Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 5


“What about?” He asks stupidly and I give him a blank look. “Are you stupid?” I ask, in an annoyed tone with a glare. “No.” He answers simply and I glare harder. “Seriously idiot. Sit up, we need to talk. Now.” I command in a firm tone. Chad sits up and looks at me expectantly.

I take a deep breath then sigh.

“Chad, let’s just state the obvious. You cheated on me, more than once and it hurt me, a lot.” I say first, making his face fall and I see regret shine in his electric blue eyes. “Vi-” He starts, but I hold my hand up, cutting him off. “Let me talk, Chad.” I tell him making him shut his mouth and nod.

“Why? Why did you do it? How could you? I thought you loved me-” “I do love you!” He cuts in and tears prick my eyes. “No, you don’t.” I say under my breath, so low I could barely hear it myself.

“Why did you do it Chad?” I ask again, more firmly. “I was horny.” He answers, vaguely and it pisses me off. “That’s not a good enough answer! Why the fuck did you cheat on me!” I press on, and his eyes widen to saucers. “I was horny and you wouldn’t have sex with me. Jacking off to your picture was good, but I needed more.” Chad says and the first tear spills over.

“And?” I push on. I want the whole story, not vague little answers like he is giving. “So, I got drunk one night, and Danielle came up to me and offered what I wanted. I was drunk off my ass so I took her offer. I felt sick about it the next morning, and cried my eyes out.” Tears are flowing out of my eyes now and his eyes are rimmed with tears as well. “I screamed at her and told her I was drunk off my ass and she should of just left me be. Then she told me I talked and complained about you all night long. How I love you but you wouldn’t fuck me. She was annoyed but didn’t give a fuck she was making me a cheater and she said you deserved to get hurt for not satisfying my needs.” He explained, and a lone tear traveled down his cheek.

Bitch. Just because I wasn’t having sex doesn’t mean I deserved this. Wow, so is every guy going to do this to me? If I don’t spread my legs are all my boyfriends going to leave me or cheat on me?

“I wasn’t satisfying you because I didn’t fuck you? Well, I am so sorry I am not a whore who will spread her legs for you!” I yell sarcastically and he flinches. “You did satisfy me, just not my sex needs.” He adds quietly, making me flinch now.

He takes a deep breath, then continues.

“Then two days later, I was drunk again because I felt so bad for cheating on you, and Danielle was there again. One thing lead to another, and we had sex again. The next two were the same, but,” Chad took a deep breath and I held mine, “The next four were my own choice. Awake and sober. I cried after the first seven times, but the eighth time I just felt numb after. And I pictured you the whole time every single time. I know that doesn’t make it any better, but it’s true.” Chad explains with tears flowing down his cheeks and I just shake my head, while crying myself but I wipe away my tears furiously.

“Why did you do it if you claimed you loved me? If you really loved me, you wouldn’t of cheated on me. That’s not true love.” I tell him and he shakes his head furiously, panic on his face. “I do love you! So much baby! I was stupid and horny, but it made me feel guilty every time. I do love you, more than anything in the whole world! Please, please forgive me! I will do anything!” He pleads, tears shamelessly flowing down his face.

Should I forgive him? I mean, he was my friend for years, and I don’t want to just throw that all away. The relationship is so over for good, but the friendship doesn’t have to be.

“I can forgive you, eventually.” I tell him, tears flowing down my face now. Hope lights up his face, a small smile on his lips, but I am quick to shut it down.

“But,” His face falls at my tone, “I can’t take you back. We are done, for good.” I tell him firmly and he starts to protest. “NO! Violet, please, I made a stupid mistake, it won’t ever happen again, I swear! Please! Please take me back, I need you! I love you!” He pleads loudly, tears falling more harshly now.

“You made that mistake more than once. Way more than once.” I say, then wipe away my tears that traitorously started flowing again. “I was stu-” I cut him off, again. “Stupid. I know.” He nods sadly, and opens his mouth to say more.

“Chad, please, let me finish.”

He nods again, and I take a deep breath, gaining courage to ask the question I know will haunt me if I don’t ask it now. “If I had had sex with you, would you still have cheated on me?”

He looks a little shocked, then shakes his head slowly. “No. I wouldn’t of. I shouldn’t of anyway, I was just drunk and so fucking horny.” Chad tells me again, looking solemn and reaching for my hand, and I pull mine away. I am getting tired of his stupid ‘I was horny’ excuse. That doesn’t make it ok.

“Do you like kissing her more?” I ask, shocked at my own boldness.

He looks taken aback and shocked himself, like he can’t believe I just asked that question. “No, nothing about her is better than you. She is a whore, who always tasted like alcohol and cigarettes. I love kissing you, and I hope you let me kiss you again, someday.” Chad says the last part softly and I feel a pang in my heart. I can’t give him an answer for that.

I take a very deep breath, preparing myself for this question that I am about to ask him. I hope the answer is no, but, who knows?

Chad sees me inhale deeply, making his eyes widen and he looks worried. He knows the next question is going to be a big one.

“Do, do you love her?” I stammer, almost choking on my own question.

Chad’s eyes bug out of their sockets and he chokes on air, looking bewildered and panicked as he looks at me like I grew two heads. “NO! Fuck, no! She was just some slut available to fuck, that was all she ever was. An easy lay, nothing more. Ever.” Chad yells panicked, then looking like he feels bad for insulting her so rudely.

“Yeah, well, apparently that’s your type now.” I insult him with a harsh look, making him flinch which for some reason gives me a little satisfaction.

“Violet, I never wanted to hurt you, ever.” Then don’t cheat on someone! I wanted to yell, but I held back. “But you did.” I say coldly.

“Like I was going to say, our relationship is over, but, I don’t want to lose you as a friend. It will take time, but I would love to be friends again. But I can’t be around you for a while.” I tell him. “Why?”

“You cheating on me caused a sore, open wound. I have to stay away from you and nurse my broken heart before I can be around you and attempt to be just friends again.” If I can be anyway, I don’t know if I can trust him. I want him in my life, but as nothing more than a friend now. When my heart is no longer broken.

“How long? I can’t have you not be in my life, Vi. You have been in my life for so long, not having you around is going to kill me.” Chad replies looking sad, to which I say, “You ruined what you had the second you touched her.” I say, venom in my voice.

“How long?” He repeats. “I don’t know. Days, weeks, months, I can’t answer that.” I reply, and he looks devastated.

I decide to change the subject. Now that I really look at him, I notice the big, swollen black eye, the cut lip, and the bruises. And these are only on his exposed skin. I am scared to see the damage hidden under his clothes and on his ribs. I think his ribs are cracked. Hopefully not broken.

“You need to see a doctor today. You are hurt really bad.” I was expecting him to just wave it off, like he did last night, but he surprises me when he answers, “I know. I’ll go today. I took some aspirin last night, but it hurts like hell now. I’ll set up a doctors appointment for ASAP.”

The shock and surprise must have been clear as day on my face because he gives a small chuckle.

“Did you expect me to not go or something?” He asks me, his eyes filled with amusement now. “Well, last night you just waved it off saying ‘I’m fine’ and didn’t want to go. But then again, you were drunk.” I reply, thinking about it. “Of course, I waved it off. Like you said, I was drunk off my ass, I could’ve had a bone sticking out and I would’ve said no.” He admits, chuckling, making me giggle slightly.

“Well, call the doctor’s now, so I know you are actually going to go and are not just saying it to humor me.” I tell, more like order, him. He laughs then sees my serious expression and gives me a ‘seriously’ look. I return a ‘yes, I’m serious’ look and he groans. “Fine.” He says, then reaches over to the bedside table and grabs his cell phone which was charging.

“Hello? I’d like to make an appointment today for as soon as possible. For Chad Hanson. Yes, thank you.” Chad says, then hangs up and give me a ‘happy now’ look. I give him a victory smile and a nod.

“Chad, I have to go. We are not back to friends yet. I’m glad you are going to the doctor’s today. I will work on healing my heart, because I am nowhere close to forgiveness.” I inform him, making his smile fall and a scowl take it’s place.

I stand up off his chair I was sitting on when I hear it.

“Chad home?” A slutty, bitchy, high pitched familiar voice that is trying to sound seductive says from the front door. Followed by Blake’s deep attractive voice, with his simple answer, “Yes, but he’s busy.”

“He’s never too busy for me.” Slut face bitch replies with a slutty giggle and I growl in anger. Wait, I growled? Ehh. “Why the fuck is she here! I just dumped your ass last night and you already have her come over! Seriously!? What the fuck Chad!?” I yell, completely outraged and in disbelief at a scared and panicked looking Chad. “I didn’t call her, I swear! She came over on her own! I promise!” He defends himself.

I snort in disbelief.

“Yeah, like you promised you’d love me forever.” I spat bitterly. “We can never get back to friends if all you do is lie to me. Cheating bastard. Bye, Chad.” I say coldly and emotionlessly, then turn and leave his room.

“Violet! Wait! Please! I d-” I cut him off. “No, Chad! Just, stop!” I shout, then slap him. His face turned shocked and he held his stinging cheek. I know it stings bad, because my hand is still tingling from how hard I slapped him.

I stormed out of his room and down the hall toward the front door. There I see Blake looking miffed off to no end at the person in front of him at the door.

At the door is standing the one and only Danielle slut bitch, with a large smirk plastered on her stupid face. I notice she is wearing a short black leather skirt that has almost everything hanging out, a very cropped crop top that is about half an inch below her boobs. Dark royal blue eyeshadow covers her blue eyes, and obviously large fake black lashes reach almost above her teensy tan eyebrows. Her giant pouty lips are coated in tacky bright red lipstick.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good red lipstick. I have a couple at home. But her bright red orange lipstick is tacky and stupid. She is such a slut.

“Hey, Vi. Here for a threesome? Oh, right, you don’t spread your legs. Well, if you want, you could just sit back and watch.” Bitch said, then smirked wider when she saw the anger on my face. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” She teased in a rude tone, her stupid ugly smirk still in place.

So, I slapped that smirk right off her stupid makeup caked face. I felt utter satisfaction when her hand flew up to her reddening cheek, which was slapped twice as hard as Chad’s.

She looks shocked, even though I slapped her last night, so I don’t know why she is so shocked I did it again. Blake enjoyed the slap as much as I did apparntly, because he is currently laughing his ass off.

“You bitch!” Danielle yells at me, and tries to slap me, which I dodge easily. Really easily. I grab her outstretched wrist and pull it forward so she is halfway bent over and off balance, then I let go and step back, causing her to face plant on the ground.

“OW!” Danielle screamed, when her nose connected with the floor.

Blake is now on the ground too, holding his stomach with tears in his eyes from laughing so hard. “Oh, fuck, that’s funny!”

I couldn’t help the small giggle that escaped me, which turned into full on laughter. The bitch deserved it. Chad on the other hand, is standing by watching the whole fiasco with an open mouth.

“Aw, what’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” I mock, with a large smirk as she glares up at me. Blake just laughs more, and Chad just stares.

“Ugh! What the fuck was that for!?” Danielle screams at me, as she pushes herself off the floor. “You know exactly why I did that, you slutty bitch.” I answer then glance at Chad, who is looking at us all in shock and disbelief.

“Now, why are you here?” I ask the slut. She smirks, then answers, “Cause Chad called me. Why else would I be here?”

“You’re lying! I never called you!” Chad yells. “Oh, sweetie, she already knows you love to fuck me, why lie again?” Danielle tells Chad and sickness settles into my stomach making bile rise in my throat. I glare at Chad and his eyes bug out.

“NO! No, no, no! I did not call her! She. Is. Lying!” Chad yells, but I am not sure who I believe. That’s sad. Before all this, I would believe Chad over anyone. Now, I don’t know if he is lying to me or not.

I am guessing they could all see the indecision on my face, because Chad looks crestfallen, Danielle looks triumphant, and Blake looks concerned.

I have known Blake for four years, so he is a good friend. We made out once, when I was fifteen, before I got together with Ryker. Nothing romantic ever happened after that kiss because his ex-girlfriend, Evangeline, moved back to town and they got back together. I think they are still together now, actually.

“Get out, Danielle. I didn’t call you, now leave.” Chad says firmly and crosses his arms over his chest making his muscles flex. I tried not to look, but hey, he has nice arms.

He noticed me looking and smirked, so I looked away quickly and back to Danielle. She is glaring daggers at Chad, and I glance at Blake, who is smirking at her in satisfaction. Blake nodded at Danielle and mouthed ‘I hate her’ to me and I laughed, making Chad and Danielle look at me like I’m crazy.

I smirked. “Nothing, I just think you are a slut. Now get out.” I order and she looks at me in disbelief. “You can’t make me. You don’t live here, and it was pretty obvious Chad chose me.” She smirks at me, and I feel my hatred for her rising, and my sadness about Chad increasing. “Then why did he just tell you to leave?” I retort with a smirk, making her smirk fall and a scowl cross her face.

Bitch collected her purse, which fell on the floor when I shoved her, and storms out of the door, slamming it on her way out.

“Well, that was, ugh, well, bye.” I stammer, then leave myself.

I run to the elevator and get inside, next to an old lady with a cane and a cat carrier, a tall lanky dude smoking a cigarette, and an overweight hairy man with a large beard, mustache, curly hair and tons of arm hair.

And guess who’s waiting for me by my car.


“Jacey! Calm down! And please, for the love of God, stop pacing!” I plead, for the fifth time. Ever since she found out what a bad first impression she made on my mate, she has been mumbling to herself and burning a hole in my floor with all her pacing.

Cage is doing the stuff I told him to do so he isn’t here to calm here down. The liquor delivery is at noon, which is only a little over an hour from now so he has to get the paperwork done.

The delivery guy is human, and always loves to give us a hard time. He knows we are legal age to purchase the liquor, but he still cards us. Then he always checks every single paper to make sure it’s filled out right, then he always insists on bringing it all in himself and puts it all in the wrong places. It pisses me the fuck off.

Since he is human and doesn’t know about werewolves, I have a hard time not throwing him in the cellars.

“Jacey, it’s fine. I’m sure she will understand it was the alcohol talking last night! Please just calm down.” I beg, loudly. Yeah, I’m the Alpha and if I tell someone to calm down, they will. But when it comes to my sister, who is also the Beta Female, she can be hard to calm down and she doesn’t always listen to reason. She is very intelligent, but she is also very hard-headed and stubborn when she wants to be.

“Fine? Fine! It’s not fine, Deacon! Your mate probably think’s I’m nuts! How am I going to fix this! And, I almost revealed the fact that we are werewolves to her, a human, more than once!” Jacey freaks, yelling at me while pulling her hair in aggravation. “And, we don’t know if she will ever even come back here”, I growled at that, “So how will I ever apologize to her for acting crazy and explain all my rambling? Your mate is suppose to become my best friend, not think I’m insane!”

“Oh, for fucks sake Jacey! Relax!” I shout, trying hard not to let my Alpha voice take over. I love my sister and would do anything in the world for her, but she is seriously getting on my fucking nerves.

My wolf, Dylan, is getting annoyed too. And he loves Jacey to death as well.

She looks at me in shock. “Rude!” She yells at me, and puts her hands on her hips, glaring at me. “No, you are. You wouldn’t stop mumbling like a crazy person about how insane she probably thinks you are. Well, I’m letting you know, that if you do that in front of her, she will think you’re nuts. And you were hell bent on burning a hole in my floor with all your continuous pacing, it was driving me nuts. Jesus Christ, calm the fuck down already.” I reply, then smirk when she gapes at me.

Just then Cage walks out of the back room looking drained from all the paperwork he had to do as he drags a hand down his face and groans. Then he sees us in our little stand off, staring at each other from across the room and he looks taken aback, staring at us both wide eyed, then laughs.

“The hell is going on?” He gets out through laughs. Jacey lets out a long, heavy, dramatic sigh, then says, “I gave the worst first impression last night to his mate, and now she probably thinks I’m nuts. I wanted her and I to become best friends, now she probably think’s I’m a crazy person.” Jacey tells her mate. “And, she hasn’t shut up about it all morning.” I reply, annoyed, while glaring at Jacey, who scowls at me.

“Ugh. Jacey, baby, please don’t worry. I’m sure you two will become friends. Just tell her you were drunk and were in the middle of a werewolf book or something, please calm down baby.” Cage soothes Jacey, and she seems a lot calmer.

Ah, one of the many, many, Pro’s of a mate. They can calm you down when you are angry, or sad, or just when you need someone.

This just makes me want Violet here more. I need my mate, and I don’t know how to get her. I can’t just demand she come here, she’d hate me.

I just hope that cheating douchebag left her alone.

“Are you guys hungry? Cause I am starving. Let’s go eat.” Cage tells us, and Jacey nods in agreement, her stomach growling right then and I chuckle. “Yeah, I guess I could use some food.” I decide, and follow them into the restaurant side.

I go into the back where the kitchen is and inform the chef of our orders. Jacey always gets the same thing: bacon, eggs and hash browns with a glass of orange juice. Cage ordered a spinach omelet, with a side of fresh fruit. I ordered steak and eggs, with black coffee.

We took a booth by the window in the back, which is reserved for me. As in, only me, Cage and Jacey can use this booth unless I say otherwise. “You finished the liquor order paperwork, right?” I ask, in a tone that suggests if he says no he would regret it, seeing as the douche who delivers the liquor will be here in about thirty minutes.

“Yes, Alpha.” He answers sarcastically causing a scowl to form on my face as he and Jacey chuckle.

The chef, Alaric, brought out our food in ten minutes, “Thanks.“, we thank him. We ate it quickly, so I wouldn’t miss the delivery.

By the time we were done, the delivery truck was pulling up and the douchebag gets out of the drivers seat in his blue delivery uniform. His name tag says, ‘Lanny’, in sloppy letters. He grabs the first crate of beer and slowly tracks over toward the side entrance, which is the liquor backroom.

“I.D. Deacon Rock.” Lanny demands and I resist the urge to growl. I yank the clipboard from his sweaty grip and sign my name, then pull my I.D. out of my wallet and show it to him, like I do every. Fucking. Time. He delivers us liquor. It’s fucking annoying, especially because he knows I am twenty-one, and just likes to card me to piss me off.

He hums in approval and hands me my I.D. back, then takes his clipboard back, and checks my signature. “Middle initial too.” Lanny informs me and a small growl escapes my lips, then I pull the clipboard roughly out of his hands again, then sign my middle initial. I hand it back to him, and he over-looks it, the nods in approval.

Lanny, Cage and I collect the rest of the crates from the back of his truck and store them in the liquor room, which takes at least an hour, give or take.

Lanny drives off and I finally calm down. The guys gets me so pissed off, I could just snap him in half.

Then I hear my phone ding, it’s a text. I look at my phone, and see it’s a text from the last person I would expect, but it made me smile so big you could see it from a mile away.

VIOLET: Hey, Deacon, it’s Violet. Your bar open now?

ME: Hell, yeah.

VIOLET: Gr8. I’m on my way.

Nothing has made me this happy in a long time.

My mate is coming back here, today.

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