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Nights with the Bitch

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Chapter Two


I finally landed with the rest of the foreigners in Malaysia. Goodness, it’s sarcasm! I cooled myself down and walked to the lobby along with a large crowd of chickens and roosters.

“Phew!” I finally settled 2 of my luggage along with my handbag as I reached the lobby.

“Hey!” A low pitch voice from my back.

“Hi!” God! He looked like a lost teddy bear.

“I’m Mark Williams from New York.” He held out a hand to shake.

“Mm... Alexandra Parrish. Los Angeles.” My right hand quickly caught his and shook it twice before letting it go. “You can just call me Alex though.” I scoffed, biting my bottom lips.

Soon, a tall, fat man approached our crowd and stood in front of us. He quickly ordered us to line up in 4 lines. Mark and I stood in the 3rd line, at the end.

“Welcome to Penang, Malaysia!” He announced and everyone started cheering and clapping. “First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel Tan.” Chinese. “I’m the manager of Four Points. You can call me Mr. Tan or just Daniel.”

“Just Daniel? What name is ‘Just Daniel’?” I leaned, whispered to Mark who was standing at the back of me.

“You know what? Call him Mr. Tan.”

“Lol! I was trying to make a conversation here.”

Before Mark could even reply to that, Mr. Tan cut in.

“All of you will be staying in the Eastern & Oriental hotel for about a week. After the grand opening you will be moved to our suites as the hotel VVIPs.” He announced. “This is Michelle. She’s in charge.” He pointed to a slim, elegant, maybe on her late 20s, woman who was approaching us out of nowhere.

“Hello, guys!” She sounded friendlier than him. ” I’m going to take your attendance at first then we’ll all go to the E & O hotel so all of you can freshen up and enjoy Penang for the week before the grand opening. By the way just call me Michelle.”

She then started calling names. Some were familiar, some weird, some I knew and some I was eager to see their faces too.

“Alexandra Parrish, LA?”

My right hand automatically raised upon hearing my name. I kept on hearing indistinct conversations but my ears just ignored them all.

“Dated anyone, Ana?” Mark startled me.

“I’m 21, Mark.” I said raising my eyebrows.

“So, is that a yes or no?” He said, winking.

“Mark Williams, Los Angeles?” Michelle snapped.

He raised his hand, then continued staring into my eyes.

“So?” He continued after putting down is hand.

“Actually I dated 2 guys. One, when I was 16. Then I broke up with him after 1½ years. One more, when I was 19, whom I broke up with like 2 months ago. Never loved them though.” I rolled my eyes. “So, no big deal.”

Soon, after Michelle finished with the attendance, all of us board on a double decker bus. I stayed at the lower deck avoiding getting thrown away by the wind at the upper deck.

“Hello!” A crowd said in unison as I took my seat in front of them.

“Hey, there! I’m Alex.” I felt like cheering.

“Hey, Alex!” Again with the unison.

“Alex!” I did not realise Mark together with them too. “These are all my buddies from NY.”

He slowly started introducing one by one. Katie. Jordan. Shawn. Raymond. That’s all. I don’t think it’s going to take a long time remembering their names.

After everyone stepped at the lobby, Michelle counted and made sure the 40, us stood together. Soon, we received our room keys for the one week. Just normal rooms. We can only own the suites at Four Points.

I got room No. A 346 which was practically on the other side of the hallway on the 16th floor. Mark and his gang got theirs a couple of rooms away from mines.

Beep.. Beep..

Hey, Alex! There’s a small cocktail party downstairs. Care to join us?

Mark’s first message landed in my inbox since we’d exchange our numbers.

Cool! On my way!

I tapped send and put on a short red and white dress, along with some long, black tights. My feet soon fitted into a pair of red heels.

As soon as I locked my room, I started walking straight, along the hallway to the elevator. Suddenly, a whining sound came from the back. My head twitched to see what was making that sound but my feet didn’t stop walking.


Sarcasm! What the hell?

“Sorry.” I apologized to whoever I knock onto and continued walking.

“Bloody bitch!” I heard that! That asshole just called me a bitch?!

“I said sorry. You don’t have to be a jerk!” I turned and screamed at that asshole.

No reply.

“Bloody asshole!” I screeched.

Asshole suddenly ran and slammed me against the walls of the elevator doors. Lol! Asshole was a guy in yucky black pants and sweats. And sandals.

“No one dares to speak to me like that! Do you know who am I?” He spat at my face, with our bodies squashed up tied.

“Of course, I know! Human! Everyone is human. You’re born to two people who are humans, right? You’re born to a man and lady, right? Human! I know who you are! You might have a huge status with bodyguards and slaves for you but I’m not one of them!” I exhaled heavily. “Let go off me!” I pushed his hands off and headed for the stairs. “I hope so!” I said under breath and climbed to the 17th floor and then​ took the elevator there.

As soon as I reached downstairs, my eyes caught sight of a familiar crowd.

“Hey, Alex!” Unison again?

“Hi!” Said it quick.

They all sat around a round table and there was still one more spot left.

“Cute dress, Alex!” Katie, said gulping something.

“Thanks, Kat!”

“Hey, Alex?” Mark jumped in. “There are some food and drinks over at the corner. You can get some and join us.”

I showed a thumbs up and walked to the corner where Mark said.


"Sorry.” I said, looking up.


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