A Marvelous Woman Like Lilly Louise

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This is the fictional story of a man's love for a woman. Inspiration came from both Dennis DeYoung and James Barbour.

Romance / Fantasy
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

Lilly Louise and Jeffrey were young teens when they met. They were at a school party. Lilly Louise was a girl Jeffrey saw that was without a date.

Jeffrey’s pulse started to race because he hadn’t seen a young woman so beautiful. The center of his emotions started to melt. Tears started to stream down his cheeks. Jeffrey couldn’t shake the image of her. He knew had to try to talk to her, or he would regret it.

Jeffrey walked to her. And she grinned at him. It seemed like music encircled them.

A slow, romantic song started playing over the speakers of the gym, and the two of them started dancing. The lights dimmed, and little blue points of light came on. It was great for both Lilly Louise and Jeffrey. Magic came to the rest of the crowd. They both clapped and cheered for the couple.

During their dates, they walked hand in hand. In addition, they would share jokes. They would share romantic dances, like in the beginning.

Jeffrey spent their wedding night sprinkling rose petals on Lilly Louise’s skin. Her drowsy eyes closed for the rest of the night. Jeffrey was the most joyful human being in the universe watching his wife’s chest rise and fall and listening to her soft breathing. This was his lullaby.

On another quiet night after a rough day at work, many points of light were in the sky. Lilly Louise couldn’t get enough of them, nor could she get enough of the gentle, soothing wind that surrounded her. He caught sight of his angel from inside the house. It looked like his beloved life partner was in the middle of a blissful dream. Jeffrey became stimulated to join her.

He sat down next to Lilly Louise, kissed her on the cheek, and started massaging her on the shoulders. It made her night better. For at least this one beautiful night, they could both feel the worry in their bodies melting into the breeze of spring,

Their lips started touching. Jeffrey got an idea. “I’ll be back in a minute. Hold on,” he said. Lilly Louise sat and waited in expectancy.

He came back with a sleeping bag that was big enough for two. Soon, they were sharing a sleeping bag, enjoying one another’s company, and the softness of one another’s skin. The light from the full moon was their night-light. To Lilly Louise, Jeffrey’s singing something rare. It made her feel young again. She cried with joy for the first time in a long time. Lilly Louise looked so eye-catching to Jeffrey; he was crying his own tears of joy. They couldn’t let go of one another. That was how much they adored each other.

When they both felt sleep begin to take over their bodies, they started kissing one another’s tears. The two of them could feel drowsy warmth flowing through their bodies. They couldn’t tell if it was their affection toward one another or their tiredness. But they felt joy in one another’s company. It was a delightful feeling for Lilly Louise to lay on Jeffrey’s chest, close her eyes, and feel his gentle fingers stroke her long hair. Soon, the two of them were both in a restful slumber.

On another night of quiet, Lilly Louise lit candles in the bedroom for both herself and Jeffrey. Jeffrey couldn’t resist how soft her hair was or how lovely it smelled. It was another time for them to give themselves to one another.

Jeffrey stroked his wife’s hair. Lilly Louise wasn’t aware of how relaxed or drowsy she was until he did that. He picked her up and placed her on the bed.

On a Friday night after a tough week of work, it stormed outside. Jeffrey carried Lilly Louise to the basement where they shared their sleeping bag. It was the safest room in the entire house.

They were in blankets. They could melt the cold from outside their window. “Good night, honey. Sweet dreams,” Jeffrey whispered.

When he tucked her into the sleeping bag and lay down in it next to her, she relaxed. He gave her a kiss on the lips to let her know that everything was fine. He hugged her and didn’t let go.

Jeffrey started singing a gentle lullaby. She felt drowsy enough to close her eyes. The storm calmed down, and a breeze touched Lilly Louise’s sleepy face.

It swept across her hair. This was the most beautiful thing that Jeffery had ever seen. The center of his emotions was overflowing.

Tears fell while he stared at his peaceful wife. “Is this slumbering heavenly messenger for real?” he asked himself in his mind. Finally, Jeffrey felt his own body starting to slow down. He whispered “Goodnight, sweetie” into his wife’s ear, and allowed his heavy eyelids to close himself.

Late one night, Jeffrey was heartbroken. Lilly Louise filed for divorce when their differences had gotten in the way of their marriage. Jeffrey couldn’t stop the tears from running down his face, nor could he stop looking at Lilly Louise’s photograph. He could feel a pain in a chest.

He remembered when she used to make tea for him when he couldn’t fall asleep. Jeffrey asked himself, “How am I going to rest now?” Now, the night sky was darker than it was. He felt like he was up against a wall. But he knew that he had to do something.

He ran all the way to her apartment building and handed her a red carnation. Jeffrey knew that it was her favorite flower ever. He put his hand on the center of his emotions and sang her favorite lullaby in the universe. On the next day, the their lips were touching on the beach.

One Saturday, Jeffrey treated Lilly Louise to a day on the beach. Skies were golden from the orange sun. The sand was soft enough for their toes.

They kept holding hands. They had been apart all week. Work was stressful for both. The warm breeze slowed both of their bodies down.

For now, they were free from their troubles. They lay down together in the sand and allowed the sun to warm their bodies while continuing to hold hands.

Neither one of them could get enough of the serenity that encircled them. When Jeffrey started stroking Lilly Louise’s hair, her eyelids closed, and she moved closer to her husband. Jeffrey grinned because he enjoyed watching his wife fall asleep.

He started to stroke the rest of her skin. Though Lilly Louise was asleep, she knew that her husband was next to her. When she felt him doing this, she fell deeper asleep. She was in a soothing dream from which she didn’t want to wake up.

The time came when both the tranquil surroundings of the beach and the gentle breathing of his sleeping wife eased him into a strain-free, quiet slumber. But he remembered to express his gratitude to The Supreme Being for giving him a marvelous woman like Lilly Louise.

One Christmas season, Lilly Louise and Jeffrey’s friends Natalie and Marcus invited them to come with them to a Christmas festival. The area lit up with golden points of light from the heavens. They all saw both Christmas lights and carousels.

After the festival, Jeffrey and Lilly Louise found that Marcus and Natalie had their Christmas presents ready for them. They had lit candles that appeared to have a golden glow. Outside their window, the four of them noticed that snow had started falling. A full moon was in the sky. Christmas garland surrounded a lighthouse. Lights were glowing like Easter eggs. Angels were singing. All four of them joined in.

The next Christmas after that, Jeffery treated Lilly Louise to a quiet weekend at a vacation house. This Christmas tree had points of light from the heavens. It had an angel. Jeffrey touched the lips of the true angel in his life, Lilly Louise.

During the next weekend, Lilly Louise and Jeffrey went to another vacation house. In this one, Christmas lights glittered everywhere. It had points of light from the heavens. This couple turned to one another and asked, “Am I dreaming?”

In addition, this vacation house had both stuffed snowmen wearing Saint Nicholas hats and sofas for them to sit on. The couple made themselves at home. Then, they ordered room service.

One night, it was dark. All Jeffery could hear was silence. He could not sleep. Something had broken the center of his emotions.

When he and Lilly Louise had gotten into an argument, she told him to spend the night on the couch. She also went to sleep in their bedroom alone. But Jeffery couldn’t sleep a wink alone. He had to get up and do something about it.

Jeffery walked into their bedroom. He opened the door. Lilly Louise looked as beautiful as ever sleeping the way she did. Jeffrey couldn’t keep himself from sobbing.

He gently tried to awaken her by stroking her cheeks to talk to her. The first thing that Lilly Louise saw when her eyes opened was her tearful spouse. They started hugging and weeping at the same time.

Their lips started touching. The two of them could feel one another’s soft skin. They were awake enough to see the sun come up.

When Lilly Louise was sleeping again, Jeffrey became inspired by the springtime weather to surprise his wife with a bouquet of violets from outside. He could not get over how the sun was shining over them. Another thing he could not get over was their scent. Jeffery knew that Lilly Louise would fall in love with him all over again.

The grin he saw on her face inspired Jeffery to sing to Lilly Louise. For her, this brought back memories of Saturday mornings of when her newlywed husband would sing in the shower. This inspired her to join him.

Lilly Louise got up. She both went to her drawer and got the music box that he had given her as a Christmas present. He inspired her to dance to the music. Her dancing brought tears to his eyes.

Later on that day, the two of them went jogging. The breeze outside was nice and cool. Their pulses were racing. They were feeling great both mentally and physically. This was because of both the weather and because they were within one another’s company.

One night during a serious thunderstorm, Lilly Louise and Jeffrey couldn’t sleep. Lilly Louise both turned to her husband and touched his lips. Jeffrey couldn’t take his eyes off either her physical beauty or that of the center of her emotions.

He gently touched her shoulder and told her, “You were never more beautiful.” He had a gentle grin on his face. “Let me make you happy,” he said, as they gently removed each other night-clothes to feel one another’s soft skin.

Jeffrey heart was racing. He had to catch his breath. Tears of joy streamed down his face.

Lilly Louise both grinned and took her husband’s face in her hands. “Hold on for a second,” she said. “I’ve saved something for you.” She both came back with a rose and put it in front of his nose.

Jeffrey both inhaled the scent and saw his wife’s bright grin. Jeffrey saw the brightest love on her face. They took one another’s hands. “Oh my god” Jeffrey said, and he couldn’t stop grinning. He still had a hard time calming down and catching his breath. But Lilly Louise both led him to the bed and stroked his chest.

In the end, the thunderstorm from outside stopped. Soft moonlight started glowing in their windows. Sleep found its way into their bodies again.

One Christmastime, Jeffrey planned to keep their romance alive by taking Lilly Louise to Hawaii. He wished to convey his love for her.

He made he made his wife grin by singing, dancing, and joking with the audience in a Christmas concert. He got the audience to sing with him. For, Lilly Louise, this was the was the greatest Christmas present.

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