Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 7

After we finished our meals, the door burst open and out came Jacey along with Cage, who looked like he wanted to stop her from scaring me off.

She ran up to the picnic table and shoved Deacon so she had room to sit, making him scowl at her and me and Cage bite back our laughter. “Hey! I’m Jacey, I know we met last night, but I was a little drunk and I know I made a horrible first impression and you must think I’m crazy. Which would probably make you think Deacon is crazy too,” Deacon’s eye twitches in annoyance, much like last night, while Cage looks amused. “Well, we are not crazy, and I hope we can become friends. And I’m sorry about all that crazy nonsense I was saying last night, I was wasted so don’t believe any of that crap I said.” Jacey gets that all out in one breath.

“All forgotten. Don’t worry about it. And I’m Violet.” I reassure her with a smile and she lets out a huge sigh of relief. “I know who you are, Deacon has mentioned you. And good, because with you and my brother getting along the way you two are, I think we should become friends since I am sure I will be seeing a lot of you.” Jacey said with a suggestive wink and Cage gives her a look, while Deacon face palms obviously. Meanwhile, I am blushing. Does she think Deacon and I are a thing?

“Um, Deacon and I are just...” I trail off, unsure of what to call us. “Friends.” Deacon finishes for me, giving Jacey a harsh look and she frowns. “Friends? That’s it-” Cage cuts her off, “Jacey, babe, maybe you should show Violet around so I can talk to your brother for a minute.” Cage suggests and Deacon looks at him like he lost his mind.

“Um, ok.” Jacey answers, looking at him weirdly. “Come on.” Jacey smiles at me, and I get up and follow her. “Uh, k.” I say, unsure. Deacon gives me a reassuring smile, even though he looks tense.

She leads me back through the door and into the bar, then shows me everything the bar includes. “So, this is the bar, obviously. And, hey! Roy! Come say hi.” Jacey tells the bartender, who smiles and comes over. “Hey, I remember you from last night. I’m Roy, by the way. Are you ok?” Everybody keeps asking me that. “Yeah, I guess. And I’m Violet.” I answer, with a small forced smile. Jacey looks confused, as she looks at us wide eyed. “Wait, what happened last night?” Jacey asks, clearly confused and out of the loop. That sucks. I hate being out of the loop.

“You don’t know?” Roy asks, shocked. She shakes her head, annoyed now. “No. If I did, I wouldn’t be asking now, would I Roy?” Jacey answers sarcastically and I stifle a laugh. “Now tell me. You know how much I hate being out of the loop, it’s pisses me off when things are kept from me.” Jacey demands. “Her boyfriend was cheating on her, then got in a huge fight with the bikers. He was pretty hurt, and she was hurt and the blonde he was fucking left.” Roy explains, and I push away my sadness.

“Oh my God. I am so sorry Violet!” Jacey gushes and hugs me, thankfully not near as tight as last night. I could barely breath last night when she hugged me. “Thanks.” My reply is quiet. I don’t want to talk about this. I am done talking about him.

“But, can we please talk about something else? I am sick of talking about that.” I suggest, and Jacey nods quickly. “Yeah, absolutely. Let’s continue the tour, even though there isn’t that much to tour.” Jacey mumbles the last part, sounding annoyed. I chuckle slightly. “So, here is where we keep all the liquor.” Jacey shows me.

It’s a large back room stocked with shelves full of every different type of alcohol imaginable. There are boxes lining one wall, a desk, and different types alcohol glasses.

“Have you ever been in the restaurant part?” Jacey asks and I shake my head. She squeals in excitement. “Come on, I’ll show you. It’s really cool, and they make a mean chocolate lava cake.” I smile. That sounds really good.


“Why did you have my big mouth of a sister, take my human mate away from us where we can’t correct her if she starts spouting out stuff about werewolves?” I question my Beta, somewhat angrily. He sighs dramatically and runs a hand down his face in clear annoyance. He shouldn’t be annoyed, he’s the one who took my mate away. I should be annoyed. And I am. “I need to talk to you about something important.” He says seriously and instantly I am in full Alpha mode, my previous annoyance put on hold.

“What about?” I ask. “Beau mind-linked me, he told me the rogues are getting into Alpha Nash’s territory and attacking. Two got inside last week and attacked a child. The kid’s fine, but the rogues got away. Beau was going to stay an extra month or two to help out, but he just found out Nora’s pregnant and he doesn’t think it’s safe for her to stay there for too much longer since she’s pregnant, so they are going to come home soon.”

Beau, my Third In Command, was sent to Alpha Nash Walker’s pack, The Red Moon Pack, to help with the rogue attacks. Nash and I have known each other for our whole lives and we are close friends, since my mother was from that pack before she met my father and became this packs previous Luna. Nora, Beau’s mate, went with him as did his father Wesley. Beau’s mother, who was his father’s mate, died in a rogue attack when Beau was only six months old.

Most werewolves go crazy and become rogues, or die when their mate dies, but Wesley didn’t. He stayed sane because he had a child to care for.

“And why didn’t he mind-link me?” I demand, pissed. “He tried, he said you blocked everyone out. Because Nora and Wesley tried to contact you too and they couldn’t get through.”

“I did? Dammit. I didn’t mean to block everyone out, I guess I was just so focused on being with my mate I didn’t want a distraction and accidentally blocked everyone.” I tell him and he gives me a smirk.

“Ah, now it’s my turn to laugh at you for being too focused on your mate to do anything, like you did to me when Jacey and I found out we were mates.” Cage says laughing and I glare at him.

Nice going, idiot.

My wolf, Dylan, says in my head and I growl at him.

Fuck you. You didn’t give a fuck either when you were looking at our mate.

I reply in an irritated tone and he growls back at me.

You still shouldn’t of blocked your mind, dumbass.

Dylan retorts and I block him out so I can focus on what Cage is saying.

“Anyway, you should mind-link Beau and Nash today. Just to check in. It seems like the rogue attacks are getting worse, and they are heading our way too.” Cage tells me angrily and I growl at the mention of rogues coming anywhere near my pack. Cage hate’s rogues just as much as I do, they almost killed his Dad in front of him when he was eight. Luckily, my Dad, the previous Alpha, got to him just in time and saved his life. So I understand Cage’s anger toward them.

“How many are there?” I need to get an estimate of how many there are, so I know how many more patrol wolves to put on the borders surrounding my pack. I’ve already got a decent amount of wolves on my border, and I’ve got one of the strongest most feared packs out there, so if someone tries to attack us the patrol wolves get them before they have a chance to come into my territory. But since there have been so many rogue attacks, I want a lot more out there for some extra security just to be safe.

“They think about seventy or more. And they have some kind of leader as well. Plus, they think they are planning their attacks.” Cage tells me and my jaw hits the floor. “Seventy?” I almost whisper in complete disbelief. Rogues are stupid, crazed, killers. They don’t live in packs, they have no Alpha and they don’t plan their attacks either, they pretty much wrote the definition of, ‘winging it’. The most I have ever seen together is about twenty, and even that was a lot for rogues. “Seventy.” Cage confirms in a growl with a scowl on his face and crossing his arms over his chest.

“How is there that many together? Rogues are dumbass’s, they don’t live in packs or plan things before they do them. What the hell is going on?” I think out loud. “I have no fucking idea. I thought the same thing. Rogues don’t do pack things, they are too crazy to do these things or listen to anyone.” Cage said, with a look of confusion. I’m sure I mirror his look of confusion mixed with disbelief. This just doesn’t happen.

I take a long swig of my beer. “I also heard that the attack on the child wasn’t random, it was planned. The child that was attacked was Alpha Nash’s cousin.” Cage informs me and I spit out my beer all over the table. “Nash’s cousin? Charlie!? He’s only nine!” I choke out in fear and concern. I’ve known the kid his whole life. Cage nods sadly. “Yes. But like I said, he’s fine now.”

I can feel Dylan pacing in my head, getting very angry as well. He and I hate rogues, even more so when they mess with a child. The rogues need to die. And soon.

“How bad was he hurt?” I ask and Cage hesitates answering the question. That can’t be good. “How bad?” I demand. my voice deeper. Cage sighs, “Just remember, he’s ok now. He’s healing, and Charlie’s almost completely healed now.” I growl in irritation for his stalling. “Ok, fine, he had four broken ribs, a broken arm, gashes all over his chest, stomach and back. A large slash across his face and on his arm. Bite marks everywhere. Since he is only nine, he couldn’t shift yet, so he was almost dead when they found him.” Cage tells me solemnly and a large growl escapes from deep in my chest. Intense fear, concern, worry and hatred flood my system. Mother fucking rogues! They almost killed an innocent child, they are murderous and need to be stopped.

“Those rogues got away?” I whisper in a slight growl, and Cage nods hesitantly. He can tell I am about to blow a fuse, and that he needs to calm me down. Whenever someone messes with a child, that angers me to a whole new level, especially a child I know.

“Yes, but, they killed ten yesterday.” Cage says in a hopeful tone, trying to calm me. “Alpha you need to calm down, your human mate is inside and you can’t go all crazy with her here. You’ll scare her.” Cage tells me and instantly fear forms. I can’t scare her off! I need my mate.

I stand up, and walk toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Cage asks in concern, probably thinking I’m going to go on a rampage.

“To my mate.”


When I was with Deacon again, we went out to a private lake not too far from his bar, and went out onto the pier. “So, I hope Jacey wasn’t too crazy.” Deacon jokes, laughing but I think he is a little serious. “No. She’s nice, I think we will become good friends.” We stayed out there for two hours. It was amazing. The water was so beautiful.

Deacon and I talked for hours, about Chad, me, life, everything, and by the time I left the bar it was already almost eleven P.M.

He walked me out to my car again like last night, and we made plans for me to come back again tomorrow. I don’t know what’s happening, but I don’t want it to stop.

When I got home and told Amber I didn’t take a picture of him, she was annoyed but she was too happy to be annoyed for long. Amber is just too damn excited about me having lunch with him and spending almost the whole day with him.

I went straight to bed, I was so exhausted. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep at all. I dreamt of Deacon all night though. And wolves. Dreams of Deacon and I kissing, of us running with a pack of wolves, of us happy together. It was nice, but also weird and confusing.

It’s morning, and my plans with Deacon have affected my morning clothes routine. Normally, I just pick out something that I like and is stylish, now I want something that’s hot, mixed with a little sexy. Why I want to dress hot because I am going to see him, I don’t know. So, I went with black skinny jeans, a red V-neck tank top, my black ankle boots and my own leather jacket. As for my makeup, I did a neutral color eyeshadow that complements my eyes. I never use false lashes as mine are already very long, so I just coat them in my favorite mascara. As for the rest of my face, I used my foundation, concealer, light bronzer and blush. As for my lips, just a swipe of pink lip gloss.

For breakfast I just had a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese on it, a bowl of fresh fruit and a glass of orange juice. Amber was still snoring away in her room, so I left her a note on the fridge telling her where I went,


I went to Deacon’s Bar. I will bring you home a burger. TTYL -Violet’

She’d appreciate the burger, seeing as she can’t cook to save her life. And if she didn’t have TV dinners, ordering out, or me bringing her home food, she’d starve to death. She really needs to enroll in a cooking class or something.

I walked out of my apartment and ran into one of my neighbors. An older lady who has lived next door to us for year’s now. “Oh, hi Mrs. Harper.” I greet her cheerfully with a large smile. “Hello, dear. How are you?” She greets back, with her always there happy smile. The corners of her eyes and mouth crinkling as she smiles brightly at me.

“I’m doing ok. What about you?” I stray away from the Chad topic, the last thing I need to do is vent and burden her with my problems. It’s bad enough I do that to Amber and now Deacon, Cage, and Jacey too. “Oh, I’m great dear. I’m now a great grandma since my granddaughter just had a baby, so I’m going to go visit her.” Mrs. Harper tells me smiling and I beam at her. “Oh wow! That’s great! Is the baby a boy or a girl?” I ask in excitement. I love babies, I would love to have one or two, one day. “It’s a little girl, her name is Melody Rose.” She tells me and I smile. “What a beautiful name.” I compliment, truthfully. “It is.” She smiles and then I notice she has her suitcase. “Oh, are you going now?” I ask her, pointing at the suitcase. “Yes, on my way there today. I’ve actually got to get going.” She says, “I’ll walk with you to the elevator. I have somewhere to be myself.” I tell her, while biting my lip to keep from smiling like an idiot as we walk toward the elevator.

“Oh, where to?” She inquires and I try to hide my excitement about seeing Deacon again. “To a friends.” I say lightly, although she can probably tell this friend of mine is special. “A friend, huh? What’s his name?” She asks, with a knowing look. “Deacon Rock.” I say, almost dreamily. Jesus, I am like a love sick kid with a crush on a singer. “Oh, and do you like him?” I gape at her. “Well, he’s my friend so yeah, I like him.” I steer it to friendship. I can’t admit that I like him more than I should like a friend. I just broke up with a two-year long boyfriend, I can’t be crushing on another guy so soon. “No, dear, that’s not what I meant. You like like him, don’t you?” She asks me knowingly and I nod. “Then, what is holding you back from getting him?” She asks me confused and I sigh. “I just broke up with my boyfriend a couple days ago, and I don’t want to get hurt again.” I explain, suddenly a little sad and annoyed. Chad ruined everything. If he hadn’t broken me so bad, I could’ve tried to have something with Deacon.

“Oh, I’m so sorry sweetie, what happened?” Mrs. Harper asks sympathetically and pulls me into a hug and I hug her back. She has been like a grandma to me and Amber ever since we met her. “He cheated on me because I wouldn’t have sex with him. So he found some slut who would.” I inform her, slight anger, bitterness and sadness in my voice. “Oh, Violet. I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that, no one does. Don’t worry, he’ll get what’s coming to him eventually.” Mrs. Harper says, determination and sureness in her kind old lady voice.

“He kind of already got his ass kicked.” I mumble and she gasps and pulls back, looking at me in shock and concern. I nod, “Yeah, when I found him cheating, he was at a bar making out with some blonde. He was wasted, and got into a fight with huge bikers. They kicked his ass, big time. He went to the doctor, and he texted me last night about it. He has two broken ribs and his nose is fractured.” I explain. “Well, you know what they say. Karma’s a bitch.” The kind old lady says seriously and I can’t contain my small giggle. “So, this Deacon guy...” She lets the sentence hang, waiting for my response. “I like him, and I’m pretty sure he likes me a lot too, but Chad kind of broke me. He is the second guy to hurt me bad, and now I feel like I can’t trust any guy. And Deacon is a major a badass. A typical bad boy. And Deacon will probably hurt me too, just like Chad did. I feel so unlovable.”

“Don’t let some jerk ruin your life Violet. You’re not unlovable sweetie and don’t let Chad make you feel unlovable. If you have feelings for this Deacon guy, and he has feelings for you, then go for it. Don’t let Chad ruin something that could be wonderful. Chad is your past, but this Deacon guy could be your future.” Mrs. Harper tells me firmly and seriously.

Then the elevator doors open and we see a bunch of people waiting to get on. We walk out together to the parking lot, “Bye, Violet. Have a good day. And take a chance.” Mrs. Harper gives me an encouraging smile and waves at me as we go our separate ways towards our cars. “Bye. Have fun with your granddaughter and great granddaughter.” I say happily and wave. She smiles brightly and waves again before getting into her car.

I hop into my black Mustang, and rev the engine. I love the sound of my car. I pull out of my parking spot and into the street, heading to Deacon’s Bar. I played my CD’s the whole drive, but I couldn’t concentrate on the music playing. I can’t stop thinking about what Mrs. Harper and I talked about. How I shouldn’t let Chad ruin my life or make me feel unlovable, and that I should just trust my heart. I do like Deacon, a lot. More than a lot. He feels right, like he and I are suppose to be together. It’s weird. And whenever we touch, I feel those incredible sparks wherever his skin touches mine. I feel like he would never hurt me, but I thought Chad would never hurt me either. So, I guess I am not a good judge of character.

It’s like, every guy tricks you into thinking he’s a good guy, but then he turns around and stabs you in the back. And they say girls are two faced. Ha. But, Cage and Jacey are happy, so, maybe not all guys are dicks. And Deacon, I want to trust him, so bad. But I am so scared, so fucking scared. My heart is broken, and I don’t need another heartbreak so soon. I can’t handle it. The feeling of being unlovable and replaceable. It’s like, I am good enough for a while until they want something better. I’m never enough. It’s not fair, it’s turning me bitter. Blake and his girlfriend are happy, Chad is probably perfectly happy with Danielle, Cage and Jacey are happy. And every time I am happy, something breaks me again.

I can’t deal with it. It hurts too bad, and I don’t need it.

I pull into the parking lot for Deacon’s Bar and Restaurant and park up front. It’s still early, so there’s not many people here. Except for the obvious drunks and people eating. When I walk inside I see Deacon behind the bar. I have never seen him behind the bar before, he looks sexy as hell in that tight black t-shirt and serving people. Damn, I think my mouth went dry.

He looks up and sees me, instantly putting a large smile on his face, which puts one on mine. I walk over then sit on a barstool. “Hey. Sorry, I’m late.” I apologize, I was suppose to be here twenty minutes ago. I feel so bad. “It’s fine.” Deacon says smiling, but he looks relieved. Maybe I should’ve called.


It’s so not fine. I was freaking out that she got into a car accident or something. I almost went looking for her, and nearly had some of my guard wolves go look for her too. Until Cage stopped me, called me a crazy person and said she was probably stuck in traffic or something. In hindsight, he was probably right. She’s here, safe and sound, so I don’t have to worry anymore. But I probably should fix the chair I broke in my worry.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I never freak out like that. I am an Alpha, I remain calm and assess a situation. I never panic. But her being twenty minutes late, scared me, a lot. The way a mate makes you act and feel, it’s strong and the protectiveness and possessiveness I feel is just as strong.

“No, I should’ve called. I just caught up with a neighbor who is going away for a while. I hope I didn’t worry you.” Violet says, looking like she feels bad for not letting me know she was running late. Well, shit. Now I feel bad because she looks upset. She shouldn’t, we aren’t together...yet.

She is already technically mine, she just doesn’t know it yet. We are mates, so she is mine and I can’t stand that she doesn’t know who she belongs to. The knowledge that she could flirt with some other guy because she doesn’t know she is mine is driving me insane.

“It’s ok, you don’t owe me an explanation.” I say, trying to ease her guilt. She smiles sheepishly and it’s adorable. “Really, stop feeling guilty. It’s ok, this time. But, yeah, please call or text me next time.” I say, because I couldn’t help myself. She nods quickly. “Believe me, I will. I always do with my parents and Amber, I just wasn’t sure if you would think that’s weird or something.” Violet answers, looking less guilty now. Good. I don’t like my mate feeling bad.

“Hungry?” I ask, changing the subject and she smiles but shakes her head. “No, just ate. But, a chocolate lava cake sounds great.” Violet answers, with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. I smirk, and I see the mischievous gleam in her gorgeous blue eyes turn to lust and desire. I like that, a whole lot. I want her to look at me in lust. “Then let’s go get some.” I reply, then hop over the bar and the lust and desire in her eyes intensifies. She wants me, and it looks like she wants me just as much as I want her. And that is a helluva lot.

I stick my elbow out for her to take, and she raises her eyebrow at me while looking at me in amusement. I raise my eyebrow too and smirk a little at her in challenge. I see a look I can’t name in her eyes, and then she takes my arm and I hear her breath hitch. The sparks are getting stronger, the closer we get to each other emotionally. And when I mark her, they will get even more intense. They will be the strongest once we mate. If I could, I’d mate her right here and now. But I don’t think she’d want that just yet. Especially since we aren’t even a couple yet. Which pisses me off. A lot.

She’s my mate, we should be together. I wish she knew what the sparks meant. If she did, things would be so much easier. She’d already be my Luna if she knew. Plus, the whole explaining werewolves is one tedious process and usually causes people to run away screaming. And the last thing I need is for her to run away from me in fear. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Once we get into the restaurant, I take her to my private booth in the back. One of my waitresses who is human, walks up to take our order. “What would you like to eat?” Adrianna asks, with a cheery smile. She is nineteen, so she isn’t allowed to serve any alcohol, although she tries. It pisses me off. Especially with her excessive flirting with me. I have found my mate, and I don’t want Adrianna. No, I never slept with her. I don’t sleep with any of my staff.

“Two chocolate lava cakes.” I order and give her a look that says, touch-my-arm-like-yesterday-and-you-loose-yours. She gets the hint and doesn’t touch me, but sends me a flirty smile which -thank the Lord- Violet didn’t notice. If she did I would’ve been this close to snapping Adrianna’s neck.

Once she walks away, I look at Violet seriously. She looks taken aback at my sudden change in character and then looks at me expectantly. I take a deep breath, then ask her the question I shouldn’t even have to ask since she is already mine.

“Violet, will you go out with me?”

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