Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 37

DEACON (mature/sexual content)

Two weeks later...

“Why won’t he wake up?” Jacey whimpers, tears streaming down her face and she tries to blink them away. “I don’t know Jacey. I really don’t.” I answer her gently and pull her against me in a hug. She whimpers, gripping the front of my shirt in her tiny fists as she fights the urge to sob again and I clench my eyes shut. Cage has been in a coma for two weeks, and my little sister’s been in pain the whole time. Violet is completely healed now and she’s currently outside talking to a doctor to see if they can do anything to wake him up. I heard her raise her voice, so I’m assuming she isn’t getting anywhere. There is nothing anyone can do to wake up a coma patient, but Jacey and Violet don’t want to hear that again so I’ve kept my mouth shut not wanting to hurt them more.

The doctors have already told them multiple times that the only one who can wake him up is himself. Cage needs to wake up on his own. No one can do it for him. But he hasn’t. And they said the longer he’s in a coma, the worse his odds of coming back to us are. That made Jacey fall to the ground sobbing and me nearly punch the doctor. Luckily, Violet was there and grabbed my arm before I could take a swing at him. If I had, he probably would’ve needed a doctor himself. Plus it wouldn’t look so good if the Alpha punched a pack member, especially an innocent doctor. Even if he does seem as useful as a hole in the head since he can’t wake Cage up. And no amount of threats will change that fact.

Even though Jacey sure is trying. She's already threatened to cut off the doctors balls then shove them down his throat. And even though that did make him pale slightly, he still couldn't do anything to wake Cage up. Then she moved on to another doctor, proceeded to threaten to string him up by his balls, and she still got nowhere.

“I sure hope you two aren’t crying over me,” I hear a very familiar, very tired and exhausted sounding voice that makes me turn my head so fast I feel like I have fucking whip lash from it. I see two hazel eyes gazing at us tiredly from his barely sitting up position on the hospital bed. Jacey starts sobbing in relief and joy, rushing over to him at lightning speed and clinging to him as tightly as she can, ignoring his groan of pain when she throws herself on him.

I close my eyes, give a sigh of utter relief, and smile.

Cage is alive.

He pulls her tightly into his arms, rocking her back and forth and kissing her head, letting her know he’s ok and he’s not leaving her. She’s still crying hard, clutching his arms tightly as if she’s afraid to let go of him. The door swings open and Violet rushes in, eyes wide in panic - no doubt from having heard Jacey sobbing, probably making her think Cage is dead - only to turn her wide eye gaze from me to a very alive Cage, then have her jaw hit the floor and tears of joy escape her eyes. “Oh, my God! Cage!” She yells in happiness, coming to stand at my side, bouncing on her feet in excitement. I can tell she wants to hug her friend, but she knows that Jacey needs him to hold her. Violet runs back to the door, swings it open - narrowly missing her own head in her rush - and yells at the top of her lungs.


Instantly I hear the pounding sound of multiple pairs of footsteps running down the hallway at top speed. Violet leaps out of the way of the door, and I grab her arm, pulling her toward me and out of the way of the stampede that’s heading right toward us. The last thing I need is for her to get trampled and end up unconscious. Good God. That would be so bad. I nearly shudder at the image.

Beau, Nora, Amber and Wesley charge into the room wide-eyed. “CAGE!” They all shout in unison. He looks up from his still trembling mate and smiles tiredly at everybody. “Hey,” He greets, pulling Jacey closer. She’s clutching at his hospital gown, wrapping her arms around him and basically curling up in his lap like a kitten. It's cute to watch actually. I’m happy that my little sister is no longer in extreme emotional pain. My best friend is finally ok. Cage is alive and nobody could be happier.

"You scared the hell out of us dude. Do you know that?" I say to him, and he gives an apologetic grin. "I know. I heard you all." He says, looking down at Jacey with a heartbroken look on his face. "I heard the sobbing. Oh, baby I'm so sorry. It killed me that I couldn't hold you. All I wanted to do was open my eyes and grab you, but I couldn't. But I tried. I tried so hard to reach out and touch you, but I just couldn't do it." Cage starts out explaining to us, then apologizes to Jacey who starts crying more after hearing that. The other three women in the room have tears in their eyes as well, and Violet leans into me.

"That's so sad, yet sweet at the same time." Violet whispers, and Nora and Amber nod. "I missed you s-so much Cage. I th-thought you were go-gonna d-die!" Jacey sobs into his chest, clutching him as tight as she can, as if she let him go he would disappear. "I'm not going anyway baby. I promise you. I love you, and I'm here. It's ok now." Cage assures Jacey, kissing her on the top of her head over and over again and rubbing her hair. "Don't ever scare me like that again." Jacey orders, snuggling into him even more. He chuckles tiredly. "I won't. I promise." Cage tells her, hugging her tightly to him.

"We're all really happy you're ok, Cage." Violet tells him, and he smiles. "Thank you guys for not giving up on me. And thank you all for taking care of her when I couldn't." Cage says, motioning to Jacey. I nod.

"How long was I out?" Cage asks, looking at all of us. "You were in a coma for two weeks." His eyes go wide. "Two weeks! I was in a coma for two fucking weeks!? Oh, my God, Jacey, I'm so sorry." Cage apologies, holding her close. She's not crying much anymore, which is good. "And thank God you're ok, Violet. I don't remember much after they dragged me into that room." Cage says, looking at my mate in relief. She smiles at him. "Thank you. And thank God you're ok, we were all really worried." Violet informs him, and he looks like he feels bad. "I'm sorry I worried you all." He says, trying to sit up.

"What all did I miss?" He asks. "Not much." Jacey answers. "Nora, you went into labor that day! How's the baby?" He asks Nora and she smiles. "He's wonderful. His name is Seth." Cage smiles. "At least one good thing came out of that horrible day." We all nod. "That's true." We say in unison.

"How are you feeling?" Nora asks in concern. He shrugs. "Not too bad I guess. I mean, it could be worse. It hurts more when I move to much, but other than that I'm ok." Cage answers, groaning when he tries to sit up a little more. "Don't strain yourself. Lie down." Jacey orders, lying down beside him. He looks amused with her order, but complies nonetheless. "Someone get a damn doctor to check on him." Jacey demands, and Beau leaves the room to grab one. Minutes later a very shocked doctor walks in, immediately rushing over to check Cage's vitals and everything. Once we're assured he's going to be just fine, the doctor leaves the room.

Cage lifts the hospital gown to his nose and sniffs it, then scrunches his nose in disgust. "Holy fuck. I stink." Cage observes, making us all laugh. "I need a damn shower. If I get out of this bed are the doctors gonna lose their shit?" Cage asks, attempting to sit up even though Jacey's resting on his chest. "Baby, can I get up please?" She narrows her eyes at him, then reluctantly sits up. "Fine." She huffs. "But, you can only take a shower if the doctor says it's ok. I don't want you in the shower than getting light headed then slipping and cracking your head open right after I finally got you back." She demands, and he grins, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. "You could join me in the shower to make sure that doesn't happen." I narrow my eyes in disapproval and scrunch my nose in disgust. Eww. That's my little sister. I don't want to hear things like that.

"Someone just call the doctor again." Jacey orders and Violet giggles, before leaving to get him. In a minute the doctor is back. "If you can stand without being in pain, wobbly or lightheaded then you may shower." The doctor says and Cage scowls. He tries to push himself up, only to hiss and groan in pain and nearly collapse back down onto the bed. The doctor raises an eyebrow. "You are in no condition to do any physical activity right now. You need to stay in bed for at least one more day before you shower." The doctor informs him and his scowl deepens. "I'm covered in grim and dried blood. I think I can handle a shower, doctor." The doctor gives him a stern look. "No, you're can't. You may bathe if you'd like, but that's it." The doctor says and Cages eyes widen in offence. "Do I look like a female to you? I don't take baths. The only time you'll ever catch me in a bath is if Jacey is in there with me." Jacey's face goes redder than a tomato, and I scowl. I didn't want to know that.

The girls cover their mouths to hide their giggles. The doctor shrugs. "Then you will remain dirty for another day. And that's final Beta Cage." The doctor says before leaving the room. Cage keeps scowling and shaking his head. "What does he know? I can take a shower now." Cage goes to stand up before Jacey shoves him down onto the bed with a harsh glare. "If you even attempt to take a shower I will smack you so hard you'll feel it for a week." Jacey warns him and he raises his hands in surrender. "Ok, ok. I won't." He promises, making me smother a smirk. Big bad Beta does anything for his mate. Same with me and Violet. I won't listen to anyone except her.

"Can I have some food? I'm starving." Cage says, right when his stomach growls. He laughs. "See." Jacey hits the nurse button and not two minutes later an older lady walks in. "How may I help you?" She asks and Cage looks at her. "I'm hungry. Can I get some food?" He asks her hopefully and she nods before rushing out of the room.

When she comes back in minutes later, she's pushing a tray with some food on it. And yep. Hospital food is just what you'd expect. It looks gross as hell. Cage scrunches his nose. "Seriously? This looks like week old dried out crap. They seriously couldn't of brought me decent food? I'm not suffering from some illness where I'm on dietary restrictions. Have they never heard of pizza and beer?" Nora raises her eyebrow at him. "Pizza and beer? Really Cage? You really think a hospital would give a patient pizza and beer?" He shrugs. "No, not really, but they could've done better than this crap."

"That's true." Beau agrees, looking at the food with disgust. "Well, you need to eat something." Jacey says, looking at the food with curiosity. "Even if it doesn't look that great, it might not taste bad." Cage raises an eyebrow at her. "Then you eat it." Jacey scrunches her nose. "Um, I'm not hungry." She lies and Cage smirks. "See. You won't even try it and you're expecting me to eat it." He pushes the food away.

"I think I'll starve. Unless one of you wants to bring me some good food from the cafeteria." He suggests, wiggling his eyebrows. We laugh. "Deacon? Could you get him something?" Jacey asks me. I sigh dramatically, before nodding. "Chips and soda please." I shake my head laughing before heading down to the cafeteria. And just like with Violet, Cage's eyes light up when I bring him the junk food.

"Thanks." Cage says, digging into the lays chips I brought him and opening his can of root beer. I also brought everyone else something as well. And of course, I gave Violet pudding and gummy bears making her grin widely at me. "Thank you." She says before giving me a quick kiss.

Twenty minutes later Cage's parents showed up. We all forgot to notify them that he was awake, and we all felt really bad about it. They were immensely relieved to see their son awake and ok. Everyone stayed with Cage for a couple of hours before Jacey wanted to be alone with him.

Two days later Cage was released from the hospital, and the next day he proposed to Jacey. The wedding was a week later. For such a short notice wedding, it was beautiful. Beau and Nora also got married right away. I understand their rush, seeing as they wanted to get married before the baby, not after. But that didn't exactly work.

VIOLET One month later...

"Come on." Deacon tells me as he pulls me into our bedroom. I giggle. Deacon kisses me with fervor, and it’s rough and hot. I love it. I return it with just as much passion. I wrap my arms around his neck as his travel down my sides sensually, making me moan. He pushes his tongue into my mouth, exploring every inch and heating me up from the inside. The feel of his tongue against mine is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

His hands slide down underneath my ass, causing a small moan and he gently lifts me up. I jump, and wrap my legs around his waist, as he supports me with one hand under my ass and one on my lower back.

His kisses move south, peppering them on my jawline down to my neck. I arch my neck to the side, giving him more access. When he hits my mark, I moan loudly, grabbing his hair and I feel him smirk against my skin. If I wasn’t so turned on I’d smack him.

I feel him moving, then my back is suddenly pressed against a wall. I drag his lips back to mine with my left hand, and he sucks on my bottom lip, making a breathy moan come out. His one hand is now running up and down my side, his thumb barely caressing the side of my breast, where I so badly want him to touch. He likes teasing me. And making me beg, which turns me on more then I’d like to admit. I’ve noticed all that this past month. I squirm in his hold, wanting his hands on other parts of my body that need him more than my side.

He chuckles deeply, knowing exactly what I want and what he is doing.

He has me against the wall, supporting me with his body and moves his other hand so both are running up and down my sides, just barely skimming the sides of my breasts, making me growl in annoyance.

“Touch them already,” I demand, my voice breathy and he chuckles, but obeys. His thumbs trace the outline of my bra, then move closer to where I need them to touch.

When his hands finally cup my breasts, a moan escapes me. He moves his mouth down my jaw to my neck, then down to my collarbone where he sucks while his hands massage me. His thumbs rub over my hard nipples through my bra, making me cry out.

I reach down and tug on the bottom of his shirt, silently telling him that I want it off. He moves his hand down under my ass, and moves his body back enough where I can slip his shirt off revealing the hard body underneath, making my core pulse in need.

I press my hand against his body, and run it along the hard panes of his gorgeous torso. His abs are amazing and I add my other hand, running them over his smooth chest. He shivers under my touch, which gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to know I affect him just as much as he does me.

Deacon runs his hands back down my sides, then slips his fingers under the hem of my shirt. I raise my arms in a silent plea, and he lifts it up and over.

I see hunger and lust in his eyes when he takes in my lacey black bra, making me blush slightly. Even though we’ve been having sex for a month, it still makes me blush when he looks at my body. He reconnects our lips, then puts one hand on my breast, and I pull him impossibly closer. I hook my fingers in his pants, then unbuckle his jeans and tug them down. Mine follow swiftly after. We are now almost completely naked, pressed against each other with me in my bra and panties and him in his underwear. He unclasps my bra and it falls to the floor with the rest of our clothes. Deacon’s talented fingers slip into the top of my panties, about to pull them down.

He pulls them down slowly, teasingly slowly, caressing my skin the whole way. They land at my feet and I hastily step out of them, kicking them away. I tug his underwear down and he kicks them off, then he grabs a condom and slips it down his impressive length. “Hold on tight for the ride, baby,” He murmurs in a low growl, only making more wetness gush out of me. Good Lord, I love dirty talk. It’s so beautifully erotic. He lifts me back up and I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist right as thrusts up into me then slams home, making me cry out loudly.

“Fuck!” I yell out, making him grin that sexy grin that makes me even wetter. “Oh, yeah,” He grunts, pumping in and out of me at a steady pace. “Faster,” I tell him and he obliges, pounding me faster. “Harder,” I order, gripping him tightly and moaning out in pleasure. And it seems the louder I cry out, the faster and harder he moves, slamming into me hard. The hand that was on my breast reaches down in between us, searching out and finding my clit, making me scream when his thumb starts to rub it in fast, firm circles. “Oh, my God! Deacon! Fuck!” I practically scream out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole pack house heard me.

“Does that feel good?” He murmurs sensually in my ear. He knows it feels good, he just want’s to hear me say it. I nod my head, since I can’t do much else with all the wonderful pleasure I’m feeling. He presses on my clit harder, and I scream his name. “Yeah, louder. I wanna hear you scream my name.” Deacon tells me, slamming into me hard. And I do. Over and over again as he brings me closer to my release. Then he ducks his head and sucks on my mark. That does it. I scream his name at the top of my lungs as I clench him tightly, bringing him to his release and he comes on a loud groan, saying my name. He places a sloppy, open mouthed kiss on my neck that heats me up, and I moan out as I come down from my orgasmic high. If he wasn’t holding me up right now, I’d be a very satisfied puddle of mush on the floor.

“I love you,” I tell him, breathing heavily. He smiles against my neck, “I love you too, baby.” He tells me before pulling out and slowly lowering me down to the floor, sure to keep ahold of me otherwise I would’ve fallen to the ground since my knees are still very much weak.

Then the door opens.

I shriek.

Deacon spins around to see who walked in on us. Again.

Cage, Jacey, Beau, Nora and Amber stand at the door, eyes wide in shock. Jacey, Nora and Amber look apologetic and are blushing, but not near as hard as I am as I’m still very much naked, sweating and pressed against the wall.

Meanwhile, Cage is smirking and looks way too amused by this, but he is kindly not looking at my body whatsoever, while Beau on the other hand looks completely mortified. Yeah, no guy wants to see his little sister like this. And I don’t like any of them seeing me naked. Although Deacon’s quick to cover me with his body. I cover my breasts with one arm while I reach down to grab our clothes with the other.

“Have any of you ever fucking heard of knocking! It’s not that hard! You ball your hand into a fist then bang on the door! Fuck! This is the second time you two have walked in on us!” Deacon roars at the guys, and Cage’s smirk widens while Beau still looks mortified and scarred. He kind of looks like he is about to hurl.

Jacey, Nora and Amber looked shocked, and turn to look at them. I take that distraction time to throw my clothes back on, Deacon doing the same.

“You walked in on them before?” Jacey asks Cage, and you can see the amusement in his eyes when he nods. “Yup. They were in the lounge room.” Cage answers, smirk still in place even though Deacon is fuming. At least they walked in on us after we had sex this time.

“But, I didn’t know she was my half-sister the first time. Now, it’s fucking horrifying.” Beau adds, looking more than horrified. “When?” Nora asks. “The night she found out about werewolves.” Beau tells her, and the girls turn to me. “You almost had sex that night and didn’t tell us!” Jacey and Nora shout, and I cringe. “One, I would’ve told you if they hadn’t walked in on us. And two, after that is when I found out about werewolves and I was fucking terrified of all of you. So, I didn’t have the time to tell you. Amber knew though.” They look understanding, although still a little insulted about Amber knowing and not them. "She told you!" They look at Amber in shock and she smirks. "Well, duh." She laughs.

I shake my head at them.

"What did you guys need that's so damn important you had to walk in without knocking this time?" Deacon asks with his muscular arms crossed over his chest. My stare lingers there, even though we just had very amazing rough sex. "We just wanted to tell you that the barbeque is ready in the backyard." Cage tells us. Deacon smiles. "Ok, well, thank you. But you still could've knocked!" Deacon makes it very clear. I giggle.

"We'll just meet you down there then." Beau says before high tailing it the hell out of here. The others giggle and follow suit, shutting the door behind them. "Barbeque? That sounds really good." I say to my mate, who still looks really irritated that they walked in on us. I giggle. "At least they waited to walk in on us until after we were done." I say impishly and he cocks his head to the side giving me a not funny look. That only makes me giggle more.

Shaking his head, he grabs my hand. "Come on baby. Let's go." I smile as we head out the door and down stairs to the backyard.

When he opens the door to the yard, I'm stunned motionless. It's beautiful. There are flowers everywhere, and a small stone path leading to a pearl white gazebo about ten yards away from the house. He walks me to it, and the inside is just as beautiful as the outside. There is a white loveseat and two comfy looking chairs on either side of it and a coffee table in the center.

While I look at it all I don't notice that Deacon isn't beside me anymore. I turn around to see Deacon on one knee with a black velvet box in his hand. I gasp and my hands fly to my mouth. He opens the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring inside. I can feel tears already pooling in my eyes. "Violet, I love you more than life itself. You're my mate and you mean everything to me. I love you so, so much. Will you marry me?" The first tear falls and I find myself too chocked up to speak so I nod frantically. He stands up with the biggest smile on his face and places the ring on my finger. It's beautiful. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, tears flowing freely now. I kiss him hard, with as much love and passion as I can put into it. "Yes, I'll marry you. I love you so much!" I tell him, hugging him tightly as I cry. "I love you baby." Deacon tells me.

"Congratulations!" I hear shouted, and I spin around to see Amber, Jacey, Cage, Nora, Beau, Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Rock, and my parents all coming out from behind the trees with large grins on their faces. The girls are all crying with smiles on their faces, and the guys are all smiling and clapping.

"You guys knew?" I ask, wiping away my tears and laughing in happiness. They nod. "Who do you think set all this up?" Cage tells me with an amused grin. I shake my head, giggling. "It's beautiful. Thank you all." I say sincerely.

Everything is perfect. My mate and I are getting married and I couldn't be happier.

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