me, before I hear her scream in pain. No! I'm at the door in a second, ready to charge in, when I notice that it has a key code lock on it. It's six digits that I need to somehow figure out. Fuck me.

Deacon, the last three numbers are 791, but I don't know the first three!

My mate mind-links me, but even with mind-link I can hear the pain in her voice. I quickly shift back to my human form, forgetting modesty, and look at the key code. The numbers 791 mean nothing to me, but it might to them. Although rogues are dumber than a post, so the numbers could mean nothing at all and be completely random.

I try something random. 969791. The light goes red and it beeps at me. I curse, before trying another random set of numbers. Light goes red again. I try again and again, but every time the light goes red. Then I try to think a little harder.

If the last three numbers are 791, then the first three might just be stupidly obvious. Seven and nine are one apart, then one, which might stand for eleven since there are only six numbers in the code and the second one couldn't be used.

Let's try this.

I type in 135791 and the light on the code turns green. Bingo. Dumbass's. I can't say that their stupidity isn't helpful though.

I push the door open, and squint from the harsh lighting. But what I see when my eyes adjust nearly makes me fall over as more fear and pain than I've ever felt consumes me. Violet is handcuffed to a chair, covered in blood with large, gaping cuts and gashes all over her body. I set my sights on the rogue, ready to kill him and the stupid, giant ass motherfucker jumps to the side, stands directly behind her and presses a knife up against her throat. Her blue eyes go wide in fear and she goes as stiff as a board. My breathing stops for a second as I see the knife graze her delicate skin, and then the loudest, most terrifying growl I have ever made comes out of me. My fangs and claws are extended, my eyes are pitch black, and it's taking everything in me to hold Dylan back from taking over.

"Violet," I whimper out, looking directly in her terror filled eyes, trying not to fall over from the fear of what he might do. One wrong move from either of us, and he could kill her right here and now, right in front of me. If anything happened to her, I would die. I would literally die without my mate. Not that I would want to live without her anyway.

A tear falls down her cheek, then more follow after. She squeezes her eyes tightly shut as more tears flow. Every tear that falls makes my gut clench tighter, my heart constrict painfully and kills me a little more. She's scared, and she's hurt and I don't know how to grab her when he has a knife pressed up against her throat. "Ah, hello, Deacon. I'm Keith. I didn't think you were going to join us quite this soon. But since you're here, how about you and your beta join in on the fun." He taunts with an evil grin. Me and my beta? Oh, no. Cage.

"Bring him in!" The rogue - Keith - says, in a sing-song voice with a giant grin on his fugly face. Then two giant motherfuckers drag in a very limp, very bloody Cage. His feet are dragging on the floor and his head is dangling down onto his chest. His left arm is bent at an odd angle, he has multiple gashes and cuts all along his body, and he has blood dripping down his head. He's trying to fight back but he's hurt and weak because of it. My eyes go wide and I hear Violet scream. I look at her, and she looks horrified, scared and concerned. Same thing's that I'm feeling, but I'm better at not showing it. I can't let the rogues know they've gotten to me as much as they have.

"Oh, my God, Cage." Violet whispers in horror. The rogue presses the knife tighter against her throat, and I grip the door to stop myself from lunging at him, knowing doing so could result in her death. "Stop!" I demand, and Keith smirks at me. Good God I want to punch that smirk right off his face. "Now, now, calm down Alpha. I'm holding a knife against your precious mates throat, which means that I have all the power and you have, well, none." He taunts me, grinning widely showing his yellow teeth.

One punch and I could easily knock his head right off his shoulders if I wanted to. Now if he could just move the knife away from my baby's throat so I could, that would be very helpful. "What the fuck do you want with my mate, you bastard!?" I yell, anger filling my voice as I glare at him. Hopefully, if I can distract him enough to where he moves his hand or loosens his grip, just a little, to where I can get it away from her, then I can kill him. And once he's dead, I'll make sure the bastards who have Cage end up just like Keith. Then I'll get Violet and Cage the fuck out of here and into the pack hospital with the best doctors ASAP.

Keith nods at the rogue, and one slugs Cage right in the gut. He groans pitifully, but doesn't move much. Violet screeches, and Keith smiles as I gape at him in horror. "Personally, I don't want anything with her. Or your beta. They are just measly little pawns in my plan to get to you. Or more specifically, your territory." Ah. Now it makes sense. He wants my large territory. And he thought taking Violet would help him get it. I have a lot more pack members than they obviously thought, because I didn't leave my pack unprotected. Nor would I.

"And in that tiny little brain of yours you thought that taking my mate, then hurting her, almost fucking killing her, then almost killing my beta is going to help you achieve that?" I yell angrily, my fist clenched, my extended claws digging into my palms and drawing blood. Violet looks at me, then at my hands in horror. I release my grip slightly, just enough to where my claws are no longer cutting me. The rogues drop - a now unconscious - Cage to the ground, and he falls onto the floor in a bloody heap. Violet's breathing is labored, and I can tell she is trying not to take deep breaths as every time she does the knife gets tighter against her throat. She very subtly leans back away from the knife, but it's still touching her.

I mind-link some pack members and tell them to come as quietly toward us as they can, and take out the two rogues that were holding Cage. And somehow do it without Keith noticing. "Come on, drop the knife. Violet didn't do anything to you. Let her go. She has nothing to do with this. It's me you want, not her. If you take care of me, my territory is all yours, right? Cage is down and she's hurt. It's me against you, and if I'm out of the way, there's nothing stopping you from taking over my territory. So, come at me, you pussy," I urge him, taunt him, trying anything that I can to get that damn knife away from her neck. "Come fight me. One on one. I'll even hold back a little to make it fair." I smirk, teasing him, trying to get him to forget about Violet so I can save her.

I can see Keith is getting angry. Good. Now I just need to get him angrier. "Come on, you little wuss. Fight me! Take me on, you asshole. If you think you can." I smirk at him again, and I can practically see the smoke coming out of his ears. His hand that's holding the knife is shaking, and Violet squeezes her eyes shut and grips the sides of the chair. I glance at her when she opens her eyes and very subtly nod at her, letting her know everything is going to be ok. Out of the corner of my eye I see my pack take out the two rogues and I know I've got to make Keith flip.

"Too scared?" I edge him on, and this time, he snaps. He throws the knife against the wall and leaps at me, shifting mid-air. I follow suit, and shift into my wolf, who has been dying to be set free. So I let him. Dylan takes over me completely and he fights like a damn warrior on crack. Keith tries to go for my neck, but I evade him easily, but not before I feel him scratch my leg. I jump onto his back, and bite his shoulder. Meanwhile, Violet's watching this in horror. Knowing she can't do anything to help. She's struggling against her restraints, but she's took weak. Keith starts jumping around like a bucking bronco, trying to throw me off. Ha. Nice try. Nothing in this world can stop me from killing him. Right here, right now. And my wolf and I don't just attack Keith, oh no, we tear him to little tiny pieces until he is nothing but a fucking blood stain. There are pieces of him all around the room and blood splattered all over the walls, but I don't let myself enjoy it for too long.

I shift back and rip the cuffs off of Violets wrists, then pull her into my arms, crushing her to my chest, but careful to not hurt her anymore than she already is. The second she's in my arms, she throws her arms around my neck and starts sobbing hysterically. "Oh, my God! I-I was s-so scared!" She grips me tighter, sobbing, and her whole body is shaking. "I know, baby, but it's over now. They're all dead. They are never gonna get you again. It's ok. I love you so much." She nods. "I love you too." She turns her head, and gasps. "Cage!" I swirl around with Violet very much tightly tucked in my arms and look at Cage. He's still lying on the floor completely unconscious.

I yell to my pack to come help. Two pack members grab him as gently as they can and wait for me to give them orders. I scoop Violet into my arms bridal style, and she wraps her shaky arms around my neck, curls into me and leans her head on my shoulder. Then I run outside with them behind me and find the van they used to bring her here. When I do, I, once again, find the rogues left the doors unlocked, with the keys sitting on the seat. Wow.

I gently set Violet on the passenger seat and buckle her in while my two pack members lie Cage down in the backseat. I make sure one stays back there to make sure he doesn't roll off the seat while I drive, then jump into the drivers seat and gun the engine. I press my foot to the gas pedal and take off as fast as I fucking can. The rest of my pack are in wolf form, running behind us.

I'm going off of memory here, but I'm pretty sure I'm heading in the right direction. I don't bother taking the streets, as any human could come across us. And that would be extremely bad if a human saw a few dozen giant wolves running down the street. So I stick to the least bumpy trails in the woods, hoping this damn van can make the drive and not break down if we go over a damn rock. Halfway home we end up driving over a log, and the van takes a little air, nearly causing us all to hit our heads on the roof.

"Deacon, is Cage..." She lets the sentence hang, tears in her eyes, and her arm around the still bleeding wound on her stomach. "He's alive. And he's going to stay alive." I say firmly. I'm not going to let my mate, or my best friend die. It's not going to happen. Violet's not leaving me, and Cage isn't leaving my sister. I hear Violet whimpering in pain and I look at her. "It hurts," She whimpers, squeezing her eyes tightly shut as she tries to block out the pain. Tears are continuously flowing and I want nothing more than to make her pain stop. "I know baby. I'm sorry. We're almost there." I reach my right arm over and place it gently on her knee, trying to soothe her.

She lightly touches my hand, and tries to squeeze it. "You are going to be ok, baby. I promise." She nods, eyes still closed. "You and Cage are going to be ok." I assure her in a promise filled tone. "I'm never letting you out of my sight again though, I swear to God." Despite her pain, that got a small smile out of her. Good.

After what seems like forever, we're finally pulling up at the pack hospital. I'd already mind-linked the doctors twenty minutes ago telling them to be ready for us. A few other pack members are hurt, but not near as bad as Violet and Cage. The doctors set up multiple rooms and are ready for them. They were all waiting outside with gurneys when we pulled up, and Jacey and Amber were also waiting outside. Beau and Nora moved to the hospital an hour ago, and both her and the baby are doing great.

I didn't tell Jacey about Cage though. Fuck. My gut clenches at the thought of what's about to happen. He's not dead - thank God - but he looks really bad. He is still unconscious, which worries the hell out of me. But not near as much as Violets still bleeding wound does. It hasn't stopped bleeding the whole time, and I know she's lost a fucking shit load of blood. She looks about to pass out as well, and that scares me on a whole new fucking level.

We're not even to a full stop by the time doctors and nurses are pulling the doors open. They gently yet quickly grab Violet and put her in a wheelchair, then gently put a limp Cage on a gurney then cover his lower half, since he is very much naked. As am I still. And as soon as Jacey sees him, she goes pale, screams at the top of her lungs and tears are instantly flowing down her face. "Cage!" She screams loudly and rushes to his side. "Oh my God, no! Cage, oh God, Cage! Please be ok!" She sobs, gripping the side of his gurney. "He's alive, Beta Jacey, but we need to get him medical attention right away or he won't be alive for much longer." A nurse tells her, ushering Cage away quickly with Jacey right beside him.

Another nurse is wheeling Violet away with me right beside her as well, and hands me a towel to wrap around my waist. "Alpha! Your leg!" A nurse yells, pointing at my left leg which I only now remember is hurt. I have four large scratches from my knee all the way down my shin. And now that I remember it's there, I feel the pain along with it, and I limp my way along beside Violet, not letting my own injury get in the way of being with her. I wouldn't care if I was bleeding from my head to my foot, Violet is more important. "Help them first." I order, and the nurse looks conflicted. She's torn between helping her injured Alpha or injured Luna and Beta. All the doctors are swarming Cage and Violet, but one walks over to me. "Alpha, let me take a look at your leg. It's a deep cut." I shake my head stubbornly, still following my mate, who's head is now drooping to the side slightly.

She's going to pass out soon from all the blood loss. "I'm going with Violet. You can feel free to check out my leg as soon as she's ok." I tell him and he looks at me in disapproval, but nods and follows us. Cage and Jacey went into one room, while Violet and I went into another. They lied her down on a clean, white hospital bed and started hooking her up to IV's. A few female nurses removed the clothing that was covering her injuries, and as much as it is killing me that the male doctors are seeing more of her than I want, I know they have to be able to get to all her injuries without clothing in the way.

They do leave her bra and pants on, though, which is a good thing otherwise I might've killed someone else today. She has no injures on her lower half, only from her abdomen and up. The nurses were kind enough to throw a small cloth over her breasts, just enough to cover them up but not the cut that's running along her collarbone down to the top of her left breast.

They hook up a blood bag and immediately start getting the blood flowing into her, and they immediately start working on the large gaping wound on her stomach. "She's covered in wolfsbane." The doctor says, horror in his voice and rage fills me once again. "WHAT!?" I roar out, startling everybody and making them all flinch. The doctor nods. "Yes, Alpha. She's covered in wolfsbane. And this cut was clearly made with silver which is why it hasn't healed. Then the cut was doused with wolfsbane, which only added to the reason it won't heal." The doctor informs me solemnly and I start shaking with rage.

"THAT BASTARD CUT HER WITH SILVER AND POURED WOLFSBANE ON HER!?" I boom out so loud the walls vibrate, and everyone flinches and nods, cringing. "Fix it, NOW!" I order loudly, and they jump right to work. Meanwhile, the other doctor is hell bent on fixing my leg, which is already starting to heal. "Please just let me look at it." He begs, and I finally cave, sit on a chair as close to Violet as I can, and let him check out my leg. A few stitches later and he's done. I didn't even flinch. "There. Now it should be completely healed in a few hours or less." I nod in thanks and focus on my mate, who has now passed out. Which was actually a good thing, since what they're doing has got to be fucking painful. They are cleaning her wound with alcohol, and, had she been awake, would probably be screaming in pain right now.

Once they are done checking her over, and they stitch her up, they promise me she'll be just fine. The biggest sigh of relief comes out of me and I rush to her side. She's peacefully sleeping now, and I gently run my fingers down her cheek. She's going to be ok.

I grab the chair and pull it up next to her bed, then lay my head on her stomach. She's safe now. I found her, and she's going to be ok. That's what I have to keep repeating in my head. And I need to keep touching her warm skin to let me know she's really here. She's alive.

I don't know what I would've done had she not been. If she had...I don't want to even think about it. Violet is everything, and it kills me knowing what happened to her. The bastard sliced her open then covered her in wolfsbane!? What kind of fucked up bastard does that to an innocent girl. But had Violet not of been hurt, Keith would be locked up in the cellars being tortured right now. But when I saw her hurt, I saw red and I just wanted him to die.

Twenty minutes go by, and I still haven't heard any news on Cage. And that scares me.

I hope he's ok.

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