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Guardian Angel

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 9

The Chief Operating Officer yelled frustrated, “Ahern, how did this happen?”

Mr. Ahern trembled in the leather chair in the large executive meeting room. It was only him, the COO and the Chief of Systems from the Irish Division in the room, but Ahern felt claustrophobic.

Cathal, the Chief of Systems, cleared his throat. “It seems Daimhin had omitted to collect this soul repeatedly since her birth. After the mother conceived her, it was decided that her mother, Michelle Fergusson’s destiny had to be different as previously decided. The child’s father chose a different path, which altered the graph.”

The COO grunted, “I hate this whole free will thing, it messes with everything.”

Cathal continued as if he was uninterrupted, “Daimhin was supposed to escort the child across The Valley. Her mother would have grieved for the standard period, but then she would have designed a revolutionary new concept which would have changed life on earth dramatically.”

“My point exactly! If this was such an important, pivotal decision, made at the highest level, why was it overlooked?” The COO swung his body around to face Mr. Ahern. His palms pressed on the white glossy surface of the table as he leaned closer to Mr. Ahern. “What have you got to say for yourself, Ahern?”

“His deliverance hearing is on Monday and after this, it will be denied. I will transfer him to another division, where he will learn the true meaning of purgatory.”

“Where is Daimhin now?” The COO demanded.

“The system indicates he is with the girl.”


“At her home. He is having dinner with her family. Surveillance indicates it is a goodbye dinner.”

The COO slumped down into the nearest leather chair. “A goodbye dinner? So Daimhin is still planning on escorting her.”

“It looks as if he is still indecisive about his final decision, but he does not really have a choice unless he is able to perform miracles. She is in the last stages of cancer.”

“And tomorrow? Is he seeing her tomorrow?”


“Send a few of our guardian angels. Make sure word does not get out. I do not want Luce from Head Office to find out about this fiasco.” He looked across the table to Mr. Ahern. “After we have set this anomaly right, I’ll deal with you at the highest level.”

“Sir,” Cathal interrupted his tirade.


“It seems Covert Operations are already aware of the system corrections.”

The COO pulled his face, as he scratched the back of his neck. “It is just too much to ask to get this done without any ripple effects.”

“Inside information indicates they are sending one of their own.”

The COO raised himself from the chair wearily. “Tomorrow at the morning meeting, everything must happen as usual. Do not let Daimhin know anything is amiss.” In disgust, he turned to Mr. Ahern. “I suppose I cannot even ask whether he had been fulfilling his daily lists because if you knew that, we would not have this monumental problem.” He turned to Cathal. “Keep me informed of every detail.”

The COO vanished into thin air.

Mr. Ahern sank his head onto his arms as he folded it on the desk in front of him in defeat.

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