Pictures of Silver

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Chapter 11

Pastor Benson woke up on the Monday morning after the engagement party feeling elated as the sun streamed through his window. As he came out of the bathroom he heard the telephone ring.


“Hello Pastor Benson, it’s Stephanie.”

Ever since Pastor Benson had started his church Stephanie had been his head administrative assistant. Usually bright and cheerful Stephanie sounded almost frantic this morning.

“I’m sorry to disturb you. I know you’re not supposed to be coming in until much later but Pastor, I strongly suggest that you come in right now. There’s a matter of some urgency that needs your attention right away.”

“Is everyone alright?”

“Pastor, it would be better if you came down here yourself.”

Pastor Benson quickly got dressed and headed to his office. When he stepped into the waiting room of his office he was shocked to see that the entire staff, although seated at their desks, were looking very grave and worried. When Pastor Benson smiled and gave his usual greeting, some of the staff gave barely audible replies while others just looked away. As he stepped inside his office two of his associate pastors were waiting for him.

“Good morning gentleman”, he greeted them politely. “What seems to be the problem?”

“This morning, when sister Stephanie was sorting through your emails, she came across a particular mail that is rather disturbing and indecent regarding one of your leaders.”

“Which leader and how indecent?”

“I suggest you take a look for yourself.”

The pastor handed over a folder. When Pastor Benson opened it he stared at the pictures in disbelief. Devon and two other young ladies, one of which he recognized as Michele Lane and the other he didn’t recognize at all, were naked and posing in various sexual positions. Some of the photos had one young lady and some of them had two young ladies with Devon, but Devon was in all of the photos. Pastor Benson stared at the pictures for a long time, stunned and unable to believe his eyes. When he finally looked up one of the pastors asked,

“So what do you think we should do about this situation?”

Pastor Benson took a deep breath before saying,

“Well, I guess I had better talk to Devon and Michele to try to get to the bottom of this.” When Devon arrived at his office, Pastor Benson was waiting for him.

" Devon” he said, “I need to talk to you.”

“What’s on your mind?” Without a word Pastor Benson passed the folder to Devon. When Devon opened it, he was horrified to find what lay before him. When he was finished looking through all the photographs he looked up at Pastor Benson.

“Now son, I know that it isn’t easy to admit a mistake but I’m here to help you. If you tell the truth, we’ll put our heads together and find a way to get through this, but in order to do that I need to know the whole story.”

“The whole story is that I don’t know anything about this. It’s as much a surprise to me as it is to you. I don’t know when these pictures were taken, I don’t know what happened! All I know is that somebody is out to get me or I am being framed for some reason that I’m not aware of.”

Pastor Benson searched Devon’s face for some hint that he was lying or stretching the truth, but all that he saw there was a young man who looked confused, afraid, worried and a whole bunch of other emotions. In fact, Devon looked like he was on the brink of tears. In the five years that Pastor Benson had known Devon, he had never seen the young leader look so disgraced and embarrassed. From the look in Devon’s eyes, Pastor Benson knew that Devon was telling the truth.

“Pastor, I really don’t know what to say,” Devon said finally after moments of silence. “That is me in the pictures but I have no clue where they came from or who took them.” Pastor Benson put his hand on Devon’s shoulder. “Son, do you have any idea who would bring such vicious accusations against you?”

Devon paused for a moment before answering. One of the people posing with him was Michele. Suddenly he remembered that day in his office. Devon cleared his throat before saying “Both of the other people in the pictures were women that I used to run with when I was not saved. One of them, Michele Lane, came into my office the other day and tried to seduce me. I set her straight, I told her that if she ever tried it again, I would make sure that she wasn’t allowed back through the church doors. Quite honestly Pastor, I knew she was devious but I had no idea she would stoop this low.”

“How about the other young lady?”

“Her name is Megan Landers. We fooled around but I haven’t seen her since I got saved.”

“I think the best thing to do is to get the two young ladies in here so we can discuss this matter privately and hopefully get some answers.”

The next day Michele and Megan met with Pastor Benson. They claimed that they were all at Michele’s apartment after the engagement party on Saturday night and Devon had suggested that they have a little fun because after he got married to Jessica, he wouldn’t be able to have fun anymore. They said that they had tried to persuade him not to do it but that he looked so pathetic, they had both felt sorry for him and, against their better judgment, did what he asked. They also claimed that it was Devon’s idea because he wanted to have his last sexual experience before he was a married man. The ladies said that they felt so bad and so used that they thought it was only right for the pastor to know what kind of man Devon really was.

After the two ladies had left the office Pastor Benson was confused: he didn’t know who to believe. Because of Devon’s past Pastor Benson thought well maybe it could be possible but then again, Devon and he had a wonderful relationship and he believed that Devon would tell him if it had happened the way the ladies had described. The ladies seemed so distraught about the whole thing during the meeting. There were a couple of times where he was sure that one or both of them would break down in tears. Pastor Benson decided that he had better ask the Lord for guidance in this situation and he would have to think long and hard about what to do.

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