Pictures of Silver

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Chapter 2

The following Sunday Devon looked for Jessica as soon as he walked into the church sanctuary, and he found her sitting near the front. To his good fortune there was no one sitting beside her. He “looked” around for a seat. Since the church was filling up fast Jessica decided when she saw Devon to offer him the seat next to her.

“Thanks, it’s getting really crowded in here,” he said to her as he sat down.

“No problem,” Jessica said with a friendly, natural manner. Before either of them could say anything else the service began. All throughout the service Devon acted like everyone else, raising his hands and singing while still keeping an eye on Jessica to make sure she noticed how spiritual he was. After the last Amen was uttered, people started filing out of the building. Devon followed Jessica outside saying, “Wasn’t that a great sermon?”

She responded, “Yes, it certainly was.”

Devon smiled at her and then, feeling a little bolder now he said, “The way Pastor Benson told the story of Isaac and Rebecca, I never realized love could hold such beauty. And it was amazing the way the servant was so obedient to Abraham and how he worked with God to find Isaac’s wife.”

“Yes, it is truly amazing.” Jessica continued, “You know, it is so important to let God take control of your dating life. There are so many people who pray for finances and healing and a life partner, but they don’t tithe and they don’t read healing scriptures and they definitely don’t consult God on their dating life.”

This girl is too creepy, thought Devon, the way she carries herself and the way she speaks. A part of him wanted to run and never see her again, but another part of him was intrigued because he had never seen a girl who loved the Lord as much as Jessica did. Other honeys said they loved the Lord, but Jessica really meant it. For the first time in his life Devon felt something that he never thought he would feel -- shame. His plotting and scheming wouldn’t work on this girl and he knew it. Although he’d known Jessica for only a week and had only run into her twice, he could tell that this Christian thing was real for her.

Jessica saw that Devon wasn’t responding to her. “Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine; listen, I got to go, Jessica … I guess I’ll see you around.”

“Okay, well I’ll be here next week as always!”

“Okay, sure … ” Devon responded so quietly it was almost a mumble. Being around Jessica made him uncomfortable. She was so different from any of the others he had met or been with, and it scared him. He made up his mind to forget Jessica Silverman and to just let her continue with her “Virgin Mary attitude” -- what did he care? He was still the man, and there were plenty of other bees in the hive, and he could have any one of them he wanted.

Over the next few months Devon continued to have his fun dating women, sleeping with them, and then throwing them away without a second thought. Jessica tried to get his attention at church, but whenever she did he ignored her. One night coming home from one of his girlfriend’s houses, Devon found himself thinking of Jessica and the way she had looked on that first day he’d seen her. There has to be a way to get this honey to break down, but what is it? She’s so … and then suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by an idea. He knew the church provided counseling for its members; he pondered what he could do with this information. Hmmm, maybe if I go to counseling for a few months and act spiritual and convince the stupid pastor that I’m saved, Jessica will go out with me. Devon laughed out loud at how brilliant he was. He didn’t know that by meeting the pastor he would be meeting his match. He didn’t know that the game he had been playing was about to come to an end.

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