Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 4


When I woke up the next morning at seven fifteen, my head hurt. I didn’t drink at all, but I had only six hours of sleep plus all the stress. I sat up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, then yawned and stretched. The blanket fell off me, causing goosebumps to arise on my exposed arms.

“Cold!” I mumbled and pulled the blanket back up, rubbing my arms to conserve some body heat. I found my black cotton robe sitting at the end of the bed and pulled it on, instantly feeling warmer.

Once my feet were planted on the ground, I put my fluffy aqua color slippers on and padded to my bathroom that is connected to my room. I did my business, then turned the shower on to almost too hot then jumped in. I took my time shampooing my hair with my Ocean Breeze scented shampoo with matching scent conditioner. Then covered my aqua loofah in my Vanilla, Kiwi Blossom and Sandalwood scented shower gel.

I shaved and exfoliated my face with my citrus face scrub. When I got out and dry, I covered my body in lotion that smells like my shower gel. I used my wet hair comb and went gently through my hair before letting it air dry down my back.

I never blow dry my hair as the heat is not good for it and I hate split ends with a passion. Amber on the other hand, loves hair products of all sorts. Blow dryer, straightener, curling wand, styling gel, etcetera, etcetera. But like me, her hair color is natural. Minus the purple highlights she got.

I used to have a blue streak in my hair, but that was months ago when we went to Coachella. It’s been washed out for a while now. I don’t like permanent streaks in my hair. Never have.

After my shower, I put on my new dark blue wash skinny jeans and a black halter top and black ankle boots that I wear a lot. I don’t bother with too much jewelry because I am not that into it, so I only put in black stud earrings, and a matching necklace and bracelet. I sprayed my body spray that scent matches my shower gel.

When I walked into the kitchen, Amber was already there standing by the black microwave making breakfast. And by breakfast, I mean her version of breakfast, which is a frozen microwave pepperoni pizza. Her concept of breakfast varies from everyone else’s. “Morning.” I say then yawn stretching my arms. She chuckles. “Morning. Why are you up so early?” “Couldn’t sleep. You?” I answer as I grab a cereal bowl and a box of Lucky Charms. “Me either. My stupid phone kept beeping. Apparently, Chad is pissed AF that you wouldn’t answer your phone, so he thought he would annoy the fuck outta me instead. ” Amber answers in a clearly annoyed tone as the microwave beeps. “Sorry. I turned the volume off my phone so I didn’t know.” I apologize on my jackass ex’s behalf.

I poured myself a bowl and poured in the milk, almost overflowing and I laugh. I take a seat at the small table and shove a spoonful in my mouth. “Mmmm.” I moan in delight and Amber chuckles. I love this cereal! “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors came on the small black radio slash boom box we have sitting on the counter by the stove. I love that song. Amber took the seat across from me with her pizza and cut it. She took a generous bite, which she proceeded to spit back out onto the plate mumbling something that sounded like, “Hot! Hot! Hot!“.

Of course, it’s hot, it just came out of the microwave. Ding dong. I scrunched my nose in disgust at the bits of pizza she spit out. “Ya know, most people let it cool before they eat it.” I say jokingly with a smirk when she glares.

I finished my cereal and washed my bowl. I have this strong urge to go back to Deacon’s Bar and Restaurant today. I don’t know why though. I mean, my last encounter there, which was also my first time there, wasn’t a very good one. But Deacon did things to my body that Chad never achieved. And all he did was smirk. Fuck. What does that even mean if he affects me so much with so little?

It could just be hormones, right?

I was snapped back to reality when Amber waved her hand in my face. “Earth to Violet.” Amber jokes, laughing. “Sorry, I was zoning. I have a lot on my mind.” I answer absently, as I gaze out the kitchen window. “Whatcha thinking?” Amber asks me curiously. I sigh. “Chad, cheating, other things.” I vaguely answer and she gives me an annoyed look. “Other things?” She pushes with a knowing look. “What? What is that look for?” I ask her. She smirks. “Other things, like Deacon.” Amber says more than asks and I nod uneasily. “What? Psssh, no.” I lie badly and she raises an eyebrow and laughs.

“Sure.” She laughs and washes her plate.

I walk to the Keurig coffee maker and put in my favorite, Donut Shop. When my mug is full I pour in my French vanilla liquid creamer and stir it till it’s a light tan color. I take a sip so I don’t burn my tongue like Amber did with her pizza, then I walk into the living room and plop down on the couch after setting my coffee down on the table beside me.

I check my phone and see I have, holy shit! Thirty five texts and fifteen phone calls from Chad, all from the past hour. Damn, I didn’t think he would even be awake this early after all that he had to drink, plus getting beaten didn’t help. I honestly thought he would of slept all day long. The first text reads,

CHAD: Baby, I neeed u! Pleeesee forgive me!

He really can’t spell when he’s drunk.

The second one reads almost the same as the first one,

CHAD: Vi! I love u! Please, come back to mee! I need you I’m so sorry. I am sorry! Danielle means nothing to me! You are everything.

So the slutty bitch’s name is Danielle. What a whore. I wonder if he is going to meet her again today? That thought sends an ache to my chest.

The next thirty three texts are all similar to those. All saying ‘sorry’, ‘I love you baby’, ‘I need you’, ‘your my world’ and ‘forgive me please’ and all they do is bring tears to my eyes. I can’t help it. I loved the guy for years, I can’t just turn off my feelings. Although I wish I could. Why did he have to go and cheat on me? I bet she is a stripper or something. Where did he even meet this bitch anyway? Whores ‘R’ Us?

I started giggling to myself and Amber looked at me like I lost my mind. “Why are you giggling?” Amber asks, still looking at me like I’m nuts. “No reason.” I say, still laughing and shaking my head. “Ok.” She drawls out, uncertainly. I just shake my head giggling to myself.

“Why did he cheat on me?” I question all of a sudden, with tears springing to my eyes out of nowhere. “I don’t know Vi. I have no idea why he would do that to you. It doesn’t seem like Chad. He loves you, I can’t believe he did that.” Amber answers, looking concerned and pissed. “Do you think it’s because I wouldn’t fuck him?” I ask, tears rimming my eyes. “Ask him. That’s the only way you will get the answer.” Amber tells me, “Although, the little cheater might lie. Fucking asshole.” She adds angrily.

“Yeah, but I need answers. And like you said, Chad is the only way to get them.” I said, then stood up determined and Amber looked at me confused. “What are you doing?” Amber asks. “I’m going to go ask Chad why he cheated on me, when it started and all the more questions I have or pop into my head.” I said, determination lacing my tone. Amber looked proud and smiled, then nodded her head toward the door. “Good. Go interrogate the lying bastard, and if possible, make him cry.” Amber says with an evil smirk and I mirror one of my own.

“He did cry last night.” I admit and Amber bursts out laughing, her hair flying in her face as she bends forward in laughter. “Good, I hope he is hurt too. Learn he made the biggest mistake of his life.” Amber says through laughter as she straightens up.

“He was apologizing and crying, but then he turned pissed so him being pummeled was his fault, and I think it was instant Karma.” I tell Amber thoughtfully and she nods in agreement. “Now, go give him hell.” Amber says firmly and I nod. “I will.” I say, sounding more certain than I feel.

Honestly, I have a feeling when I see his face I am going to burst into tears and I don’t want that. I will let myself cry, like I did last night before I fell asleep, but I will not cry in front of him. I have to be stronger than that, or at least put on a strong façade in front of him. I can’t show him how much he hurt me. I feel broken from his betrayal. Which is what it was, he betrayed me.

Although, maybe I should show him how bad he broke me. I don’t feel like I can trust any guy. Every guy I’m with breaks my heart. Ryker broke my heart now Chad. I am just at a point where I am putting dating on hold. My heart can’t take anymore pain.

Chad hurt me so bad because he was my best guy friend before he was my boyfriend. I thought he would never hurt me. He was always there for me, let me vent to him, cry on his shoulder and told me I deserved the best. But now I need someone else’s shoulder to cry on because of him, because he turned around and fucked some slut behind my back. How someone can say one thing then do another is beyond me; talk about a hypocrite.

It’s honestly hard to believe. If someone said to me that Chad was going to cheat on me, I would probably of laughed. But I guess you just can’t trust people, even people you think would never hurt you.

The lobby of my apartment building is huge, elegant and beautiful. Many intricate designs and patterns decorate the room. There is a lace patterned black and white rug on the floor which both the couches are near and overlapping, facing each other. Next to the couches are two chairs on the ends of them, and they have white cushions with black arm rests and open backs. In the center of all the seating is a clear class coffee table with magazines on it. Double glass doors with elegant designs and a pretty border make up the entrance of the Lightwood Apartment Building. It has glass door knobs that add to the elegance.

All in all the lobby is stunning.

I got into my Mustang and started it up, turning the heat on since it’s only like sixty degrees out. I rubbed my hands together to conserve some body heat, then rubbed up and down my arms. In the backseat I had a grey jacket and pulled it on, instantly getting a little warmer.

I pulled out of the parking lot, and started to head to their apartment building. It’s about a ten minute drive from my apartment building, and I know the route so well I could probably get there with my eyes closed.

Murphey’s Law fucked with me my whole drive. I hit every red light, causing a ten minute drive to be almost twenty. Only giving me more time to dwell on what Chad did and what I’m about to do. The car next to me rolled down all four windows and had the song, “Crying in the Club” by Camila Cabello, blasting through the speakers. Fuck, what irony. Tears sprung to my eyes and I let them fall. I figures I’d rather cry here than in front of him.

After crying for the rest of the drive, I pulled into a parking spot and wiped my eyes, then patted on some concealer to cover the redness and puffiness. That would be a sight to see.

I parked rather close to the doors of the building. Once I turned off my car I grabbed my purse off the black cushion seat and got out. I locked my car and walked up to the doors of his building slowly, the nerves eating at me. What will he say? Will he lie to me? I deserve the truth and I know Chad is the only one who knows it, but whether he is willing to give it to me is the question.

Chad lives at The Palm Apartment Building. This lobby isn’t as elegant as my apartment’s lobby. This one is more traditional looking, tan and beige colors with normal brown couches and weird patterned chairs. Old rugs line the floors. It’s nice, but not elegant or fancy in anyway.

I walked across the lobby toward the elevators and pressed the up button. It’s only eight thirty in the morning, so I hope Chad is awake. He is probably passed out again. Oh well, maybe if he is half asleep, he’ll talk and spout out the truth instead of lies.

Their apartment is on the fifth floor, the ninth apartment to the right of the elevators. I walked tediously slow and just stood at their door for a good five minutes before I had enough courage to knock. I raised my hand, fingers curled into a fist and knocked. After two minutes of no answer, I knocked a little harder. Nothing. I used both hands. Silence. I growled in irritation. Wait, I growled? The fuck?

In my annoyance, I may of banged a little too hard on his door. I realized that fact when his neighbor, an older man who looks in his mid forties, opened his door in his boxers and a robe with a steely glare aimed at me. In a grunt, he said, “Why the fuck you makin’ so much noise so early girly? Shut the fuck up, obviously they don’t want you to come in.“, then went back inside and slammed his door. Ouch. That hurt.

I smirk, if he wants to act like a dick, I will act like a bitch. I balled both fists and pounded on the door while combing it with my voice. “Open up please!” I yelled over and over like a broken record. Then I see neighbor dude’s door opening up again out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head to see him glaring daggers at me, then I feel something soft on my fist and I hear a yelp.

I turn back and see the soft thing I felt was Blake’s nose. Oh shit. “Ow! The fuck!?” Blake groans and grabs his nose. “Oh God, I am so sorry Blake!” I apologize and he let’s me inside. I feel so bad, I was hitting the door really hard. I hope I didn’t break his nose.

I notice he looks half asleep and is still in his pajamas. Oops. Well, he looks a helluva lot better in his pajama’s than that wrinkly old neighbor of his. Then I feel even worse. I woke him up last night and now I woke him up again, and I paired it with punching his nose. Oops.

“I am so sorry Blake, for both hitting you and obviously waking you up. Again.” I apologize cringing, feeling guilty as hell. He is probably really miffed with me right now. He just gave me an exasperated mixed with slight annoyance look.

His dirty blond brown colored hair is moussed, like he just got out of bed. Which he probably did. “What are you doing here so early Violet?” He asks me in a curious tone, then yawns and rubs his eyes. “I’m sorry I barged in on you two so early and woke you up. It’s just, I can’t stop thinking about what Chad did to me and I need answers. I figured if he was half asleep when I questioned him, he would tell me the truth because he wouldn’t have the energy to lie.” I explained and Blake just gave me a blank look. “Go on. Go wake his hungover ass up then.” Blake told me and I smiled gratefully at him.

I walked down the short hallway with a brown carpet to Chad’s room. On his door is a sign that says, “Knock Or Else”. So, I knocked, and shocker, I got no answer. I hit harder, careful to keep looking at the door as to not repeat the Blake incident. Silence. “Chad! Chad, open this door right now!” I yell and bang on the door harder. Silence. Douche. The idiot is probably still passed out.

I reach for the door knob and go to turn it, then stop with my hand resting on the knob. What if after I shoved him in the Uber last night and he got home, blondie came over? What if they are lying naked in his bed right now? Sickness settles into my stomach and I feel bile rise in my throat. Tears prick my eyes but I push them back. She is probably not in there. It would of been really painful for Chad. He was really hurt.

“So help me God, if blondie is in here...” I mutter angrily to myself.

I gain back my courage and determination and turn the knob, pushing the door open roughly and not quietly I might add.

He’s alone on the bed, thank God, and he didn’t even twitch with my loud entrance. Chad is sprawled out in a starfish position on his back in the same clothes he was wearing last night. He’s snoring loudly and moved his arm is over his eyes. The sun is streaming in through the curtains onto his unfairly attractive face. The face I used to love and kiss daily. Now I just want to slap that face, hard.

Although, his face isn’t the most attractive I’ve ever seen, more like the second or third. Deacon’s face is the most attractive I have ever seen.

Wait, what? I used to always think Chad was the hottest guy I have ever seen, now I am saying Deacon is? Well, it’s true, but, weird. My hormones are all over the place. And I can’t even blame it on my period because it just ended a week ago.

I walked toward his bed, not caring that I am not being quiet in the slightest. He deserves to be woken up rudely.

He just keeps snoring like a pug with a sinus infection. Once I get close enough, I tap on his arm. Nothing, he doesn’t even stir. I touch his arm again, and shake him a little. He just turns over and shoves my hand off.

“Chad, wake up.” He just groans. Stupid hungover idiot. “Chad!” I shout and push on him, shaking him hard. “Come on you stupid idiot, wake up!” Nothing. “Oh, for the love of...Wake up!” I yell. Nothing.

Ugh, this is gonna take a while.


After my beautiful mate left last night, much to my dislike, I cleaned up what the bikers trashed or knocked over. There were broken chairs, knocked over tables and empty beer bottles and cigars all over the place. My bartender slash pack member Roy had gone back to the pack house ten minutes after Violet left but before he left he wiped down the bar.

Cage was getting Jacey sober, so he didn’t help me clean either. Needless to say, I was both annoyed, sick of cleaning, pissed off to no end at the bikers and missing my mate like crazy.

How Cage is so calm being away from Jacey for any period of time is beyond me. My wolf has been on edge ever since Violet left and so have I. I want my mate close to me and having her at her home, when I don’t even know where her home is, is getting to me. If anyone looked at me wrong, I practically bit their head off.

If an Alpha wolf is pissed, leave them the fuck alone if you want to live. Cage knows me well enough to know if I am pissed, to steer clear of me. I need my mate, so, I need to find her and soon. I was debating texting or calling her today, but I didn’t want to freak her out by contacting her so soon.

Jesus, I sound like a thirteen-year-old girl with a crush. If I don’t calm myself, I am going to grow fucking ovaries.

I woke up at seven this morning, which was hell because I didn’t crash until about four A.M. Thanks to no help in cleaning and my over-active mind and wolf who wouldn’t shut up about wanting his mate. If I could of smacked him, I would’ve. I eventually blocked him out, which is the only reason I actually fell asleep. Otherwise he would’ve kept me up all night with his whining and growling and complaining. He was getting on my fucking nerves. I agree with him completely, but he seriously needed to shut the fuck up so I could sleep.

I run a huge pack, so I need my sleep. I don’t need much, but I need four hour’s at least. Just enough to keep me up and running so I don’t fall asleep during an important meeting or something. Even worse if there was an attack and I was half-asleep. Although it’s very rare rogues are stupid enough to try to attack my pack. But even on four hours of sleep, I am still one of the most notorious, feared, dangerous Alpha’s there is. I smirk, knowing the fear I can inflict in people if I so desire to.

“Cage! Get your lazy ass up and finish the paperwork for the liquor delivery today!” I shout loudly. Cage and Jacey crashed on the pull-out couch in the lounge room last night so I know they can hear me. And I know if I keep shouting, Jacey is going to come out here any minute screaming her head off at me for waking her up so damn early.

“Cage! Wake up!” I shout again. I hear loud angry footsteps running down the hall, then the door slams open and Jacey comes storming out with her face contorted in rage. Cage is behind her, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and yawning. Bingo. “Deacon! What. The. Fuck! Why did you wake us up so early you arrogant, controlling, insomnia loving Alpha!” Jacey insults and I can’t help but laugh a little, only angering her further. She growled loudly in irritation, and Cage put his hand on her arm, calming her slightly.

“I cleaned ninety percent of this bar, Cage you clean the rest then finish the paperwork for the liquor delivery today.” Like the great Beta he is, Cage nods, and walks off to do as I ordered. Jacey is busy glaring daggers at me with her arms crossed. “Deacon, you could’ve come in the lounge room and woken up Cage and let me sleep. What the fuck?” Jacey asks, more like yells, angrily. “Karma’s a bitch isn’t it sis?” I question, slight sarcasm lacing my voice and amusement dancing in my eyes I’m sure.

“What the hell is that suppose to mean?” Jacey asks me, brows furrowed in anger and irritation. Anger shining in her dark brown eyes. She moved her hands to her hips and continued glaring at me. I didn’t flinch. “You acted like a drunk idiot to my human mate last night and nearly revealed that we are werewolves!” I tell her, emphasizing the word human and her eyes widen. “Oh, shit. That wasn’t a dream? Fuck.” Jacey asks, then mutters to herself. “Wait, so you really did find your mate?” I nod. “Eeeeeeek! That’s awesome!“, her expression turns from excitement to panic, “Oh, crap! I made a horrible first impression.” Jacey freaks and starts pacing.

Great. Note the sarcasm


“Come on you jackass! Wake up you hungover cheater!” I yell while shaking him roughly and bouncing up and down on his bed. “What?” He asks groggily, barely waking up. “Chad, get up you idiot! Now!” I demand and he sleepily opens his eyes. They widen when he sees me. “Violet? What are you doing here?” He asks, more alert now.

“Chad, we need to talk.”

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