Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 36


I force my feet to move. I don't want to leave Violets side, but I don't think she would've let me stay even if I tried. She want's to know how Cage is doing, and as much as I want to stay with my still injured mate, I want to see Cage too. I'm not going to admit it, but I'm terrified. I don't want Cage to die, and it's not looking too good. He's my best friend, my little sisters mate, and he's basically my brother, and he will be when he and Jacey get married one day. I'm extremely worried about him. He looked really bad when those evil bastards dragged him into that torture room that Violet was tied up in. Him getting slugged in the stomach didn't help him either. And he only got worse after that.

Knowing Violet's going to be ok gave me immense relief. And then I heard Cage was still out, and I got worried again. He was passed out for at least an hour before we got to the hospital, and he lost even more blood than Violet did, and she lost a lot. I didn't want to let Violet know how scared I was for both her and Cage because I didn't want to worry her more than she already was. And I don't want her to know now how scared I still am because he hasn't woken up yet. Not once. Beau told me he hasn't even moved. Not even a fucking finger.

And I've been hearing my sister cry for awhile, but I don't think Violet can hear it. I hope not. It's honestly extremely sad to hear. She's been sobbing like crazy, and it's been killing me. I love my little sister, and I love Cage like a brother, but my mate will always come first, no matter what. But Violet's ok, well, she will be soon, so now it's time to check on Cage. His room is right down the hall from Violets which gives me some comfort that I won't be far from her, and the fact that her parents are in there with her so she's not alone either.

I know she's extremely worried about him too, but I'm not letting her out of bed. She will remain in that hospital bed until the doctors say she can go home, and then she will remain in our bed until I say she can move. I don't want her exerting herself at all. Werewolves may be able to heal quickly, but the wound on her stomach was made with silver, than covered in wolfsbane, it's not going to heal fast. It might take at least a week or more before it's healed completely, and until then I want her to stay in bed, whether she's happy about it or not. If I have to tie her to it to keep her there, I will. Any other situation I'm pretty sure she would be happy about me tying her to our bed, but I think she would be pissed at me this time.

The walk from Violet's room to Cage's feels like a mile but in reality is more like fifteen to twenty-five feet max. When I reach the door I hear very quiet sniffling sounds coming from inside and my gut clenches. Jacey's awake, and she's crying. It hurts me so bad knowing there's nothing I can do to help her or comfort her. She needs the comfort and assurance of her mate, who she is currently crying over. She needs Cage more than any of us, and it must be killing her seeing him like this.

I hesitate before reaching for the door knob. I know I'm going to hurt when I walk in there. At both the sight of Cage, and my poor sister crying over him. I want to comfort my little sister but I can't. It make's me feel so powerless since I can't do anything. And that drives me nuts. Especially since I'm an Alpha. And Alpha's can't stand feeling powerless. It drives me up a fucking wall when there is nothing I can do.

I need some kind of outlet for my anger, and I make a mental note to go to the training room in the pack house later to get rid of all the pent up hurt and anger flowing through me right now. My beautiful mate is injured and in a hospital bed, my best friend slash Beta is currently in a coma, quite a few of my pack members are hurt, my little sister is slowly breaking, and now Amber is hurt too, only making Violet more worried than she already was. My stress levels have reached new heights in one God damn day.

I seriously could use a damn beer right now, but now is the not the time for alcohol. As much as I think we all could use some at this point. My pack members are still recovering, my mate is slowly healing, my Beta is half dead, lying unconscious in a coma. Fucking hell. I had a nice morning, having sex with my gorgeous mate, then bam! The day went to hell. My poor mate went through fucking hell, which was putting me through hell.

And now I'm practically forcing myself to go in this room for fear of what I'll see. I want to see him, but I can't stand seeing my little sister who I love so much hurting so badly. Hugging her and telling her everything will be ok will only do so much. Our parents just found out, as they were out of town when all this went down, so they are on their way now. I know that our Mom will know exactly what to say to Jacey to help her. Dad won't know what to say, much like me, but he'll do what I do and hug her, trying to promise that everything will be fine. Jacey is our Dad's little princess, and he'll do anything to make sure his daughter stops hurting. Always has. He always seems to find a way to fix our problems.

She's Cage's princess too. He adores the hell out of her, like I do Violet, who's my princess. And I know if Cage knew how broken Jacey is right now, he'd do everything in his power to wake up and come back to her. But I don't even know if he can hear us. I both hope he can and that he can't. It would be a good thing, because he would hear how much Jacey's telling him she loves him. But it would be a bad thing as he would be hearing her endless sobs and begging him to wake up and not be able to console her. He needs to wake up.

Gritting my teeth, I grip the doorknob tightly in my fist and turn it, pushing the door open slowly. I don't bother knocking first. When I'm in, I see my sister half lying on the bed, her head cradled on Cage's chest and her arm wrapped around his torso. "Hey, Jacey," I say softly to let her know I'm here and she startles slightly, jumping and turning her head to look at me. Her eyes are red and puffy and she has tear stains down her cheeks and fresh tears pooling in her eyes. She gives me a tired smile, then looks back at her mate. I sigh and walk into the room, closing the door behind me.

I walk over to her and stand beside her, wrapping my arm around her shoulders. "Oh, Jacey. I wish there was something I could do for you." I tell her gently, rubbing her shoulder in soothing circles. She sniffles, turning to look at me again. "There is nothing anyone can do. He needs to wake up, but he hasn't yet. And I've never wanted anything more in my entire life than to see him open his eyes and come back to me." She chokes out through her tears and my heart clenches at seeing her like this. "He will. I know he will. He loves you, he isn't going to leave you. I know it." I try to sound as confidant as ever, but the 100% certainty is lacking in my voice because I'm not sure. I don't know if he's going to wake up. I don't know if he's going to remain comatose forever, leave us completely or miraculously come back to us. I kiss my sister on the top of her head.

I look at Cage. He lies in the hospital bed on his back in a hospital gown, with wires and needles poking and prodding him all over. He has one of those finger monitors, and things stuck on his chest connecting to the monitor sitting beside the bed. The doctors wiped all the blood off of him, but his hair still has some dried, cakey blood in it and is sticking in every direction. I can tell Jacey tried to smooth it back though. He looks pale. Not deathly pale, but he is definitely paler than usual. I can see his chest moving up and down in steady breaths, the only thing telling me he's even alive other than the heart rate monitor that's beeping in a steady rhythm.

He has multiple blood bags hooked up at the ready, one already halfway empty and flowing into his body. They already used one, I heard, and he has more lined up. I don't know how much blood he lost, but it was enough to cause this state he's currently in. Those fucking rogues. Motherfucking bastards. They nearly killed my mate and Cage very well could die. Nobody has any idea what's going to happen to him. Sure, he's currently stable, but that's right now. He's only been like this for the day, but the doctors said if he is like this for too long it's just decreasing his odds of coming back.


I wish the doctors could wake him up. I wish shaking him and slapping him silly would wake him up. If that worked, I would've slapped him in the face by now while shouting at the top of my lungs in his ear to wake up and tell my sister how much he loves her. To tell her to stop crying. But that isn't happening right now, and I don't know if it ever will. And if Cage died, which I honestly don't want to think about, Jacey might too. Wesley had to be strong when his mate died because he had Beau, and he's been doing well. But Jacey, I don't think Jacey would get over it. I think she would spiral uncontrollably until her pain completely consumed her and ultimately destroyed her forever, and most likely ending in her death. Most mates die if their mate dies, and Jacey most likely would. I don't need to lose my best friend and my sister. That would destroy me, which would end up hurting Violet.

"Mom and dad are on their way. They should be here in about an hour or so." I inform her, but she barely nods in acknowledgement. She grips Cage's hand in her small one, rubbing her thumb on the back of his hand in small circles. I hear her stomach growl. Poor thing probably hasn't eaten in hours. Neither have I now that I think about it. I haven't eaten since breakfast this morning. And I didn't eat much. "When was the last time you ate, Jacey?" I ask her. She simply shrugs one shoulder and doesn't bother glancing at me. When we arrived at the hospital, it was day time. Around two or three p.m. I think. It's nearly midnight now and we could all use a lot more sleep, but I know that's not going to happen. The food issue I could solve though.

Ten minutes later and her stomach sounds like a dying whale. "Jacey, I've been hearing your stomach growling for ten minutes. You need to eat." I say, trying to pull her up only for her to shake my hand off and shake her head. My eye twitches in irritation. I know she's hurting but I love her too much to let her starve herself. I'm sure she hasn't eaten since breakfast either. Sighing, I page a nurse.

An older lady with mousy brown hair that has strands of grey in it wearing faded green scrubs bustles in heading straight for Cage until I stop her. "No, he's fine. I called because I was wondering if the cafeteria is still open?" I ask, and she looks at me. "Of course, Alpha." She answers. "Thank you." I respond. She goes ahead and checks on Cage anyway, checking his vitals and the monitors, then switching out the empty blood bag for a new one. She slightly bows her head in respect to me before leaving the room.

"Come on sis, let's go eat in the cafeteria downstairs. It's only one floor down, so we won't be far. We're both hungry." I tell my sister softly, gently tugging on her arm again. She looks at me and wipes her eyes before nodding slightly and standing up. I give her a small smile and lead her out of the room. She looks back at Cage longingly before I shut the door behind us.

Baby, Jacey and I are going to the cafeteria. Do you want me to bring you anything?

I mind-link Violet. She responds in less than a minute.

Yes! OMG, this hospital food is nasty. Bring me some pudding please, and any other good looking junk food you can find.

I chuckle and walk toward the elevator with Jacey dragging her feet beside me.


When the double doors open and we walk inside, I have to practically drag her with me. I press the first floor button and look at my sister. Her head is down, she's looking at the floor and leaning on the elevator wall. Her arms are wrapped around herself and she lifts one hand up to her face and wipes her eyes. "Jacey, he's going to wake up. I know he is going to wake up. He isn't going to leave you. Just stop focusing on it right now. Let's eat and try to get your mind off of it right now." I say to her, hoping she actually listens. She nods and looks up at me, giving me a small smile.

I smile back.

The doors open and we exit, following the signs to the cafeteria. She leans into my side and I hug her before she stands up straight again. I hear her stomach growl particularly loud and she blushes. "I guess I am kind of hungry." She admits, her cheeks red. I chuckle. "Yeah, you are. And so am I. So let's go eat that wonderful, five star worthy, hospital cafeteria food." I say sarcastically and I nearly jump for joy when Jacey gives a small giggle in response.

Since it's midnight now, the cafeteria is pretty much completely empty other than a few cafeteria workers and hospital staff getting a late snack before going back to their shifts. "It's so empty in here." She observes and I nod. They dimmed the lighting slightly in here, but not to where it's dark by any means. There is a janitor over in one corner with a mop cleaning the floor. We walk over to the food and pick out what looks good. I end up grabbing some pretzels, two small sliders, and a soda and Jacey grabs mac 'n' cheese and an apple with chocolate milk.

"So, you said mom and dad are on their way?" Jacey says quietly, then takes a large bite of her mac 'n' cheese. I nod. "Yeah. I told them what happened, they freaked, and immediately left. They should be here in an hour." I tell her before taking a bite of my own food. "I'm scared Deacon. I'm so scared that Cage isn't going to wake up." Jacey whimpers, tears pooling in her brown eyes. I reach over and rub her arm. "He will Jacey. Cage will wake up, I know it." I assure her, keeping my voice as firm as I can. "But what if he doesn't? I'm terrified I'm going to lose my mate forever." Jacey whimpers, and the first tear falls. "That's not going to happen, Jacey. He's going to come back." I say in a positive tone, but she barely nods her head in response.

"You don't know that." She mumbles so quietly if I wasn't a werewolf I wouldn't of heard her. I sigh. I'm not going to get through to her to stay positive, so I'm just going to stop trying for now.

"How's your food?" I decide to change the subject, hoping to improve her mood a little but not counting on it. I have a feeling she's going to remain in this mood for a long time. Until Cage wakes up. If he wakes up, that is. If he doesn't, I don't want to think about it.

"It's good, thanks. Yours?" She responds, taking another bite. I nod and smile at her. "Surprisingly good for hospital food I suppose. I was expecting it to be nasty as hell." I chuckle, and I manage to get a small smile out of her. Good. "Yeah, me too." She admits, tucking a lock of her dark brown hair behind her ear.

"Oh, crap. Let me grab Violet something before I forget." I tell her, then jump up and run to the food. I grab some chocolate pudding, gummy bears and Doritos then pay for them before heading back to my seat.

Jacey raises an eyebrow at me. "Chocolate pudding, gummy bears and Doritos? Real healthy." I'm more than relieved to hear her sarcasm right now. That means I must've cheered her up a little. I smother my smile. "They don't give patients the most good tasting food you know. And after all she's been through she deserves some junk food." I say with a grin and Jacey shakes her head, but I can see she's smiling.

An hour later...

I hear the double doors burst open and I twist around in my seat to see my parents rush in. I smile and stand up to greet them, but Jacey barrels into our Mom's arms in tears. "Oh, honey," Mom coos, rubbing her back. Dad and I hug, then Jacey switches over to Dad who wraps her in his arms. Mom gives me a tight hug then releases me. "We go away for one day and all hell breaks loose?" Mom remarks, eyebrow raised. "Your mate - who we still haven't met -" Mom says disapprovingly, making me smile sheepishly. "Is hurt, Cage is in a coma, you two are both in a panic and quite a few of your pack members are injured. And all this happens in the span of one day?"

I shrug. "Yeah, seems like it." She cocks her head to the side with a really? look on her face. I smile sheepishly. "Rogues are bastards. It couldn't be stopped, even though I tried." I say in a growl. "Those motherfuckers. You should've told us earlier, we would've come with you." Dad says, sounding somewhat disapproving that I didn't notify him. "As much as I appreciate that Dad, I'm the Alpha, I can handle things. And I did." I tell him, trying not to sound like a dick. He raises his eyebrow. "I know, but the point is, we're always here for you two. And your mate's, who will both be fine." Dad says, sounding a helluva lot surer than I am on that. I'm so scared that Cage is going to die, but I've been trying to stay strong for my sister who needs reassurance right now.

"Come on, let's go see him." Mom says and we nod, leading them to his room. Jacey is leaning into Mom's side and she's holding onto Jacey tightly, comforting her. I knew she'd know what to say to her, how to comfort her better than I can. Way better. Mom's always known what to say to Jacey when she was upset, to me too, actually, even though I won't ever admit it. We walk into the elevator and press the button to the second floor.

"How did this happen?" Dad asks in his stern almost Alpha voice that he still uses constantly. "Rogues attacked the pack house, and Violet was at the lounge with Jacey, Nora and Amber when it happened. I couldn't get to her in time, it nearly destroyed me, and when we finally got to her, that's when Cage got hurt." I explain, looking away. I don't like thinking about it. I keep picturing Violet tied to that chair with the silver knife against her throat and I squeeze my eyes shut and clench my fists. "It was horrible. That bastard had a silver knife against her throat. And Cage, they beat the hell out of him." I say and Mom gasps in horror. "Oh my God." She whispers.

"I'm so sorry. That's just horrible." Mom says sympathetically, rubbing my arm. I give her a small smile. "And Jacey, honey, you need to be strong. Cage is damn strong sweetie, he'll be just fine. Trust me. He will wake up and everything will be ok." Mom assures sounding quiet confidant. I hope she's right.

When we get to the room, Jacey makes four large, quick strides and she's at Cage's side holding his limp hand. Dad takes in Cage's pale form that's hooked up to all sorts of monitors and needles, and his face looks grim. He knows that Cage looks bad. He doesn't believe he'll survive, I can see it in his eyes as he looks at him. He want's Cage to live just as much as we do. Cage is like a brother to me and like a son to my Dad. He's his daughters mate, his son's best friend and his future son-in-law. He loves Cage as family and want's him to wake up, even though I can tell he doesn't think he will.

"He's going to wake up sweetie. I know he will. Cage is strong. He'll be ok." Mom says, sounding very sure. Jacey doesn't look convinced. "I hope so mommy, but I'm so scared he won't." She sniffles and Mom hugs her tightly. "Don't think like that." Mom says sternly and Jacey nods against her shoulder.

After about twenty minutes, Jacey looks at us. "If you guys don't mind, I'd really like to be with Cage alone now." Jacey tells us softly and we nod, hugging her before we leave.

As soon as we are out of Cage's room, my parents turn to me. "We want to meet your mate." They say in unison, and I nod, expecting it. "Alright. It's about time you met Violet. I know you'll love her. She's not expecting to meet you guys tonight though, so expect her to be super shocked." I chuckle out and they nod, grinning. The walk down the hall to her room seems long, but in reality we get there in like thirty seconds, if that.

I peek my head in the door. She smiles when she sees me. "Hey babe. How is he?" She asks, sitting up slightly. "He's still unconscious, so there's not really much to tell. I got you pudding, gummy bears and Doritos." Her eyes practically light up in excitement and I chuckle. "I also have a surprise. Now don't freak out." I hear my Mom smother a giggle behind me. Violet's eyes go wide in alarm. "What do you mean, 'don't freak out?'" Violet asks me suspiciously. I chuckle nervously. "Um," I rub the back of my neck sheepishly as I walk in the room. My parents follow behind me. Her beautiful blue eyes manage to go even wider when she sees them, obviously being able to see the resemblance.

Her gasp is audible from here and then she narrows her eyes at me, obviously for not giving her a warning that she's about to meet my parents. I smile sheepishly then kiss her on the head. "Sorry for no warning. Don't worry, they will love you." I whisper against her ear and she shivers. I sit down on the bed beside her and wrap my arm around her shoulders. I swear she growled at me.

You keep doing this to me. Apparently, you're hell bent on spur of the moment parent meetings.

She doesn't sound too angry. I chuckle.

Sorry, babe.

Ugh, it's fine.


"Violet, I'm Mrs. Rock. It's so nice to finally," She narrows her eyes at Deacon, making me giggle, before continuing. "Meet you. Although I wish it were under better circumstances. You're so beautiful." She compliments, making me blush and smile. "Thank you." I say, and she comes over and gives me a surprise - yet welcome - hug. I hug her back as much as I can with Deacon right beside me and with the slight pain I still feel in my right arm. "It's really nice to meet you too." I tell her when she pulls back. She gives me a warm smile, which fades when she sees all my injuries. "Oh sweetie. How are you feeling?" Mrs. Rock asks in concern. I shrug. "Better than I was a few hours ago, but it still hurts if I move too much." She shakes her head. "You poor thing. You shouldn't of had to go through all that. None of you should." She says, shaking her head in worry.

"Hello, Violet. I'm Mr. Rock. It's really nice to meet you." He says, shaking my hand gently. "You too." I say, politely. He smiles at me. I snuggle into Deacons side and his Mother smiles. "You two are really adorable together. I'm really happy you're his mate." Mrs. Rock tells me and I smile at her widely. "Me too." I say sincerely.

We end up talking for about an hour before I get tired again. They tell us they're heading to the pack house to get some sleep themselves. "Babe, you need sleep too." He opens his mouth to say something before I cut him off. "And you can't sleep on that damn chair again." I say before he has a chance. He shuts his mouth. "I could." I narrow my eyes at him. "It will give you a stiff neck." He scowls. "I'm not going home." I smirk. "Who said anything like that? I was going to suggest you sleep in this bed with me." I saw with a wicked grin. He smirks at me. "I love that idea, but is there enough room in that tiny little bed? I don't want to accidently hit your stomach." He says, concerned. I wave it off. "There's room." I say, scooting over a little so he can lie down. He gives me one more weary look before lying down beside me and gently pulling me into him.

I snuggle into his side and lay my head on his hard as a rock chest and rest my hand on his abdomen. His strong, muscular arm wraps around me and he pulls the blanket over us. We hit the light switch and soon enough we're out.

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