Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 35


When I woke up it was dark out, and I felt a weight on my stomach. I smiled when I saw what it was. Deacon has his head resting on my stomach, and he's asleep. I know he's asleep since his breathing is so even. I lift my left arm and put it on his head, gently stroking his soft, dark hair. He's still covered in blood - non of which is his own, thank God - which tells me he hasn't showered yet. How long has it been since we got here? I mean, when we got back it was still somewhat light out, now it's pitch black outside, I can tell since the curtains are wide open.

It has to of been at least a few hours that I was out. But I don't remember falling asleep. Did I pass out? I had to of passed out. And my poor Deacon. He's probably been in here the whole time, more worried about me than himself. His leg. Oh my God, his leg was hurt really bad. I try to sit up a little to get a look at it, but when I try, everything hurts and I hiss, lying back down. Deacon was careful enough to put his head below the giant gash across my stomach, which I can tell hasn't healed much, if at all. It doesn't hurt quite as bad as it did, but it still hurts like hell.

I also have a bunch of IV's and wires all over my body. Those round things on my chest, the clip thing on my finger, and needles poking in the back of my hands. I notice one has blood flowing through it, and I follow the tube leading to the blood bag. It's mostly empty now, which tells me it has been awhile. Then I notice an empty blood bag sitting on the table beside me. Shit. How much blood did I lose? It had to of been a lot. That must be why I passed out. I do not want to see the inside of that van anytime soon. Or ever again for that matter. It's got to be full of blood, and all the horrible memories of being kidnapped.

I shiver. I know all the rogues are dead. And I know one hundred percent that Keith is dead - I saw it happen with my own eyes - but that still doesn't change the fact that he scared the living hell out of me and tortured me. The only thing I'm grateful for is that he - or any other rogue - didn't rape me.

I look at the monitor. It's beeping steadily, multiple colored lines flowing, checking my heart rate and everything else. I'm still alive, because of my wonderful mate, who deserves more than enough. I don't know how I can ever thank him. I love him more than life, and he feels the same for me. I continue stroking his head, and smile down at him. His left hand is right next to his head, sitting well below my belly button, and his right hand is dangling down, barely grazing the floor. His whole upper body is on the bed - and me - while his whole lower body is seated on the very uncomfortable looking hospital chair. I don't know how he's possibly asleep lying on that thing, but I guess when you're exhausted you could sleep anywhere.

It looks like most of the blood was cleaned off of me, but my hair is still a greasy mess. I feel a Band-Aid on my forehead, assuming on a cut or something. Not that I need a Band-Aid. Whatever they covered with it should be completely healed by now. I don't know how long my stomach will take to heal though. I look at my arm. The cut is mostly healed now, but it still hurts if I move the wrong way. It's not as red as it was, or as wide. It's definitely closed at least a millimeter or so, but it's still from my shoulder to my elbow, so I can't move my arm too much. Very gently, I reach up to my collarbone. I hiss when I feel a slight sting, but the cut feels mostly healed. I look down at the top of my breast, and notice that the cut is almost gone, and there's no scar either.

Then I notice that I'm in a hospital gown. Oh my God. How many people saw me naked!? Sure, they are doctors and nurses, but still. I lift the gown and see that my bra and panties are still on - thank God - but it's still a little unnerving to know that multiple people saw me like this and I squirm a little.

Deacon doesn't stir. Good. He's so exhausted and he needs to sleep longer. He probably passed out right away, and I wouldn't blame him. For all that we went through yesterday, we all deserve to sleep for a week. Yesterday was hell, and I never want to go through that ever again. I can still see that look in Keith's eyes, the look on his face when he hurt me. I close my eyes and shudder. That was the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

I look to my right and notice another person in the room. I go to scream, but then I recognize him. Wesley is asleep in another chair to my right. He's beside the bed as well, and his head is drooping backwards. That does not look comfortable. He honestly looks more uncomfortable than Deacon, whose body is stretched on two different things. I don't know how either of them are asleep right now, but I'm not going to wake them to ask either. Deacon deserves his rest, I just wish he was in the bed with me instead of only half on it. I don't know why my father's asleep, but I can only assume he's been here awhile.

The TV is off, but the remote is on the bedside table, easily within my reach. But I don't bother reaching for it, as I know it would hurt my arm, and I don't want to wake them. They surprisingly look peaceful in the chairs they're in and I don't want to disturb that. Although I might have to sooner than later, as I find I really have to pee, and Deacon's head so close to pressing directly on my bladder is not helping. I love having his head on my stomach, don't get me wrong, but if he doesn't move, I'm gonna end up jumping out of bed and jolting him awake when I throw him off to run to the bathroom. Or limp, most likely, since my stomach hurts like hell when I move.

I think I can hold it a little longer, but if Deacon's head so much as moves an inch closer to my bladder, I'm gonna pop and no one will be happy, and I'll be dying of embarrassment. I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye for weeks. I have to pee something fierce, but my mouth is dry as a bone and I need a drink of water. Luckily, I notice some on the bedside table. I try to reach for it and wince, hissing through my teeth as searing pain flows through my stomach at the action. Well, there goes me getting some water.

Somehow these two have stayed asleep during my moving around and making noise. They obviously need their sleep. Me too. I'm still pretty tired, but the need to pee is much stronger than my need for sleep. But I really don't know how I'm gonna get to the bathroom when it hurts like hell to move. Maybe Deacon can carry me. If he wakes up anytime soon, anyway. Which doesn't seem likely. He looks really peaceful, and like he is deeply asleep. My stomach growls. Man, I'm hungry. I haven't eaten since this morning, and it wasn't that much either.

I continue to stroke my amazing mates head, trying to focus on anything other than my very full bladder that's about to explode any minute. If I could just lift his head up...Eh, it's worth a shot. I gently try to move his head off of my stomach and onto the side of the bed without waking him. Success! I get his head lying on a pillow on the bed and ease my body away from him and toward the edge of the other side. Well, shit. Wesley is sitting there in his chair. Dammit. I scoot down further on the bed, trying not to cry out with the pain that I felt in doing so. Once I'm at the end of the bed, I very, very slowly push myself off of it. Doing a small happy dance in my head at my small victory of not waking either of them up, I slowly limp my to the bathroom, which luckily is only like five feet away.

I grip the end of the bed to steady myself as I stand, but I can't stand up completely straight as my stomach hurts really bad when I do, forcing me to stay hunched over, probably looking remarkably similar to a camel or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I don't even really pick up my feet as I walk, it's more of a shuffle across the floor. A really quick shuffle, but still. My bladder can only hold so much longer. Once I reach the bathroom, I'm quick to shut the door and lock it, then do my business.

When I'm done, I wash my hands and open the door to see Deacon looking around in a panic. "Deacon?" I question quietly and his head flies in my direction, the panic in his eyes turning to utter relief when he sees me. He rushes over me and pulls me to his chest. "Oof." I mutter when I'm crushed tightly to his hard body. He loosens his grip slightly, remembering that I'm hurt. I can feel his chest moving rapidly up and down, his heart beating erratically in his chest. "What's wrong?" I ask, my arms wrapped around his back and rubbing up and down, trying to soothe him. He rests his chin on the top of my head.

"When I woke up and I didn't see you on the bed, I panicked. I thought something happened to you." He's panting, breathing hard. "I'm sorry. I had to go to the bathroom and I didn't want to wake you. I'm sorry for scaring you." He nods, I can feel it against my head, then he places a kiss on the top of my head before resting his chin there again. "It's ok. I shouldn't of panicked like that." I shake my head. "No, after what happened it's normal that you reacted that way." I hug him tighter, then hiss at the pressure put on my stomach. "Ow," I mutter quietly, and Deacon pulls back and looks down at me in concern. "Get back on the bed, you need to rest." I nod, and he helps me onto the bed.

Wesley startles awake when I accidently hit his chair. "Violet, oh, my God, you scared the ever loving hell out of me today. When they told me rogues had taken you, I lost it. I was about to charge out and find you, but then I was told Deacon had already rescued you. Jacey didn't tell me you were even gone until Deacon was already pulling up to the hospital with you." My eyes widen, and so do Deacons. "Oh, my God." I mutter under my breath, eyes wide as saucers and fear flowing through me. "Cage." Deacon and I say together, looking at Wesley in a panic. "Is Cage," I squeeze my eyes shut tightly, then open them again. "Is Cage alive?" I ask, my voice shaking. "Oh, fucking hell, Wesley, tell me Cage is alive." Deacon says, looking scared and I'm sure my expression mirrors his exactly.

Wesley looks solemn, and instantly my chest tightens and Deacon freezes. Tears start forming in my eyes, and Deacon looks like he's trying not to cry. "He's alive," Deacon and I stare at Wesley in happiness, but then he continues, making our smiles fall. "But it doesn't look too good. He's still unconscious. You were in and out for a couple hours until now when you finally woke up completely, but he hasn't woken up once. The doctors said they've done all they can do. He was hurt really badly, hell, he was almost dead. They think he might be in a coma." I gape at him in horror, and Deacon looks worried. "Jacey didn't stop crying until she fell asleep beside him on his bed an hour ago." Tears start following down my face now, the visual of that heartbreaking. Oh, God. Poor Jacey. Please let Cage be ok.

We all love him, he's honestly like a brother to me and it would be absolutely devastating if he died. Nothing would be the same without Cage. And Jacey can't lose him. She would be completely destroyed without him. I can't even imagine how she's feeling right now. To know she literally cried herself to sleep makes me cry too. Jacey and I are super close friends and to know she's hurting so badly hurts me a lot. Hell, Amber, Jacey and Nora are practically my sisters. "She's terrified. Fuck, she almost killed one of the doctors when he said they did all they could do. She lost it." Wesley told us. "She started flipping out screaming that there had to be more they could do, that they have to wake him up, etcetera. I've never seen her act so crazy, not even when she's drunk, and that's saying something." Wesley inform us, and more tears fall down my cheeks. I can see Deacon is trying to hide how sad and worried he is, but he isn't doing it very well.

I know Deacon adores Jacey, and Cage is his best friend. They grew up together, he's got to be terrified, even if he won't admit it. Hell, I'm terrified, and I haven't even known him for a full year yet. I want to get out of bed to go see him, and comfort Jacey, but I can barely move. I'd need to either be wheeled out or have Deacon carry me. And I'm just in a hospital gown. I need to get fully dressed, but I doubt the doctors will let me since I doubt they'll let me go home today.

A knock at the door draws me out of my intense thoughts. "Come in," I call. The door opens quickly, and Amber walks in, then slams the door shut. She rushes over to me. "Oh, thank God, Vi! I was so worried about you but the damn doctor wouldn't let me in! He said family only and I said I'm practically your sister but the stupid wolf still wouldn't let me in!" She rambles on and hugs me, careful to avoid my stomach. "So, how did you get in then?" I ask her when she pulls away. She smirks a little. "I socked him in the nose and ran past him while yelling 'suck it ass sniffer'." Despite my sadness and worry over Cage I couldn't help the laugh that just escaped me.

Deacon raises his eyebrow in question, and Wesley looks at Amber likes she's out of her mind. "Really? You punched a doctor? Who does that?" Wesley asks her. Amber shifts her attention to him. "A very worried person who wants to see her best friend who is injured and probably traumatized." I smile a little. Amber may be a little crazy sometimes, but she's the best BFF ever. She and I grew up together like Deacon and Cage, and if what happened to Cage had happened to Amber, I would be losing it. So I can imagine that Deacon is just hiding his worry really well. I try to sit up, but the three over-protective worriers hovering over me are quick to gently push me back down. "No, stay there. You need to lie down." Deacon tells me, and I give him an annoyed look. "I want to go see Cage and Jacey, and I know damn well you do too." Deacon opens his mouth to answer, when another knock on the door interrupts us.

"Come in," Deacon calls this time. In walk my brother. "Oh, my God, Violet. How are you? Are you ok? I was in here earlier but you were asleep, if I had known you were awake I would've come sooner." Beau runs over to me, hugs me gently and kisses me on the head. "I'm ok, kind of." I tell him, and he looks at me warily. "How's the baby?" Deacon asks, and my head flies in his direction, then back to Beau. "Baby!? Did Nora have the baby!?" I ask frantically, and Beau smiles brightly and nods. "Yeah." I squeal. "Oh my God! My little niece or nephew was born!" Beau chuckles and nods. "Nephew." I grin. "What's his name?" I ask enthusiastically. "His name is Seth." I grin. "That's so cute." Then my smile fades. "As much as I want to see him, I need to see Cage and Jacey first." I say, and Beau nods understandingly.

"I was just in there, Jacey isn't doing very well. She is lying in bed with him, crying. I heard sobbing so I ran in there thinking he...anyway, she was sobbing and begging for him to wake up. He's still alive, but he hasn't even so much as moved a finger. The doctors are pretty sure he is in a coma, and they are hoping he wakes up soon." Beau tells us, and all of our faces fall. Crestfallen, is the only way to describe it right now. We all want Cage to wake up and make up laugh with one of his immature jokes or something. "They really can't do anything else?" I ask and Beau solemnly shakes his head. "It's up to Cage now. He needs to wake up. Jacey keeps talking to him, holding his hand and begging him to wake up. It's really heartbreaking to watch, honestly. Nora was wheeled in to see her, and she left crying. It's one of the saddest things I think I've ever seen, watching Jacey beg Cage to wake up." Beau tells us, looking like he's trying not to cry, and at this point Amber and I are crying, Deacon's eyes are kind of glossy, and Wesley is crying a little.

"Oh, my God. Poor Jacey." I whisper, wiping away a tear. I can't imagine how she feels right now, and I don't want to. If it was Deacon, I would be dying right now. Cage needs to wake up. "How are you feeling, Violet?" Beau asks softly, looking me over in concern. "My stomach hurts when I move, same with my arm, but other than that I'm ok." I reply honestly. Sure, I'm scarred for life, but psychically I'm not too bad anymore. He nods, but he looks unconvinced. "I've got to get back to Nora, but I'll check on you later. And Nora said she's worried about you too, and she hopes you're ok." I smile. "Thanks. And congratulations you two." He smiles back then leaves the room.

"Where's my phone?" I ask, looking at the side tables and not seeing it. "It's in the lounge room still." Amber says and I frown. Dammit. "Why?" Deacon asks and I turn to him. "I wanna call my parents." Deacon's eyes go wide. "Are you sure you want them to know what happened?" I consider it for a second, biting my lip, then I nod. "They deserve to know. And I want them here. Not that I'm not happy that you're here," I say to Wesley, who nods in understanding. "I get it. You don't have to feel bad about wanting them, him, here." Wesley says, although I can tell he's still not happy with them. They have yet to see each other, and I don't know if they ever will.

"Here, just use my phone." Deacon slips his galaxy s8 out of his front pocket and hands it to me. I smile in thanks and dial Mom's number. "Hello? Deacon?" Mom answers cheerfully and I smile at the sound of her voice. "Nope, it's me. Hi mom. I'm using Deacons phone since I left mine in the lounge room." I tell her, and I can hear the happiness in her voice. "Hi, honey! How are you!?" Mom replies, and I can tell she's smiling. Well, she won't be when she hears where I am. "About that, mom, I'm kinda in the hospital." I tell her, and I hear her scream. "What!? Why are you in the hospital!? I'm getting your dad and we'll be there right away!" She screeches in my ear, making me wince. "No, no, mom. Not a human hospital, the werewolf hospital on Deacon and I's territory." I inform her and I can hear shuffling on her end. She's probably frantically searching for her purse and car keys. "David! Get up! Violet's in the hospital!" Mom yells and I pull the phone away from my ear. "WHAT!?" I hear him boom in the background, and I can hear pounding footsteps as he runs toward Mom, I'm assuming.

"What's the address sweetie, we are coming right now." Mom asks, trying to sound calm, but I can hear the underlying panic in her voice. I tell her the address, then we hang up. "They're on their way." They all nod. "I know. I heard. Your mom wasn't very quiet. Your dad either." Deacon says and I nod. "Yeah, but I didn't expect them to be. I just told them I'm in the hospital, that's the reaction I was expecting." I admit, shrugging. "I'm gonna go check on Cage and Jacey then visit my grandson. I don't think it's quite the right time for your mom and dad to see me." Wesley announces before kissing me on the head and walking toward the door.

It doesn't take long for my parents to arrive. And I know they're here when I hear, "What the fuck do you mean we can't go in! Screw only three visitors at once! We're her parents fuckhead! Let us through you stupid fucking asshole before I plow you down with an axe!" My Dad roars violently, and I gape in shock. Amber slaps her hand over her mouth to cover her laughter and Deacon looks shocked. "Now let us in!" He demands and I hear the doctor respond with a firm 'no'. "THAT TEARS IT!" And then I hear a loud, pained groan, a loud thud, and fast moving footsteps coming this way. Amber walks over to the door to open it for them, but...

The door swings open violently, nailing Amber right in the face and throwing her backwards making her crash violently into the wall. I scream. "Amber!" I screech in horror and try to get up but Deacon pushes me back down. "I'll get her." He says, before rushing over to her as my parents rush toward me. "Oh, Violet are you ok!?" I nod, then point to Amber, who is lying on the ground behind the door. "Look what you did!" I yell, and they look back, only now noticing the girl they seemed to have knocked unconscious. Mom gasps, bringing both hands to her mouth in horror and Dad gapes, eyes wide. "Oh, shit." He whispers, sounding like he feels terrible.

"Amber, are you ok?" Mom asks her, worry in her voice, even though she is not going to get much of an answer right now. She stays next to me, but she's looking at Amber, who is very much unconscious right now. "Oh my God. What did I do?" Mom whispers, horrified. "You clearly knocked poor Amber out." Dad says, and Mom glares at him then smacks him on the back of the head. "You helped! You were opening the door just as much as I was David!" Mom throws him under the bus just as much as he did her. "Stop it! Someone go get a doctor, and preferably not the one that Amber sucker punched!" I order, and they look at me in surprise. "Amber punched a doctor too?" Dad asks wide-eyed and I nod.

"I can't believe you guys. Both of you punched doctors." I shake my head disapprovingly. "Well we obviously had to!" Dad defends and I raise an eyebrow. "I don't care right now if you had to! Just go get a doctor that wasn't punched today!" I demand and Mom rushes out of the room. "Are you ok baby girl?" Daddy asks me in concern and I nod. "Yeah, kinda." I admit. "What happened?" He asks me, and I cringe. "Um," I mutter. "What the fuck happened to her!" Dad glares at Deacon, who looks taken aback. "Daddy, this wasn't Deacon's fault so stop glaring at him!" He looks back at me. "What the hell happened to you? And why didn't he protect you from it!?" Dad roars, looking like he wants to punch Deacon in the face. "Deacon couldn't of stopped what happened daddy! And Deacon is the one who saved me!" I tell him, but he still looks pissed.

"What. Happened." He demands with a firm look that I know I won't be able to argue with. I take a deep breath, preparing myself to tell him everything. I know he is going to go insane, but he needs to know, plus he won't stop acting like a crazy person until I tell him. "Maybe we should wait till mom gets back." I say, trying anything to delay the inevitable. He frowns at me in annoyance and opens his mouth to say something when the door once again flies open and Mom comes hurdling in with a doctor right on her heels. "We're back!" Mom announces, then turns to the wide-eyed doctor. "Now help her!" Mom demands, pointing to the still unconscious Amber, who Deacon moved to a chair so she's off the floor.

The doctor moves over to her side quickly, checks her pulse, then calls in a nurse. Not even two minutes later, a nurse walks in pushing a wheelchair. They lift Amber in to it, her head lolling to the side, and wheel her out of the room. I watch helplessly as my best friend leaves the room, and into the care of the doctors.

I hope she's ok. This is the second time she has hit her head on a door. Poor girl.

"Ok, mom's back. Now tell us what the hell happened and why you're in the hospital." Dad orders, and I scowl. Dammit. Well, I guess I have to tell them everything, every single gruesome detail. I take a deep breath that turns into a sigh. "Well, I was in the lounge when rogues attacked. They kidnapped me." Mom and Dad turn pale and gasp loudly in horror. "Oh my God! My poor baby!" Mom cries, grabbing onto me and pulling me into her. I hug her back, but groan when she hits the cut on my stomach. She pulls back, looking at me worriedly. "Sorry honey." I give her a smile - more like a grimace - in reply. "It's fine, just stay away from my stomach." I say and she nods.

"Anyway, they kidnapped me this morning?" I look at Deacon for confirmation, as I'm not sure how long I was out for. He nods. "And then this one rogue, kind of, tortured me. I wasn't raped, before anyone asks. He just cut me open and poured wolfsbane on me." Mom gasps in complete horror, her face pale as a sheet, and Dad looks extremely livid. "HE DID WHAT!?" He booms, and I flinch. I nod, tears stinging the backs of my eyes.

"Yeah. I mean, I did hurt three rogues, but not enough to get me out of there. And then Deacon found me-" I'm cut off, when Dad says angrily, "He didn't fucking find you fast enough." I glare at him and hit him on the arm. "Don't you dare." I warn, eyes narrowed at my Dad. While Deacon jumps up in outrage. "I ran faster than I knew I could run to save her! I got to her as fast as I could and it kills me that I wasn't fast enough! What happened to Violet absolutely destroys me! I wish I could've been faster, you have no fucking idea how much seeing her in this hospital bed kills me. It's literally tearing me up inside seeing her hurt. Violet means more to me than anything in this world and it breaks me knowing I couldn't stop what happened to her." Deacon yells, extremely angry at what my Dad just said.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't get there in time. I'm so, so fucking sorry!" He started off saying that to Dad, but then to me. He was apologizing to me, when he doesn't have any reason to. He looks sadder and sadder the more he goes on about how he wasn't fast enough, which only made me sad. I can see he's trying not to cry and it's going to make me cry. He did everything he could, and he did get to me as fast as he could. And now all I want is to reassure him because it looks like it's breaking him that I'm hurt.

Dad looks shocked at Deacon's outburst, but then seems to think for a second. Then, he nods. He's giving up the fight with my mate. "Ok. I believe you." Dad says and Deacon narrows his eyes, then sits beside me on the bed wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I curl into his side tightly, wrapping my arm over his hard torso, trying to assure him that I'm ok, and that I don't blame him for anything. Mom looks at me lovingly, then settles in the chair beside my Dad's, holding his hand. I elbow my Dad in the ribs. "Ow! What was that for?" Dad asks shocked. "You know what that was for. Now apologize to my mate for screaming at him for no reason." I demand, eyes narrowed into a glare.

He sighs - more like huffs - and looks Deacon in the eye. "I'm sorry. You saved my daughters life and I will be eternally grateful to you for it." Dad says sincerely. I nod in acceptance. I look at Deacon and smile gently at him, he smiles in return. "Yeah. I'm ok, but Cage isn't." I say and they look at me in surprise. "What?" I nod solemnly. "He's still unconscious, and he's hurt really badly." I tell them and they look worried. "Oh no. I hope he's ok." Mom whispers, looking worried.

I really hope Cage is ok. I want to go see him, but I don't think anyone is going to let me out of this bed. And I know it's driving Deacon crazy not to go see his best friend. I know he loves me and wants to stay with me more than anything, but I also know he wants to check on his best friend too. "Go check on him already." I tell Deacon, who's head whips toward me in shock. "What? No, I'm not going to leave you." I roll my eyes. "Babe, I'm fine, I promise you. Go check on Cage, I know you want to and I want to know how he is too. So go." I order, pointing toward the door. He hesitates. I roll my eyes and give him a little shove toward the door. He looks back at me once he reaches the door, and I shoo him away. He sighs, then opens the door and heads down to Cage's room.

I hope Cage wakes up soon.

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