My True Identity

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"Yeah! I'm so excited!" Jess grins but feels a strange feeling in her chest which makes her collapse to the floor from the amount of pain it is causing her. "JESSICA!" Katelyn starts to panic Even though Jessica may seem like a normal werewolf, she has a past that she doesn't even know about! How will she react when she finds out who she truly is and is meant to be? Find out now!

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who am I?

Jessica was just a normal average werewolf until she found out her true identity...

~2 months ago~

"FOR THE LAST TIME, GET UP JESSICA!" Jessica bolted upright at the sound of her best friend Katelyn who was downstairs making breakfast.

"Coming!" Jessica shouted down to her friend and started getting ready for school. After a few minutes she goes downstairs and eats the pancakes that were made for her and gets her bag ready. She then puts on her shoes and walks outside, locking the door.

"Ready?" Katelyn was waiting impatiently by the pavement. Jessica checked her watch and nodded her head.

"Yeah" They both started to walk towards the school.

~15 minutes later~

"Oh my God!.. why does school have to still be on today?! It's so warm!" Jess started to complain about the warmth and then stepped into school. "I'm going to go to my locker. I need to get my books." Katelyn nods and says bye to Jess.

"ugh where is it?!" Jess looks throughout her locker looking for her book for next class. "Oh my God! I'm sure I put it in here!"

As she goes to close her locker door, a hand goes into her locker and pulls out a yellow book. "Looking for this one?" The stranger said, causing Jess to squeak and jump back a little.

The stranger chuckles a bit and Jess rolls her eyes "Go away Jason, do you not realise that no-one here likes you?" Jess slams her locker shut which makes everyone in the area flinch.

"Hey now, what happened to 'Hey! what's up buddy?' huh?" Jason smirks at Jess who look him in disbelief.

"You lost that greeting when you started being a jerk." Jess shrugs. Jason looks at her and asks her a question.

"Hey, um... how old are you today?" Jason turns curious but at the same time, serious.

"I turned 16 today... Why'd you want to know?" Jess starts to get curious with the random question that she was asked.

"You get your wolf today, just thought I would tell you!" Jason walks off but gets a strange feeling in his chest when he walks away.

~6 Hour Later~

Jess sits in class waiting on the bell to signal that it is time to go home. As the bell rings, everyone stands up and walks out the door and Jess follows. She goes to her locker and puts her books away and walks outside to where Katelyn was waiting but with another person who looks to be telling her something.

She lets them talk for a few more minutes and starts to walk over to them. "Hey! Ready to go Kate?" Jess stops as she realises who Katelyn was talking to. "Ugh... Why are you talking with him?"

"Hey girl! yeah let's go and don't worry about it!" Katelyn replies to her and turns her head to Jason and gives him a slight nod. "So, you get your wolf tonight huh?"

"Yeah! I'm so excited!" Jess grins but feels a strange feeling in her chest which makes her collapse to the floor from the amount of pain it is causing her.

"JESSICA!" Katelyn starts to panic and tells the people who were forming a circle to go and get Jason. "HURRY!"

A few moments later, Jason comes running over and Katelyn moves out of the way so he can get to Jess. "Jess don't worry I'm here..." Jason talks in a quiet, calm tone which makes some of the pain in Jess go away so it is bearable.

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