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Join the perfect story of Lydia Hayes, who develops a crush on her best friend's brother . Blake Parker, the badboy of the school with a dark past is Lydia's crush. Read the book to join their story.. Lydia Hayes is a girl who is not exactly a nerd but isn't like a popular bitch too. Yes, she is popular for being the sweetest girl in the Worthington Highschool and she is pretty too. Having a tough past, she doesn't exactly feel like becoming a bitch to anyone. Lydia has a twin, Julia Hayes, who is exactly like her sister. Being the sweetest and kindest girl, she is admired by all. She has a huge crush on Nathan Garner, one the popular boy of Wothington. Having a bad past like Lydia, she supports Lydia throughout. Alessa Parker, Lydia's and Julia's bestfriend, is the total opposite of the Hayes twins. She is more of a bad-party type of girl. She has a boyfriend, River Mc.Kinley, her twin's bestfriend. Enter Blake Parker, the bad and one of the most popular boy of the Worthington Highschool. He used to be one of closest friend's of Lydia, but his relationships and stuff made them more distant. He isn't the type to trust everyone easily. Having only 2 bestfriends, River and Nathan, he has all the fun he wants in his life. What happens when Blake sits with Lydia and better yet gets to kiss her in a party? Sparks fly, happiness engulfs their group and a lot of drama happens. *

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Lydia’s POV

I woke up with ever so damn loud and vexatious voice of my alarm. I literally wanted to get up and throw it out of the damn window.

Why does the alarm have to be so fucking annoying?

I thought as i sighed and rolled out of the bed. I went straight to the bathroom and nearly gasped as i saw myself in the mirror.

It was like i had seen a fucking ghost. But no, there was no Bloody Mary in the mirror but me.

I stood there with the worst bed hair and a little drool on the corner of my mouth.

I cringed as i turned away and decided to brush my teeth and wash my face first.

Then, I had the longest shower as i ironically sang ‘Shower’ by Becky G and many other songs. I got out of the bathroom after wrapping the towel tightly around me and one more towel on my head.

I walked into my walk-in closet and wore a random white top with a black pant. I decided to tie a blue and black checked shirt around my waist too.

I then blow dried my hair as fast as i could and tied my hair into a high ponytail. I put on some lip gloss and eyeliner on my waterline and wore my black vans.

I checked the time.

7:48 a.m.

I still had 40 minutes left. I went downstairs and straight into the dining room. Mom and dad were already seated.

Julia was not found. “Good morning” i greeted my parents and my maids as i took my seat and kept my bag on the seat next to me.

They greeted me back and the maids served me my pancakes and poured chocolate syrup on it. It looked so damn tasty.

As soon as the maids left the room, i started eating my pancakes like a hungry animal. “Slow down tiger” my dad said as he chuckled and shook his head.

I swallowed my food and answered him, “the pancakes are so delicious that i could go on eating them forever” i said as i took another bite of my heavenly pancakes.

“Honey, i know you are loving the pancakes, but i would like you to check the time” my mom said, sweetly.

I looked at the time....

8:11 am.

I literally groaned. Where has the time gone by?

I stuffed the pancakes in my mouth as fast as i could and drank my coffee in an in-human speed as i took my car keys and rushed to my Mini Copper Countrymen.

I love this beauty. This id my 16th birthday gift.

I sped towards my school without crashing my baby and parked it. Still had 10 minutes left for my classes to start.

I got out of car and went in the school hall. “Lydia!” My bestfriend, Alessa, screeched annoyingly. “Good morning” i greeted her.

I admit, even if she is annoying, she is the only one whom i could call my best friend and i love her to death.

We-me, Julia and Alessa- were a group. We stuck together even at the hardest times. We are childhood best friends.

“Morning” she greeted me back. “Where is Julia?” I asked her. I know, you must be thinking that she is my sister then i why am i asking Alessa about her.

But, Alessa and Julia come to school early for stalking their crushes while they play football.


“She must’ve gone to her class already” she said as we removed the schedules from our bag’s and compared them.

We had 4 lectures together!

We squealed and hugged eachother as some new students gave us weird glances.

Yes, it is the first day of our last senior year. Atlast! And then we would finally be free from this hell hole called school.

Alessa and I had to part our ways as we had to head to our lockers. I went to my locker, took my books and headed to my class.

I entered the class and took a seat. Mrs. Newmort was already in the class, arranging our papers.

We are getting our marks today!

I am nervous but i still am confident that i am going to get good marks because i studied hard for my exams.

I wish i got good marks....

The warning bell rang and students rushed into the class and took their seats while i checked my instagram for time being.

Another bell rang to inform that the classes are to be started and i kept my mobile phone inside my bag.

Mrs. Newmort started her boring lecture as she kept on babbling about something related to history.

History has always bored the living fucks out of me. Those people are dead. Why should we know about them?

Its useless in everyway. Okay, they did do some great things but why is it importa-

My thoughts were cut off when the door was opened with a loud bang. I didnt bother to look at the door because i knew who it was already.

Blake Parker....

The badboy of Worthington Highschool, a jock and a player. He used to be my frenemy when we were small but then we eventually stopped talking.

Earlier, he used to look an ordinary innocent boy. But today, both of his arms are covered in ink. I don’t know how many tattoos he has.

I still didn’t look up. “Oh, Mr. Parker. What a pleasure. I feel so honored that you decided to join my class so late” Mrs. Newmort said, sarcasm dripping in her words.

“Well, thank you Newmort. I must say, your sarcasm is awful” Blake retorted and then, i looked at Mrs. Newmort.

Her expression was priceless. I chose to stay quiet while the whole class laughed out loud.

Blake ignored everyone as he went to the back of class, that is, behind me and took a seat. He was sitting next to a shy boy who hardly talks to anyone .

The shy boy, whose name i am not aware of shifted on his seat uncomfortably. Yes, i was looking at the shy boy.

I felt bad for him. Blake is an agressive jerk and a fucking bully. I have seen him bully people. Julia has to hold back me and Alessa from punching Blake, every single time.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts as i put my concentration back to Mrs. Newmort.

“So, you all are going to be paired for the up coming project. And, you are expected to be in the following pairs for the rest of the year” she said as she started calling out names.

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