The Truth In Lies

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Chapter Eight - Daniel

I obliged, giving her what we both wanted. Being with her, holding her in my arms was unlike anything else. I was like a horny school boy, flustered by her touch.

“You okay.” She whispered in my ear, nipping the lobe of my ear gently with her lips sheathed over her teeth. I shuddered, afraid I was going to lose control far too early and make a fool of myself.

“Better than.” I whispered back.

I moved within her, building up a rhythm than she was automatically in tune with. She felt gloriously good, perfectly snug, like we were made to connect this way.

“Kyla.” I breathed out, unable to speak properly. She took my breath away and I wasn’t exactly sure how I had made it to this point without realising that fact before.

I looked down at her, her cheeks were tinged with pink, her mouth was open and so I leaned in, kissing her. Claiming her mouth with mine.

Her fingers gripped at my neck, tangling the small tufts of hair in her fingers.

I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer, I was lost in her and that had all of my focus. Her fingers dug into my back and she let out a moan, it was all I needed to set off a chain reaction. I lifted her leg higher with my arm and increased both pace and force.

I let go, I stopped trying to hold control and let my body take over.

“Daniel.” She gasped, her body shook beneath me. “Oh Daniel.”

I lost it, her breathless voice whispering my name was the fuse to my fireworks. I fell apart with her, inside her. I collapsed beside her, unwilling to release her warmth from me entirely.

Sex had once been something that made me feel good for a while, but once it was over the momentary ecstasy went with it.

Not with her. She was different.

“Good night Daniel.” She murmured a few minutes later

“Good night Kyla.” I yawned back.

She moved, and left the bed, and for a second I worried she suddenly regretted our tryst, but then she slipped back into bed, and snuggled into my chest before falling asleep.

I woke with her in my arms, the blush from her cheeks was gone, the evidence of our night together now locked in my memory. I watched her sleep, happy to see her peaceful.

I’d come here, with the intention of winning potential business partner by lying… but now I was beginning to wonder if the lie had become some warped kind of reality. Then there was the fact this had happened when she was feeling vulnerable, Jeff’s discrepancies had come to light and I had jumped in his still warm seat. Guilt surged through me.

She woke and looked up at me, a pink blush crossed her face and she smiled. “Morning.”

“Morning.” I kissed her on the head. “About last night.” I started.

“Daniel. I wanted it.” She replied. “I wanted you, I still do.”

I tried to ignore the fact my heart skipped a beat, but it did and I was glad that for some reason she wasn’t ashamed to want to be with me.

“I want you too.” I whispered, although I had wanted women before, I had pined for them I had thought dirty things and let my mind be consumed by sex. But this wasn’t just lust, this was something more.

“I might have a shower.” Kyla murmured shifting in the bed,

“I’ll make us a coffee.” I offered.

“Mm, yum. I could do with one.” She nodded, kissing my chest before removing her body from mine.

I wanted to take the words back and pull her body back to mine, but I didn’t I let her go and watched her a she walked naked across the floor and into the bathroom.

I sighed, Today we had our meeting with Warren. If the truth came out and Kyla was adversly affected I couldn’t live with myself. I needed to come clean, and it needed to be me. Kyla didn’t deserve a bad reputation over this.

I dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and headed down the hallway. I knocked on the door of Warren’s at home office. Hopefully he hadn’t left yet.

“Come in.” Warren’s voice called out.

I opened the door and stood there. “I need to speak with you.”

“Of course Daniel. Come in.” Warren replied, gesturing to a seat in front of his desk.

“Thank you, sir.” I said walking into the office. My voice shook, aware that this conversation could go either way. As long as Kyla wasn’t affected I didn’t care. This had been my idea, and she had only agreed because I assured her it would all work out.

“Call me Warren, Daniel. Please.”

“Warren.” I repeated. “I know we’re meant to meet today to discuss the proposal, but I need to come clean about something.”

Warren locked his hands together and rest them on his lap. “Go on.”

“Please, this can’t affect Kyla in anyway, She doesn’t deserve to be affected by my bad ideas.”

“You have my word.” Warren murmured with smile.

It was now or never.

“We’re not engaged. We’re just business partners… or were. She was at my house the night you called because she was burning herself out, and I had to make sure she was okay.” I spat it out, ripping the band aid off. Warren nodded and I was surprised to find a knowing smile on his face. “I know.”

I frowned and shook my head. “What?”

“I knew you weren’t engaged. I’m the CEO of a highly successful business Daniel, it’s my job to know the validity of such things. As a person in a similar position, I am sure you are well aware. You knew my stance on family business after all, and that isn’t exactly public knowledge, one needs to know where to look.”

“Yes.” I murmured. “So then, why did you agree to see us anyway.”

Warren smiled and sat forward, leaning on his desk. “Because Kyla’s proposal is outstanding and I figured that if you were willing to go to such lengths, you really believed in her and your business”

I smiled, Kyla had got us here. “Yes, it is and yes I do.”

“I had hoped you’d come clean before any contracts were signed.” Warren added with a reassuring smile. “And you did.”

“So you’re not writing us off?” I replied.

“I’d be a fool to do such a thing.” Warren replied. “And then there is a the matter of your true feelings for your business partner.”

I nodded. There was no point denying it anymore. After she had kissed me in bar, something had switched on. Something that had always been there, smoldering away in the background and after last night, well I was here, willing to take the full heat of a situation to protect her. I had feelings for her. Feelings that surpassed want and fell somewhere in the territory of need.

“Yes, there is that.”

“Will it hinder your working relationship?”

I shook my head, after last night… and this morning, I knew Kyla had some resemblance of the same feelings and even if she didn’t, she and our business meant far too much to me. She was stuck with me, whether she wanted to be or not.


“Well then, our meeting will go ahead this afternoon Daniel.”

I made the coffees I had left the room for a carried them upstairs.

I walked back into the room and placed the two hot coffees down on the nightstand. Kyla walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her torso. unlike the night before I didn’t pretend to avoid looking at her, instead I watched her hungrily as she padded across the floor. She looked up at me and smiled.

“You shouldn’t have disappeared to make coffee, I would have asked you to wash my back.”

I bit my lip and ignored the punched gut feeling that radiated after she had spoken.

“We can fix that now.” I murmured. “You’re still wet after all.”

Kyla let out a giggle and lifted her suitcase on to the bed. “You’re a dirty boy Daniel Jackson.”

“You love it.” I teased, walking over to the bed, I placed my hand over hers.

“You missed your chance.” She said softly, tensing up once the words left her mouth. She looked up at me and tilted her head, like she had remembered something.

“Can’t a guy get a second chance?”

Kyla let her fingers brush over mine, up my arm, stopping at my neck. “A girl could be convinced.”

My challenge was set, and I wasted no time in attempting to change her mind. Kissing her hard on the lips.

“You’re a wonderful kisser Daniel, I can see the appeal you have with women.” She giggled. “But you’re going to have to try much harder than that.”

I grinned, pressing my lips to her forehead. “I don’t care about other women Kyla.” I replied. “I only want you.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” She whispered

I shook my head, cupping her face with my hands. “I don’t make a habit of lying Kys. You know this. I want you and only you.”

Kyla smiled and pulled her hand away from my neck. The towel dropped to the floor and she stood in front of me, naked.

“Well, you have your second chance.” She whispered. “Pray tell, what do you plan on doing with it.”

I lifted her off the ground, her naked legs wrapped around my completely clothed body. One of us was entirely too dressed right now, and it was something I planned on rectifying immediately.

I kissed her as I walked across the floor unable to hold back, unable to keep myself from her. I placed her down once we were in the bathroom and pointed to the shower. SHe nodded and turned, blessing me with a view of her ass I wouldn’t forget anytime soon. I stripped off, discarding my jeans and t-shirt within seconds.

Kyla stepped inside the shower, I ran my hands over my manhood, I was so ready that just my touch alone was almost enough to end this right here and now. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle her touch too, but I wasn’t going to deny it either. Even if this ended with me exploding everywhere like a pubescent teenage boy with little grip on his hormones.

I walked over to the shower and stepped inside, kyla had her eyes closed as she let water rush over her head. I committed the vision to memory as I let my hands rest on her hips. I bent down, letting my tongue flick over her right nipple and then her left. She let out a soft moan and ran her fingers through my now wet hair.

“We’ve only got an hour before we have to leave.” She murmured.

“I’m well aware.” I mumbled.

“We have all the time in the world for making love Daniel Jackson.” She said softly, I could sense the hope in her voice and the fear too. I was there with her. I was scared as well. “Please, just take me. Hot and dirty.”

I gulped. Actually gulped, like an inexperienced young boy being propositioned for the first time. Maybe it was because this was the first time it genuinely mattered to me.

“That mouth could get you into trouble Kyla.”

“I hope so.” She grinned, her hand traveled down my chest, over my snail trail, gripping my length.

She fell to her knees, blessing me with her mouth, showing me just how much trouble she could be. I was one tongue flick from letting go.

“I’m about ready to explode baby.” I managed to say.

“Good.” She replied, removing herself from me for little more than a second.

“Together.” I muttered, barely retaining control. She looked up at me, and I swear if I hadn’t been so set on satisfying her as well it would have ended there. Sheer determination got me through, I slipped my hands over hers, and lifted her, bringing her back up to me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and though we were both slick with water I lifted her, again her legs wrapped around my waist. I used the wall of the shower as leverage, resting her back against the cold surface, and entered her.

I knew I wouldn’t last long, and although I knew Kyla meant more to me than a quickie in the shower it was all I could handle right now. She was doing things to my mind and body that had never been done before.

I was falling, and I was falling hard.

“Daniel, please.” She panted.

“Please what.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Take me to infinity.”

I closed my eyes, kissing her under the stream of running water, the heat of which was nothing in comparison to how hot she had my blood running. I’d take her anywhere she wanted for as long as she wanted me too. She had me, I was hers without condition.

“Kyla.” I whispered, cradling the back of her head as I thrust with all the force I could without slipping. I bit my tongue, afraid the L word would kill the mood, scared that I was the only one that felt it.

“Let go Daniel.” She whispered. “Fly with me.”

And I did, for the second time I forgot who I was, where I was but not who I was with. I shuddered into her, aware my breathing had sped up, aware my heart was thumping but not caring. I slackened against Kyla, who let out a strangled breath.

“No wonder you’re such a ladies man.” She whispered softly. “You have moves.”

I felt the afterglow in my face settle into a frown. If any other woman had said it, chances are my ego would have inflated to the point of needing to prick myself with a pin to let some of the hot air out of my head. But Kyla saying it made me sad. I didn’t want her to think of me with other women.

I didn’t want to think of me with other women… not anymore.

“I enjoyed being single Kyla.” I whispered stepping back, releasing her. “But I’m not the same person I was anymore.”

“I’m not an idiot, people don’t change overnight.”

“Sometimes they do.” I replied. “But in any case, it’s been a gradual process for me too. I meant it when I said I want you Kyla.” I paused and opened the shower door. “And only you.”

I slipped out of the bathroom and dressed in a suit. Despite the laidback atmosphere Warren had welcomed us into, this was a business meeting that was being held in his office in town. We had to look the part. I hadn’t told Kyla yet that Warren knew about our arrangement, but I decided to tell her after the meeting so she didn’t stress.

After the shower Kyla dressed without speaking to me again. I wasn’t sure what was on her mind and although I wanted to ask, I knew I had to let her think. Harry returned to the mansion after taking Warren in to the office to give us a lift.

We drove in silence, and although she held my hand from the car into the building she was still silent. Warren’s receptionist made a call and then the PA came out to retrieve us. We walked into his office after following her through the building. The PA opened a set of frosted glass double doors and ushered us inside a modern style office.

“Kyla, Daniel. Please sit.” Warren smiled, gesturing to two plush black leather chairs. I placed my hand on the small of Kyla’s back and we walked to the seats. She was nervous, I knew she was even if she hadn’t mentioned it to me.

“I’ve had a good chance to look over the proposal. I have some entries of myself I’d like to add… conditions to the contract so to speak.”

“Please, fire away.” Kyla smiled.

Warren nodded and opened the bound copy of Kyla’s proposal. “I would want a company representative stationed in Kystar. Just to facilitate the smooth running of business. Delilah is in the seat to take over when I am no more, and since I plan to stick around for some time, I feel as though she needs to stop sitting around her twiddling her thumbs, Some real work will do her good.”

I looked at Kyla, whose back stiffened, she looked and me and I would have given anything to know what she was thinking. She just smiled though and nodded.

“Of course.”

“I also…” Warren stopped talking, a gust of air pushed through the office and heels clipped along the floor behind us. I turned. Delilah walked in, holding a brown folder.

“I thought you should know who you’re getting into bed with father.” She smiled, placing the folder down. Warren opened it and frowned.

“You’re kissing my daughter?” he said softly. “But I thought?”

I frowned and looked at Delilah, who smirked like the cat who got the cream. She had set me up, attempted to seduce me to undermine the proposal. I wasn’t exactly sure why she would stoop to such levels when her father was angling to get her a powerful and high paying position in our New York office. In fact, she probably had no idea that her trick was just shooting herself in the foot.

“She kissed him.” Kyla replied. “She took a shining to him I guess.”

She spoke clearly, without malice or hurt and in that moment I knew she trusted me… believed in me. I just wasn’t sure I deserved it.

Warren turned and looked at his daughter. “Delilah?”

She frowned and shrugged. “Fine. It was one sided.” She replied. “But I wanted to protect you daddy. You’re growing soft in your old age. These people… they’re lying to you.” She moved the photo and underneath there were several more.

“What is this delilah.”

“As soon as you told me about them I had a friend in New York tail them both.” She gleaned picking up copies of the photos. “Kyla here has no life. Lives and breaths work. In fact my friend fell asleep watching her, SHe’s about as interesting as a cardboard box.” My hands tightened into fists. Delilah had nothing on Kyla, and she never would.

Delilah waltzed over to me and shoved a photo in my hands, and then Kyla’s. “But Daniel here on the other hand likes the company of beautiful young women other than his fiancee.”

I looked down at the photo. I recognized it instantly. Joe was at the bar and Josie was beside me. Leaning in. I gulped. It had been taken the night before we had come here. I looked up at Warren and nodded, but before he could say anything Kyla let out a strangled gasp.

“Tell me you didn’t know Daniel.” She whispered. “Please tell me you didn’t know.”

“What?” I replied, turning to face her. She held the photo out to me and in clear view from the angle the picture had been taken was Jeff and the woman he had been with, sitting in the booth in the corner of the room. My heart stopped and I knew I was going to have to tell her the truth, here in front of Warren, and a delighted delilah. I looked up at Kyla, her eyes were lined with tears, and I knew she already knew the answer.

“Please.” She whispered. “JUst tell me you didn’t know he was cheating.” She wasn’t aware I had come clean to Warren, and yet she had outed our situation, our lie without a second thought. That’s how I knew I had hurt her, and broken her trust in us before I’d even got it...

I swallowed hard and shook my head. “I knew.” I whispered. “I saw him there that night and I told him what I thought… I…” The tears lining her eyes fell down her face, streaking her skin. I wanted to hold her, to tell her I was sorry, I reached out but she threw the photo on the floor and stood up, rejecting my attempt.

“I trusted you. Daniel. I gave in and I trusted you, You knew and you didn’t tell me.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you.” I replied. “Kyla. I love you.” There, I had said it. It was all I had left, the last life line, if she didn’t accept it then there was no hope for us.

“No… you didn’t want me to cancel this trip. You knew I would if I knew. You don’t love me, guys like you… you don’t know how to love.” She looked at Warren. “I’m sorry Warren. We lied. This man, I don’t even know who he is anymore. I have to go.”

Kyla ran from the room, slamming the office door behind her. In shock I didn’t know what to do. She was right. I hadn’t told her because I didn’t want anything to stop this trip. I hadn’t told her because I knew Jeff’s unfaithfulness would hurt. I hadn’t told her because I didn’t want to be the one who put that hurt on her.

All of my reasons had been selfish, and now she hated me.

“Delilah.” Warren said through gritted teeth. “Do you have any idea what you have done?”

“Saved the reputation of our company?” She said with a smile.

“My company.” He replied, his voice sharp and cold. “And no, that is not what you’ve done. I told you to leave it alone, I told you I had done my own research. I told you that if you wanted to have a bigger part in this business you needed to follow my orders. You did the opposite and in the process you have ruined a young woman’s life and the beginnings of a new romance.”

“Excuse me?” Delilah replied. She sounded slighted, even though everything Warren had said was true, to a point. I had loaded the gun and aimed it, delilah had just pulled the trigger.

“Leave. I am deeply disappointed in you Delilah.”

Delilah let out a scoff of disbelief, but left the room regardless. I looked up at Warren who gave me a sympathetic smile. “You should go after Kyla.” He exclaimed. “She’s hurting, but I think that is mostly because she loves you too.”

I shook my head. Kyla didn’t love me, and why should she. I had lied to her to serve my own selfish purposes. She would forgive me, to the extent of a business partner at least, our company meant to much to her, but she would never be anything like a friend with me again. I had ruined it.

“Daniel, I decided to go ahead with the proposal when you both arrived. You have my word that I want this to go ahead. So please, let’s end the meeting so that you can go after the girl you love.” Warren stood up, so I followed suit, I looked at him, still in shock over everything that had happened in the last five minutes. Warren after everything, was a romantic.

I nodded, the sudden realization that my inaction would cost me love. I had never felt about anyone the way I felt about Kyla. Not Hana, not Amber, not anyone. She made me angry and frustrated, but in the same breath made me laugh and smile. Falling asleep beside her last night had solidified everything, had set in stone feelings that had long been there, feelings I had ignored. I couldn’t let her go, not without a fight.

I ran from the office, Harry had already left with Kyla, so I caught a taxi back to Warren’s mansion. I tried to think of the right words the entire ride back, a magical way to fix this but it was futile, because when I got back, when I raced up the stairs and into the room where we had made love. She wasn’t there, her suitcase was gone, every remnant of her was gone.

I had lost her.

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