Edwin’s Commitment To Marissa

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Inspiration came from Dennis DeYoung’s musical adaptation of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Victor Hugo.

Romance / Fantasy
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

It was a lonely day for Edwin. The sky in his center of emotions was as cloudy as the sky outside. Fortunately, he became aware of the organ music, beautiful statues, and stained glass windows, and the peace and quiet of the refuge of the best place in the universe to honor the Supreme Being.

Fortunately, the voices of the choir were strong enough to lift Edwin’s spirits to the heavens! There was also an orchestra! He felt like he was in a much happier universe! At that point, he knew that the Supreme Being was smiling down on him! He also knew that that the Supreme Being wanted him to see that there was more to this universe than the disappointment and disapproval that had always surrounded him.

Out of the blue, Edwin’s heart stopped in excitement! A gorgeous ballerina in a pink satin dress came into sight! The widest grin spread across his face for the first time in ages! He even felt the center of his emotions leaping all over the place! Could this be a new beginning for him?

This ballerina’s dress glittered with sequins that sparkled like points of light in the sky that night. Somehow, the light from both the moon and the points of light in the sky appeared to bring a quiet joy to her face. This did the same for Edwin.

To Edwin, the music that the ballerina danced to was music from Heaven. He could not remember the last time that anything like that had reached into the center of his emotions. After living such a lonely life, Edwin was willing to give away everything he ever had to be hers. He was that determined.

He would give anything to discover her scent. He would especially give anything to have her eyes meet his. He made a promise to the Supreme Being that he would sit in the pew without getting troubled and grin at her nicely if He would have her become aware of him.

After the performance, there was much hand-clapping from everybody in the pews, especially Edwin! His grin was especially wide! To his astonishment, the ballerina’s eyes were fixed on him! There was true joy running through the center of his emotions!

Edwin was especially astonished when, instead of going to her dressing room, the ballerina climbed down from the stage and walked up to him! She put her arms around him and gave him a gentle hug. She also gave him a sweet grin because she knew he was a sincere friend.

“Hi,” she said in a sweet, gentle voice. “My name is Marissa.” Edwin gently took Marissa’s hand and grinned at her. “I’m Edwin,” he replied. Right away, they both started holding hands. At that moment, the two of them seemed to become aware of the soft, navy-blue shades of moonlight that were glowing through the windows over them. Somehow, this moonlight put them under a pleasant magic charm. Before long, Marissa and Edwin were sharing a kiss on the lips.

When Marissa asked Edwin what he liked to do, Edwin said that he enjoyed singing. He also told her that a person in charge of a concert hall had invited him to sing. This overjoyed Marissa more than she had been in a long time, and she agreed to come with him.

During the concert, Edwin’s voice echoed everywhere in the room. His happiness spread to the entire audience, especially Marissa. He was even up to telling a few jokes. He even inspired the audience to dance and clap in time to the music, including Marissa.

He even made the audience cry happy tears with his beautiful melodies, especially Marissa. He also inspired them to sing with him. The wonderful music inspired Marissa to dance a ballet routine.

After the concert, Edwin could not resist inviting her to his place. He had never had any real girlfriends before her. They had never found him physically attractive. But this time, Edwin was certain that Marissa saw his center of emotions.

In his living room, Edwin lit candles everywhere. This brought a smile to Marissa’s face. Outside, the light was a mixture of purple and navy-blue. She had never seen anything this delightful or calming. She began to sit back in his easy chair.

When he finished lighting candles, Edwin started massaging Marissa’s feet. Marissa cried sweet tears. None of the men she had ever known before Edwin would do this for her. They were only paying attention to her body, never her center of emotions. Soon, sleepy warmth started flowing through her body. She had never felt this secure up to the time that she had met Edwin. Before long, a tranquil, deep slumber had wrapped Marissa up in its invisible, caring blanket.

Although Marissa was deeply asleep, she could still be aware of Edwin’s presence. She continued to feel secure and fell deeper asleep. When Edwin finished massaging her feet, he became aware that she had not spoken a single word the entire time. When he looked up to ask Marissa if she was okay, he was delightfully amazed to see that she had fallen restfully asleep.

Tears of joy were falling from Edwin’s face. Marissa was his sleeping angel. He had never felt so lucky in his life. To him, she was out-of-this-world. Nothing had ever touched Edwin’s center of emotions the way that Marissa did.

At that moment, Edwin made up his mind to sleep on the couch in case Marissa woke up in the middle of the night and needed him. Fortunately, they both slumbered restfully through the night. The next morning, Edwin awoke to the feeling of a pair of lips touching his cheek, and it was Marissa. He opened his eyes, and she was grinning from ear to ear at him. “Thanks so much for last night! I feel so much better!” Edwin was never so happy to get out of bed for the day!

Right away, Edwin became inspired to treat Marissa to breakfast at the local restaurant! He was that much in love with her! He lifted her on his shoulders and carried her all the way to the restaurant! Marissa never laughed harder in her life! This laughter spread to everybody who saw her! It also warmed Edwin’s center of emotions!

Inside the restaurant, Marissa and Edwin both ordered pancakes with raspberries, strawberries, and whipped cream. When they both became aware that they had ordered the same thing at the same time, they looked up from their menus, and shared a laugh! Their laughter spread to everybody else in the restaurant, which made their morning even brighter! Eventually, Edwin and Marissa received their breakfast food. They took pleasure in both one another’s closeness and their pancakes.

When they left the restaurant, Marissa and Edwin became aware of the melodies of the birds in their trees! This made Marissa feel like dancing, even without her slippers, and she started doing that, much to Edwin’s excitement! She took of her shoes, and it wasn’t long before there were a great number of both kids and adults drawn to Marissa’s beautiful footwork! Everybody clapped at the end when Edwin lifted her off of her feet and gave her a kiss on the lips. To them, this show was better than television any day. There was so much hand clapping and cheering, neither Marissa nor Edwin could resist bowing for their audience!

Late that night, it started raining. Marissa was finding it hard to go to sleep. There was no breeze from outside to soothe her. Her spirits were so very low, too, because of this weather.

Fortunately, she was aware that she could turn to Edwin. She tiptoed into his bedroom and softly stroked his skin until his eyes opened. When they did, the first thing she saw from him was an ear-to-ear grin.

Marissa had not been aware of how lonely this night had been for her up to the time she saw this grin from Edwin. Tears and sobs started pouring out of her. He hugged her securely against his own body, and assured her, “It’s okay, honey. I’m right here. I promise I’ll never leave you. I love you.”

Although the rain continued to fall outside, the ache in the center of Marissa’s emotions was finally healed because of Edwin’s commitment to her. At that moment, they both knew that their lives were going to change for the better. They would never have to face the universe by themselves anymore.

The next day was a marvelous springtime day! In front of the entire town, Edwin got down on one knee and gently placed a commitment ring on Marissa’s finger. This was the proudest moment in the town’s history!

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