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Chapter 27


“Where is your husband?” Tammy asked as I walked into the back yard of their house.

“Getting the presents out of the car. I’d say I stopped him from spoiling them, but I would be lying.” I said plopping down in the chair next to her.

“He is always spoiling Tommy. Even Dad is losing the spoiling war to Joe.” Tammy said giggling.

“You think that’s bad wait until the next one.” I said.

Tammy was rubbing her swollen abdomen and smiling. “I’m hoping this one is a girl. Don’t tell Alex, but the way she rough houses with Tommy, it will be nice to have someone less rambunctious.”

“Keep telling yourself that. Rhapsody was the most energetic of all the children.” Mamma Jade said sitting close and knitting something near Tammy.

“Even more energetic than Tiny?” I asked.

“He was the easiest, all he wanted to do was eat.” She said and we all laughed.

“How is Rhapsody?”

“College is going well. Syracuse is a fine school, and once she gets through her bachelors she can start medical school. She wants to be a neurosurgeon so bad she can taste it.” Mamma Jade said tying off her knitting.

“Wonder where she ever got that idea.” Tammy said and we all laughed.

“So Dominik said there would be no problems carrying the baby to term?” Iasked.

“Not a one. He said I am cured, but that I have a bigger chance of contracting it again, so just be careful. Alex got to carry Tommy, so this time it’s my turn. I am so hoping that it’s a little girl. I’m going to name her after my mother.” She said getting a tear in her eye.

“I think that’s sweet dear. Your mom would be so happy.” She said patting her hand. “What about you Cassie?”

“What about me?” I asked feeling a little devilish myself.

“What are you hoping for?” Tammy asked exasperated.

I rubbed my belly just like Tammy was doing. It was still so funny that we had the same due date. What a day that would be if it went according to that. “A little boy. Joe wants a girl so bad that now I want a boy just to spite him.”

Both the women laughed and Mamma Jade even cackled a little bit.

“If it is a girl and he dotes on her, like he used to Rhapsody, you will be in trouble.” She said.

“I hope he isn’t that big a pain in the ass, but knowing Joe, probably.” I said and then we saw him coming down the driveway with the electric powered car he got Tommy for his birthday. It wasn’t the car that was so bad, it was the money he paid to have it detailed. It was all decked out in tornado’s. That man.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t keep up with him now, how am I supposed to do it with him in that?” Tammy asked.

“Guess grandpa will have to start eating his Wheaties.” I said rubbing a spot where my little bruiser just kicked.

“Should we wait and congratulate the two of you together for the season, or are you getting tired of that.” Tammy asked knowingly.

“Are you kidding me. We win the cup, and the very next day, the very next, he is already working on this year. He didn’t even give us a day off. Damn man is a going to kill me.” I said rubbing my belly again.

“Yeah, that month the two of you took off after the draft last year, that was really killing you. What was the final killer, the sand, water, or the run punches?” Tammy asked and Mamma Jade cackled.

“You two are no fun. I want to complain about him a little and you two won’t let me. Well here is one neither of you can argue. He did this to me.” I said pointing at my severe pregnant condition.

They both looked at each other and began laughing. “I hate you two.” I said trying to pout and they laughed even harder until even I began laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Joe asked coming up to where we were sitting on the deck.

We looked at him and then we all looked at each other and began laughing even harder.

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