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Nights with the Bitch

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A soul who lets herself to bleed for him to breathe. Evan, an alcoholic who cuts his soul every night. Then, there is Alexandra who comes and surrenders herself to him. As a slave. Those cuts and bruises that used to be over his body started covering her blossom soul case making a waterfall pours out from those most beautiful eyes. All because of the deadliest and most poisonous poetry called love. (a/n: Read this at your own risk. This story is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of my imagination or have been used fictiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. -Darshikka :)

Romance / Erotica
Daddy Darsh ♡
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Chapter One


Alexandra Parrish, 24 years old. A future Degree holder in English Literature. Journalist in making apparently. Mum, I can take care of myself. I say this a lot of this but it’s just not worth at all cause she’ll always continue to treat me like a baby. It was a lazy Sunday. My eyelids fluttered, startled to see Mum and Stacy, my unbiological sister sitting at the edge of my bed with a red velvet cake.

“Guys..” I yawned.

“Happy Birthday, Alex!” I rolled my eyes, surprised.

“Gosh!Thank you so much. Mum. Stacy.” I blurted in my sleep then yawned.

“Blow the candles now, Alex!” Mum exclaimed.

And a 1, 2 and 3. Blow it up, Alex! My, my. I wasn’t really expecting this. My brain completely forgotten my birthday. It was more focus on my final papers that I sat for last week.

“So ,what did you wish for, Girl?” Stacy came closer with one hand behind her back.

“What’s behind your back?”

“Tell me what did you wish for, first.”

“So not happening!” I chuckled, slipping off the bed. “You can’t be such a busybody on my wish, baby girl.”

“Fine!“She slammed her hand on my bedside table and started walking away.

“No way!” I exclaimed, hugging her. We almost fell but I caught stability. “Thank you!!! Thank you!!!” I was jumping crazily for Heaven’s sake. It was a ticket to the opening of Four Points by Sheraton at Malaysia. I’ve been waiting so long for this. Finally a month off from my S. T. R. E. S. S. And I’m travelling all around to the other side of the world. It’s 30 days goodbye to LA.

“Oh my God!! I still can’t believe this!!!” I screamed at my mum ears, packing my clothes.

“Alexandra Parrish!” She said covering her ears. “Please! Let’s do this together or just let me do it.”

“Sorry, Mum.” I said chuckling.

I left her to do all the packing and got my car keys. Maybe I should do some shopping. Some suitable clothes. I don’t know how’s the weather there, so it’s worth if I get some new ones. Good ones. I’m going to miss you so badly, baby. I whispered to my BMW darling.






There you are white!

Shocked! I stood, staring at the eyes that I’d wished I would never see. It was my mum’s husband. Many people ask why I say it like that. Well, that’s because it’s the truth. He will never be my dad. If he knew that, he wouldn’t have left my mum for another woman. How awful to see your husband on the bed with another woman? As the monster’s daughter, I almost died.

I wanted to turn and walk away when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Get off me!” I whispered, screamed at the freaking idiot.


“Don’t you dare say my name.” I pointed my finger to him. “The only reason your name still exists in my life is because of my mum. She might have forgiven you but I will never forgive or forget what you’ve done to us.” I screwed up right on his face.

“Alex, how can you speak like that to your father?” Interrupted his partner.

“For goodness sake, Man!” I slammed my shopping bags onto the floor, almost screaming. “You’re getting on my nerves. What did we ever do to you? Why do you have to steal him away from me and my mum?” Still not calling him dad.

“I didn’t steal him away from both of you.” Before she could continue, he stopped her.

“Oh, whatever you stinky hedgehog!” I blurted, picking up my bags and started walking away without turning back.

Tears poured out my soggy eyes as I got into the car.

“Baby, Alex!” Came mum as I walked into the house. “So, did you receive any surprises today?”

“Well, it was more to be a shock than a surprise.” I blurted once again.


“I met your husband.” Short and sweet it was. I walked passed her to my room, upstairs.

“Alexandra Parrish!”

“Oh, please. Alexandra will do. I know what’s my full name. You don’t have to remind me my last name too.”

“My, my, Alex. Okay, just tell me what happened.” She urged me while I settled on the couch.

“Nothing, mum. I hate him. You might have forgotten what happened. But those images are still so clearly in my head till now. Anyways, that bitch was there too. I couldn’t have talked to him even if I wanted to.”

“Hush, hush, Alexandra! Watch your words, now.”

“So what?” I asked. “She stole your husband, mum.”

“She didn’t steal my husband. And even if she did she can never steal away your father.”

“Oh, please don’t say that. That husband of yours betrayed both of us. Do you still remember that, mum?” I pushed her hand away which was brushing my hair.

She pursed her lips and smiled at me. Her fingers pushed my hair away to the back of my ears and her voice was weak this time. “Alexandra. My dear. He is your father. No one can change that. Not even God. It’s written in your name that he’s your dad. How about your birth certificate? You have to understand that you’re growing and you need to teach yourself to be patient. One day, you’re going to be a wife. A mother to new people. So, forget about this..” Her smile grew brighter slightly. “And let’s go!”

I know she’s hiding her feelings from me. She’s pretty much upset than me but she doesn’t show it. Mothers...

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