Alpha Deacon

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Chapter 9


It’s been over a week since Violet left. One week and four days. Eleven days total, and I am missing her like crazy. Dylan has been whining in my head non-stop, and I can’t help but agree with him. Ever since she left that day after she turned me down, I have not been myself. I’ve been incredibly angry, and anything can set me off. The bikers were here a couple days ago and I nearly killed them. If Cage hadn’t of done something, I would’ve committed murder right here in my bar. And that would not be good for both my business or me, since I would’ve ended up in jail. Even though I have killed before, those were all werewolves.

But if Chad walked into my bar, Cage, Beau, my Dad and Wesley would all have to hold me back and I’d still probably break free to get to him.

Beau, Nora and Wesley are coming home in a few weeks, and he told me the rogue attacks have not increased or decreased but stayed the same. They attack once a month, all random days and places. They killed a child yesterday. A little four-year-old was out in her backyard and her Mother was cooking, watching her through the window. When she wasn’t looking, a rogue came out of nowhere and tore the little girl apart. Her Mom tried to save her, but she was almost killed herself in the process.

It’s only six A.M., so there isn’t much to do except clean up the place and get ready for opening which is at seven. All that really needs to be done is unstacking the chairs and cleaning.

I’m heading to the Pack house soon to check in and call a meeting. The meeting will include Cage, Jacey, my parents, my top warrior wolves and guard wolves, and Beau, Nora and Wesley on the phone.

The sun is barely up and there is a cool breeze flowing in through the open window across from me. I have broken five chairs and one couch this week since I needed some way to release my anger and worry over not having my mate. Cage, like the great Beta slash bar manager he is, already ordered the exact same ones and they should be here tomorrow. I also tortured some rogues I had locked in the cellar and killed them after I was done beating the crap out of them. It is my stress relief.

“I’m sure she will be back soon.” Cage says from beside me, giving me a sympathetic look. “Don’t pity me.” I say, angrier than I should’ve and he glares at me. “I wasn’t pitying you, but I know you have been having a hard time without your mate around, so I wanted to give you some hope. You don’t have to be a dick.” Cage replies, irritated and walks away and through the door toward the lounge room. I guess he’s right, I have been kind of a dick lately.

I just need my mate back in my life. Having her gone is killing me. Yes, it hurt like hell when she turned me down, but she did say she wants me, but she’s scared. That bastard Chad hurt her so badly she is too terrified to be with her mate. And I’m the one person who would never hurt her, who would never cheat on her or leave her, and I would love her forever. Hell, I’m already in love with her.

God, the urge to track Chad down and snap his neck is so strong, I am barely holding myself back from doing so. And it would be so easy too, and I could make it look like an animal attack. I’d get away clean and Violet would never have to know. But, when I tell her about werewolves, I have a feeling she would connect the dots real fast. Unless I told her it was a rogue, which I wouldn’t want to do, because I never want to lie to my mate.

What if Violet never comes back? What sf she just said ‘fuck it’ and wants to leave this town because of all the bad luck with love she’s had? Then what? I’d track her down and claim what’s mine, that’s what. No way is she leaving me. Ok, I am blowing this way out of proportion right now. She just needed to get away for a while, not forever. I need to go blow off some steam.

I jump over the bar and head through the door toward the lounge, then out the back door that leads to the woods. I strip of all my clothes and leave them sitting on the bench outside the door, then shift into my wolf form. I shake out my all black fur, then charge into the trees at a speed no other animal is capable of. Hell, most werewolves can’t even keep up with me. Cage almost can, he is about two mph slower than me, but that’s all. Beau next, about three or four mph slower than me.

I charge as fast as I can as I weave through the trees covering my territory. The animals that live here flee when I am near, the deer taking out in fear. It makes me smirk, knowing how much fear I can cause. The wind is blowing through my fur and I’m sure my eyes are pitch black. Meaning I’m angry, but still in control. If my eyes were gold, that would mean that Dylan was in control.

I jump over logs and low hanging branches, swerving in and out of bushes and trees in my path. My large paws dig into the earth with each large stride I take, leaving my prints on the damp soil that covers the ground. The flowers surrounding me are covered in early morning dew, same as the leaves on the bushes and trees. Plenty of hummingbirds are flying around the flowers, and taking off when I’m near. I jump over a large log, landing in a small puddle on the other side, causing mud to splash up my legs. I shake it off, then continue my run. I increase my speed, and head straight toward the lake that I know is hidden not too far from here.

It’s a small natural lake with a waterfall, and it’s surrounded with flower covered trees and bushes. It’s calming to me, to sit there and watch the waterfall.

Once I reach it, I dive into the water to clean the mud off me. I can’t stand having mud on me, then drying and getting all cakey on my legs. It’s irritating and hard to get off. I slosh around the water in one spot to get clean, then I swim around for a while. The water is clear, cool and refreshing. I can see all the way to the bottom, where small pebbles line the floor. There are tiny orange and multicolored fish swimming about, and frogs on lily pads. I swim underneath the waterfall, and sit on the large flat rock hidden behind it. This is my hidden vantage point. I can see around the side of the water, but anyone who approaches can’t see me.

It truly intensifies the intimidating predator I am.

My point is proven true, when a buck walks up to the lake to take a drink. I watch the buck with the huge antlers, bend it’s head to drink from the lake. I growl lowly, still needing to blow off some steam. I stalk closer, still very hidden by the water, then I go under the waterfall and emerge on the other side, doing just what I wanted. Alerting the deer. I enjoy a good chase.

The deer’s head snaps up, eyes wide in alert and it sees me. The buck takes off in the opposite direction, and I take a leap then run after it, not even at full speed. I could run half speed and still catch it. Which I do. I can hear the deer’s heart is beating rapidly, as it’s hooves maneuver through the obstacles the woods provide. It leaps gracefully over a log, and I follow swiftly after, growling loudly. I snarl at the creature, baring my teeth as I nip at his legs. It tries to kick my face, but I turn my head away just in time. I nip it’s legs again, and right when I’m about to jump onto it’s back to bite it’s neck, I hear a noise to my side and abruptly stop in my tracks. Sliding to a stop.

My head jerks to the right, searching for the source of the noise. My ears are standing straight up and I’m completely alert. Something is out there. And it isn’t another deer, or any normal animal.

If it’s a rogue, so help me God, I will tear it apart. Then I hear a twig snap, and I see a bush move. A low warning growl escapes me as I raise my hackles and lower my head in a warning fight position.

The noise gets louder, and then I smell it. The very familiar scent. Cage. I stand up straight again, and then see Cage in his wolf form -who’s name is Asher- walking toward me. Cage is in control, and he looks pissed at me still.

Why did you follow me? I mind-link him in a growl, demanding an answer.

Because, I was worried about you. I know how much you miss your mate, so I wanted to check on you. Even though you were being a dick. He mind-links back in a growl as well, still sounding angry.

You don’t need to worry about me, I’m fine Cage. I lie, and he knows it. I’m not fine. Not even close. I need Violet and she isn’t here, because she is too overwhelmed with her life right now.

Yes, I do. I’m your Beta and your best friend, of course I am going to worry about you. I know you miss Violet, but I know she will be home soon. Cage tries to comfort me, but it doesn’t work.

I sigh into the mind-link and Cage gives me a sympathetic look. Even in wolf form I can see the sympathy all over his face. I lower my head in sadness, and Dylan whines.

Come on, lets head back to the bar. It’s been over an hour. Cage tells me and my eyes widen. Over an hour already? Wow.

I nod, and we walk back toward my bar. It doesn’t take too long to get back. We both shift back and put out clothes back on. Mine consisting of blue jean, a white t-shirt and my combat boots.

It’s seven thirty now, and my bar and restaurant are open for business. And already it has a lot of people. More so in the restaurant, as that serves breakfast. I’m hungry myself, although I usually just drink a cup of coffee and have a breakfast sandwich, but today I am actually going to have a full breakfast. I tell Alaric, the chef, to make me a ham, cheese, bacon and sausage omelet and some bacon and eggs.

I take a seat at my private booth, and pull out my phone, debating texting Violet, again. I haven’t texted her since yesterday, and it was just a simple text. I suddenly smell strong perfume traveling closer to me and I suppress my growl of annoyance. Adrianna. She may be human, but she is just as pushy as some she-wolves are. Like the bitch Britney who wouldn’t leave Beau alone, Adrianna is similar. Even though I’ve never slept with her, she want’s me. She is always trying to touch me and flirt with me, and trying her hardest to get in my pants. It ain’t happening. Especially because I found my mate. No girl in the world can compare to Violet.

“Hey, Deacon.” I growl lowly, she always has that flirty tone in her voice that I hate with a passion. “No, Adrianna. I already ordered, go away.” I warn her and she pouts. “Now, or you’re going to be fired.” I threaten and she leaves after giving me a small glare.

If she was a she-wolf, she’d be in the cellars for all her disrespect. I don’t tolerate disrespect, and she excludes it when she doesn’t get her way. She act’s like a little kid. The only reason I hired her is because her uncle used to be a chef and recommended her and vouched for her. He retired two-years ago, and I was debating firing her. I didn’t, because he is a nice guy and was a great chef. But if she keeps this flirting shit up or makes Violet uncomfortable, she’s gone.

Alaric brings my food to me, and I thank him and he gives me a nod and a, ‘Your welcome, Alpha’. Then he goes back to the kitchen. The booth plops in on both sides of me, and I turn my head to see Jacey on my left and Cage on my right. I raise an eyebrow in question. “May I help you?” I question, my voice laced with sarcasm. Jacey smirks, then nods. “You have been a total dick ever since Violet left and you need to cut it out. You’re pissing me off. I love you, but I am getting very annoyed with you. So, stop being such an ass.” Jacey orders me angrily and I just blink. “Excuse me?” I ask, incredulous. “You heard me. Knock it off. Just call her! Stop taking your feelings out on everything and everyone around you!” Jacey shouts, drawing attention.

Luckily there is only a few people here since it’s only eight A.M., but she is still being embarrassing.

“Ok, ok, calm down Jacey. Geez. You’re drawing attention, shut up.” I order her, and she glares at me. “He’s right Jacey, you’re drawing attention. Keep it down baby, please.” Cage begs, in a pleading tone, causing Jacey’s glare to shift to him. “You shut it. You agreed he was being a dick, and he needs to cool it.” This causes me to look at Cage. I already knew he thought I was being a dick, he told me himself, but the look on of annoyance on his face is priceless.

“He is, but you don’t need to tell all the customers that the owner of the place is being a dick. That is not gong to get customers, that’s going to lose them.” Cage informs his mate, giving her a pointed look to keep her mouth shut when she goes to protest.

“Fine. But he is.” Jacey mutters with an annoyed pout, and crosses her arms over her chest. “Stop staring at my sister’s boobs.” I tell Cage, who was staring. Cage looks shocked and looks at me, then smirks. “She’s my mate, I’ve seen them before.” Cage tells me, and I growl lowly, causing his smirk to widen and Jacey to blush big time.

Alaric brings out my food, and Jacey’s stomach growls and she looks at my plate, her eyes widening. “Alaric, one chocolate lava cake please.” She smiles and he chuckles and mutters, “Figures.” Then he looks to Cage. “Beta Cage, would you like something?” Cage nods, “Just a black coffee.” Alaric nods then goes back to the kitchen. I dive into my omelet, Jacey staring at it the whole time and practically drooling. I sigh, then hand her my fork and she grins at me then takes a huge bite, causing Cage and I to chuckle.

“Mmmm. So, good.” She moans in delight, then licks her lip and I see Cage’s eyes flash with desire and lust. Eww. That’s my little sister, that both grosses me out and pisses me off. “Yum.” Jacey moans again, and I see Cage readjust his pants. Oh, fucking gross. “Dude, calm your hard on, we are in public.” I whisper/yell, with a harsh look and Cage looks slightly embarrassed, but also like he want’s to laugh. “Come on Jacey.” Cage says standing up and holding out his hand for her making Jacey look at him in confusion. “Where? My chocolate lava cake isn’t even here yet.” Jacey says, looking at him like he lost his mind. “To calm my hard on.” He announces all of a sudden and my eyes bug out. I know what they are going to do, and I don’t like it or want to know about it. She gives a mischievous grin, and takes his hand, chocolate lava cake forgotten.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it, you jackass.” I angrily say to Cage and he grins. “I know. But, this is way better than thinking about dead fish.” Cage replies, grinning widely.

I growl, and glare at their backs as they walk away. I push my omelet away, my appetite long gone now, knowing what’s going to happen with my best friend and my little sister. They are lucky there’re mates, or shit would hit the fan. They found out they were mates when Jacey turned eighteen, one year ago. It was her eighteenth birthday, and the second she saw Cage and he saw her, they knew. They were both really happy, which made me happy. I was originally going to punch him, but seeing how happy he made her, I couldn’t.

I stand up, and let the bus boy take my plate. I almost run into Alaric, who is carrying the cake and coffee. “Don’t bother, they left.” I inform him and he nods, turning back to the kitchen. I head to my office and plop down into my chair. I groan and run my hand down my face, then pull open the top drawer. I grab the documents that need to be filed and begin the tedious task. There are about two hundred papers, all needing to be separated and filed into separate folders. Fuck, this is gonna take a while.

I reach into my mini fridge and grab a bottle of Dr. Pepper, then pop the lid off and take a long swig. It’s barely eight thirty in the morning and I’m not looking forward to doing this paperwork. I’d get Cage to do it, but he’s a little busy right now. That almost made me throw up or break something.

Looking out the window, I see some of my pack members shifting into their wolf forms and taking off into the woods at road runner speed. The freedom you feel when you are in wolf form is incredible. I wish Cage had waited an hour before he dragged me back here. Being in my wolf form is one of my favorite things to do. Dylan loves being in his form and loves running.

But the only thing I love more than being in my wolf form is being with my mate, who I miss more than I thought it was possible to miss someone.

I wonder what she’s doing right now? Is she with Chad? No, no way. Is she with another guy? That thought causes a large growl to come out and I almost break my stapler which I was holding. I wonder if she has been crying a lot. That thought made Dylan whimper. He hasn’t talked much since Violet left, and I don’t blame him. The only time he talks is when we are pissed off.

I grab my phone and write,

ME: Violet, how are you?

But then I hit delete. I can’t text her again, I don’t want to bother her more. She left to get away from everything, not to hear from everyone.

I just hope that little fucker left her alone.

So help me God, if I find out Chad went to her, he won’t live to see another day.

To think he thinks he has some claim on her when she’s mine, makes me more livid than I’ve ever been. She. Is. Mine. And Chad needs to fucking learn that and leave her the fuck alone.

I just hope she is isn’t somewhere all sad, and heartbroken. The last thing I need to hear is that she has been crying non-stop. That would kill me.

There was a knock on my door, and in I grunt I reply, “Come in.” My door opens slowly, and Roy pokes his head inside, almost nervously. “Al-alpha?” He never stutters, but he knows everyone is walking on eggshells around me right now, so he’s being cautious. Smart boy. “Yes?” I inquire and he opens the door slightly wider. “Um, the bikers are here,” I cut him off with my loud growl, “Son of a bitch!” I growl out loudly, then storm out of my office with a scared looking Roy behind me.

“Fuckers! Leave! Now!” I demand the bikers, as soon as I step into the bar. The group of bikers just look at me, then smirk and turn back to their pool game. Oh, hell no. Nobody, not even a human, disrespects an me, a very pissed off Alpha who is missing his mate. Shit is going to hit the fan right now. “I. Said. Leave.” I order, lowly, not quite letting my Alpha voice out yet. I will save that for last. Besides, if I get the chance to take a swing at one, I’m taking it. “We. Don’t. Care.” One of them shoots back at me with a smirk and my anger rises. I was already about to blow, and these guys are just confirming it. “I own this place, now get the fuck out. Now.” I demand again, but his smirk doesn’t falter.

Ok, if that’s how they want to act, let them. “Get out and never come back here ever again.” I command in my Alpha voice, and they all drop their pool sticks and leave. I smirk evilly, and they glare at me on their way out.

Adrianna is standing a few feet behind me, staring at me in lust and I can smell her uncontained arousal from here. Slut. I see her tug her top down, making her breasts pop out more than they already were, and I am already angry, and this just makes me livid. “Wow, that was so amazing and hot Deacon. I think you made my panties wet.” Adrianna says, in a seductive tone and it makes me snap. “Enough!” I boom, and she jumps in shock. “Stop with all the flirting, I’m sick of it! I’m not going to fuck you, so stop trying! So, help me God, if you try one more move on me, you will be fired!” I promise, my eyes flashing completely black and she nods quickly before scurrying away.

Fuck. I am getting so sick of her. “Deacon,” Adrianna comes back, and I turn my head to see her in her lingerie bra and pantie set. Son. Of. A. Bitch. I warned her. I point to the door, with a steely glare aimed her. “Out.” I demand. She walks over to me, swaying her hips seductively. “Deacon, baby,” She starts and I hold my hand up and give her one of my most intimidating looks and she halts in her tracks, and pales slightly. If I wasn’t so livid, I’d smirk. “You are fired, Adrianna. Get your clothes then get the fuck out.” I command, letting my Alpha voice slip through slightly and she nods quickly, gathers her clothes and leaves.


For the first time, I am happy my mate isn’t here to see that. That is the last thing she needs to see. I probably would kill Adrianna then. I’m used to girls hitting on me, but this was getting out of hand, especially since she is my employee and this is my bar, where she blatantly stripped almost completely naked in front of everyone. She has no shame, little whore.

Roy would’ve enjoyed the show, but he was too busy hiding from me in the back to see it. Plus, I would’ve yelled at him if he had slept with her anyway.

I don’t even know if she would’ve, she wanted me. I don’t get why women try so hard when men make it so obvious when we don’t want you. I told her multiple times it would never happen, she just didn’t take no for an answer, and now she lost her job.

Who knows what she is going to tell her uncle, but right now I don’t give a flying fuck. She could tell him I fired her for spilling coffee and I wouldn’t give a fuck. He probably wouldn’t believe it anyway.

I head back into my office, to continue doing the stupid filing. Fuck. I want my mate, God dammit.

It’s the end of the night, and I’m currently wiping down the bar with a old rag and some strongly lemon scented cleaner, when I smell the most amazing thing I have ever smelled in my life. And instantly I know what it is. My mate, she’s back in town and she’s here.

I look up, and see her standing at the door of my bar, with a nervous small smile on her face. I don’t even care she turned me down, I am just so damn happy she’s back. I smile widely and she gives a sigh in relief, then beams at me.

I jump over the bar and walk quickly and with a purpose toward her. She looks unsure of what I’m about to do. And I do exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I hug her. At first she seems startled, and keeps her arms taut at her sides. Then I feel her body start to relax against me and she wraps her arms around me too, and I hear Dylan howl in joy in my head. The sparks I have missed for over a week are here again, and I couldn’t be happier.

“I’ve missed you.” I admit and she nods against my shoulder, where her head is buried. “I’ve missed you too.” She tells me, making my smile bigger. To know that my mate missed me too, brings me a lot of joy.

“I didn’t mean to make life harder for you, Violet. I’m sorry.” I apologize and she shakes her head quickly. “No, don’t be. It’s just life was getting a bit overwhelming and I needed to get away.” She tells me, and pulls back. I reluctantly let her pull away, but keep her at arms length. I lead her to a table and sit down beside her. “I know, I understand.” And I do. She is eighteen, her boyfriend cheated on her, then I ask her out. Anyone would be overwhelmed and want to get away.

“I’ve been thinking about you, and the whole, asking me out thing, a lot.” Violet admits, looking anywhere but my eyes. That makes me smile a little, but I don’t show her. I don’t want to get my hopes up. “And, I’m still unsure. But, I like you Deacon. A lot.” Violet tells me, now looking in my eyes and I smile.

“I want you to hear something.”

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